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Baby Daddy Part 1 - Tyler Seguin series

Pairing: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Mentions: -

Word count: 1871

A/N: I mention the All Stars Game of 2015, idk why. It was easy. I have been postponing on posting this series because I wasn’t so happy about it, I even have a couple of versions of the series, maybe I will use another NHL player for the other versions. I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading, I had exams and other problems and wanted to stop writing for a while. I hope you will like the imagine! Please check out my masterlist. Feel free to request, posting will be slow because I’m starting school soon.

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The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 3

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2.9k

Warnings: none

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Here is the next chapter for you guys! I really hope that you guys will like it! If not just tell me, you can send me criticism, in order to get better! haha This chapter  is slightly shorter than the other ones (only 1k),but I hope you don’t mind?<3 Idk what to say more other than HAVE FUN!

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Taehyung showed you every corner of his magnificent castle. His home was so bright, flooded with the light of the sun. Much different from your home, where it was dark and cold, but Taehyung’s home was so warm and colorful.

“After all this mess, I forgot to ask you what your name is.” Taehyung asked out of nowhere and he was correct. You totally forgot to introduce yourself to him or even Patricia.

“Oh! You are right, how could I forget something this important?” You told him and you felt horrible. “My name is y/n!”

“Y/n.” He repeated, “that’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you!” You smiled at Taehyung, making him smile as well.

“Taehyung? Where were you, I have searched for you-” you heard a unfamiliar voice. The voice belonged to a man and it sounded deep but it was also innocent and soft. You turned around to see a young, tall man standing behind you. His voice definitely suited his looks. He had brown hair, big, round eyes and was well build. “Oh, your little mermaid has awaken from her sleep.” The man told and your eyes widened. He knew that you are a mermaid? Has Taehyung told him or did he see you in the water?

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Alone (with someone else)

A/n; I’ve had this idea for Yoongi for quite some time now and I just had to write it. It’s kinda like a drabble made mostly out of dialogue without too much detail. Sorry ‘bout that, but it’s a good read if you’re a very sarcastic person because Y/n in this one is badass just saying. I haven’t altered anything in this one and Admin Yelly (@fightme-bangtan) hasn’t read through it so I’m just kinda blindly posting this, sorry for any mistakes.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader (It’s not that much about them though, it’s more about Y/n or smth)

Genre: I don’t actually know? There’s no smut, it isn’t angsty but it’s not exactly fluffy either? Maybe it’s leaning more towards fluff? Idk tbh…

Warnings: swearing

Rated: tf do I know?

I listened to J-hope’s JAM while writing this because Istg that playlist is fkn gold

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The library was your favorite place for studying, mostly because it was always empty without too much noise to distract you. Well, it was supposed to be empty and quiet but, today the entire school had decided to hang out here it seemed. - and boy, were they noisy. Even Mrs. Hitler (a nickname so kindly given to her by you because you noticed how much she liked to read about the second world war and she was actually named Hieler so it fit perfectly) the grumpy librarian had given up on trying to get them to quiet down. 

You had put on your headphones and turned up the volume to it’s max, but somehow they managed to be even louder. You saw no other choice than to ask them, very kindly, to shut up.

 You walked over to where the chaos originated and weren’t the least surprised with what you found. The Bangtan Boys. Your favorite people on this planet. That was sarcastic. You placed both your feet firmly on the ground only centimeters from Jeon Jungkook’s (quarterback).

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Summary: Dan is forced to go clothes shopping with his mum [or the one where Shy!Awkward!Dan mistakes Confident!Phil for a mannequin and things get awkward real fast]

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: I mean unless you find shopping and terrible pickup lines triggering, then you should be fine

Word Count: 1.1k

Authors Note: oh good lord its been a while im sorry yikes. Ok so this lil drabble is kind of like a part one to my tiny four-part series kinda thing called “The Ways I Met You” where basically its four different ways D&P meet each other for the first time. There are still three more to come so expect those soon and I hope you enjoy :)

part one of “The Ways I Met You”

part two here

part three here

part four here

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Love your work! If requests are open, could you maybe do one with George, like, at Hogwarts, you're a year below him and in Griffindor as well, and you don't know eachother well, but he notices you always tell them apart, and adresses him before Fred, and he thinks that's awesome? Haha long and weird request, but you know, kinda angsty George turning into fluffy George? Idk this was weird.

After an insane (and probably still ongoing) writer’s block, I’ve managed to finish one! Really hope you like it and thank you for requesting, have fun reading eeeek x 

You were hunched over your class work in the Common Room, eagerly trying to find out about this particular potion Professor Snape had told you about last week. Considering how the assignment was due tomorrow, you gasped slightly when you saw the sun setting outside: to you, it seemed like minutes until a few clouds were evolving in the dark skies around Hogwarts; time was definitely running away from you. “I’ve been searching for ages” you said to your friend sitting on one of the sofas, “Why is finding the right content so hard?” You desperately massaged your forehead for a moment to refocus on the paper in front of you when suddenly, you heard footsteps from behind. “Potions, I s’pose?” – A ginger boy was gracefully appearing on your side, grinning slightly when seeing your quills and books spread over the floor. “Yes” you replied darkly. “Lovely chap, Snape, isn’t he?” Fred Weasley joked. You knew he and his brother were one year above you, so you found yourself feeling quite surprised at his sudden approach. “Really lovely, indeed” – “We might have something that could help you” George, his twin, had joined the scene and was now looking into your eyes. You smiled softly; to you, it was quite easy telling them apart. “Really? Would be absolutely brilliant!” you replied. Both smirked at each other before George wiggled his eyebrows and ran off to his dorm. A moment later, he returned with a run-down book in his hands. “Thanks, George” you said politely as he handed it to you. To your pleasure, he seemed quite surprised at you knowing his name and addressing him directly; he looked into your eyes once more and then nodded. “Helped us a lot last year. We simply took down a lot of notes –wrote down some useful pages and books for this stuff, you’ll need them the entire school year, so we thought we’d make the effort. You can hardly go wrong with those ones” he explained proudly while showing you some of the messy, handwritten notes they had taken. “Wow, this seems so helpful already. Thank you very much, I’ll definitely make up to you two-“ – “No worries, we must stick together when it comes to good ol’ Snape; I mean, considering how he treats some students” – Fred’s glimpse got darker for a moment as he spoke, but  then he grinned once again. “Just give it back some time and hopefully you’ll make use of our cleverness” he then added. You nodded before giving the twins a quick chuckle – “Thanks George, Thanks Fred!” you bellowed, whereupon both turned around to wave at you.

Their help had turned out to be the key to quick success; after an hour, you had finished and finally looked at a – in your opinion – reasonably well-written and correct assignment of yours. Thus, you felt obliged to give it back to them as quickly as possible: Dinner seemed a good opportunity to do so. When you entered the Great Hall, you immediately headed towards a pile of students at one of the tables; you could already see George, Fred and some of their class mates. To your fortune, George seemed to have noticed you already when walking towards their table, so you held up the book and smiled. He returned a grin and tapped on his brother’s shoulder – “Oi, there you are!” Fred bellowed, causing the students around him to turn their heads for a moment. “That was very quick. Sure you’ve got everything?” George threw in softly. “Yes, I checked twice. Got everything I need. Thank you guys so much, I definitely owe you something” – “Don’t be silly, it’s what we call the Weasley’s emergency assistance. Completely free and for the good of a student” Fred replied again, whereupon George chuckled slightly, but then he focused on you once more. “What’s your name, by the way?” he asked. “(Y/N)” – “Great. It’s always good knowing the names of those we cooperate with” – “You’re probably very much right, George. Now, if you don’t mind: I’m starving. Need something to eat after all this work. Thank you so much again… See you” With these words, you took off, but not without returning a little smirk coming from George.

It had been weeks since your first actual encounter with the twins and somehow, you felt immensely good about them actually greeting you in the hallways. George seemed to be particularly receptive towards you; sometimes, it seemed as if he was actually planning on having a quick chat, but after all, it had never happened. Perhaps he was just a bit shy sometimes; you also reckoned that this is what distinguished him from his brother. It was a Wednesday’s evening as you strolled down the hallway heading for the Common Room when you suddenly spotted someone eagerly trying to detach a portrait from the stone wall. It was, to your surprise, George, who seemed to have heard your footsteps and thus, he turned his head. “Hello” you said and frowned. “What’re you doing?” – “Detention. Snape told us to clean the portraits. The thing is people in there can move and will do anything to make you bugger off and leave them alone; I’ve been here since 4 trying to clean the surface” George looked utterly exhausted, but you couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. “Snape really seems to enjoy driving his students mad. So he separated you and Fred?” – “Yes, always does that, most teachers do. Yet so many of them won’t even bother distinguishing us” He slightly rattled the frame of the portrait, whereupon the old man in there cursed, and sighed out. You smiled sympathetically before drawing nearer. “Yeah, although I think it’s not even that hard! You do have your differences-“ – “Yeah, quite astonishing you’ve managed to tell us apart from the very first time on, I was really pleased- I mean, impressed” He grinned slightly when he saw that he had caused you to smile at him cheekily. “You call that impressive? Well, thank you, Fred” you said, whereupon he let out a quick laugh. “You rascal!” he replied sarcastically, but he did join your chuckling again after a while and ended up looking into your eyes quite deeply. “And you know what I’ve noticed? Call me overly critical but when you said my name first when talking to both of us I felt pretty brilliant. Normally it’s Fred and George, you know, and I’ve always wondered why people regard it as the only way to refer to the two of us. Finally I get the recognition I deserve!” He looked away for a second and pretended to be very dramatic about it, whereaa you laughed out of amusement. “Well, that’s certainly nice to hear. I’ll keep doing this, it really seems to improve your status-“ – “But seriously, I thought that was pretty nice of you, (Y/N). It’s the little things sometimes” “Kiss her, you dimwit”- A voice from behind made both of you turn your heads; it was the old man sitting grumpily in his portrait that talked to you. He gave both of you a sharp glimpse. “Look at ye’ ears, boy, they’re turnin’ all red. Do like I said or she’ll be gone again, trust me” Both of you remained silent; you could feel your heart starting to beat faster and faster. This was probably the strangest encounter you’ve had with one of the portraits, and when you kept staring at the old man, he rolled his eyes. “What’re ye’ staring at, kids? Take my advice already; I’ll turn all angry if I keep listenin’ to ye’ pointless babbling” Finally, George turned to you, but not without slightly taking a step back from the portrait. “Yeah, he really looks like he knows a lot about this stuff” he whispered, “I mean I’m not saying I don’t agree, but he just isn’t a very nice bloke, really-“ Suddenly, you simply cupped his face and brought your lips to his, whereupon your bodies automatically drew closer to the other. “There ye’ go, kids!” – You smiled against George’s lips while he brought his hands to your waist, sighing out slightly. When you parted, both of you grinned at the other; you could feel your cheeks reddening. “Nice one” – “Thank you, Fred” As a response, George only rolled his eyes again before leaning forward to feel your lips on his once more.