idk if the others have names oops


aka, the terrible streamer au where Lance is an overwatch streamer who thinks he is the bestestest widow and one day there is this one Hanzo named Keith on the other team who keeps picking him off early in game and bc of that Lance gets demoted.

The chat ships them, Lance hates him.

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there's this worker at a coffee shop i frequent and i've noticed him staring or just looking and getting nervous when i come in. that could just be me overthinking things but he also told the cashier not to take my money the other day and gave me the coffee for free. he says hi to me when he passes my seat too because i'm a regular and he's just so cute but idk what to do

oooh ok i have an idea, a little bit of a meet cute

so, when you’re at your table, write your name and number on your napkin and then when he walks by just like oops, drop it and if he’s a keeper he’ll pick it up for you and tell him to keep it. and then boom first move made

PB&J situation where Kent and Jack both have a praise kink the size of the sun and get competitive during sexy times with who can be the Most Good and Bitty is definitely into it but also one night Kent and Jack are being too outwardly competitive so Bitty turns it on them and has them take care of each other while he watches, has them tell each other they are good and making each other feel good :)


(AU) Dean and AJ address the WWE Universe weeks into their constant torturing of The Authorities little puppy, Seth Rollins. 

Dean: N'aw, what’s the matter Seth? Are we getting on your nerves? Are we freaking you out? Are you sick of those sleepless nights wondering when we’ll make our next move? 

AJ: I hope you don’t think we’re anywhere near done, Sethie bear. We’re so many steps ahead of you, we know all your next moves, you’re so predictable it’s sickening!

DeanWe see you back there Seth, always double checking over your shoulder. We saw you last night, scurrying into your hotel room like a scared little boy. We’re everywhere, Seth, and you have no idea.

AJ: Or how about the other night at dinner when the waitress tapped his shoulder asking if he wanted more water and he nearly flipped the tray out of her hands. Pathetic.

Dean: Hey, hey, I’d be terrified too if I were him. Look at the two whack-jobs he’s dealing with. We’re two of a very rare breed, he should be horrified of what we can do to him. 

AJ: Very true. Tonight’s plan is freakin’ terrific… Oh oops! 

Dean: Tonight’s plan is a good one, Seth, be afraid.

Soooo I kinda marathoned through Tyler’s videos recently and when I got to Auguest 2014 I may have took note of some things since at that time there was a lot of discussion about how often Troye was mentioned.. (I had a lot of time on my hands and was curious, don’t judge!)

What I found was out of the 33 videos (including the videos on the other person’s channel & bloopers from Marcus’s video and not including the Troyler collab) :

  • Troye was mentioned in 14 of the 33 videos.
  • he was mentioned in 9 out of the 19 collabs.
  • “Troyler” was mentioned once (by Mamrie).
  • TRXYE was mentioned/referenced 5 times (by Tyler and others).
  • Troye’s name was said 27 times (again, by Tyler and others).
  • And if you include the Troyler videos, “Troye” was said 38 times.

Idk, I just thought I’d let you know what I found in case you were curious like I was? So yeah, do with this what you will? Really though I just have no excuse for this.. Oops.