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idk if this has been posed before, and my followers dont like taylor so if i posted it it wouldnt get much traction, but maybe "what you made me do" isnt referring to something she actually did but what the "you" in the song said she did. that they put the blame on her and literally "made" it so she did it.

I love this.

she is a product of what people tell her she is. “lying, calculating, manipulating, scheming snake who plays the victim” is this caricature that’s been painted of her. “look what you made me do” is her way of looking at headlines and saying, oh, so this is what I’ve done today, this is who I’ve become, because you said it was so. “look what you made me do” isn’t pointing out some revenge plot she has, but rather just plainly stating, “this is what I’ve done, this is what I’ve become in light of your twisted perceptions.”

for some reason I’m having a hard time explaining it but I’m really excited about this perspective!!!

(In advance I’m super sorry if you’ve heard this before and are sick of it, I was offline for a couple weeks and idk what’s been mentioned before. Also I’m scared to post this on my own tumblr heh) Okay so something has been bugging me about the whole mTV thing. Why did Mark say he needed to shave for it? When all the egos are sitting around the table, they are shaven, but in the promo thing Warf created, Mark and associated acts had beards. We associate beardlessness with young Mark. So, what if this meeting happened in the past? Like, this entire video is set in 2013? Maybe all the egos are angry that Mark created a youtube channel and are trying to take control of HIM back. But to do this, they’d need to slowly introduce themselves to the audience to gain favor and lessen Mark’s sway over people. In mTV, they dream up this odd “TV show” where they each have roles and they portray themselves all as cohosts of sorts, as Mark’s equals in a way. But what if that was all this was? An idea the egos had? Because obviously, when you look at Mark’s channel history no thing of this sort ever happened. So this was the basic idea the egos had, but it actually manifested itself in real life (outside mTV) differently. For example, the Silver Shepherd, Ed Edgar, Bim Trimmer, and the Host managed to get themselves some visibility through Cyndago skits. Google scored a couple videos with Matthias. And Dark and Wilf were the lucky ones, the ones who managed to be on the actual channel. We the audience saw these “characters” and slowly fell in love with them, seeing them only as benign beings in silly sketches who don’t actually exist or anything. But little do we know that we are giving them footholds into Mark, giving them more opportunity to do what they’ve been wanting to do all along. The entirety of the past four years have been unfolding according to the plan the egos set in place in that room in mTV. And when Mark says we’ll see more of them soon, he means it. But not in the way we think.

Obviously there are some flaws with this theory (why is septiplier saying to kill them? Are they clairvoyant or something? And how did the Host get a role as the Author before losing his eyes mid-2013?) and it probably sounds a bit far-fetched but I’m too tired to think through it all haha. It’s just been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks and I needed to get it out. Thanks for reading though!!

…i…i have nothing to even say…i love this so much holy shit
most theories are a bit out there but those ones are the most interesting! Plus I don’t even think it’s far fetched at all

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Hey, so Im confused about something and Im really scared to ask bc its probs dumb and I'll probs get yelled at, but is it ok to call Dan a bi icon like.... as an umbrella term? Idk what else to say, like an unlabeled icon??? (And do u think Im allowed to say it as a joke? Like not in his expense or anything, just you know those memes like "_ is a _ icon" or something similar? Sorry if Im not making sense, Im really scared that Im being rude or something bc I saw a post saying it was. Sorry, thx

I completely understand the upset! This has been a really touchy subject since Dan’s Tinder Ad video, and I’ve gotten a few asks regarding it. I know that I may get nasty replies (as before) for saying my opinion on this subject, but it is just that; an opinion. 

I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with joking about calling Dan Bi, or using Bi as an umbrella term for him specifically. He is unlabeled, but he has been unlabeled since he started deleting old info off of the internet. He used to call himself Bi, so the Phandom felt it was okay to call him Bi. I don’t see any reason for that to change. 

Dan has not labeled himself. We should not label him ourselves. We shouldn’t have in the past, and we shouldn’t now, but there is nothing wrong with joking about it and there is nothing wrong with using it as an umbrella term to more easily discuss Dan. I don’t understand the hate being spewed in the phandom in regards to this situation, because it feels a lot to me like people wanting to get offended just to get offended.

No, Dan did not label himself in this video. He used “Bi” to cover himself in the past. We thought there was nothing wrong with joking about calling him Bi before the Tinder Ad video, and I therefore see nothing wrong with joking about it now, or using it as an umbrella term. 

Currently, at least in the USA, there are only three options to fill in on a form for your sexuality: Straight, Gay, or Bi. These are all umbrella terms, when you look at them logically. Straight people can identify as Straight but be 5% gay, just as someone who identifies as Gay can be 5% straight, and someone who identifies as Bi 5% straight etc… 

Sexuality is a spectrum, no matter what label you use or what label feels the safest for you. Many people choose not to label themselves, and that’s fine, but equally it’s normally for other people to need to label someone, just as an umbrella term, in order to understand personally what is going on.

I know a lot of Panromantic Asexual etc etc people who simply refer to themselves as “Bi” to people not in their inner circle to make their life easier. That’s fine. That’s okay. 

Dan is an online celebrity who deserves to have his privacy kept, and should not be forced to come out. He doesn’t have to label himself. But there is nothing wrong with his audience needing a term to refer to him by to understand him better themselves

Perfect End To Any Day (Rewritten #3)

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: AU to season 5 where Erin never leaves.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort.
Rating: G

A/N: I would like to thank everyone who in any way lets me know they’re liking this! Thank you for taking the time and making this girl happy. You, yes you, you’re the best. 

If you guys have any wishes/ideas for what you want to see Erin and Jay do before/in the middle/after cases, you can always shoot your ideas to me.

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I agree with the key in the water! I make fun of it because there is no way Jounouchi would have survived that (but this kid has also been struck by a God and also lightning so I mean stranger things have happened). I still think Kaiba saving Jounouchi was a good moment though. I want to say Kaiba actually going in after him like shizuka did? But that doesn’t quite seem like something Kaiba would have done so idk either. Thank you for your answers!

@the-cryptographer and I have actually discussed this before and I don’t think we came up with a proper answer then either. I really don’t know. Kaiba does save Jonouchi but it’s not a heroic gesture.

@ my latula timeline.

Amazing news

We got a place. This Friday morning we should be moving in should because we need to rent a u haule. Thank you all the luck you guys/girls have given me. It’s been a really hard year for me. As everyone could see. But as life been treating me we have be promised a place before and not a day later someone just comes in. This is a big step to a new next year from July to now has been struggle to keep it going. Ik my reward I promised at 500 followers has yet to show…. I was thinking something more then a post like furry or porn. But something classic scenic idk for a goal I though I’ll never hit I never really thought of an award to go with it. Sorry on all the misshapes this time on my blog but I try to keep it cool fun entering and informed on me. I’m glad to have such a lovely following as you. But thank you all Furry-hentai69. P.S I know some of y'all be like Y furry and not yiff well I liked the sound of furry better then yiff as a new approach. Thanks

i dont know if anyone has said this before but i can imagine that when Reaper first heard of Soldier76 he was like who? then 76 turned around in the video and Reaper was like 

“Your face may be covered…”

and he knew it was Jack Morrison

my thoughts on Being Frank

- what.
- seriously, what. in the best way, though.
- and yet the entire time I’m basically nodding like ‘that makes sense. Frank raised Dennis but sometimes forgets his name that makes sense’
- ‘Frank pees in a paint can that makes sense’
- ‘Frank pretends to understand what’s going on 90% of the time that makes sense’
- ‘Frank would let a man choke to death if he hated him enough that makes sense’
- Frank has some kind of cancer I guess, if Danny Devito suddenly dies in the middle of shooting they can write around it. why is that my first thought? what’s wrong with me? I don’t want to live in a world without Danny Devito any more than you do.
- I love that for most of the episode we don’t know what the fuck the gang is doing, I’m almost disappointed we found out except that it was just ludicrous enough for a payoff. Dennis just REALLY didn’t want his car in impound guys.
- I’m glad Bill didn’t kill himself, guys, he needs to be there for the trial in two episodes
- I ship it a ridiculous amount though she was so concerned even while he was ruining all the things at a FUNERAL
- technically sitting shiva is not the same as a funeral but you know what I mean
- it’s weirdly touching?? that Frank is a gross anti-semite but he seems to genuinely like Artemis a lot and they get each other
- series finale at their bizarre wedding y/y?
- MAC ;_;
- Mac you poor dumb baby why is it Frank you’d confide in on this tbh
- the thing is, Sunny films a bunch of episode scenes all at once rather than there being an actual production order, Kaitlin said that in an interview once. so I can make a convincing argument for this being set both before or after ‘Suburbs’, the continuity here is really the follow through of nothing ever being the same after Dennis said he hated Mac during ‘Mac Day’. ‘hate’ is the word we keep coming back to.
- either Mac gets the answer to his question or he’s trying to find a way around the answer and convince himself it’s not a real thing
- either way the poor guy is caught in a loop of overcompensating to make up for dumb shit he did while he was also overcompensating, and the whole time no one wants any of it. I’ve been there, Mac. and I think you’d be there whether it was Dennis you were trying to impress or not, but he doesn’t help at all
- under Frank’s inner monologue I heard something like ‘put so much of my heart into this relationship’ and ow, though, just…ow.
- I feel like that Nightcrawlers capstone is saying that like…Frank could give a fuck about most of them but he sincerely loves Charlie, who understands him, and that’s who he’s really there for, and whether they’re related or not Charlie’s absolutely his son and that just makes me feel a ton of stuff.
- I don’t know why but as weird and mostly non-sequitur as this season has been, I feel like Gang Goes To Hell is building to something. I can’t explain it. we still don’t know what Mac crying in the rain is all about. they presumably die or see a vision like they die. it’s almost the last season before they renew or end the show. idk guys, something’s coming. 




The OP, ask-cyberponies, seems to like to post random false cancellation notices to get notes. 


The blog owner has already been called out for this. The person has taken the original post down.

Please stop spreading this post around. And please do your research before spreading something as sensational as this occurs, as it may cause a great deal of panic and chaos on something that isn’t true.

Seriously  guys, this needs to stop.

It happened to Casy, now it happened to Shiky, and it has actually happened to me a few times before.

People really need to understand that there’s a person behind every single blog they follow. Now just because they don’t update as often as you wish they - or actually some of YOU - would, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. These people have to deal with tons of other stuff apart from updating their blog, for example, life, health, personal work, job etc. Or they just simply have no motivation to draw for their blogs. 

And now these douches come and insult artists, demanding updates. Seriously, this needs to stop. We are artists. We are human beings just like everyone else. We are not machines.

I am super confused by/not on with the whole soulmates-quote thing
But at the same time I am rather charmed by the idea of people just having a quote on their arm or whatever that will be significant someday and they don’t know why

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personally, i like his more mature looks indeed. i agree that he's always been handsome, but before he looked like a cute teen and now like a handsome, hot young man. he has this "attractive post-graduated" aura around him, idk how to explained. and both his face and his body have matured imo. his features are pretty and sharp/striking at the same time and his body looks more well toned, broad or something. idk, but long story short: i'm sexually attracted to him now when i wasn't at all before.

It’s true that he matured, that’s part of growing up, but his features have always been really sharp? Maybe not during his debut period, but definitely starting from a year or two later. During Lucifer Era especially he was all sharp lines. His weight floats a lot (and still floats) so it’s not always that evident, but there’s always been this double sensibility about him. He has always been able to look pretty/adorable or handsome/sexy depending on a lot of things: his weight, his hairstyle, his make up, his clothes, etc. 

He’s always been really broad too and it was really evident in debut period (watch this video until the end for an example, you can compare him to Jonghyun, Taemin and Minho). 

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The Big Bang Theory

Why do I love Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler? Because they’re both GENIUSES AND SO SOCIALLY AWKWARD. It’s hilarious to watch! Their dancing makes me squeal lmao! I like that they aren’t a typical couple, they make up their own rules.  Why am I posting this now? Because of the damn cliffhanger we were left with! I mean, he was about to propose! WHAT?! That’s huge! But they broke up instead..ugh. ( I mean, personally I’m surprised Amy stuck around for so long…being in a relationship with Sheldon is not easy(understatement, lol) I’m just glad this show has another 3 guaranteed seasons AT LEAST.  So, since idk what to do until the next season premiere’s, here’s some lovely “Shamy.”

“Sheldon, there’s something else I’ve been wanting to say, but before I do, I just, I want you to know you don’t have to say it back. I know you’re not ready and I don’t want you to say it just because social convention dictates-” 

“I love you, too”

“You said it”