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i am a grown ass adult and i am all sorts of livid about girl meets world getting canceled bc like… boy meets world, while i didn’t grow up as the show aired, i did watch reruns literally every day before and after school?? and it was just such an important show for me?? and i’ve see my fair share of gmw and listen: rowan blanchard is someone girls growing up in this decade need/deserve, especially with this new president-elect. idk man that show touched on some topics that i didn’t see on disney before gmw came around. i’m really rooting for someone to pick it up. freeform is an abc company, and boy meets world originally aired there anyway. netflix already has the streaming rights for it, so!!! i’m just thinking of the girls i babysat back home and my little cousins and thinking of how important it was to see the messages in that show. WHATEVER I’M 20 I SHOULDN’T BE UPSET FOR THEM. BUT I AM. I’LL SHUT UP NOW.

Crazy Average Girl

A/N: Okay so I just got back from seeing Shawn at Radio City (it was fucking beautiful) and I thought of this imagine.. Idk how it’s gonna turn out.

You walked past the venue where Shawn would preform later that night. The fans who were already noticed you, and asked you for a picture. “Y/N are you going to Shawn’s show tonight?” “Did you come to Manhattan just to see Shawn?” You shrugged off their questions and took a few pictures before continuing your way down the street.

The breakup was rough, it wasn’t something you or Shawn wanted, it was his management. They believed it would be better for his reputation if he would be dating someone that it on his “level.” Not just an average person like you. Shawn was nervous that if he didn’t agree with it, he would lose his contract. He was finally living the dream that he had always wanted, and you weren’t about to stand in his way. The fans never really got to find out the truth and blamed you for the heartbreak that Shawn experienced.

When you heard that he was coming to New York, you decided to buy tickets for you and your sister, just something you could do on Saturday that would be fun. Before the concert, you and your sister walked around the city, going into different stores, killing time before the concert. You weren’t going to say anything to Shawn because you didn’t want to cause him any stress before a big show and you just wanted to enjoy a peaceful night.

You got to the show at 6 and waited in the massive line that was wrapped around the building. It was dark out so no one really noticed you. You walked into the show and took your seats waiting for the opener to come out. At this point, the fans around you had begun to recognize you and some gave you dirty looks, but others just didn’t care.

The lights went out in the stadium and the fans jumped to their feet screaming as Shawn walked out onto stage. He sang the first couple opening songs and began to talk to the crowd. He began to sing Kid In Love, which then transitioned to the song Hey There Delilah. Your eyes began to water, because it was your song together. No matter the distance that was between the both of you, you were still mad in love. As he continued singing, he stopped. He tried singing again, but the words wouldn’t come out. “I’m sorry guys..” He said. “This song just brings back a lot of memories, it was me and Y/N’s song.” The crowd “aw’d” And you could tell that tears were beginning to form in his eyes.

He managed to finish the song and introduced a new song of his. “This one goes out to anyone who has ever been in a break up before, because its a hard thing to get through.” You realized the song was about your relationship, it mentioned your favorite things to do together. As the song progressed you realized maybe coming to the concert wasn’t the greatest idea. He finished with Stiches and you and your sister made your way through the crowd and up the street to your hotel. When you got back to the room you went on Twitter and noticed that all of his fans were tweeting about you at the concert. “Shawn was talking about the break up but Y/N was at the concert?? what does this mean??” You shut your phone and hoped that Shawn would be too busy with his friends and family to notice.

You scrolled through the channels that the TV had and stopped on the E! channel when you heard a knock on the door. It was eleven at night, so you knew it wouldn’t be housekeeping. You looked through the peephole on the door and saw Shawn. Your stomach dropped seeing the familiar face outside your door. You slowly opened the door until the two of you were eye-to-eye. “Shawn..” You said. Without saying anything he picked you up and pulled you into a tight hug burying his head in your shoulder. The two of you just sat there until you felt like you couldn’t breathe anymore. “How did you find me here?” You asked. “Through Twitter and I got your room from the lady at the front desk.” He said.

He followed you into the room and plopped himself on the bed next to you. “The show was great, you did an amazing job.” You said. “Thank you.” He said. You sat in silence while your eyes were focused on the muted TV. “I want us to be together.” He said. You turned to him with a questioning look. “I don’t care what the management thinks. If they can’t approve of us being together, then I’ll find a different group. I love you too much.” He said. “I love you too Shawn, but are you sure?” You asked. “100%” He said placing a kiss on your lips.

That night he took to Twitter with a note. “You guys never really got to hear the truth about why me and Y/N broke up, and I’m ready to tell it. The management thought it would be better for my career if I was dating another artist. I was young, and I was afraid that if I went against what they said then I’d lose my contract, the truth is, I’m in love with this crazy normal average girl and I don’t care what the management thinks.”

I was tagged by @trailsofpaper (thank you! <3) to list ten actors/actresses I would like to kiss. Many beautiful people don’t seem especially kissable to me (??? idk???) so this one took some thinking.

  1. Paul Rudd (a classic)
  2. Ron Livingston (I like his mouth)
  3. Colin Firth (another classic)
  4. Idris Elba (someone said they wanted to know what he smelled like and I agree very much with that)
  5. Carrie Brownstein (dating from well before she did any acting but she’s done a ton of it now so it counts)
  6. Lin-Manuel Miranda (so v v kissable)
  7. Oscar Isaac (same)
  8. Romola Garai (I like her mouth)
  9. John Boyega (this charming man)
  10. Chris Evans (this sincere goofball)

I think most people have been kissed by this meme already; ignore me if it’s a duplicate or you don’t want to do it: @celestial-annihilation @dancinguniverse @aces-low @petitdejeune


Gold Saints as Disney Heroes

Sooooo we finally finished it! This is my collaboration art project with @bananamisa​! We both love Disney so we had this great idea (idk if someone had already did it before)! It took soooo long for us to draw everyone but it’s finally here~

Hope you like our character choices! We tried to choose the characters based on personality/look/background story etc. All of them are heroes except for Camus, which is the only villain because reasons. XD

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59 missed calls

olWe talk about Irene’s 57 text messages being related to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 57. (Note– this is from Rebekah’s TJLCE episode 12) How about Sonnet 59?

If theres nothing new than what already exists/

[and] What has been been before, then our brains are fooled,/

when, laboring for invention, create mistakenly/

Something new out of something that already exists/

Oh, if history could look backward,/

Even 500 years,/

[and] Show me your image in some antique book,/

Since we fist put down our thoughts in writing!/

That I might see what the old world could say/

To this composed wonder of your frame (yourself);/

Whether we are better, or whether they are better,/

Or whether everything is the same./

Oh! I am sure, the minds of the past./

To worse subjects have given praise. 

Forgive my rushed interpretation but I that’s at least how I would read it. So there is a lot to unload there, first off the labor reference to laboring for new work/59 calls signaling that Mary is in labor. Additionally, the fact that it is referencing a recycling of old and new material (Moffatiss realizing the original intention of ACD cannon being that John and Sherlock are together, always). I know this has been said time and time again, but TJLC is confirmed for me with this.


These are from the official TATINOF recording, so no screaming to jumble up their words. IDK if someone did this already, but I did it for myself and said oh heck it I’ll just put it here too. *means spoken*



Whenever I’m alone, or if I’m feeling gray

there’s one place I can go, to brighten up my day.

it makes me want to sing, that’s how the show should end

but wouldn’t it be good if I… could sing it with a friend

*Dan: Woah woah wait what?! Phil, I think you should have asked before putting me on the spot like this.*


Okay fine whatever I’ll join in too



I might go outside and feel more alive

but without twitter where would I be


I guess I’d be fit and stop posting shi– *phil: RUBBISH!*

but tumblr’s a part of me



so many websites and so little time

plus one or two you should avoid


just don’t stop watching youtube, or we’ll be unemployed



The internet is here, the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers who needs a real mate.

It might be antisocial, but these days that is fine.

*Dan: cause life is so much better when you spend it all online*


*Phil: a place where you can be yourself no matter if your geeky*

*Dan: find friends who share your hobbies, even if they’re freaky*

*Phil: where every question in your head is answered in an instant*

*Dan: who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence*



The internet is here,

the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers

who needs a real mate.

without the internet

we never would have met. (IM CRYING)

*Phil: we’d never be here on a stage, doing things we might regret!*




*Phil: who cares if you’re a loser, and everybody knows it*

*Dan: or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses*

*Phil: even if your chances of getting tan are slim*

*Dan: or if you live vicariously through the life of a sim*

*Dil: chelte zomo!*



The internet is here,

the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers

who needs a real mate.

It might be antisocial

but these days that is fine.


Cause life is so much better,

life is so much better,

life. is. so. much. better.

When you spend





okay but seriously long distance enj/ferre/R

like enj and ferre in a relationship already living in paris when enj meets R online and they do the whole arguing/flirting thing

and R is just like ‘fuck me how did i fall for a guy already crazy about someone else’ (meanwhile enj can’t stop gushing about R to ferre like ‘you’re gonna like him so much and he’s so cute’ and ferre starts to get a crush before they even speak to him)

and then once when they’re skyping ferre comes in and says hi and R has to log off quickly to bang his head against the wall bc he somehow found the two hottest people in paris and he’s like ‘why me’

and idk some R angst bc he starts falling for ferre meanwhile every time they get offline ferre and enj just start wailing about how amazing R is (insert background courf like jesus christ ask him out)

and yes cute amazing threesome i love these nerds


Guys if you don’t already know GIRL MEETS WORLD SEASON 3 PREMIERES TOMORROW, Friday June 3 and Disney Channel!!!  It starts at 8:30 and it’s an hour????[sorry IDK i’ve been to excited to pay enough attention during the trailers :)))))] Anyways, I will be live posting during  the premiere and IM SO FREAKING EXCITED. Be on tumblr to hear my live rants about what’s going on. And if yo someone how saw it before I did, I WANT NO SPOILERS! And also watch for ratings :)