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I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

“I want to take a moment to talk about you and your idea, because it’s something I always need to remember.

“So, you, as a screenwriter of a story that you came up with—you are the only person in the process who will ever truly be alone with that story. You are a mother holding their baby. You are pregnant with it. It’s in your head. No matter how complicated the process of writing it, ultimately it is a piece of you. This is a business and it’s also an art. I always get kinda disgusted when people talk endlessly about the idea that their art is “part of them”—but it is! It is! It’s as part of them as the words coming out of their mouth, as the things they say to their friends, as the things you build with your hands, the food you cook… It’s all a sort of extrapolation of you.

“Even though things can get diluted and get ruined—or never sell—or never make you any money—or come out and do badly—or get torn apart by a director who you thought would be perfect and then betrays you—or get torn apart by critics—or, you know, succeed: always keep in mind that the thing you do when you’re alone, when you’re writing it, when it’s still part of you, is special. That’s special! That’s the act of creation! Not even most humans can do that! So if you wrote something—maybe it sucks. Maybe it’s great. I don’t know. I haven’t read it. Maybe you think it sucks. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re like “I hate everything I write!” Maybe you’re one of those people. I don’t get those people, but maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re someone who’s a fanboy of their own stuff. Great! Please never forget, no matter how far you feel from the work, that it started inside you. That’s special. That’s a unique thing. And on some level you should—even if you’re just writing fanfiction for the internet—be proud of that.

Max Landis, “message to screenwriters

why did i make this
  • waiter/waitress: what can i get you for today?
  • me: um. i want the most extreme angst reylo fic you got.
  • waiter/waitress: with smut or just fluff?
  • me: hmmm. i think ill go for smut
  • waiter/waitress: good choice! a side ship of??
  • me: stormpilot... or maybe phux.
  • waiter/waitress: oh sorry ms. we're out of stormpilot... perhaps phux would suffice?
  • me: sure.
  • waiter/waitress: okay. your fic will be here in 20 minutes. *about to leave*
  • me: oh wait! also make it a happy ending!! thanks
  • waiter/waitress: *gasp* We are terribly sorry but we've ran out of it too! The only available is the sad ending!
  • me: *stunned* Well... if that's the case... give me the strongest drink you got and 5 rolls of tissue.
  • waiter/waitress: On it!

i genuinely don’t understand how “ot4 stan” is an insult. yes supporting all of the boys makes you such a terrible person???? what the fuck

This is not gonna be funny so you can just skip this but EVERY TIME I see someone at the gym doing something oh a machine that’s like, not the “typical” way to use it I always do this over exaggerated thing in my head where I’m like “well THATS not how you do that” even though it’s like fine idk it’s so funny in my head and I always laugh to myself

Get To Know Me

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Nickname: Nete/Netty (my friends are divided)
Zodiac sign: sagittarius
Height: 5′6″
Last Thing You Googled: why is the hubble telescope being replaced
Favourite music artist: rn it’s hippo campus
Song stuck in my head: Tennis Court
Last Movie you watched: Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time
What are you wearing right now: blue pyjamas
Why did you choose your URL: he’s my son and I love him
Do you have any other blogs: no
What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: ummm…. I’ve not been in one yet
Religious Or Spiritual: more spiritual but not really either
Favourite Colour: blue
Average Hours Of Sleep: ranges from 6 to 9
Lucky Number: 5
Favourite characters: Inej Ghafa, Adam Parrish, Ronan Lynch, Neil Josten, Remus Lupin, Izzy Lightwood, Kaz Brekker, Peeta Mellark, should i keep going?
How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 1 in the summer, 2 in the winter
Dream Job: I have no idea

I tag @adamnslynch, @sergeantjane, @cresceant, @gislah, @jacqueszimmss, @deerlily, @nymphaedoras, @jeanmoneau (but only if you want to)

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5,11,15,20,31,43,44,47,48,51, and 53! (That's so many omg I'm sorry)

A/N: That’s okay, I love answering these things!

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?

Probably my two closest friends

11. are you listening to music right now?

Yup! I’m listening to Tomorrow Comes Today (tbh thats my favorite gorillaz song idk why)

15. personality description

Oh, geez, um, well I’m definitely more reserved, introvert all the way. I’m also not the friendliest. Not saying I’m a mean person either, it’s just I don’t usually get along with people and I guess I don’t come off as nice or approachable? (this is just what I’ve heard from people so idk)

20. what’s your favourite song at the moment?

It’s a tie between Rats by Motionless In White or Tomorrow Comes Today by Gorillaz (of course you probably already knew that)

31. 3 random facts

shit there’s nothing really interesting about me

  • I currently working towards getting my highschool art major, then moving on to college for graphic design next fall ^-^ (wooo adulthood)
  • I like plants…a lot…I own like 50+ houseplants…I’m not joking (I have one named Stuart, and another named 2D)
  • I really like heavy metal bands and Gorillaz is about the only band that I listen to that isn’t a part of that genre

43. favourite song ever

Nymphetamine Fix by Cradle of Filth

44. age you get mistaken for

Okay, this one depends, if I’m not wearing makeup, I get mistaken for being 13, if I am on the other hand I usually get mistaken for being 17-18

47. turn ons

turns ons can be like, what you like in a person right??? It doesn’t have to be sexual right??? cause that’s what I went for

Decent personality, good music taste, artist??? idk 

48. turn offs

Rude, loud, annoying, etc.

51. starsign


53. 5 things that make me happy

  • Music
  • Naps
  • Drawing and Painting
  • House Plants
  • Video Games


I feel like Arthur would be an (unsweetened) Earl Grey with milk kind of man, while Mesi would drink the bitter tears of her enemies rooibos with bits of dried pineapple and agave syrup.

modmad, feel better soon and good luck for finishing the comic page!!!!

this is one of those moments where i am actually kind of glad his nickname is bread. its perfect for this absolute bullshit. 


i am hopeful, should i be hopeful?

it’s sciles day apparently! so i did a quick simple thing–which turned into unrequited/mutual pining skittles, my bad??? IDK WHAT THIS IS but \o/ oh well

Grand Ami

Word Count: (without translations) 2880, (with translations) 2982

Genre: fluff, coming out, humour, literal miscommunication (because of different languages, I swear there’s no angst)

Warnings: bad French probably


Based off this post (x)

Phil is dating Dan and today is the day he was finally going to meet his parents. Of course he’s nervous, who wouldn’t be? He wants to make a good impression. This may be made a tiny bit harder by the fact that Phil’s terrible at French and that’s mostly what Dan’s parents speak.

(Big thanks to @thereisspringintheair and @justcuzfandoms for basically doing most of the translations for me! Any mistakes are on me and me alone, although I’d like to formally say “screw you” to google translate.)

A/N Just in case you don’t understand, Dan’s family speaks mostly French. Dan himself can speak both French and English fluently, and Phil is just terrible at learning another language. The English translations are in bold next to what they say in French. Also, Dan is asexual.

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Oh no I'm out! Which is one less thing to worry about. All of my friends are long distance (yay college) I'm txting with them tho, and all the friends here are mutual and I don't want to put them in the middle. Idk I was fine up until like an hour ago

well i wish u the best! i’m sure your friends would understand feeling down about a breakup, so don’t worry about being a burden. not to sound corny but thats what friends are for. anyways…treat yoself and surround yourself with happy things

I just want to warn you that if you get into a relationship with me, you may as well be getting into a relationship with two gay guys as well for the amount you’ll hear about them

october 31 ( 1:47am )
hi baby, what are you up to?
[read: 2:17am]

november 2 ( 2:08pm )
are you okay?
[read: 3:29pm]

november 16 ( 7:57pm )
babe what’s wrong? did I do something wrong??
[read: 9:36pm]

december 3 ( 4:03am )
I’m sorry. please talk to me. I’m so sorry. I miss you. I love you.
[read: 4:05am]

december 25 ( 11:37am )
merry christmas. I have a gift for you. I’m sorry for hurting you. you mean everything to me. come over, please come over. I need to see you.
[read: 1:29pm]

january 10 ( 4:38pm )
its my fucking birthday, I don’t need this shit. TALK TO ME. I don’t know why we aren’t who we used to be. I miss us, don’t you? just fucking talk to me damnit.
[read: 7:25pm]

february 14 ( 6:38pm )
I’m sorry for getting angry. I just want you to know that I hope you’re doing okay. I know you won’t respond, but I hope one day we will be able to talk about it. and happy valentine’s day
[read: 1:01am]

april 21 ( 3:02am )
I have some of your clothes here. I just came across them in my closet. I want to keep them, but if you want them back, thats fine.
[read: 3:26am]

march 3 ( 5:37am )
fucj yoi I did NOTJING wrong to you. god do yoi enjoy hurting me?? im so brokwn
[read: 10:36am]

march 3 ( 5:48am )
I’m sorru I love yoi
[read: 10:36am]

—  10 text messages you shouldn’t have read
  • satan: hello roger good friend how is it you torture people
  • roger:
  • satan: just curious, need new techniques idk
  • roger: well you should try tying them up
  • satan: yea
  • roger: then playing them a video of minions
  • satan: oh my *gets out notebook*
  • roger: singing that banana song
  • satan: *takes notes*
  • roger: on repeat for a v v long time
  • satan:
  • roger: and say "it's never gonna end" as you back away slowly
  • satan:
  • satan:
  • satan: *crumples up notes and throws them away* nvm that's too evil i couldn't bear to do that you should take my job

I can’t clean the blood off the sheets in my bed. And never again, and never again. They gave us two shots to the back of the head, and we’re all dead now


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oh my god i'm so unupdated idk what's happening-- what's the antisepticeye thing that's going on? which videos is he in? whats the meaning of life??

Jack has been playing Sister Location. Well, mostly Jack. Usually Jack. Occasionally, however…

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(Don’t forget to read the video description…)

  • Kevin: //slams Tokyo Ghoul poster from Anime Expo onto the wall above the bed
  • Me: "Oh that's so pretty- wait, what's that signature?"
  • Kevin: "Idk I just stood in a long line at that one booth."
  • Me: //looks closer
  • "Kevin."
  • Kevin: "What"
  • Me: "Kevin this is signed by the /creator/."
  • Kevin: "...You sure? Well it's a good thing I stand in random lines then."

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