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i'm nonbinary and also (still questioning and havent come out) transboy. i came out to my friends who are also mostly nonbinary and they were really nice and supportive but because they already know everything about it, it wasn't an exciting experience and they didn't ask me any questions etc. idk i kinda at least wanted a pat on the back and someone to tell me i was brave. it made me quite dysphoric and im not sure why. i feel weird. thank you so much for listening to me xx

Even if your friends didn’t show it, I’m sure they thought you were brave! And I bet they’re very happy to have another nonbinary friend.

Coming out is a very scary thing to do and I am super proud of you for doing it <3

Who broke it?
  • *Eisuke's coffee maker is broken*
  • Eisuke:Who broke it? I'm not mad. I just wanna know.
  • Everyone:...
  • MC:I did it. I broke it—
  • Eisuke:No. No, you didn't. Mamoru?
  • Mamoru:Well, don't look at me. Look at Soryu.
  • Soryu:What?! I didn't break it.
  • Mamoru:Huh. That's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Soryu:Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken!
  • Mamoru:Suspicious...
  • Soryu:No, it's not!
  • Baba:If it matters, probably not, but Ota was the last one who used it—
  • Ota:Baba! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Baba:Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Ota:I use the wooden stirrers to put back my cuticles! Everyone knows that, Baba!
  • MC:Okay, okay. Let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Eisuke.
  • Eisuke:No! Who broke it?
  • Soryu:(quietly) Eisuke, Hishikura's been awfully quiet...
  • Shuichi:Really?!
  • Soryu:Yeah, really!
  • *pandemonium ensues*
  • Eisuke:I broke it. It burned my hand, so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

so i was thinking about the cards that dave made of ahsoka and you know this one

 well didn’t the daughter in the mortis arc essentially become the daughter by bathing in the pool of knowledge

could that be what she’s doing?

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Seventeen reacts to someone making fun of your weight? Idk if you already did this..

i haven’t done this before, but for reference, all reaction posts can be found under the tag for that member. (aka all reaction posts including jeonghan can be found under the jeonghan tag, etc.)

Seungkwan - he would be more inwardly upset about the situation. Since people have made fun of his weight or made comments about his weight gain (in a negative sense) he would take this directly to heart. He would be very empathetic about your feelings. He would be far more concerned about your feelings rather than putting attention on the person who insulted you and feeding the bully. He would want to comfort you and make sure you’re feeling completely okay - that the harsh words didn’t get to you and that you always know you’re (his) beautiful girl.

Jeonghan - the type to immediately roll up his sleeves and go after the bully. He has a very fiery personality and he would not let this person get away with their cruelty. No matter what the setting was, private or public, professional or casual, if the bully was his ‘friend’ or a complete stranger, he would open fire on them without hesitation. The moment he found out - if he had witnessed the incident, or if he had to pry it from your shy, embarrassed lips, he would be on the bully like a bad smell. Veins bulging from his neck, face turning red with anger, yelling in a loud, commanding voice, striking fear and barely able to express in words how bitter and purely mad he was that someone would insult you like this. The boys would have to pull him back, remind him of his image, the band, the company, the managers, every consequence he would face to be having a fit in front of people, let alone to raise his hands to someone in a violent act. It was you and you alone, embarrassed and still teary eyed, worried for him and begging him to calm down that would convince him to finally stop. But no one, and he meant no one messed with his girl. And the whole world new that after this incident. 

Woozi/Jihoon - he would be visibly distraught. Nothing like this had ever really happened to him before; he had never before seen someone be so brazen and cruel, especially to someone so gentle and beautiful and so undeserving of it. He was shocked and at first really didn’t know what to do with himself. He would be torn between calling out the bully on their bullshit and making sure you were okay. And depending, he might do both - grab the person harshly by the arm, a hell fire burning in his eyes as he told them in a dead, cold voice that no one, especially a girl as precious as you, should be spoken to or treated like that, ever. Then he would make sure you get you alone and have a private talk with you about it. He would ask you a dozen times over if you were okay, knowing himself how much the harsh criticism of people who don’t matter can get into your head. Ultimately you two would share a sweet moment when he assured you that any decent person - like himself - would see that you had a beautiful body, and much more importantly, a beautiful personality. 

DK/Seokmin - happiness mood maker would be more concerned with your feelings. He would immediately pull you into a hug when he saw your face fall at the assailant’s harsh words, and rub your back, whispering words of comfort and reassurance (likely as the other boys dished out punishment to your bully). He would make sure you’re completely okay before moving on, but still at the back of his mind be worried about you and wonder why someone would think it’s even remotely okay to make a comment like that.

Joshua/Jisoo - he was relatively calm and quaint. When it came to people spewing mindless insults, he knew it was best to ignore them and move on, and that was something you always found so much easier to do when around him. When he heard the words he gave a very distasteful expression, but simply carried on with your conversation like nothing had happened, not to acknowledge the bully and fuel the fire. Later that night, when you were in a private setting, he made an off handed comment that he thought your body was very beautiful, but the incident was a small dot in the back of your mind and Joshua just made you giggle and blush.

Vernon/Hansol - he was very surprised. He made a face when he heard the person say it. He was shocked that someone would actually be brazen enough to say something like that. Especially to someone like you - so beautiful, with such a gorgeous figure. Was the person blind? He looked around, made sure the other boys heard it, that he wasn’t making up in his mind, and the unpleasant look on your face said it all. When he discovered it wasn’t a figment of his imagination, he made the first comment that came to mind to distract you, to try and make you happy. “Don’t listen to ‘em. You have the kind of body they talk about in hip-hop - a blessing.” 

Mingyu - he would want to protect you at all costs. He would think you are a tiny cinnamon roll, too good, too pure for this world, and he would be very insulted on your behalf. He would cover your ears as soon as it happened and then tell the person off in a short speech, with your ears still covered, then cart you off to get a nice beverage (maybe Bubble Tea, Boba, maybe Starbucks), and wipe your mouth while telling you that he will always protect you from the cruel bullies of the world, and that you shouldn’t mind the bullshit, even when he’s not around to filter it for you.

Wonwoo - would literally be angry enough to murder on the spot, but would hold it all in. Anyone who looked close enough would see all that rage in his eyes, but he would keep it together very well. He would ignore the person, therefore encouraging you to ignore them, and subtly compliment you in conversation (more than usual) just to see you smile, to help soothe the fires of his anger.

Seungcheol/S.Coups - he would also be a giant, neck veins bulging rage monster, but he would be much more controlled than Jeonghan. More like the parent who wants to murder their child for misbehaving but knows that’s illegal. He would approach the bully with the calmest, harshest, grittiest threats words that would stay seated in their brain forever and scar them for life, ensuring that they would never, ever comment on anyone’s weight ever again. (He would apologize profusely for his rage to you later, and you would highly resist the urge to tell him that you found it hot.)

Jun - he would be absolutely disgusted and appalled. But, because you hang around him so often, you would be part of the #highselfesteemsquad so this hater’s words would fall off your back in seconds, and you and Jun would easily ignore that person. He would probably blatantly compliment you in front of the bully out of spite, the two of you making a game of it, showing that nothing could get you or your confidence down.

Minghao/The8 - much to everyone’s surprise, he flipped out. It was worse than his One Fine Day tantrum; it was a mess of words in Chinese, Korean, even some English swear words he had learned from Vernon and from watching movies. (No one had any idea he knew what a ‘cocksucker’ was, let alone how to use the word in a sentence.) Luckily, his massive fit was contained in a backstage dressing room far from the ears of your assailant, where you had come to escape the person with tears in your eyes. And actually triggered all of Minghao’s harsh words upon explaining to him why you were so upset. If the boys had let him go, it would have been a PR nightmare. 

Hoshi/Soonyoung - he would as calmly as possible tell the person that it’s really not okay to speak to other people like that, but not worry so much about the bully and more about you. He would cheer you up with aegyo and then lift you off the ground - “aish, (Y/N), if I can lift you, of course you don’t weigh too much!” and when this caused a big giggling fit in you, he wound know his job has been well done.

Dino/Chan - he would be so shocked. He has been sheltered by his hyungs so often that he really didn’t want to believe that anybody would dare to treat a lady like this. He would hope, immediately, that you wouldn’t take the comments to heart and that you would let it slide off you like water off a duck’s back. He knew you were strong and confident and he would think that someone’s negative words wouldn’t effect you. He would want to confront the bully, but not feel brave enough, and also feel too awkward to talk directly about the subject with you. Mostly because he wouldn’t want to offend you by bringing up your weight; he would be deathly afraid of saying the wrong thing or just being too awkward. (Especially because of his low experience with romance.) He would likely go for a small gesture of comfort. Bringing you your favorite snack food or drink and offering you a hug, or telling you a stupid joke to make you smile. 

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holy shiiiit why did this take me soo long???

these are all over the place and written in different styles sorry

jeonghan’s one is sooo long my jeonghan boner is showing oopsie 

anyway i’ve been trying to make all of these as gender neutral as possible even though i know the ideas may have been submitted by girls and that i do have a larger female audience 

but yeah 


Kai was miserable. He was miserable as fuck, having to make people happy with weddings made it worse. So there he was already downing a half a bottle of vodka as he drunk texted someone to come over and take care of him. He was normally very self reliant but right now, he needed someone to be here for him. Opening the apartment door he looked at the other as he hiccuped. “I need you to pretend to be in love with me till the night ends.” He pulled the other closer and hugged them. (@fckxillusion)

i only wash my hands from your blood
when they’ve already made their stain -
it’s so hard to get rid of things that haunt you.
i find you in my dreams lingering around
like a lost ghost. i go to church for confessions,
tell god i have made the mistake of loving
someone with so much passion, such
intensity that it has cost me my connection
to him. i want to find my way to your car
door, bang on your window until you let me
in. i need you to see what you have done to me.
i need you to see the bags under my eyes.
please, just look at what you’ve done to me.
—  a letter for you to see

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I decided that I want to get some personal, meaningful, aesthetic tattoos that are inspired by different musicians or bands that mean a lot to me and changed my life in some way. But I want the person to draw it for me, because that makes it so much more personal and special, and because I know it won’t look like a “perfect tattoo”.

 And I already got a reply from someone saying that he would be down for drawing one for me when I have an idea of what I want!!

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Any suggestions or advice for a fanfic writer who's still really new to this fandom but is contemplating writing a story.

Tag the hell out of your fics because that helps it float around out there on Tumblr. Submit it to the @spnfanficpond (idk why it’s not letting me tag it.) If you’re not already a part of that you totally should join because it’ll help get your beautiful work of art out there! If you want someone to beta for you they have a whole list of them on there including me. So you could always message me and I could give you my email. I’m always happy to help anyone with something like that. And lastly, always be confident when hitting that post button. You made something, not for anyone else but yourself, and it made you happy writing it. So who gives af what people say about it in the end. You wrote it. It’s yours and be proud of what you wrote. Don’t doubt it just love it. I hope this helps out some!!!

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