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Can you do a fluffy hartwin coffeeshop AU? :) x

I really hope this is fluffy enough!

Harry only notices as he’s about to chuck the full cup of overpriced espresso in the trash. Just at the side of it is an illegible scrabble. Eleven digits. Harry holds the cup there, hovering over the bin, as he adjusts his glasses to get a better squint at the phone number. If this isn’t a mistake, then it’s certainly a surprise.

The cup in question had come from a coffee shop Harry had been stopping by for a good month. And when he said stopping by, he meant that it was about fifteen miles off his usual route. It was a cramped place painted in pastels and adorned with mismatching old furniture that, he supposed, were to give a ‘whimsical’ look to the whole thing. The musty armchairs weren’t the reason he visited the place, though. The quality of the beverages weren’t either but then again, he’d never once drunk a cup of coffee without it tasting like he’d just taken a bite of moist dirt.

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Hold my hand

Words: 1365
Warning: Swearing
Requested: no (please request stuff tho)
Pairing: Josh Dun x reader
Sum. : The one where you work at a café and it gets surrounded by fans and you have to get them out of there unharmed

A/N: idk….seriously please request stuff I am not that creative
You were surrounded, actually forget that, you weren’t, the café was. Great, it was not like the first time the café was in this situation. You scored this job as a barista right after you got out of college and you really started to enjoy talking to people everyday. Over the last few years you had been working there you were able to climb the ladder and now you were co-managing the café. Unfortunately the café was near the big arena in your city, people would come in before concerts and you would see all these happy people with band shirts and merchandise. This was also the problem, not only fans would come but also the performers themselves. There were a lot of times where it was like with any other customer, they came in got their order and left again. But then there where the times just like now, they came in and during this someone noticed them and suddenly the café was surrounded sometimes even completely filled with fans. Luckily your colleagues were faster this time and they could close all doors before the café could get crowded. There were about ten people looking at you desperately. You were the manager for the day and you had to decide what to do. Firstly you took the two regular customers with you and let them out of the back door, hoping they would get out of the crowd fine. You handed both a gift card to make up for the inconvenience. After you came back to the front you saw both of them walking down the street and you sighed happily knowing they made it out fine. Now there was the real struggle, you had to get eight people out of this café without the fans noticing. You sorted them mentally, two were your biggest trouble Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, Twenty one pilots. You had obviously heard of them, you were quite a big fan of their music yourself, and of them of course. Then you had two security guards and Jenna. At least three of those had to get out completely unnoticed. The rest were crew members, unknown to you and hopefully the rest of the fans. You were able to get the crew members out of the back door without much trouble as there were only very few people around. You took one of the employees and showed them the last option you had. A nondescript door led down a flight of stairs and into the basement. It wasn’t really being used anymore, a few chairs and old tablecloths were spread across the room. The basement connected to another hallway that led up another flight of stairs with a ramp on it’s left side. It ended in a small hut in the backyard of the café where your car was parked. It was the old way of getting and storing things in the basement when it still was a small bar. After it had been converted to a café the ramp and the basement wasn’t needed anymore but no one closed this way either. You colleague grabbed one of the security guard and brought him into the hut. You followed him shortly after with Jenna. After two more trips only Josh was left in the front room. He sat at the last table out of the view of anyone outside. You grabbed his hand but he just shook it off. “Mr. Dun I need you to come with me. This is the only way you will be able to get out unless you want to be torn apart by your fans.”, you looked down at him in despair. “It’s Josh, just Josh.”, it was the first time he looked at you and you felt your face heat up because of the way he smiled at you. “Well then Josh, let’s get you out of here”, you stepped back a little giving him the chance to stand up. The cheering outside got louder and you saw him crunch his face together as if it hurt him. “Please, Josh”, you put one hand on his shoulder pushing him slightly towards the door. “I don’t know, I feel like I betray them. I…”, you didn’t give him time to think and pushed him into the back room. “You’re not, it’s their fault. You now that”, you opened the door that led to the basement. “Let’s go”, you walked down the stairs and you heard him follow you. “Fuck it’s dark in here”, he said under his breath and you didn’t know if you were meant to hear it. “Do you wanna take my hand?”, you looked back at him. He shook his head but your gut told you that he was simply too proud to admit it. You didn’t want to push him further so you walked through the basement and entered the next hallway. “Fuck”, it wasn’t more than a whisper but you still heard it. “C'mon take my hand and let’s go”, you grabbed his hand and began walking up the stairs. He tightly clutched you hand and trailed behind you. You squeezed his hand and then you finally entered the hut and saw that the rest was already out standing in front of it. “Thanks”, you didn’t expect a hug so you stood frozen for a second. You hugged him back and you felt your checks warming up again. “No problem, that’s customer service I guess”, you laughed slightly and opened the door for him after the hug ended. The whole group rejoined in the backyard and after a final thank you they moved on through the ally way back to the arena.

It had now been a few hours since the incident and you were about ready to close the café. You finally did a bunch of the paperwork that you procrastinated on for days so you were staying late. You went back into the front room, wiping down the tables again making sure that everything was ready for the next day. You heard the bell go announcing someone had entered the café. Automatically you called out a “We’re closed, I’m sorry”, but nobody answered or left. When you looked up someone stood in the middle of the room with a beanie on the head and a scarf around the neck, way too warm for this weather and also covering nearly all of their facial features. Great, this could be anyone, a junkie, a robber, just a customer, anyone really. “Please leave, you can come back in the morning we are closed.”, you tried the friendly way again. The person looked around as if they were making sure no one followed them. After a few seconds of silence they pulled the beanie of their head and yellow fluff was visible. “Josh”, you exclaimed maybe a little bit too excited. “Hi”, he smiled back finally removing the scarf. “What…what do you want though? Don’t you have a concert to be at?”, you stood awkwardly a couple of feet away from him. “I just wanted to thank you again and I wanted to give you this”, he quickly closed the distance between you two and placed a piece of paper in your hand. “You will understand”, with that he left the café quicker than you could say anything.
You sat on your bed ready for bed when you remembered the piece of paper that was now tucked away in your pocket. You grabbed it and unfolded it slowly. “Hey, thanks for getting us out of there + I am totally not scared of the dark, that was just a way to get closer to you, you know…anyway want to grab coffee? Obviously only if you aren’t sick of it already…”, he seemed to have blacked out a few words every now and then because there were black spots all over the paper. At the bottom of the piece was a number, his number. You couldn’t get sick of coffee it it meant seeing him again, right?

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Jeremy Corbym just followed dan what a legend

smh i wish i could be happy for him but i’m just soooo weirdly jealous. idk why. i don’t want a jeremy corbyn follow. probably. but sometimes it is weird to be reminded of the amount of influence and clout that dan has, so much so that a simple request for people to go vote can gain him political favor with actual politicians that other people have to work a lot harder for. that also is just kind of a harsh reality about politicians too, though, and their weird relationship w celebrities. at least dan is a good person w pretty decent ideologies and values i guess  


깹송 ㅡ “kkaebdong” ; im so sorry.

requested by @pain-and-wildflowers ; hope ya like it. tbh, i don’t know why this theme came to my head but it did. i guess it’s because beakhyun made me feel so soft when he was explaining the meaning of this word, idk… ?
but whatever, here it is.

- requests are open

also, this is the first exo moodboard ive done. yay!
maybe people will actually request exo stuff now they’ve seen me post about them :)) ( aka, please request some exo stuff )

remember, send me an odd word and your bias from either exo or bts for a moodboard <3

- kala

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Two things! One: I'm so totally up for the group klance writing session (warning; I'll either write smut or angst theRE IS NO IN-BETWEEN) Second: just a reminder that you're awesome amazing sweet with the biggest heart I've ever seen. You are what's good in the world. If I had to pick one person to represent the human race: it would be you. Hands down. You're awesome!! ~Weird ass relative that is somehow always holding a baby~

lmfao i’ll let you handle the angst alright ??? if i have to write more angst than just the stuff requested on this blog i might actually die hahahha


listen tho if i represented the human race i’m pretty sure the very first thing i’d do was make klance canon. then i’d establish world peace (idfk how but everyone just needs to chill so i’d try to make it happen lmfao), give every single (& willing) human a hug, and then just sit back and evil laugh while eating sour patch kids

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Liam for the first impression ask

  • First impression
    • Ahhh omg Asian!Liam is adorable and handsome I want this one!!!
  • Impression now
    • What a sweetheart I only love you more and more each chapter AND I AM GOING TO MARRY YOU YAS
  • Favorite moment
    • I think that first time sneaking out to the maze in Book 1 and we played tag in the maze. There was something so cute, quiet, and real about in the midst of all the noble stuff.
  • Idea for a story
    • Hmmm idk I dont actually have a request for them… domestic HCs maybe?
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Him asking me to be his side-lady with Madeleine was totally fine. I’ve seen a lot people say it was either sleazy or they understood but still felt iffy. But yknow, circumstances made it okay. Like MC said I wouldn’t ask him to say “fuck everything” just to be with MC without all the politics. Plus it was supposed to be temporary anyway. XD
  • Favorite relationship
    • Liam x Drake. They balance each other out and I will never tire of those childhood stories.
  • Favorite headcanon
    • After seeing Liam have a full-on conversation with my corgi, I HC him sitting Georgie (the corgi lol) in his lap at the end of a long day while he rocks in a chair in front of a fireplace just telling Georgie all of his troubles that day while petting him and Riley watches in secret because conversations with dogs are adorable.

Send me a character

I always wonder if people actually enjoy my content like the edits and gifs I post on this blog and my side blogs? bc it just seems that the only time that I get any type of messages about edits or gifs or anything else I make it’s just to request me to make something; I’ve hardly gotten an “I enjoy your stuff” and idk it just feels like I’m disappointing people with what I make and I’m not trying my best?

Here’s What’s Up...

I’m not getting a lot of requests and I can only think of so many ideas so what’s going to happen is one of two things:

1. Things slow down and I don’t post daily.

2. Drabbles are posted twice a day unless I have something else to put in its place.

It’s hard to write when I feel like there’s not a lot to keep me going. I don’t know how to explain it. The feedback is always nice and it does lift me up a little, so thank you to anyone who DOES do that (even to the people who just reblog it). I want to write; I LOVE to write. It’s just hard when it feels like no one gives a shit about what I write lmao.  Feel free to ignore me, it’s just been a tiring week so far and I haven’t gotten much time to myself.

If you’d like to request something, reference THIS  post about the characters I write for.

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Can you write one with #9 with Nate maloley

#9 “Goddamn, that’s one fine..”
I smiled at Nate from across the room. He’d been giving me these looks ever since I got here. And I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty hot. I made my way over to him quickly and leaned close to him, since it was so loud.

“Wanna dance with me?”

He nods. I grab his hand and he follows close behind me tot he group of people dancing. Immediately I can tell he’s a good dancer. The entire time we’re dancing, we’re touching each other somewhere. Sometimes it’s just holding hands, sometimes we’re body to body, and I can feel every hard part of him. And trust me, every part of him is hard.

I try not to moan out loud when his hand slowly slides down my back and grips my ass. He says into my ear, “Goddamn, that’s one fine ass.”

I can’t help but laugh and say, “Yours ain’t so bad either, papi.”

I find it hilarious but the look on his face tells me he’s completely serious now. He brings me closer and tips my chin up with his finger, planting his lips on mine. It quickly becomes heated and soon we’re both dragging each other out of the crowd to find an empty bedroom.

Once we get there he slams the door shut and we’re all over each other. He gently pushes me onto the bed and hovers over the top of me, still covering my neck and shoulders in kisses. I pull his shirt off and start to mess with his pants, but struggle with the belt. He pulls my hands away and makes quick work of it, then simply pushes my dress up and takes my panties off, leaving o everything I’m wearing.

“Condom?” I ask. I want him so badly, but I’m also not ready to be a mother.

“Of course,” he says breathlessly and pulls one out of his back pocket.

“Were you expecting this?” I ask.

“Not really, but I’ve wanted you for a while now.”

I smile at him, liking that he’s sort of had a crush on me. “Put it on, quickly.”

He quickly unpackages it and slips and on, then slides inside me, making us both moan loudly. It feels so full, but so fucking good. Just feeling him move a couple times has already made me close.


“You like that, Ma?”

All I can do is moan in response. It’s do much better than anything I’ve ever felt. I’ve been with a few other guys, but they didn’t even compare.

Without warning, I explode, and I’m sent into a daze, I can feel myself writhing, and grinding on him, but  can’t even speak or open my eyes, it’s so strong. It takes me a minute… or 10, I’m not really sure, to come out of it. When I do Nate’s laying next to me, half on top of me with his arm around my side.

I pull my dress back down and adjust us so we’re under the sheets. I still have on my shoes, so I slip those of quickly before getting comfortable with Nate again.

“We should do this again sometime,” he mumbles. I can tell he’s already partially sleep. I’m pretty tired too, after that.

“Mhmm,” I say and nod, Nate’s head in the crook of my neck. We drift off to sleep like that, more satisfied than ever.



Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. This one took me forever to write because idk I just couldn’t figure out what sounded good and how to word it and stuff. Plus, with my driver’s training and volleyball stuff, I’m busy at the time I usually write everyday, and I don’t have much time to just sit anymore. But yah, hope everyone liked it, especially the requester. I actually had 2 other people request this same one but since it’s so versatile I’m doing them. I liked this one, especially my comment on Nate’s ass cause tbh it’s better than mine. I also made him put on a condom because safe sex is important!! Don’t forget that! But let’s be real if I wanted babies with anyone (which I don’t), it’d be with Nate.


I have been boasting about doing tumblr awards now for the last few hundred goals I’ve met. I figure it’s about time I actually follow through on my word and give you guys the thanks you deserve. I really appreciate all of you and still can’t wrap my head around why you follow me but I am sure glad that you do. I am going to include as many fandoms as I can but it’s likely a few will be left out so I’m sorry for that. It’s nothing personal, it could just be that I don’t know enough about your fandom to accurately judge it. Below are rules for entry, categories and prizes!


→ Must be following moi
→ Reblog this post. (Likes are for bookmarks only)
→ If you’d like to be only considered for one specific award feel free to tag. If not just enter as you normally would.
→ You have until November 20th to enter. (may extend depending on notes)


→ The Rami Malek Award (Best URL) 
→ The Illya Kuryakin Award (Best icon)
→ The Angela Moss Award (Best overall posts)
→ The Richard Gecko Award (Best theme)
→ The Connor Walsh Award (Best edits/gifs)
→ The Matt Murdock Award (Best aesthetic)
→ The Bellamy Blake Award (Best The 100)
→ The Elliot Alderson Award (Best Mr. Robot)
→ The Santico Pandemonium Award (Best From Dusk Til Dawn)
→ The Matt Murdock Award (Best Marvel)
→ The Laurel Castillo Award (Best HTGAWM)
→ The Napoelon Solo Award (Best overall movie)
→ The Charlie Kelly Award (Best overall tv)
→ The Chanel Oberlin Award (Best multifandom)
→ The Titus Andromedon Award (Caley’s favorite)

Winners get:

→ A follow from me if I don’t already follow you
→ A spot on my blog for a month
→ 3 edits of your choice (gifs/icon/user aesthetic)
→ Unlimited promos for a month per request

Runners up get:

→ A spot on my blog for a month
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