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I don't know what to do like everytime I'm around people they all some how point something out that I'm already insecure about like the fact that I'm shy or how I'm just quiet or just something. A few months ago I was with someone, I noticed how I gained some weight, I told them, all they told me was like omg you like those anorexic girls, and it made me sad so I ran out of the store crying I've alway been that short chubby girl who is insecure and idk what to do anymore..

Hey doll 💖

If you point something out, everyone else will point it out because you did. So if you say omg I’m so ugly for example, your “friends” will start looking for flaws whether they say them out loud or not to be able to understand where your coming from. So chances are you already made you friends aware of what your insecure about for them to notice them. And when they said your like anorexic girls I think they weren’t talking about your appearance but your mind set, because people who are anorexic and bulimic actually see themselves as fat and say all kinds of abusive things about themselves, continually criticising themselves, even may hallucinate to see themselves bigger then they are, and that’s exactly what you’ve been doing even just in that paragraph you sent me. 

So I think they wasn’t trying to upset you but was probably just a bit sick and frustrated with you moaning and it came out in their tone because I’ve been in that same position when I was younger I had friend who all she did was complain about herself, and her weight saying she’s fat when we was exactly the same size so it was slight shade at me to, bare in mind this was on the way home after going to the shop with her to buy a whole cheese cake for herself, so I said well stop moaning and do something about it then, and she ran home crying. Sounds like the same thing, we are no longer friends it was years ago all I remember of her was an insecure, self-destructive individual and she is still if not worse now and even more insecure with bad habits. 

Your young and I’m sure very beautiful, with your whole life a head of you, but if you keep wallowing in self-pity, victimising yourself, continually being self abusive and judgmental, life will be hard and the earth will become a miserable place for you. I can tell you after reading a lot of self-help, mind & spiritual books, that being shy actually comes from being insecure, and being insecure actually comes from being self absorbed when your continually thinking about yourself as me me me, pointing out things, bringing things up about yourself at any given point, it’s all of the Ego it’s not You it’s not who you really are. Everything you said to me came from your ego and not who you really are, and once you begin to accept that this isn’t you and that who you are is a beautiful individual regardless, with unlimited potential then all will be well. But you are going to have to accept that this attitude and view you have isn’t right, your going to have to work on Loving yourself and let go of Victimising yourself because your suffering on a daily basis to your own thoughts, that’s no way to live. You deserve all the wonderful things life has to offer but you have to give them to yourself which is Love, Love yourself. When you do that your fears will go, so that includes being Shy, all your insecurities will no longer exist or at least your beauty will be worth more than any flaw to the point where your beauty makes your flaw just as beautiful. Trust me all of this is in you, you just have to Accept that and you’ll bring it to light. 

One thing to remember is Awareness, Acknowledge and Accept, if that doesn’t make sense now one day it will and it will help you a lot. I think your in need of spiritual Enlightenment, A new outlook on life and our purpose. Do you read? You should read Eckhart Tolle The Power Of Now & A new Earth. I think they will really help you and get over all these problems :) and I can Heal your life will help you greatly! I promise reading will give you such understanding and will get you out of feeling lost  💖

Also about your weight, I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s probably your age body’s develop and change we all go through that awkward phase where we are uncomfortable with our bodies. It’s just a situation it’s not who you are, I promise with time it will come to pass. Just love every part of you as much as you can  💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

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Where can I get a physical copy of this precious thing?

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Comic? Where is this comic??? This looks beyond…

You can order the comic as physical or digital copy direct on the Titan Comics page (x). I think the physical copy can only be ordered for the US and the UK and the current message on the page says its already out of stock. The digital copy is made available via ComiXology to which the link on Titan Comics page refers you directly.

I can’t say anything about the availability in comic book shops in the different regions around the world.

Hope this helps :)

And yes, the first issue was really great. Already waiting for the next <3

This is mostly for people coming from out of town that do not know about Chicago weather. We are currently experiencing the hottest day in the last 2 years. The heat index is currently at 90°. it’s only 10 am which means it will only get hotter as the day goes on. I’m sitting in my bedroom with air conditioning and a fan and I am still melting. BRING WATER and lots of it. It is important to stay hydrated in this kind of humidity because you can easily pass out! Soldier field is very very strict about bringing food and water into the venue so if you can HIDE YOUR WATER when you come in. I have a secret compartment in my bag for it. Bring ice packs if you have any. Also, we are the land of unpredictable weather so it says it may storm tonight. BRING RAIN PONCHOS. Umbrellas are not allowed into the venue! If it starts raining TURN OFF ALL OF YOUR ELECTRONIC LIGHTS don’t want anyone getting electricuted.
Overall, stay hydrated and stay safe.
Most important have a great time and don’t let this insane weather ruin the experience of a life time!


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here are some things you can say to bts on twt after this whole gun thing and idk if someone has already made a post about this (feel free to add more) and im sure you can use the other ones as refs too but im just gonna 

  • 안전하게 숙소로 돌아가시길 바랍니다. - I hope you return safely back to your dorm/room.
  • (항상) 안전하시길 바랍니다. - I hope you are (always) safe.
  • 괜찮으세요? 사랑해요.-Are you ok? I love you
  • 매우 유감스럽게 생각해요. - I’m sorry that this happened.
  • 멋진 공연 감사합니다. 수고많이하셔서도 감사합니다. - We are thankful for the handsome/cool performance. We are also thankful for all of your hard work.
Perhaps helpful to the timeline...

When we see Stanley in this scene:

He says, “Man, that Jackie O, what a fox!”

Most likely, he is referring to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or “Jackie O”

With the picture of Nixon in the school principal’s office, and with relevance of Jackie O’s name (O coming from her second spouse, Aristotle), then the time window for the Stan’s last year of school is most likely in the 1970s. To pinpoint a year, 1972. 10 years before the incident.