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hi! ur gifs are really nice, can you maybe do a tutorial?

sure!!!!!! id like to apologize before hand if thsi sUcks………but if youve asked around, you probably have heard of the avisynth/photoshop method, which is getting more popular???? thats the method i use……..and one that @brandinator​ litreally walked me through step by step idk who id be w/o him and hes the NICEST person EVER even if you cry and beg because thats what avisynth litreally makes you do……….he’ll help you though it!!!!!!!!so go though the gfhelp tag thats there and he’ll lead you step by step through it

i first look for videos………………and gifs turn out nice ONLY because the vidoes are nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11like pls i stg if my video sucks then my gifs will end up sucking……… i look for vidoes that are 1080p i dont even trust 720p OR i look for .ts files and things like that that you can find on pages such as kpopexpecting, which is free, and also 4sashi and kpop24hrs…….b you need passwords for them????????they wont be that hard to get though you just have to do what the website tells you to do and youll get them or u can go on twitter!!!!!!!!!

so after i download the videos i put them into avisnyth!!!!!!1you first put it in the normalwebm or smth and then itll lead you to the resizer, where you can resize the gif and add PROCESSORS pls those are the things that really help you!!!!!!you choose one and you chose the no of fps, or frames per second……….the two just help the quality

after that you copy it into the avspmod and then you save it, then you open it into photoshop and edit the video and turn it into the gif from there!!!!!!!!!

umm im doing jennie…….its whistle from the 160828 inkygayo 

with avisynth:

without avisynth 4 a 1080p video:

anywyas that was just for you to see the quality difference.…………………….but to use it in photoshop (cs5) you go:

file > open/ctrl+o > select the vid, it should be in the output folder > crop the vid to the timing, it should be trimmed in the avspmod, but in case it’s off > (down at the animation frames, to the top right of the box, theres a little button that has three lines) click on the button > flatten frames into layers > (down at the bottom of animation frames, theres a button that has three white squares inside a rectangle) click on the square button > click on the three lined button from earlier > make frames from layers > (the bottom left of animation frames, you can choose the loop number, it’ll be at once) change to forever > ur gif!!!!!

remember that gifs have to be under 3mb!!!!!1it used to be 2mb BUT tumblr changed it and IM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!most gifs that are around 1.5 mb are 30 frames for gifs that are 245x319, or the ones that i have up there…..ull see the size when you save it, and the process is file > save for web and devices > a little editing if you want > save and the size will be at the bottom left corner!!!!!!

i hope that wasnt too confusing ull see it when you really use it tbh……………………anyways after that you add sharpening/psds, which are just to make ur gif nicer!!!!!! 4 sharpening i usually bring the levels to 500 with a 0.3 radius (filter > sharpen > smart sharpen), remove the gaussian blur i think, and for psds you can check out blogs that have to do with photoshop, or i like to use my own by changing the brightness, the contrast, the hue, and i always use curves for a really basic psd……………for when you do that you should click on the three lines button from earlier and then you choose select all frames, and for changing the levels urself or adding different font it has to be above all of ur layers, for sharpening itll be the one with the little eye icon on the side of the layers, or the one that ur viewing atm, thats the only way to choose filter, just make sure all of ur frames are selected!!!!!!!!!! 

thats before:

thats after for a basic pdf/a little ex’tra sharpening:

and thats it ;/ thats how i make my gifs and i hope this was helpful???/another compassion under the cut if u wanna see but idk its about .ts files 

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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


thoughts, feelings, y’know that sorta thing

edit 2: this is a post about bipolar disorder, made by me, an artist with bipolar disorder, strictly for other people with bipolar disorder. stop tagging it for unipolar depression, anxiety, bpd, psychosis, or anything else (those are just the most used tags on this) because it’s not about those. even if you think you can relate, tagging this as anything other than bipolar disorder is stripping my meaning away from my work, and invalidating my feelings as a mentally ill person AND an artist. stop doing that.

edit 3: do NOT put this on gore/guro blogs. thanks.


@probablyfakeblonde said I can finish some of her sketches (thank you so much, I know I say it a lot, but honestly I needed a way to destress and this was a perfect!)

I did a lot more then I expected, so I’ll have to post them separately.. 

You don’t have to look a certain way just to represent nonbinary people well.

You don’t need to hold yourself to a higher standard than cis or binary people in the name of activism.

We are a community of people with varying styles and personal care regimes, not a hive mind.

You won’t hurt anyone’s cause.

I know that I’m difficult to love. I don’t want to be alone, and more than that, I don’t want to be without you. And I promise you that someday I’ll be better for you.
—  I’m too tired to say this to you so I’ll tell the Internet instead.
The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
  • The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
  • flowerfae

so I recorded a cover of all the verses of the Crystal Kingdom song from The Adventure Zone! I really like the song tbh so I thought it would be fun to figure out and do a cover for ^^

I apologize for less-than-ideal quality of the audio, I used my phone to record this because I don’t have a better microphone… I also apologize for any mistakes! I haven’t really properly sang anything in a while so that’s why this probably isn’t the best, but… I tried haha

anyway, I hope y’all enjoy! :)