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my recent bujo spread!! i tried to go for a more artsy kinda look idk but i really liked how it turned out!!

ig: oikawastudies

things pictured:
- tombow dual brush pen in 553
- crayola supertip in light pink
- muji gel ink pen (black) 0.38
- mt masking tape (i got it as a gift so idk where u can get it exactly sorry :/)

- notebook is moleskine large squared

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what are your ideas on how the story would go if itachi and obito had lived? Because a "Hey sorry for all that shit I've done but I died for the greater good, 'kay bye" doesn't really do it for me. My idea is LIVE and redeem themselves.

What are you talking about, all you have to do is say sorry in Naruto and that erases every wrong thing you ever did.

I mean, what do you want Anon? Reconciliation? Mental health treatment? Systemic reform???? Psh.

No clearly the answer is that Obito and Itachi would join Sasuke on his ATONEMENT WORLD TOUR WOOOOOOO

Activities include:

  • brooding
  • feeding cats
  • hair styling
  • more brooding
  • sending exceedingly terse letters to the wrong people
  • even more brooding
  • not doing anything actually useful
  • aliens maybe??? idk
  • and brooding, if we can squeeze it in
  • maybe snuggies

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God help me I’m thinking about fucking self-indulgent/sadstuck soulmate aus for canon Homestuck like

  • Names show up on your arm in the appropriate color when you turn 6 or 13. If you’re a troll, you get five names. You don’t get to know which are which. It fucking sucks.
  • Terezi had secretly hoped Vriska would be her flushed match, but Vriska had hoped for Tavros because the Summoner and Mindfang were matched, and by the time Terezi and Vriska realized they were some kind of match, they had already gone through Make Her Pay. 
  • When Vriska figures out Terezi is one of her matches, she redoubles her friendly flattering messages trying to get her back, because she’s not sure what quadrant she and Terezi are destined in, but obviously she’s going to collect all her soulmates and figure something out, because that’s her destiny.
  • Terezi licks her arm on her 6th wriggling day, smells blueberry, and then just fucking buries herself in the scalemate pile and screams in frustration for like a whole day. It’s a whole three nights before she even reads the other names.
  • Karkat has spent his entire life hoping that his matches are his age or younger, so he can find out about and subsequently silence those fuckers before they get his name on their arms in heretical red and decide to turn him in. He’s dismayed when he knows a few of the names. He’s even more dismayed when one of the names is also in red.
  • Kanaya is hella freaked out because she has a four letter name on her arm, in an off-spectrum unnatural lavender color, and does that mean she’s an alien fucker? (yes)

Okay guys idea idea

How cool would it be to have a Newsies convention? Like, for the entire universe, split into movie and musical. News-Con. I dunno.

-We’d have panels/meet-and-greets with the OBC and 1992 cast

-We’d buy original art from the main tumblr art people and merch and costume pieces and auction off Broadway/movie set artifacts


-All of the genderbend/AU/obscure ship cosplays amongst people who actually get who they’re supposed to be (seriously imagine going somewhere with your friend as SpecsRomeo and people unDERSTAND)

-So much karaoke jfc we’re all screeching for that E

-Silly random awesome guest performances including local jazz group a cappella Carrying the Banner, Steele and AKB reading more fanfic, reunion of High Times Hard Times, and Andy Richardson one-night-only singing Letter From the Refuge

-But then like we’re all kinda poor/financially dependent/not good at math so we probably owe $11,000 to the hotel at the end of it give or take

-But hey they might give us an extra hour in the penguin pit

-I’m sorry

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Can you do a follow-up to your Percabeth Soulmate AU please? It was freaking amazing!

sorry it took so long! again, idk how this works (what do you write after soulmates meet each other??) but i’m so happy to hear you like it so i tried. sort of crappy, sorry. srsly tho, no more soulmates au for me


part 2, as requested, of Blue

Words: 1,420

Warnings: None.

               The minute Annabeth steps out of the building, she snatches her phone from the top of her purse and sends Piper a text: gaaah pipES I GOT ACCEPTED. I’M IN!!!!!!

               She doesn’t use uppercase letters often. Or lots of exclamation points. But, well, today is special.

               As she walks towards her favorite ice cream parlor – getting the job certainly deems her worthy of a reward of sorts – her phone rings. Expecting it to be Piper, she doesn’t even bother looking at the Caller ID.

               “Oh, my God, Piper. You have no idea how happy I am right now, we should celebrate or something – “

               She stops talking when the person from the other end lets out a deep chuckle. Okay, that’s not Piper. She checks her phone and places it back to her ear in one swift move. The number is unknown.

               “Piper’s not around, sadly, but she told me to relay her congratulations to you. As for celebrating, I thought you agreed to lunch? You’re not ditching me for your friend, are you?”

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The reason I'm choosing to do that on facebook is because I have no contact with any of them and no phone numbers nothing. So really even though it's like my father and his side of the family; we have no contact so I have no other way of telling them. So I feel like that's kind of one of my only choices but idk?

I’m so sorry, I mean if you want to make it a little more private maybe you could mail a letter to the households for the people you want to tell?

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I've actually heard people pronounce it dih-vor-jjjahck (sorry, idk ipa)

That is close to how you say it in Czech, but the d and the v are much more connected and letter ř is sort of pronounced halfway between an r and a soft j. It’s a really difficult sound for non Czech speakers apparently. I know it trips me up a lot if I have to make it while singing. Ř is a real tricky bastard.

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i am extrEMELY emo about hyungwon's cellulitis situation, but ive rly never loved him more than after reading his letter to fans :((( he's said in the past that he struggles to express his emotions bc he's clumsy w words but g O D his message was so gentle and loving and genuine and just so beautiful ?? my heart ached so badly everytime he said 'im sorry' bc his health and happiness matters so much more than missing a concert :(( im in pieces but my heart is whole w love for this amazing boy 💐

aaah yes!! that letter made my heart ache soo badly you could tell how much time he put into writing that and how thoughtful he was? it was so beautifully worded and so thoughtful and it broke my heart too when he said im sorry :( hyungwon is genuinely just so caring and loving towards monbebe and i feel like he thinks he’s bad at expressing it since he’s not as cheesy about it as wonho/kihyun or he doesn’t do as many solo vlives or whatever but he really cares about us so much and that letter really exemplified it and made me emo :( 

mx night talk to me about anything!

Dear Allah
I thought I messed up.
So I cried to You
And I asked You,
“Oh Allah, don’t let my heart get attached to what’s not written to be mine.”
A year later she came along and I thought it was a sign.
The angels you’ve put around me are so familiar with her name by now, You know that I’ve been crying.
If You see fit, I want this. Strike my heart again if You think I’m lying.
I am trying.
I am.
I’m sorry I always come to you with these petty problems
But you’re the only one who listens
You and only You have the Power to make our paths align
So I beg of You to always preserve her smile
Because if she’s smiling at the end of it,
Then I guess it was all worthwhile.

That’s why You put me here right?
To make people smile.
I’m not always good at it but I try.
I know sometimes my faith can be shaky.
I know I mess up. I know I hurt people I care for.
I know lust. I know infatuation. I know I lie.
I know. I know I lie…
But I prayed You know? For this. For it to work out the right way.
We are both willing to hurt for Your sake.
So please Allah.
Can I meet her in the Afterlife if You see me unfit to meet her here?
I used to to talk to her a lot about You.
So I thought maybe this is the one?
I trust Your power Allah. I’m okay.
I’m okay. Keep her happy please. Take what You need of me to do it.
Let her know I’m sorry for everything I did and everything I couldn’t do.
I’m sorry I ask for so much.
But for her sake and my sanity, here’s my letter to You.

—  Letter to Allah, letters from big bean
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Nicknames: Noe, Noel, N, Bitch

Zodiac: Scorpio

Height: 5'5"

Last thing I googled: A picture of Sebastian Stan in his black suit on the premiere of The Bronze because that look gives me life

Fave Music Artist(s): Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Frank Sinatra, Disney soundtracks, oldies and a whole lot more that I’m not going to put cause then we’d be here all day

Song stuck in my head: 100 Letters by Halsey

Last movie seen: The Zookeeper’s Wife

What am I wearing right now: The Little Mermaid nightshirt

Why did I choose my URL: It’s a reference to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ and my name in English would be Noelle so yeah

Do I have any other blogs: One is enough to waste my life on

What my last relationship taught me: I’m sorry rela-what?

Religious or Spiritual: Idk I’m not really religious but I guess a bit of both???

Favorite color: Purple, dusty pink and teal

Favorite characters: I can’t count them honestly, they’re too many

How many blankets I sleep with: One sheet and my duvet

Dream job: Actress? I’d love being able to get out of my head and portray a very different person

I tag: @poe-also-bucky @buckybarnesismypreciousplum @aubzylynn @spiced @theassetseyeliner and whoever wants to do it

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Do you have any good book recs?

wELL it really depends on what kind of books you’re in the mood to read??

If you’re in the mood to start an adventure like Harry Potter and PJO then:

  • The Tapestry Series by Henry Neff
  • Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
  • Keys to the Kingdom Series by Garth Nix
  • Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer

If you’re in the mood for romance, and can even tolerate the usual love triangle then:

  • The Selection Series by Kiera Cass(look theres a love triangle but i swear its worth it in this one okay)
  • Dragonfly by Julia Golding (no love triangle, hate to love trope, comE ON)
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz (poc protag, queer relationship is the main ship hellA)
  • The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (ok theres a lot of problems with this series, but in my memory it was still pretty good)
  • Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross (im sorry im just a sucker for fairy tales)
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor

Looking for darker books? Books that make you question moral decisions?

  • Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness
  • Life as we knew it Series by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • Unwind Dystology Series by Neal Shusterman
  • Skinjacker Trilogy by Neal Shusterman
  • Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick (a book about a suicidal teen)

Books in general that I dont know how to categorize them under atm:

  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Series by Ransom Riggs
  • The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
  • Ever After High Series (no u r never too old to read any book okay)
  • The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Letters from Camp by Kate Klise
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Like, there’s a lot more, and these are just the books I can remember at the moment. I havent been to the lib in a while so who know

After submitting a photo for @amiscellaneouscollaboration‘s “I Heart Galavant” campaign, I thought I would put my own spin on the graphic for my first ever Galavant fan art. 

In case you don’t know, the entire Galavant fandom is fighting to get the show renewed for a third season. The deadline for all petitions, letters and campaigns (like the one I talked about earlier) is May 12th, so if you’re a fan of the show and haven’t already, help out the fandom! For more information on all the things you can do to help and to stay updated, go follow @roadtogalavant@gaalavant and @sir-galavant (I think these are the main fan blogs, idk if I missed any, so sorry if I did)

a/n: part deux to the kissing prank/youtube drabble

w/c: 1.2k


Niall squints at the number, back hunched over, with his fingers hovering over the keys of his laptop.

“I told you having him would help,” Louis says after a moment, grinning widely as he pokes at Niall’s side.

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so i’ve seen several arguments about this “poe naming finn”-issue, and how dehumanizing it is to say this. and while i agree with most of them, because of course finn had already been his own person before he chose to go by the name poe offered him (although i don’t get what does it have to do with “giving him a personality”, i don’t remember seeing anyone saying that, maybe i just missed it, but i’m glad i did, ‘cause it’s dumb), i honestly don’t get how fn-2187 is a name we should be protective of? like, it was essenstially his slave name? as far as we know, he was probably taken away from his family as a child, and fn-2187 was certainly not the name his mum gave him. we know that he was the only one in his fire-team without a nickname, they rarely even bothered to shorten it, and i think this kind of represents his degree of attachment to his stormtrooper persona. like “yeah, that’s the name they gave me, whatever.”

i do believe, that his past in the first order is extremely important, and we absolutely shouldn’t dismiss his growth as a person during his stormtrooper years but i don’t see why we should be protective of the name fn-2187 when it basically just symbolizes the dehumanizing way the first order treats their enslaved recruits. so of course, he was already a person, poe didn’t gave him a new personality, but i do think when he accepted the name ‘finn’, something just clicked in him. like you can see from his enthusiasm, that hey, i can be more than just my designation, more than letters and numbers, and finn? yeah, okay, ‘finn’ maybe describes the person i am

so yeah, my point is, i’m not sure how exactly it’s worse to say “poe named him” than “he already had a name, fn-2187”, ‘cause i don’t see how the latter is less dehumanizing tbh. 

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Ok so here's the story: so I was like 16 and very emo and heard that mcr would be at the airport in my town so of course I went to the airport that day looking for them and of course there was other girls looking for them too. So blah blah blah I kept looking and then I seen a swarm of emo running toward me and I was confused but then I realised that gerard and mikey was like 30 inches away from me!! (Keep in mind this was like gerard a bit after TBP with the black hair and everyone loved him.)

Cont. so when it set in that they were right next to me I walked up closer to them and I tapped on Gerard’s shoulder and he turned around really quick with coffee in this hand and spilled a bunch on my shirt bc He dropped it spinning around so quick and he grasps really loud and picked up the cup and then standing back up he went to put his hand on my shoulder too, to say sorry but I turned back around and he hit me in the eye and it hurt really bad and I couldn’t actually open it.

More cont. so yeah he realised he hurt me and junk and said (and this is seriously exactly what he said my mom fricking filmed it) “OH MY GOD I AM SO SO SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME OH GOD ARE YOU OKAY???? DID I HURT YOU BAD OH MAN *hugs me* DUDE I FEEL AWFUL YOURE PROBABLY IN A LOT OF PAIN OH NO OH NO MIKEY WHAT SHOULD WE DO???” Mikey: “IDK MAN I DIDNT DO IT THIS IS YOUR FAULT” Gerard: “OH GID DONT RUB IT IN, IM SO SORRY CAN I DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, LIKE ANYTHING???”

Even more cont. so I said I was fine and everything was ok so gerard gave me a candy bar he had just bought and I gave him my info. And he mailed me a freakin t shirt and letter and ummm yeah that was the time I made gerard feel bad for giving me a black eye!! (The candy bar was a Milky Way haha and he was wearing that black jacket he wore in the NME interview video!!!)


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can you please keep talking about the boys hogwarts houses and general wizarding world headcanons i want to hear yours so bad omg


i think Louis is either a slytherin, like he said, or a gryffindor. honestly theres such a fine line between the two, and his tendency toward idk like pranks is the only thing thats making me think slytherin. he’s pretty cunning, i’d say, and also VERY ambitious and VERY successful in that ambition. i think he’d be one of those ppl with contempt for muggleborns, until he met harry and all that would go down the drain

but louis’ also so SO brave and not afraid to speak his mind, but that can go under slytherin too


i think liam is 100% gryffindor, like there’s absolutely NO DOUBT in ym mind. he saved his friend from fire and he stood on the building that one time (recklessness) and he went for his dreams again even after being shot down the first time and he endured bullying and loneliness and his medical probelsm like liam is 100% gryffindor through and through

niall is hufflepuff he’s so carefree so la-di-da just ready to take what the world gives him and i love him

zayn im rly iffy on, the only thing i know is that he’s not hufflepuff. honestly i’d peg him for ravenclaw or slytherin, but im aiming for ravenclaw bc he is so smart and so well rounded i just think he’d thrive there. but slytherin too bc of his ambition u know?

other headcanons: (note, not in any order)

hmmmm well for a pet i think harry would have an owl and he’d spend far too much time having deep conversations with her and she’d have a particular liking for louis but she’d always bite all of his other friends when they tried to pet her

harry’s favorite class his the one with the predicting things (i cant remember the word) but only bc he feels bad that everyone else hates it. also he’s very imaginative and can actually see things in the tea leaves, unfortunately they’re never things in the text book that mean anything, but Professor Trelawny likes him for trying

they’ve all, except niall, got their patronuses tattooed on them. Louis is a stag, zayn is a wolf (i always forget about his leg tattoo), Liam’s is a tiger (is this a plausible patronus?) (his mum wouldnt let him get the tattoo so zayn got it for him. it doesnt mean anything, not really, it’s not like they kissed that one time and then again every day after but shhh) harry’s is, somehow, two sparrows, and niall’s is an otter (affectionate, smart)

im not sure if their animagi have to be the same but if not, zayn’s still is, idk about the others tbh

louis has an invisibilty cloak and also the marauder’s map

he and harry meet in the Room of Requirement a lot. it’s usually stocked with lube

now that its not like, what, the 70’s anymore? they use technology in the wizarding world and there’s a karaoke night (and of course, Harry and Zayn end up having to teach everyone how to plug something in and how microphones work) but they all sing Forever Young and then they decide to form a band

but ultimately Louis wants to be an Auror (did i spell that right?) so the band doesnt go really outside of hogwarts, but they’ve got some fans.

Gemma, who’s in the same year as Louis, thinks they’re all stupid but loves them anyway. her patronus is also an otter, and niall thinks it’s fate

Louis’ the seeker on the slytherin quidditch team. Harry introduces footie to Hogwarts but despite his knowledge and understanding of the football game, he’s quite shit at football. Louis’ a quick learner though, and soon he’s juggling both quidditch and footie and his classes, and he fails out of sixth year and has to repeat it. (bc irl he repeated grade 12 right?)

zayn and liam also discover the room of requirement, but in it theres spray paint and blank walls and lists and lists of songs and books on how to teach yourself proper singing technique. zayn paints liam’s voice.

niall get’s those screamy letters a lot from Gemma after she graduates, but she only does it bc she thinks it’s fun to see him sweat. (of course she doesnt actually see him, being off in the world studying dragons and all, but it’s the thought that counts)

by harry’s sixth year and louis’ seventh (eighth) they’re the power (HA) couple of the school and no one really cares when harry sits with the slytherins or when louis sits with the gryffindors

they do have a spat when slytherin beats gryffindor in the points competition thingy tho. harry is v competitive

harry discovers a talent for the position in quidditch where u hit things, bc his instinct to protect himself is strong enough that he’s the absolute best… bludgeoner????? idk, anyway, there’s been in years

also, when harry got his letter, his parents didnt know what it meant so Hagrid showed up, doubled over laughing, and wheezed out, “Yer a wizard, Harry,” before falling to the ground (and thus knocking over his mum’s china) in fits of laughter bc he never thought he’d say that twice

this is turning into a novel im gonna stop im sorry