idk if someone already made this

…I just wonder why, since an artist posted a fanart related to OUR video on twitter, she said thank you for making this, while she didnt credit the source but just posted her own stuff there.

Strictly, I dont want to be arrogant to say her work was a fanart of the video, only bc we used the movie as theme and she use its poster too. But she just mention the video in her post while didn't really ‘mention’ it. This uncertain situation made me feel like I have no rights to question her, directly. But as far as I know… there were some confusion raised already (mainly in Asia, due to the language barrier, many ppl in there haven’t seen the trailer and they dont know what it is or where to find it. it’s the problem), like someone think she made a 50SOE thing or such…

IDK if she did this by mean, hopefully not.

I mean it’s fine to do things like she just did, I dont want any argument, so leave her alone after you guys seeing this. (I may handle this by myself later) But tbh this issue makes ppl like me feel weird. (and of course it’s a bad weird)

So Id better do sth to get rid of this feeling.


wallpaper for PC: max 1920x1080

download here

wallpaper for Mac: max 2880x1800

download here

BTW, I see the source so important, cuz I didnt do the thing myself, my team members will mainly get feedback from the views counter of youtube or letting others know their names through the description under the vid. Not even mention this is a tricky story, easily to get distorted without those info I added.


Okay, so I finally found my book with chapter 2 of Gangsta: Cursed and my book with chapter 4 also came today [like a month late haha]. Idk if someone already scanned and uploaded them, but I promised some people I would upload, so I made download links for these chapters anyways. The quality is okay-ish though since I don’t have time to edit them properly.


fromsmallvilletosuperman asked:

Trohley: “You don’t have to stay.” (I picked this one cause it made me think of hiatus Trohley- idk. So I'd love to see what it makes you think of)

“You don’t have to stay.” It’s said so softly, and quietly Joe almost feels like he misheard it for a second. Like maybe it was someone in the hotel rooms around them, or outside but that voice, he turns his head blue meeting grey. Andy’s looking at him a mess of reddish brown hair falling over the pillow Joe’s arm tangled against him where he planned to stay until morning already on the verge of falling asleep. Well was, but now he’s fully paying attention to the drummer because what?

“What?” He mumbles, Andy seems startled for a minute, like he wasn’t expecting Joe to respond or maybe hear him? Maybe he didn’t mean to speak out loud. “Babe what do you mean?” Because Joe doesn’t have anywhere to be tonight that he can remember? Plus post coital cuddling is the best kind of cuddling like hell anywhere else was more important than this.

“It’s over…for now. I mean…today…tonight’s the last night of Fall Out Boy for…for a long time.” He mumbles, curling a little and Joe lets him go, gives him his space. “You…don’t have to stay with me I mean.” He whispers, and Joe’s confused because what the hell does Fall Out Boy have to do with what’s in the bed right now? Sure they were in a band together but he can’t connect why that has to do with them as a couple. “To explore musical options and relationship choices or whatever…” And Joe gets it, it all clicks like the puzzle being solved and holy shit.

“Do…do you want that?” He asks first, because if Andy wants this to be the last time there’s a them in this bed until they’ve explored…whatever the fuck else. But, he said Joe, he didn’t say for himself which is important, because if Andy doesn’t want Joe to go, Joe doesn’t want to go. Even if Andy did want him to go, he really doesn’t want to. Andy doesn’t answer so he pushes. “Were more than a band I started with Pete in a basement. It’s how we met, not who we are. Yeah now we have to figure out where were gonna live, and what to do with all this free time….but the band needed a break not us…” Andy doesn’t move, but he doesn’t say anything either so Joe continues. “I could give very little fucks for what other people are out there relationship wise….fuck all else out there you’re the only one and the only thing I want.” He can’t imagine anyone better, and fuck if he wants to meet them because him and Andy work. They just…work like they were meant to be. Like Pete was meant to offer this to Andy so Joe could meet him, like Andy was meant to be in the band. He slides his hands under the drummer’s face pulling him to look up, and Andy’s eyes finally meet his.

“I want to stay.”

Send me a pairing and a line of dialogue and I’ll write you something.