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Do you think kagami is a sexist writer (referring to seraph of the end)?

Hi anon! sorry for the late answer, college happens ;_; 

Okey so, uhm, yeah. I think he is a sexist writer. But… I thought everyone was aware of that??? ONS has idk 4, 5 years? we’ve all noticed this at some point. In the LN’s, for example, Sayuri was almost raped, even though it was said that she was pretty strong, and yeah yeah the hiragi mens are stronger, whatever like… was that necesary for the plot?

I also read somewhere that Mito was okey with Guren doing that to her?? or something (i haven’t read all the novels so i’m not sure about this information) wtf dudes, wtf.

the manga is more evident, of course: all the guys being stronger than womens, always rescuing them even if again it was point out that they were suposed to be stronger since, you know, had more years of training?? and I think we all agree that Krul losing against Ferid has zero reasons Oh, and of course, all the girls have to be in love with the protagonist. Why!? i would never understand this, Yuu and Guren are not that likeable. And yeah, it’s a shounen, and it’s supposed to be for men, but that doesn’t justify it. 

If you are talking about sexism in the last chapter, well, I first thought that both (men and women) were supossed to had sex/desire to awaken the power of their demons, I thought it was something logical, since are demons, but then I discover that it was just for girls, like: 


It just has zero sense. Again

Maybe, the reason for me to not be angry, is that I know how kagami write her female characters: in the worst posible way. And by this time, everyone should know it. I dropped ons some time ago and just for curiosity entered to the tag and found all of this.


Although, it made me kinda curious that when Sayuri (and Mito, it seems) went through the same thing, not so many people argue about it? like, i do saw a post with very few notes and nothing more, and when is about Shinoa may or not may sleeping with Yuu (let’s pray for this to not happen, my baby Shinoa deserve better) all the fandom explodes

Guys, can we make Noor an actual thing? I think in light of everything that’s going on with islamaphobia and the banning of Muslims (you-know-who claims that it’s not about religion but we all know the truth) something as simple as changing a character’s name (which isn’t even canon as she actually has no name in the books) to something Arabic would be a great way for the Narnia fandom to show support for Muslims and Middle Easterners from those (as of now) seven countries.

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what are your thoughts on mylene?

mylene cruz? an icon. shes gorgeous and talented and has been thru so much to get to where she is!! when shes not being insulted and called out of her name or being sexualized by nasties, shes making moves!! i can see why a lot of ppl call her selfish or “”“manipulative”“” but like? so is shao, who is possibly even more manipulative than she is? idk i just feel like the fandom unneccesarily hates mylene for the smallest things while praising other characters for the same damn thing. is she a little Much tho? yes!! omg when she was genuinely freaking out about zeke not making it to the photoshoot i was so confused like tf?? what would he even be doing there…but ya gotta remember shes a teenage girl whos constantly being put through the wringer by everyone in her life EXCEPT zeke so i think shes just taking advantage of that fact. but anyway shes such a sweet girl at the end of the day and im so glad shes finally doing things the way she wants them done for once! she just wants to sing w her girls :’)


Selja, a hater of BTS will spread rumors that Jungkook raped an EXO-L and she will do beyond that bcs according to my source, she will hire an EXO-L as the victim and witness that Jungkook really raped her. Not only that, her threat is real bcs Koreaboo posted about her too. She’s going to collab with other fandom’s big shots in Twitter and spread those allegations and slander BTS. Although they have reported Selja’s account, there has been some who said that she created one again. We need to make BigHit know about this. This is far too much and she’s even pretending to be an EXO-L. She needs to be stopped immediately.

©.Daily Yoongi

Idk what to do anymore😢😢
I dont know if the things stated her is true but still!!!

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Assuming OUAT gets a s7, do you think they will mark it as the last? Im asking because if they are barely making it through 6 (the ratings are not as bad as the other ABC shows but Idk if it will sustain for one more year), so maybe they'll announce it and promote it as the final season?

Channing Dungey’s standing in the middle of a kitchen with a grease fire that has spread to the table cloth and the curtains trying to decide what to put out first and you are asking if she’s going to throw away her microwave.

Is it her favorite kitchen appliance right now?  I doubt it.  But it’s not on fire.

This fandom refuses to understand what a mess ABC is right now and Once isn’t even close to their biggest problems.

How the characters are being treated by the fandom (and the writers)

First, the ones that don’t get treated badly: Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore, Peter Hale

Now the ones that do and how they do:

Derek Hale : not getting treated that badly except the fandom objectifying him

Liam Dunba: not really the character as much as the actor, but gets objectified and sexualized even tho he is underage (this has happened from age 15-now)

Lydia Martin: Doesn’t really get treated that badly except the fandom reducing her only to a love interest and some even slut shaming her, the writers always writing her in situations where the villains hurt her (physically and emotionally) example: Peter manipulating her, Jackson abusing her (he’s not a villain kinda but still), the nogitsune kidnapping her, Jennifer Blake aka the darach kidnapping and almost killing her, the kalaveras (idk if that’s how u spell it) and now theo and the dread doctors.

Jordan Parrish: The fandom hating him and even Ryan Kelley (I admit, Ryan is problematic) but the fandom sends him death threats (he has confirmed this)

Allison Argent: getting slut shamed by the fandom, fandom hating on Crystal Reed, fandom being misogynistic toward her, the fandom even made killallison trend but when she died they all suddenly loved her etc. etc.

Malia Tate: Gets a lot of hate from the fandom only because she’s dating Stiles ex. Slut shaming her, saying she’s only a love interest etc. Fandom being misogynistic toward her They hate Malia so much that some have even gone as far as sending death threats to Shelley Hennig and Malia/Stalia Stans, the only way how the writers are treating her badly is giving her little screen time/lines (she had only like 3 lines in lost frequencies) the fandom constantly pitting her against other females of the show.

Kira Yukimura: (oh boy, this is gonna be a long list), the fandom hating/being racist towards her and Arden Cho even some cast mates (*cough* Ian Bohen *cough*), people slut shaming her, calling her “Allison’s replacement” always pitting her against Allison/Crystal, fandom being misogynistic toward her, the writers giving her little screen time (she wasn’t in 2 episodes of s4 AND s5A even tho she’s a main) the writers throwing away her plotlines ex. the fox aura thing this season, they just wrote it like she left to figure it out and didn’t even show us anything about that, the writers and the fandom basically ignoring her existant all together, the fandom whitewashing Arden/Kira in icons, gifset/other edits all the time, Teen Wolf didn’t give any promotion for Kira in s5 at all (before it started).

Scott McCall: the fandom being racist towards Scott/Tyler, the fandom constantly saying that Stiles is the lead and the most important character even though Scott is the lead, people (including the writers) giving Stiles/Dylan more attention for being on the show and saying that teen wolf wouldn’t be teen wolf without Stiles etc basically ignoring that Tyler/Scott is the lead. The writers have given Stiles more backstory than Scott the shows lead!!! The fandom whitewashing him in gifts/icons/other edits, people (sterek shippers) hating on Tyler for not shipping sterek & BC he said that the show doesn’t revolve around ships, the fandom giving him hate and calling him fake after he confirmed having depression (especially after his moms death) and telling him that he doesn’t know anything about pain/depression etc!!

I’ll add to the list when i remeber more or when u guys tell me more and I only did this for the mains, there are other secondary characters they treat badly ex. Braeden, Jennifer etc.

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top five online friends and why


  1. @alexfierrno if she’s not on one of these lists call the police I have been replaced by aliens. Alex has kind of been one of the only people that I can consistently talk to???? I mean the other people on this list, I love them, but I’m super scared to talk to them privately because idk. But Alex has always been kind to me and helped me through a lot of things when I needed her. 
  2. @athenaowl1 is the person I feel like I can go to to rant about fandoms???? Basically it’s really easy to talk to her for hours about Voltron even if we talked about the same topic before. ALSO they’re super sweet and always sending me the sweetest messages when I need them
  3. @italiangaypotato because she’s literally so cool?????? Like gods how could anyone be that awesome???? But also she’s really sweet and whenever I see her on my notifications I smile 
  4. @desthedemon who sadly has not been online as much just because she’s had some bad experiences on here I think. But they’re really fun to talk about SPN with and I don’t think I would be as into it without her
  5. and lastly @ashthasx who I sadly haven’t talked with as much lately but it’s a lot of fun talking with them about fandoms and all kinds of cool stuff. AND THEY’RE A FREAKING AMAZING ARTIST BUT THEY WONT ADMIT IT???? LIKE GODS HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ART?????

oh gods I hope I used the right pronouns…………

NGL, I always feel super weird about Maka’s Mother being drawn like Maka, that is, blonde hair and green eyes, or blue eyes, or w/e because 

Maka is drawn like her FATHER

Young Spirit looks pretty much EXACTLY like Maka (and Stein looks very much like Soul, which definitely fuels my ‘STEIN AND SOUL ARE COUSINS’ theory but I digress) and even though the anime fucked up by giving Spirit blue eyes, he has, CANONICALLY in the manga, green eyes. LIKE MAKA. That’s where Maka gets it from. She also probably gets her blonde hair from his side of the family, or even from him in general because we all know that man probably uses all the Manic Panic in Death City

It’s canon that Maka’s Mother is Japanese, and I can’t help but feel like…idk, there’s a lot of white-washing her in our fandom, just in general. I understand that this is anime and people can have whatever hair they want and the rules definitely don’t matter but like

we don’t know what Maka’s Mother looks like, but we know Maka looks overwhelmingly like her father, so if we as a fandom say that Maka’s Mother is a carbon copy of Maka then like…what? Are Spirit and Maka’s Mom related? Because they’d look exactly alike

idk, all I’m trying to say is that there are characters like Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and Azusa Yumi and they are canonically Japanese but I never see anyone headcanon that Maka’s Mother looks anything like them even though Maka’s Mom is also canonically Japanese

New Auror (Percival Graves x Reader) Part 1/?



Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader 

Warnings: none?? idk what to call this really. arguing??


No one, with the exception of Madam President, has ever told the great Percival Graves what to do, when to do it or how to do it.

But when MASUCA employed a new Auror, that all changed.

This new Auror, Y/N L/N, would always find a way to one up and ultimately embarrass Director Graves every chance she got, and bloody hell she knew it. Her quick wit, strong demeanor and determinedness were her most powerful weapons. She knew how to get under his skin in a heartbeat, she knew every way to press his buttons and she was proud of it. Not to mention that she was trying to steal his job away from him.

After months of Y/N’s employment, Percival had put his foot down. He was sick and tired of Madam President choosing her side and everyone else gushing about how “absolutely wonderful and charming” she was. At first he went to Madam President’s office, expressing his concerns to which she just said, “Director Graves, I suggest you bring it up with Y/N herself, as y’know, telling on her to her boss is a bit childish. Leave, please.”

So he did. He called her into his office, to which she -albeit reluctantly- agreed to. Y/N thought it was rather unusual, this was the first time Graves had even talked to her outside meetings. She made herself comfortable on one of the chairs, eyeing Graves up suspiciously.

“So, Graves, why am I here?”

He studied her face for a while, tapping his fingers on his desk before straightening his back.

“I have some… concerns.”

She furrowed her eyebrows, “regarding what, exactly? Make it quick, I’m not getting any younger here, Graves.”

He bit his lip at her comment, trying very hard not to lose his cool. “Regarding your attitude.”

This made a smirk appear on her face, “oh, is that so?” She sat up on her seat in mock eagerness, “please tell me more.”

Percival drew a deep breath, “yes. Your attitude. I will not stand for it, nor your constant drive to undermine me, to be better than me because doll,” he paused, leaning in, “we both know that’s not true.”

A flick goes off in Y/N’s head and she scoffs, “I see what’s going on here.”

“Please tell me more.” Percival mocks.

“You’re jealous.”

Percival draws back, shocked. “What?! I am in no way whatsoe-”

“Yes you are! You’ve been jealous ever since I got here, ever since Madam President agreed with my lead instead of yours! You think I will become the new you, and I would start by taking your job!” Her voice lowers dangerously low. “You’re jealous because I’m better.”

“Oh please, get off your high horse, Y/N. Why would they give my job to someone like you?” Percival growls back.

Y/N stands up fastly, her palms face down on his desk. “You say my attitude’s bad? You’re just a man who is scared that he is replaceable, that there is someone better out there, and god forbid that be an independant woman. You’re terrified at the concept that I might be able to take your job away from you and you’re making it all about me, making it all my fault so you don’t have to see what you truly are; a coward.”

Percival’s face remains the same. Jaw locked, eyebrows furrowed. On the inside, however, he was going to burst. His head filled with so many thoughts. 

“And you know what the funny thing is, Graves? You don’t even have to worry about me taking your job away from you. You wanna know why?”

His eyes slowly trailed up to Y/N’s.

“I’m getting transferred, you idiot.”

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 🌸✨💕

1: My dog
She is the actual sun in my sky and I love her to pieces. More than once she has helped me with panic attacks
2: My cat
Chaotic Neutral incarnate I still love her to bits, even accounting for the nice six inch cut she left on my forearm
3: @bedside-aspirations
My best friend IRL. Has helped me through the toughest moments I’ve had to live through
4: The rain
Idk if this counts, but I’ve always loved how relaxing the rain is? There’s a tranquillity to be found even in the worst storm, I find.
5: @starshideyour-fire
Another person, they welcomed me into the Les Mis fandom with open arms, and shamelessly eggs me on when I ramble my headcanons to her. They also helped me write my first work for Les Mis, and were super encouraging the whole time!

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is aja even still a fanfave? i know she was before the season even started (i'm guilty of this tbh) but all these white twinks turned on her once the makeup issue started. i see more hate than love for her especially since valentina took her spot as the darling one, with the untucked scene being aja's cement boots

hmmmmm…i mean, i know she’s been receiving a lot of flack for her make-up or being deceptive with her mug on IG but despite the hype slowing down, she’s still got a pretty massive following. i also think she’s one of the few queens that could get away with going awf at valentina or even farrah like that. i know everyone shits on trinity for making fun of valentina last episode, so idk i just feel like it’s a double standard. i’m not blaming aja tho! i love ha and thought her rant was entertaining. ijs that the fandom wouldn’t let a handful of other queens off that easy.

ok, so yesterday I found out that one of my bffs who uses tumblr as well, but in a completely different way I guess, like not a fandom/ or aesthetic way ugh idk, the point is she’s always like “yeah, I have thousands of followers omg” and she has 44, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but idk why she felt the need to lie to me?? And I’ve never even told her my follower count once but asdfg idk, she doesn’t even know what my tumblr is and I don’t think she knows I know what hers is (but I’d be terrified if she found out lmao) also she started tumblr like 2-3 years ago, idk so she must’ve figured out my blog was sorta small (not anymore lmao)(again why do so many people follow me??) maybe she wanted to seem better than me???? Ughh idk, I just wanted to vent I guess :/

I think the fandom’s joke about like “I can’t believe Taylor looks so flawless while doing [inset normal task or activity that non-celebrities also do] wow what a queen she makes me look like shit” is kind of dangerous because you realize like…she has to look flawless and be in nice clothes and have her hair done and have a full face of makeup on to even do those tasks or to be in public or she gets torn apart in every gossip magazine and tabloid and shitty online celebrity gossip article and thousands of young girls are reading those and either thinking 1) I need to be pretty and wear makeup to do these things too and/or 2) other girls who look less than perfect when doing daily tasks deserve to be torn apart like this. We’re just expanding and sharing that exact reaction and putting the shame on ourselves….thousands of little girls and young women see articles about like “Taylor Swift looks GROSS while going on a walk” or “Taylor Swift has NASTY camel toe while running out for coffee" …..Taylor has literally talked about how she can’t even wear the same dress more than once in the same year or she get torn apart by celebrity gossip magazines……it’s all a trap…dismantle the patriarchy 

honestly idk if I’ve said it enough but @futurist was my first ever mutual on this hell-site and she is the reason I’m into the flash and she has endured every single URL change, theme change, and fandom change I could’ve possibly been through I love her a lot like even when were on different sides for CA:CW she was still here so honestly? she’s literally an Angel??? Even over the summer when we didn’t really talk much??? Even when we shipped different things??? Even when my URL was so long that it was a pain to type out she was always there like “BITCH!!!! I LOVE IT!!!” so yes…. nive is amazing

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there isn't a big difference between Dick, Damian, Tim and Stephanie, Jason, Cassandra, stop reaching. None of them are underappreciated

This………is so objectively wrong. Before I pull the trigger, 1. Compared to Cass and Steph, Jason is practically super appreciated, but compared to the others he’s just… there. 2. I feel a little bit icky about putting Damian here since he also went through nasty stuff + is always whitewashed by canon and fandom alike but its worth mentioning, and 3. I cant believe u actually made me research this. Fuck you.

Now, lets start with basic stuff. According to comic vine (which I don’t know how accurate it is), this is the amount of comic issues each character has appeared

Just. Read the numbers. Damian, who appeared on 2006, has considerably more comics than Cassandra, who appeared on 1999, and Stephanie, who appeared on 1992. Dick and Tim both have more appearances than Jason, Stephanie and Cass combined, and hell, Dick even triples the number. Anyway, I know Dick was the first robin and Jason was dead for years but you know, “no big difference” am I right.

Also, lets consider both Dick and Tim have had multiple solo (or soloish) titles, multiple team ups, have lead different superhero teams & are always featured on batman comics. Meanwhile, Cass & Steph had have one solo title each (unless you count Cass continuation run from 2008), and Jason has only have Red Hood: Lost Days which are, you know, six issues, and you can count their relevant appearances on team ups with the fingers of a hand.

Now, moving out to other media, Dick was the first robin so well, its kinda fair hes the most popular and fallout robin but you know, why would there be like 7 robins if we’re only gonna use one all the time right? Tim is the main robin of The New Batman Adventures with a lot of Jason’s characteristics which… yikes, and has appeared on Young Justice and other shorts, movies and episodes from other shows. Damian is becoming the front Robin for the newest movies, but I don’t really mind because he isn’t white and is p interesting but well, hes the only existing robin besides dick which :/ and looks pretty whitewashed to me. Jason appeared in one (1) movie and is mentioned like three (3) times across other shows, and its believed to be the JLA: Trapped in time Robin but its most likely they mixed robins yet again and its Dick or Tim. Cass and Steph? Found dead in Miami. Steph appeared like two (2) seconds in Young Justice once, and Cass has never appeared anywhere that isn’t comics. Anywhere .Even if she was the first Batgirl to get a self titled solo Comic book, even if shes Bruce’s only daughter in the main continuity and even if she should be a really relevant and respected character.

Anyway, now to the most dreadful part, the fandom side. Guess what? Cass also has the short end of the stick on this front too. Jason is pretty popular among fans so im not fighting you there, but the girls? Oh boi. Now, its almost understandable Steph isn’t featured on fanworks that much because she hasn’t appeared a lot, and it depends on her vigilante persona wheter shes part of the batfam or not, etc, but Cass? Cass is as much Bruce’s child as the other batboys but guess what? Shes erased all the fucking time. Isn’t included in a piece of fanart because its “only robins”, yet theres no Steph (or even Carrie) around. Isnt included because its “n52 based”, but tim has his old old old red robin costume and Dick is blue Nightwing. Etc etc etc. This fandom sure loves leaving her out of things for no reason whatsoever except that they’re full of shit.

Aaaaand then there’s the fact that neither of them is on the dc page (which fine is just something that personally annoys me, idk about you or anyone else), they’re all demonized or ignored because of things that shouldn’t be taken that way and which other characters get a free pass, or for traits other characters are cherished (“Steph is too cheerful and annoying!!!” have you like, read any Robin!Dick run? Hell, most of his comics? “Cass has killed people!! Shes boring!!!” *points to Damian/Jason & Tim respectively*, [old fan voice] “Jason was a mean robin and disobeyed batman all the time!!!!” *points to every single robin and green lantern a few times*), all of them went through a lot of unnecessary pain just for the sake of other characters (Stephanie sexualized torture??? The way bruce fucking used her to bait Tim and treated her like shit?[? and so did tim?? The whole deal with the way they killed her?? Jason being murdered as a child?? Demonized?? All the gross ass classism involved in most of his storylines???) or just erased from the narrative?? (Cassandra didn’t appear FOR YEARS on n52?? A character whos so important for so many people?? Super necessary representation in so many fronts??? Stephanie stripped from robin and batgirl even if it would have made so much more sense to have her on the role Barbara has on batgirl of burnside?? Jason being skipped all the time and his backstory/personality being changed time after time to fit the villain/mean/brainless role?? ((+Jason gets tortured, beaten up, killed in every world and the girls? They don’t even appear, it’s a joke. And when they do appear their characterization is so terrible in most of the cases, they don’t even care. Steph in burnside batgirl………they did her so dirty….and Cass wasn’t even there, period. Shes been in like fifteen issues so far in all n52 and rebirth))

And ohhhh mann, ive seen people crying about y or x character being hated on fandom soooo much, but theyre just taking into account tumblr opinion?? Like please take a look into comic communities in general, theyre not as hated as you think, don’t sweat it. But if you ask in those very same communities about Cass or Steph? Now then you will start getting angry because the shit you hear (or don’t hear, they might barely know/care about them) is just zoinks, not even yikes. (Jason is p popular and p disliked too but hes mostly popular so *shrug*)

(((Also except for perhaps damian, neither of them had to deal with sexist, classist or ableist characterizations/storylines/scenes. Which, are pretty upsetting rip)))

Anyway this got longer than I expected and im tired. Don’t talk to me or my son or my daughter or my daughter ever again, good night.

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Idk why people are getting so mad because people don't ship Zuko/Azula... I mean not only is it incest, Azula is abusive towards him in canon. Honestly, even a lot of the apologism towards her in the main part of the fandom makes me really uncomfortable because of the way she treated her friends and Zuko.

I don’t understand it. I feel like someone has to be really fucked in the head to A) have any sexual attraction to their sibling and B) act on those attractions. And then to be shipping that between two characters and attacking people over one unhealthy ship when you’re literally shipping a brother and a sister fucking….. you can call me out for kink shaming or whatever, but I don’t care. I don’t even think shaming incest is the same is shaming a kink.

And about the Azula apologists… Man… I get that Azula was abused by Ozai. She didn’t have a loving household or proper examples to live by, but to write off all her behavior and forgive her because Ozai was a dick of a dad completely disregards her character and choices, and also completely degrades Zuko’s transformation.

I don’t want this to get too lengthy but here are my thoughts on it:

  1. Azula knew exactly what she was doing. She made deliberate choices to pursue Zuko, hurt him, and hurt her enemies.
  2. Azula was driven, not by Ozai’s desire for her to be great, but by her own belief that she was powerful, deserving, and better than anyone else out there.
  3. Azula made deliberate choices to manipulate those around her into giving her what she wanted.
  4. Azula made it clear that she did not care for love. To her, fear was the most reliable way to make people listen and obey, regardless of any love they wanted to give her.
  5. Azula’s breakdown was due to her loss of control.
  6. Azula will likely never be redeemed because she doesn’t want it.

To explain that last comment just a little bit… Zuko was able to be redeemed because he realized he was wrong. He realized the Fire Nation was wrong. He became aware of the damage he was causing to those around him and wanted to end it.

Azula, on the other hand, was fully aware of what she was doing but never saw it as wrong. In fact, she never showed any sign of even struggling with her behavior and the pain it caused.

Both Zuko and Azula had the same father. Zuko suffered far worse at the hands of Ozai, in my opinion, yet he still managed to become a well-rounded young man and make a change for the better. So to defend Azula’s actions by saying she was abused (and I’m not disagreeing with that fact), is to completely write-off everything Zuko went through to redeem himself.

Did we forgive Zuko’s past actions just because he was abused? No. Did we completely forget that Zuko was a total asshole just because his father burned his face off? No. To be honest, Zuko was little fucker. The reason he is forgiven is because he asked for it, because he changed his ways and fought to be a better man. 

Ozai’s abuse fucked up his kids, sure, but it didn’t prevent them from knowing right and wrong. Zuko was capable of learning what was right and so is Azula - she doesn’t want to see it.





Muse as LL fandom Tumblr users original poster edition

lmao sorry i cant art have this thing in text form instead. loosely based on people i know huehue :>

  • Honoka: that user that posts things with no caption then proceed to scream a million things in the tags in CAPS LOCK BC THEY HAVE TOO MUCH FEELS (IS THERE A TAG LIMIT) 
  • Kotori: that user that posts aesthetically pleasing stuff, probably posts LL edits and wallpapers, the blog is absolutely beautiful, hell even the basic font looks nice on the blog, pastel theme
  • Umi: that user that occasionally posts quotes, probably writes for the fandom idk, low key angsty maybe she has anxiety, feels a need to reply to reblogs bc politeness is key
  • Hanayo: that user that posts LL updates, guys there’s new N cards!!!, tons of seiyuu information, or idol chasing blog be it 2D or 3D idols, neat and organized links
  • Rin: The user that posts pictures of their pets, rarely post anything except reblogging bc she is lazy. posts neko atsume stuff instead.
  • Maki: the user that lowkey tries to radiate a sense of mystery when actually she just doesn’t know what to post on tumblr. Tries to write vague stuff to maintain the aura bc she has an image to keep up. Probably very lame irl.
  • Nozomi: the user that brings sin to the LL fandom. Hello scantily dressed cosplayers. Hello nsfw pictures. ohmgod is that Elicchi trying to hump me. Tries not to use lenny face in every post. 
  • Nico: that fucking shitposter everyone knows on tumblr. Very noisy but you cant just ignore her fucking presence. Admit it you cringed at those shitposts. Shittest of the shitposts. Bad LL edits. LL x Meme
  • Eli: Higher class shitposting, still shitposting tho. Admit it you laughed. Occasionally tries to post inspiring stuff. Tries to be everyone’s friend but failing bc she’s awkward.

Tag yourself i dunno who am i tho i try to be eli. Also mutuals msg me if you wanna know who i see you as :>

I feel like I need to clear this up now or it’ll entirely slip my mind:
When did it become an ideal relationship where you only dated someone because you wanted to change your relationship status? When did it become cute to know someone two days before dating them? 
Like relationships are supposed to be something beautiful that blossoms into something better. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly; THAT takes time and you still endure the wait no matter how boring it may be. 
It’s entirely changed now, because now it’s just— you know the person a week and you claim you love them; then you’re engaged before you can actually fall in love, and then these people complain when it doesn’t last. It’s not hard to just take things slow. Like what happened to just being friends who share secrets with one another, and tease each other while still having fun and not worrying about how people look at them; and as time goes on you just slowly begin to develop those feelings that are like little sparks that tingle your entire body whenever they’re near or you accidentally brush hands or something. The boy just nervously asks the girl on a date and she has to sneak out to meet up, and he’s even got a flower for her and they go on a cute date, and before the night ends, he maybe shyly kisses her goodnight; and they take things slow and just fall in love day by day without pressuring into sex or marriage or children.