idk if that's even them in the first one but

One of my favorite headcanons is that James is a foot taller than Lily. 6′3 and 5′3. Sometimes when she is particularly feisty he will pick her up and carry her somewhere else and it pisses her off even further. He also controls the kisses - she can’t reach his face unless he wants her to (which obviously he almost always does) and sometimes he makes her work for it which also pisses her off. When they are standing in the corridor talking to their friends, he rests his arm on her head because she is the perfect height for it and she returns his affection by jabbing her elbow into his side. Basically him being so much taller usually ends up with her being mad, but she also loves it. Once she asked him how tall he actually was and he responded “taller than you in heels, evans” and she nearly died.

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i just went through your blog and um t*uchmek*bum is your tumblr senpai? wow ok why? they're like not even talented and they're rude to their followers?? idgi

First of all thank you for taking your time going through my blog and reading my hashtags because I always think that no one ever reads them.
Second of all touchmekibum is my senpai because they are older than me and I started following them even before I had this blog and before they started getting all those hate comments.
I’ve never experiences them as being rude towards their followers I mean I’ve been following them for like a year or so now so idk what you are talking about but maybe you should show some proof or something when you say stuff like that.
I have probably read every fanfiction they have written till now and I like what I read otherwise I wouldn’t follow them because I literally can’t read stuff that’s not well written. I guess saying that they have no talent is just your personal opinion and you should respect other opinions too.
Maybe you should start appreciating others more instead of spending your time trying to hurt the feelings of other people or whatever you’re trying to achieve.
I hope I didn’t sound as rude as you did but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯