idk if someone has already made this

Idk if anyone has made this Au already but-

How about Tokyotale?? (or Underghoul)


I had this idea for a real long time
and just-

I’m very sorry if someone already made this AU but like

this is what I’ve got so far

and just


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bliss-city asked:

Makeup artist overdid Bobby's brows for Infinite Challenge..he looks more handsome with his usual natural brows. Bobby is sexy af but I know the show means no harm

OMG!!! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID TO MY SISTER TODAY WHEN WE WATCHED INFINITE CHALLANGE!!! Idk who does his makeup but they keep making his eyebrows too strong and they also shape them too much. It doesn’t look natural to me. But bobby isn’t the only one. I remember their makeup for m!Countdown. Junhoe already has naturally thick and beautiful eyebrows you don’t really have to do much maybe fill them up a bit but that’s it. But they made his eyebrows sooo strong it just looked wrong. I’m so happy someone else noticed this too. And ah I think they even called him handsome in todays show? But I’m not sure 😂

synthdefective asked:

for the oc meme: lucky day

also for @theyorhe who asked for flamingo frankie (holy fuck he has so much good nicknames already)

Full Name: Francis “Frankie” …. fuck I dont got a last name

Gender and Sexuality: Non-binary, bisexual/biromantic

Pronouns: They/them or he/him

Ethnicity/Species: Ork, Sioux/white

Birthplace and Birthdate: Seattle. June 2nd because I took one look at flamingo boy and thought “gemini”

Guilty Pleasures: ddr competitions

Phobias: Heights.

What They Would Be Famous For: Being the only flamingo shaman alive probably. idk maybe someone else carries my love of flamingo shamans and made an oc. Also how well they work pink shorts, i mean damn.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Again, shadowrunning. Also they’ve been arrested for streaking alot and I don’t know if that would ever be a thing in a shadowrun. Maybe if Harlequin was running it.

OC You Ship Them With: I made him literally a day ago

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Stars, again.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Those awful summer movies about high school, friendship, and the school dance

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Horror movies are bad

Talents and/or Powers: Super great shaman-guy who can give you a fact a day about flamingos. Also very good at applying lipstick while in a moving vehicle

Why Someone Might Love Them: Have you seen this flamingo jesus

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Some people might not like that he makes flamingo sounds (”MEEEP”) or some people might not like that he is a pure cinnamon roll and will complain about shady shadowrunners

How They Change: ?

Why You Love Them: Idk if you noticed but I really really really love flamingos

So I’ve been watching Nurse Jackie because my dad suggested it and idk it’s something we can talk about. The show is decent…but

Dr Cooper (whose character is otherwise interesting) has tourettes, and this is made clear in the first episode and brought up throughout the show. But what really makes me mad is that they had a chance to show what life is like for someone with tourettes BUT THEY DIDN’T BECAUSE ??? They gave him “sexual tourettes” where he touches people inappropriately. And I’m not the TS referee but that’s not really how tourettes or tics work. I mean….the “classic” motor or vocal tics that are used to diagnose tourettes like coughing, grimaces, jerking, etc, JUST AREN’T FUCKING COOL ENOUGH FOR TELEVISIONS SO WE GOTTA GIVE HIM THIS WEIRD TIC THAT HE CAN USE AS SOME WEIRD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT SHIT. 

anonymous asked:

Answer all the crayon asks bc that's the type of person I am

…i should have seen this coming

Macaroni and Cheese: What makes you think of your childhood?

Disney and hsm

Spring Green: How do you relax when you’re stressed?

Pretty Odd as well as the virtual care package that was made for me

Asparagus: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?

actually idk. uh, maybe that although the trilogies sucked they added depth to the star wars history? or was that established already

Bittersweet: Has someone you loved ever hurt you?

i don’t think so

Eggplant: Explain your url and avatar.

my url is pretty self explanatory i should change it actually its kind of cringey my avatar is from drawception which is basically online picture telephone and it’s a vaguely-human shaped gray blob which i excel at drawing

Outer Space: Do you ever feel like you’re an outcast from others?

when do i not? i kid. but yeah.

Cotton Candy: What is your favorite dessert?

….everything. except for like certain cakes which are too sweet

Freckle: Do you have any marks on your skin? How do you feel about them?

…yes…not good……..

Shocking Pink: Is there a trait that you have that others don’t expect from you?

please tell me. i don’t know. 

Robin’s Egg Blue: If you were an animal, which one do you think would you be?

a sloth

Granny Smith Apple: What’s something everyone else likes that you don’t?

i don’t like aesthetic stuff as much as others do like its nice but meh

Dandelion: What’s a pet peeve of yours?

the shit that raincoats are made out of (and down jackets)

Atomic Tangerine: What gets you motivated to do a difficult task?

nothing. actually other people motivate me a lot. if i’m doing stuff for other people i will get it done and do it well

Wisteria: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?


Candy Apple: How do you think others view you?


Plum: Are you insecure about anything?

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha well are you in for a depressing ride

Sky Blue: Where do you feel the most at home?

libraries, bookstores

Tickle Me Pink: How do you try to cheer others up when they’re sad?

idk i try in like every way i can but i fail 

some methods include a lot of hugging and listening to people talk and attempt to comfort them 

Wild Strawberry: Do you care what others think about you?

i wish i didn’t but who am i kidding

Glossy Grape: Recommend something to your followers.


World Wide Web Yellow: What was the last thing you looked up?

‘world wide web yellow crayon’ (i was curious to see if it was a real color)

Shadow Blue: Do you have a darker side to you that most people are unaware of?

i think but i’m not sure. there’s a lot of shit i don’t tell people mainly because i don’t want people to feel like they need to like cheer me up or shit like that but i wouldn’t call it a dark side

Electric Lime: What genre of music do you listen to?

whatever panic! at the disco/twenty one pilots/ Marina and the diamonds/ melanie martinez/hamilton, etc. is. it’s like a mix of bubblegum emo rap musical +

Night Owl: Describe a very interesting dream that you had.

idk. there was a lot of attractive people though. i can’t remember. i think someone from my school fell into a ditch and then i was trapeezing into a dining room. it was weird.

Cornflower: What do you think about the most?

how to interact with people and how to interact with people i know i will run into

Grasshopper Green: Describe the area where you live.

suburban forest

Misty Moss: Is there anything you regret?

my life

Tiny Toad Brown: Do you find beauty in something that people consider to be ugly or undesirable?

idk. i like some of abstract art which isn’t for everyone so i guess that counts

Sunny Side Up: Do you like waking up in the mornings, or would you rather sleep in? 

sleep in. is that even a question?

Kitten Gray: Do you have any pets? If so, describe them.

my dog noodle. i have a side blog on which i have pictures of him. ( and he’s a fluffy ball of happiness

Rose Dust: Describe your aesthetic in five words or less.

meme goth pastel artsy sweet

Timberwolf: Do you give second chances when somebody has wronged you?

definitely. and third chances. and fourth chances. and fifth chances.

Freshly Squeezed: What excites you?

whatever other people are excited about as well as bands, hamilton, tv shows, books and history

Firefly Red: What gives you purpose?

other people’s happiness 

Tiny Teapot Tan: Do you consider yourself to be attractive/cute?

sometimes. depends. right now yes. half and hour ago no

Rain Drop Blue: Describe the weather outside.

cold and damp

Sweet Pea Green: Do you have/want children?

i don’t have kids and idk if i want children

Pussywillow: Do you like being around others, or do you like being alone?

at the moment i want to be alone but other times i like being with people i’m sorry i’m not very interesting 

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Orange: What’s your biggest fear and why?

oh man i guess real life jumpscares involving the supernatural and people abandoning me but like forever there’s more but my brain is dead

Baby Bunny Pink: Do you look young for your age, or do you look older than you are?

in person i look younger but through my laptop camera i look older

Mystic Maroon: What confuses you, and why?

life and how to socialize with people. also physics and honors algebra II please help 

Cosmic Cobalt: What’s your zodiac sign, and do you think it’s accurate?

Pisces and i am literally the living embodiment of a pisces okay like

Petal Pink: Describe your fashion sense as well as what you’re wearing right now.

i’m wearing pajamas rn but usually i wear fandom shit although i should wear 

Mountain Meadow: Do you like taking care of others, or do you prefer being care of?

Taking care of people

Fuzzy Duckling Yellow: Is there something from childhood that you haven’t outgrown?

Obsession with like fandoms and the like

Brussel Sproutlet: Do you have any unhealthy habits?

i bite my nails a lot and i crack my knuckles but other than that not too many i hope

Razzle Dazzle Rose: Describe an ideal date.

oh god idk

Periwinkle: What’s something ordinary that has personal meaning to you?

there’s a lot of books that have a lot of meaning to me.

Mauvelous: Do you think you deserve a better life than you have now?

i have a pretty nice life already

Blueberry Blue: Do you get sad easily?

i get sad easily but like when something really awful happens i turn into an emotionless block of stone which i kind of despise

Purple Mountains Majesty: How does someone earn your respect?

by being a really good person and being nice to people 

anonymous asked:

Hey idk if someone already answered this but Taco Bell has vegetarian items that can be made vegan & a few other items that can be too! Lots of time you can sub beans instead of beef and make if fresco which replaces cheese and sour cream with salsa (:

//Yeah, it’s been answered. I haven’t been home to delete the post. It will. come down soon though.