idk if the lyrics really fits oh my god

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if you want another lapidot song suggestion, there's this one I like called Suddenly by Jeremy Passion. I think it fits them perfectly, specifically this one lyric that goes "though we live like night and day, I can't help but feel you're me and I am so you" because it really goes with how the two of them are so different yet underneath it all, they're similar. idk I just really like that song and everything about it screams lapidot to me

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Oh my god it’s perfect!!  Anon, thanks so much for making me aware of this song!

Help me steer this boat away from fear,

Now I see,

We’re exactly where we should be

I think I’ve got something in my eye… :’)

Here’s a link to the song on Youtube, y’all should check it out:


ok so i got pizza w/ mike earlier and we walked around the city all night and then we got sort of tired so we went back to his dorm and we listened to really nice music for hours on his floor and he showed me everything he likes and it was really nice to see him so excited about things and we kept almost falling asleep on each other and i didnt realize it was like 1 am and we kept trying to leave but couldnt bc i kept holding onto him and in my head i was like ive been waiting for this for weeks boy u better kiss me and idk how it happened but he kissed me and satellite by guster was playing behind us and i love that song so much and it lyrically fit the mood perfectly and it felt like i was in a movie and it was really cliche and magical and dumb and i couldnt stop hugging him and hes really great and he thinks im really cute and he held my hand and he kissed me on the forehead a lot and he told me my smile was perfect a lot and he wouldnt stop kissing me and i could keep going bc of all the little cute things but oh my god the whole night/morning was just really cute and gross and hes really warm and sweet and he likes me a lot and i cant stop smiling