idk if that even exists i just went with it

Concept: Anti has become the stronger one and has Dark under control.

Just hear me out here. We all know Dark has been here longer and is stronger, smarter, and more independent (less linked to mark and more his own entity) than Anti. But just entertain me for a second.

Anti is now stronger than Dark. And Dark is now subservient to Anti.

Think about it. Yeah, Anti didn’t exist until recently, and Dark has been here since 2012 but remember, Dark went dormant. Completely silent. He didn’t hear hind or tail of him until Anti came along. Because what if Dark didn’t do that of his own free will?

Roll with me here: Dark builds up enough hype to let go of Mark and become his own being. He doesn’t need us anymore, and goes along doing his own thing. But now here’s Anti. Dark doesn’t care. “So he’s here to play too, so what?” But the thing is, Anti gets stronger and stronger. He could’ve left us a long time ago, after Fnaf 5 ended. He had enough attention from us to make 10 of himself and be satisfied. But he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted more. He knew he needed more.

This is the thing Dark didn’t take advantage of. He’s already disconnected himself from us, so he can’t get any stronger off our attention. But Anti hasn’t taken that step yet. He’s kept going. Even through to 2017, he’s still here messin with us. Hear me out.

After Halloween, Anti decided he wanted to have some fun. So he goes to Dark and asks him to mess with the fans on his behalf. Dark refuses, but Anti forces him. He’s stronger now, and Dark didn’t know that, so he takes over Dark and MAKES him come back. Dark is no longer the strong one, hes just good at hiding it.

Now Dark comes back. And of course, one can’t be talked about without the other. All the attention goes to Anti, all of it. He gets stronger and stronger. He makes an appearance at the panel. Even more. Dark makes another comeback in Dont Play This Game. More. More. When will Anti stop?

Until either Jack, Dark, or all of us die. He isn’t sure which is going to come first.

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Oh my god ok so I just found your comic and went through this entire blog and let me just say, as someone who is Lebanese, seeing a Lebanese character makes me so insanely happy I want to yell? And the fact that he's trilingual like me??!! Most people don't even know that Lebanon exists and being from Lebanon is such a big part of my identity that seeing Malek is so nice and ??? idk how to put my excitement into words!! Thank you!!!! (Also ps my Lebanese cousin is named Malek!!)

I don’t have a proper response to this I just ended up crying for 4 hours straight. (I based much of my research on Malek’s heritage on my cousin, who’s also Lebanese and trilingual!)
I’m really happy I’m able to give people representation, even if it’s just this small comic.
Thank you for reading, seriously.

(And hello to your cousin!)

@kfmw replied to your post “I was just thinking about how foreign names are declined in Slovene…”

that’s interesting! it ought to exist in english but in practice everyone just says “so i was talking to you-know-who” since the word ‘whom’ is nearly dead

yeah, tbh i just started laughing imagining someone actually saying that irl (or rather in-hp-universe irl) +my mind just went directly to the whomst meme, which ..didn’t help

and i think it even goes beyond that and even something like “you-know-whose” could not exists as it is used in the hp world, because “you-know-who” was epithetized (? appellativized? idk ) so you wouldn’t say “you-know-whose death eaters attacked the ministry” but rather “you-know-who’s death eaters attacked the ministry”, while it would be possible the way you used it above, e.g. “so i was talking to you-know-whose aunt” (so in fact (if what i got from this is correct) the english you-know-who in the hp world would be exactly analogous to the slovene examples saj veš kdo-ja, saj veš kdo-ju that i mentioned, which are not actually used and would be deemed incorrect)

whenpeopleseegood replied to your post:

Agreed so hard on everything but the Sansa/Lyanna bits. Thank you for this

Thank you, Andy! Knowing the text as well as you do, I’m flattered whenever you like one of my posts! Yeah, I know we don’t see eye-to-eye on any Sansa/Lyanna parallels and that’s cool! 

Assuming my “It’s Complicated” theory is true (that Lyanna went willingly and things went horribly wrong), I just think it shows a certain level of naiveté to Lyanna that she would share with Sansa. Both Lyanna and Sansa got involved with princes that weren’t as great as they initially seemed, and they each paid a price (different prices) for that.

Meanwhile, Arya ofc is similar to Lyanna in looks and personality, resistant to conform to society’s expectations of her, so much so that Arya reminds Ned of his sister. However, Arya is very observant and aware of the world around her, and she’s a very good judge of people, more so than Sansa. (That isn’t a knock against Sansa, that’s who Sansa is. Like her direwolf Lady, Sansa is initially very trusting, while Arya sees through Cersei and Joffrey right away.) If you assume, like I do, that Lyanna went of her own volition in an attempt to exercise agency, surely Lyanna didn’t realize that Rhaegar wasn’t the shining prince he was made out to be? (That isn’t to say that Rhaegar is evil or even that he’s horrible, just that Rhaegar wasn’t a paragon of virtue either.) It just seems to me that if Arya were in Lyanna’s situation, she would be a better judge of Rhaegar and she would remember what he did to Elia. idk.

I don’t think it detracts from the Arya/Lyanna parallels to say that Sansa/Lyanna parallels also exist, but that’s just my take on it. 

do you ever just get so angry at the fact that had ward not have turned out to be hydra then skyeward would’ve been such a power couple like I shipped them with every fiber of my being and I loved them so much but then everything went to shit because all those things I loved about ward all those personality traits and moral standards and dorky moments none of them were real because they belonged to a person who didn’t exist and I just

So anyway we went out to dinner tonight and next to us was this table of 4 kids around 18 or 19 probably and idk what their deal was but the whole time we were there they would look over at us, laugh, and then mock what we were doing (eating, drinking, existing) especially my brother because his back was to them and even though I was the only one in my family that noticed still just like what the hell we weren’t being loud or rude or doing anything weird they were just so unnecessarily cruel and when we got up to leave they started laughing at us so in a rare moment of bravery I told them that I noticed them making fun of us all night and how horrible they were