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*incoherent screeches*

Welp another week’s passed and I’m here once again with my dump of drawing’s I’ve done XD NONE OF THEM ARE REVOLTALE but I have something in the works thanks to an anonymous ask
(also shamelessly gonna remind y’all that I’m perfectly open for random asks at any time, I may just be slow because I always wanna draw stuff for them and I’m a slow artist XD)

BUT YES, TODAY’S ART HAUL (the rest of my spiel is gonna be under a cut, this is long enough already)

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Malory: Because he’ll be back! Crying for his mommy, just like that Christmas break when I moved and forgot to give my new address to his stupid boarding school. I mean he rode the train into the city all by himself, he couldn’t pick up a phone book!? 9 years old and bawling in that Police Station like a little girl! What’s that tell you?
Cheryl: Kind of a lot, actually. 

Ultimate Scolex Post

idk if this has been done or whatever but here we go! 

Lets just start off with some pics of them, these pics aren’t proof or anything they’re just cute and we all need to see them again

Ok now lets move onto pictures that could be considered “proof” of some kind:

ok first up we have the infamous b-day kiss, but more about this later

then we have these two snaps taken at practically the same time, notice the lack of shirts.

OK next we have the boys sharing swim shorts which isn’t proof per-se but it is hella cute and sort of proof kind of idk.

And now to the twitter section of this post:


This isn’t proof right, it’s just Alex chilling on a new rug, until you see the next picture… —-v

Alex Goldschmidt is a good friend of theirs.

*cough* Scott Hoying *cough*

Ok the nest one needs a bit more explanation, I don’t have some of the pictures necessary so you’re just gonna have to read it, sorry (if anyone has the pics I’m talking about plz send them to me and I’ll edit the post!

OK so this is Scotts cover of All of Me, found here (If you haven’t listened to is DO IT OMG). So as you can see this was posted on October 29th, which just happens to be Alex’s Birthday. Also notice the caption “For you :)” 

Alex later tweeted that he loved All of Me (idk where that is), but Jake tweeted “I wonder why” followed by the Speak No Evil Monkey emoji. 

Furthermore, this year (I think) for Scotts birthday (I think) Alex gave him Ombré flowers with a card (I think), on the back of the envelope it says “For you :)” (I THINK)

And the last section of this unreasonably long post is VIDEOS

Not Proof, but it’s hella cute

Still not proof (it could be if you thought about it for long enough) 

Slight proof but not really

Slight proof once again



If anything more happens I’ll add it, if anything is wrong tell me and I’ll remove it, if anything is missing tell me and I’ll add it, if there are any typo’s or something tell me, I’m not going to do anything about it but still tell me!

I hate that thing people who run those popular facebook pages do where they’ll take something like, idk, the fuller house trailer, and edit “dude I’m so excited” into the margins. like you couldn’t just repost the video and write that in the caption. you had to permanently cement the words “dude I’m so excited” onto the content. that’s how necessary it is for people to know you’re excited for fuller house