idk if that even exists i just went with it

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Thanks to eric nam's show that they were just on, BTS now knows of europe's existance! :D Because on the show they revealed that BTS topped the music charts and got #1 in european countries like Denmark, Finland (yess I'm from finland I got so happy when they mentioned Finland! ^^) , Ireland, Russia, New Zealand & Sweden! Idk why, this just makes me really happy, because even everyone knows they know europe exists, it sometimes feels like it isn't a joke anymore, you know?

Ofc it’s to take as a joke everyone know they know about Europe they went there on vacay for Bon Voyage and stuff, and they even came to Kcon in France last year ! But what I mean is not only bangtan, but a shit ton of kpop group, whenever they announce a world tour, they go almost everywhere BUT in Europe almost as if it didn’t exist, and we, European kpop fans be like :


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Do you or your followers know where I can buy a gallon of glue, in online stores and in stores? I found one on Amazon yesterday but today when I went back it was completely sold out 😰and I haven't been able to find any

I’ve never seen any gallon size bottles at any store I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot looking for clear glue lol), so idk if it even exists in stores? Idk though, someone bought literally all the elmer’s glue at all of the craft stores in my city and none of them have restocked in 3 weeks, so maybe they just ran out ^^; But online, I found some more for sale on amazon here!

On a related note, does anyone know if they sell clear glue in gallon size at all? I’ve only ever seen gallon sizes of white glue, not clear!