idk if people have already seen this

so i’ve got an idea for a network style thing…

would some people be interested in a studyblr bookclub?

I’m sure some people might have had the idea already but idk, I’ve not seen one yet!

message me if you are interested and if you have any ideas for books, themes or anything really!

also spread the idea if you like it xxx

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I was just curious, if you don't think Rhysand is white what ethnicity do you think he is? I've seen a lot of people classifying the Illyrians as Greek-ish but isn't that still technically white? Just like Italians are classified as white? Idk I'd just like to hear your thoughts even though you've probably already addressed this before.

Okay, I have a lot of feelings about this haha. Hold onto your chair.

It’s not that I dont think Rhysand isn’t white, he just /isn’t/. There are several clues to this throughout the text. One major clue in is the color of his skin. And I know that people will use the ‘but when he was under the mountain, it said that he was pale!’ Well, anyone stuck under a mountain for 50 years would be pale. Hell, I didnt go outside for three years and I lost all the pigmentation in my skin. I’m pale af (I’m black and Armenian).

Another clue in is the culture of the Night Court. The Night Court is explained to resemble cultures both along the Mediterranean, but mainly, cultures of the Middle East. You can see this in clothing, food, architecture, etc. I actually don’t see Illyrians as being Greek at all, since the actual culture of Greece, in my opinion, doesn’t even resemble the visual language that SJM has given us (The only part where I can agree are the moonstone columns and pillars in Rhysands main castle. But even then, there are references to pillars and columns all down the Middle east, Mediterranean, and all the way to Egypt - just to name a few).

Now, just in general, as for Greeks, they are considered, from what I have heard, White-Caucasian. There of course was a crossing of cultures throughout the Etruscan eras, all the way through the Imperial era. As for a bit of background, there was a trade of Greek ideas up and down what is now known as Italy. Both in ideals, culture, art, religion, there were Greek artists and architects moving into Italy and out. So yes, many Italians most likely have Greek in them. However, Greece is located across the Ionian sea. Once you cross that border, both Greeks, Turkish people, Armenians (and other neighboring countries) are considered caucasian - but Greek being the border between the two. Hence - White-Caucasian.

But thats all really fucking specific. Anyway, Rhysand isnt white. Hes explicitly expressed as tan with dark hair and hazel eyes, as well as Cassian and Az. That, paired with the visual language of Illyrian culture, expresses that to be so (at least in my opinion.) So, when I see people fancast Rhysand, Cassian and Azriel as white, it REALLY boils my blood. Dont whitewash some of the only poc we have.

(I know that you’re not haha. I’m just really passionate about this topic and saying it to anyone that may read this)

edit: Rhys does have violet eyes. I completely forgot. I haven’t read the book or been around the fandom in months lol. My bad

listen i know ive already made posts about this and i probably sound like a whiner but like. I havent seen like any good content where mike and el arent entirely reduced down to nothing but sweetness and their one week relationship. Like im totally fine w mileven and i dont have a problem w people shipping it but every time i read anything for them / about them mike is just a perfect, pure, cutely awkward kid and el is basically a mute toddler. Like idk. Ive made posts about people completely erasing mikes character so i wont go on too much about that but the Constant infantilization of el is really. Really weird and uncomfortable. She went through trauma and shes selectively mute, but shes not two years old. Shes twelve, and though shes been unbelievably sheltered, shes not an idiot. I dont know, im just kind of rambling, but im tired of people reducing el to a toddler who loves eggos and mike and nothing else (not to mention the problems w this kind of thinking as el is very slightly autistic coded). Please. Please just write these characters as they are in the show. Im so tired of flat, emotionless pieces bc of the absolute erasyre of any negative trait whatsoever.

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Hi, first of all I love your blog! It's awesome. Secondly is it just me or is it honestly infuriating that people are trying to say that Keith isn't Korean (idk if he's actually Korean, but that seems to be the general consensus) just because his dad had a Texas accent. Like that crap is so ridiculous. You can be non-white and have a Texas/Southern accent. Someone literally had the never to make a post saying white boy Keith confirmed. I was ready to freaking fight.

Lmaoooo, what a coincidence! I was talking about this on twitter just the other day :p

I’ve already seen a few posts floating around discussing this, but I’ll still chip in my 50¢

  • There are, in fact, a lot of Asian people in the South!! We exist. Some of us probably do have southern accents because like… we grew up here lmao.
  • Texas Kogane might not be white. Idk, I’d have to rewatch his scenes, and even then I’d hold out hope until we got an official confirmation.
    • Alternatives:
      • That’s not Keith’s biological dad
      • Keith could be remembering his dad wrong. This one’s a bit of a reach though lol
  • Keith could be mixed my guys. I think we can safely assume his mom’s side has the Galra heritage, but that doesn’t mean his mom is completely Galra. Maybe she’s half-human, half-alien. We don’t know yet!

Woop woop. There’s still a pretty good chance for Korean Keith! Honestly, if Keith turns out to be a mixed kid, that would only add to another one of my shitpost theories that’s shaping out to be true, lmao.

I’m back from Festival and I bought a lot of stuff and made a lot of friends and yelled at a lot of people and got thanked for it (<—life goals achieved LOL). It was really fun and wahhhhh even though I always hate the actual camping, I can’t wait to go back next year :DDD

Also. I accidentally got a boyfriend. Ahhh. Guys. Halp. Plz. Idk what to do with him. How to relationship. I like him. What do I do. Omgggggggggg


And to finish off the series (for anyone that’s new or simply hasn’t read it, I’ve already done the maknae line’s part if you’d like to read them, you can click here for the masterlist) is our lovely genius himself, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka rap mon aka joon aka I have a lot of nicknames for this kid tbh but nicknames are cute just like him like have you ever seen those dimples ??? that shit is fucking precious 1000/10 he literally goes from this badass rapper to this precious ball of sunshine that needs to be protected and held plz love him

  • Okay but he would honestly be pretty damn good at this
  • Namjoon is really smart and it’s one of my favorite qualities about him personally but it’s also pretty helpful when he’s an assassin
  • Assassins have to be quick and know what they’re getting into and what their plan is
  • Namjoon would just be really good at that tbh
  • He would be great at planning everything out, he’d be great at doing the research he’d just be great
  • He’d be the closest thing they have to a leader
  • They all agree from day one that no is gonna have power over anyone
  • They’re all equals who have the same job and work together
  • So he’s not officially the leader, nor does he want to be
  • But he’s the one that handles most of the calls, most of the sorting
  • He decides whose strategies would fit which case best
  • He calls a group meeting once or twice a month and asks what type of missions they want and runs them through the current options
  • They all respect his judgment though and since he’s already willing to handle all of the phone calls and texts and emails, they let him
  • He gives them a few options and then they pick so it isn’t like he’s assigning jobs straight up
  • He’s just offering them based on who he thinks will do best
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t take a few jobs for himself though
  • He doesn't take too many since he’s already pretty busy as is
  • He’s well known amongst the elite community bc he’s a fellow businessman
  • So really no one bats an eye when he shows up or when he doesn’t
  • He knows everyone there, he knows the way to gain their trust and he can do it quickly since he’s already so trusted by just about everyone
  • He really doesn’t take too long which is why quite a few people request him
  • Time for looks bc we need to discuss this we have to
  • Idk why but I’m thinking pink hair
  • Like just okay hear me out on this
  • Imagine this for a second, a white dress shirt some nice ass pants that make his legs look a mile long bc they are some glasses bc have you ever seen Kim Namjoon in glasses its beautiful
  • And then to top all of that off, just some nice pink hair
  • I can honestly see that so well and I kinda really need it like rn
  • Forever has a watch on just a random fun fact about assassin!joon
  • I lowkey feel like joon would be someone who actually uses his watch instead of just wearing it and then checks his phone for the time bc he’s just cute like that
  • Also never wears ties
  • Jin genuinely tries to teach him how to tie it like full on sits him down and takes him through it step by step
  • But joon doesn’t really want to spend like 10 minutes tying a tie every time he goes out
  • Plus when he doesn’t wear the tie he can unbutton that extra button to show off a lil peek of chest (we all know that picture of him and tae)
  • You two are friends
  • You are his closest friend though, his best friend
  • You know that he’s a part of an assassination group but you don’t ever actually want to know too much about it
  • He’s completely okay with that bc the less you know, the less danger you’re in
  • He has a highkey crush on you
  • He would’ve asked you out by now if he wasn’t so worried about dragging you into his world
  • He really doesn’t want to be you any further in danger than he already has bc he really truly cares about you
  • However he soon gets a wake up call when a few people out to sabotage him a bit decide to break into your apartment 
  • Thankfully you’re not home when they do but they leave their mark by scratching their symbol into your couch
  • You of course call him bc he’s your best friend
  • He’s honestly just as shaken up as you are bc he doesn’t even wanna think about what would’ve happened if you were home
  • To him, it’s his fault even though you’re quick to reassure him that it isn’t at all
  • You two end up comforting each other and it’s just all quiet hugs and comfortable silences
  • You end up staying over in his apartment bc neither of you really want to sleep over in your apartment since shit’s knocked over and things are missing and it’s just no
  • You borrow one of his sweatshirts and some of his comfy shorts or maybe some sweats depending on how cold it is bc you’re still in work clothes
  • He makes you some tea or some hot chocolate and you two just sit together for a while
  • Before you go to bed, you give him this really soft lil kiss to thank him for everything and to tell him you don’t care about the other people, it’s all about him
  • During his ramblings about how he felt it was his fault, he had kinda maybe confessed without meaning to and also without realizing
  • “This is why I couldn’t ask you out, all these years, it’s bc of this they’ll use you to hurt me and I’m not okay with that at all”
  • He kinda goes :O for a second but then he replays his words from earlier and it’s just ooPSIES
  • He’s lowkey really happy that he did though
  • He leaves the assassin world very shortly after that bc he will put up with a lot but this is not one of the things he’s okay with
  • He’s okay if they try to hurt him but when they go after his loved ones it’s game over
  • You two move back into your shared hometown, into this cute lil apartment that’s all aesthetic and shit
  • You never have to worry about them coming after you again bc now you both have all of the bts boys to watch your back

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hey i just noticed that in the video they showed at the fanmeeting youngjae still has his blonde hair?? for how long has his back injury been this bad and did they really make him attend all these fansigns in korea when his back was already in such a bad condition?? i'm so mad rn and idek if this is that relevant but i haven't seen anyone mentioning it and i thought that maybe by messaging you people could notice it idk sorry for being kind of annoying but yeah i hate jype

youngjae had this back injury since last year and back injuries never really heal/will be back to the original condition. i guess never ever promotion might have taken a toll on youngjae? 

A little bit of additional Pokemon Sun/Moon character discourse I guess.

I was thinking about how one of the Skull grunts in the mansion says that he wished Guzma would hit his Pokemon instead of him. That right there says that Guzma has physically abused his own followers, or at least that one. Guzma is also known to be aggressive and easily angered, and even if he doesn’t take it out on someone else, he takes it out on his surroundings, which can also be scary for the people around him. I feel like the fans of Guzma and even myself kind of overlooked/overlooks these things because of his strongly implied history of abuse from his father.  (I know some people deny the theory but the Japanese version literally has Guzma’s dad saying that he beat him black and blue, so you can’t really argue with that)

I think it’s good to be sympathetic for him for what he may have gone through, but I feel kind of guilty for overlooking his own bad qualities.

I still strongly believe he has some good in him regardless of what the people who hate him say, but seeing some of the posts from those who strongly dislike Guzma for his aggressive personality, and sometimes due to him reminding them of their own negative experiences with others, has kind of made me feel somewhat differently about him.

I’ve seen people describe him as a terrifying, violent, angry man, and I definitely would hate real guys like that, so I wonder why I’ve sympathized with him so much.

I wonder if he has already basically become his father (who beat him according to the Japanese and may also very likely have anger issues if his broken golf clubs are anything to go by - I also don’t think anyone actually got beat hard enough with golf clubs to actually break and bend them, because that would probably be enough force to kill).

But idk. I like all of the fanwork depicting Guzma with a hidden soft side and all, but people are complaining about people “ignoring” that he’s a “nasty, cruel, violent, and abusive individual.”

Idk, I just feel kind of guilty for basically being one of the people that have kind of downplayed his negative qualities for various reasons.

I really want Sun and Moon to get a follow up game of some sort and I want Guzma to get more of a redemption arc than in Sun/Moon.

ghostzzy replied to your post “i’ve already seen people talking about the tv adaptation like it’s…”

exactly!! like,,, we’ve all learned to love trc despite some Disappointments… idk why we can’t do the same for the show?? i for one am Ready… 🙏🏻

yeah!! and also it’s just. way way WAY too early to start crying doom about the show. We don’t even have a cast yet, why flip out yknow? I have to believe that some good things will come of it, even if it’s not great.

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Hiiiiiiiii I love your blog so much omg but I'm here to ask if there's a ship name for Sana and Yousef (yet)? Because idk about other people but I ship them like a ton already 😂😅 Thank youuuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️ Sorry for anon I'm weird and lowkey shy lol

hiiii!! dont worry! and thank you so much 💖 i dont really have ship names and i havent seen any floating around so!! they’ll be sana and yousef to me!

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why don't people like leo? i've seen a lot of stuff about it and im not sure why...

well he finally won that oscar, so at least he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

i’m kidding. Ladies and Gentlemen, in the left corner: Leo didn’t tell anyone about his plan to die and come back to life. After they defeated Gaea, he also failed to let anyone know he was okay, or even drop by to wave and high five his fellow demigods, and it wasn’t until a few weeks (months? idk Riordan’s continuity is garbage anyway) that he bothered to send any notification at all. Which is rude af.

In the right corner: Leo wasn’t sure if he could come back to life, so he didn’t tell anyone his plan. They’d tell him not to do it anyway. He also had to go find Calypso, who is the first person who Leo has had a really personal connection to since his mom. He was alone clear up until Piper and Jason, and was third wheelin’ it through the whole series until he met her. And technically, you have to get your ass blown up to go to Ogygia. So, dual purpose. And then, idk. How often do you call your mom? Maybe they were on Calypso’s island for a while and the second they left he send a message. Time is weird there.

So, some people can sympathize, some can’t. Honestly I’m on Team Let The Characters Decide, because I’m not super emotionally invested in Leo. We’ve only seen Percy’s reaction, and I was p satisfied with it, because I don’t think Percy would really be mad at him. He’s lost too many friends already, he’d just be stoked that Leo is okay. And also, Percy has crashed his own funeral before, bro can’t judge.

Although I do think Piper should be grump as hell about it for a while. Would make for a more interesting sitch. 

Idk. Thanks for asking what my thoughts were lol i can ramble for days about it

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What are your thoughts on bellarke where they are now? Do you think that the ever will/have the potential to become non platonic? I haven't shipped a slow burn before and everyone has been saying how people who ship it "are delusional & that it will never go past platonic" but idk if I'm imagining things when it comes to bellarke or not (sorry if this doesn't make sensw)

Hi nonnie! I’ve seen similar questions being posed to other Bellarkers and I’ve read quite a few replies already. Are you the same person?Anyway, I’ve been itching to write something Bellarke related, so I’ll pickthis up! :)

I personally find it very hard to not see Bellamy and Clarke as partners moving towards romance.Reason being that if you look at how they grew over the course of S1 andcompare it to where they are now, you will see not only a natural progression, but an elevation.

So in order to answer the question of where Bellarke are now, we’ll have to take a quick look at where they stood in S1:

1)      Bellamy develops respect and trust in Clarke’s abilities – specifically her abilities to make tough decisions for the greater good.

The scene where Clarke kills Atom is a perfect example of Bellamy coming to see Clarke in a different light. She does what he is unable to do and from then on, as many have noted, he starts to view her differently. But also remember when Octavia is kidnapped by Lincoln. Bellamy looks in every tent for her, lifting flaps and moving on when she’s not there. However, when he reaches the tent Clarke is in he stops and confides in Clarke. Just a day or two before that it would probably not have happened. He might have scoffed at her and moved on.

Bellamy also defers to Clarke on occasion. This is evident when he wants to torture Lincoln, but he looks for Clarke’s permission first. He understands that the situation is about the antidote for Finn, and that Finn is primarily Clarke’s concern. But he also will not do something that Clarke is completely against unless they can reach a consensus.

Additionally, remember when he looks at Clarke and says, “Looking to you princess” – In a dire situation, when he’s run out of good ideas – he respects that Clarke may have an idea. Now of course, there’s the famous speech he gave regarding staying at the camp, while Clarke felt strongly that the delinquents needed to move out. I wouldn’t negate Bellamy’s respect for Clarke over that. That camp meant a lot to him, he oversaw the construction of it. To him it was home on the ground and to leave meant the loss of a form of security. We’ll come back to this.

2)      Bellamy affirms the good in Clarke even when her position of leadership requires her to make violent decisions

Going back to the torture of Lincoln, there’s also the scene after where Clarke carries the bloodied nail and Bellamy takes it from her. A few things are clear here. First of all their relationship has progressed to a point where he is able to read the guilt that she is feeling. Secondly, he separates her actual being from her actions. When he tells her that “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things” he is telling her that he knows that innately Clarke is not a person who would condone something like that. However she has to take an action that is contrary to who she is and what she may stand for. She needs to temporarily take on a personality she does not want – to make difficult choices.

But most of all what this says is that by this time, Bellamy has already begun to showcase his understanding of the difficulty of Clarke’s position. He knows, because he is also a leader. He knows because they are co-leaders. He doesn’t force her to make decisions, but he is willing to stand with her and assure her when she does for the sake of all of them. Sound familiar? Guess it’s because it becomes even more obvious in S2.

3)      Clarke understands Bellamy’s influence over their people and she would go to great lengths to defend him as her co-leader

Clarke recognises Bellamy’s influence very early on, and by episode 4 she had suggested that they work as co-leaders. Clarke is committed to Bellamy as such, and as time goes by not only does she demonstrate her trust in him (by discussing her plans), but she also articulates her trust. She spends a lot of S1 defending Bellamy because to her, he is integral to the group. For example:

-        When she affirmed the best part of him when she said he would do anything to protect his sister.

-        When Raven lunges at him after he inadvertently caused the deaths of 300 people. Clarke held her back and simply stated he would have to live with it (she gets that he would not brush it off lightly, even though she’s angry at him to).

-        She readily defends him from his own monsters when she offers him forgiveness and tells him that he’s needed.

-        She and Bellamy come up with a plan to basically to threaten and guilt trip Jaha. And yea, she went through with it for Bellamy, and pointed out his importance to the group in the process.

-        When Finn angrily suggests she leave Bellamy behind. Clarke has the power to get all the delinquents to move out of the camp, but she does not want to leave without Bellamy. She knows that he “inspires” them.

Thank God for close-ups – Because at every point of time you can read Bellamy’s expression to know what effect all these instances have on him. She convinces him and he is vulnerable in front of her. 

He is moved by her, and in S2 we get to see how this translates into his decisions.

4)      By the end of S1, Bellamy is of personal importance to Clarke

Meaning, Bellamy is no longer just a co-leader but also an important friend. I base this on the point when she spots Bellamy outside the dropship. Clarke’s natural inclination is not leave anyone behind, but she distinguishes Bellamy and it is fear that she feels for him. His safety is of her concern. She cares for him.

Now we’ve established that, let’s move on to S2, and you’re going to see some similarities and some differences.

(Click for another 2,500 words plus some images. Admittedly not very mobile friendly)

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i’m kind of really uncomfortable with the “it’s not that deep” meme.

it’s lived long past its prime, and always used as a way to act ~coolly distant while other people are trying to analyze something or have a nuanced conversation. 

in the contexts i’ve seen it, it’s just a lazy domination technique. a tool to make others feel worse for being excited about something, or talking about it at length, while you get to sit back and feel good for ridiculing them. 

it’s a good way to make with adhd or autism who have special interests feel bad for talking about them. or just anyone talking about things they really like.

if someone wants to analyze an episode of spongebob for 20 paragraphs, you can just let them. you don’t have to comment on how ridiculous it seems to you - and not everything is simple and straight-forward. it’s ok to analyze things.

i’d talk longer, but i’m already baiting people who love that meme to only comment with that, because nuanced conversations are Bad or s/t. 

A little thing that came to mind earlier: Neil probably has some experience with make up.

  • like when you’re on the run you want to make sure no one asks questions about your injuries
  • especially if Neil’s mother was abusive
    • someone would call child services if they noticed
  • so of course Neil must have learned how to put on make up
    • also hc his mother made him crossdress at least once to throw people off their track
    • (but that’s a story for another day)

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oH SHIT what's going on with beenzino?

Well… what is going around is that, apparently, Beenzino’s girlfriend Stefanie Michova has… dated? (more like fooled around with) a bunch of Korean rappers before geting steady with Beenzino. They’re naming Dumbfounded, Jay Park and some other two that I can’t really remember the name now, I’m sorry. I’m just watching from afar aka Twitter. lol I saw them mentioning a guy from Mnet too LOL I don’t know.
But the thing is, she was married for three years up to late 2013… and in early (?) 2014 she was already going out with Beenzino lol they’re saying she cheated on her husband who was waiting for her to return from Korea. lol Everybody wants to know if she’s divorced or if she’s still married to her husband or not, since she still uses her married name on Facebook (unless it’s a fake profile? Idk it’s Stefanie Michova-Uncles, something like this) and he’s dating Beenzino???? what
And you know this new Jay Park song, ‘2d thots’? Somehow people came up with the idea that he’s dissing her on the song. lol (which I disagree, he said in the lyrics that the girl has a “fat ass” and Stefanie is plain?) It all started with this song, and people based on pictures started to suppose that it’s her and started digging her past and found out that she is/was IDK married and stuff. Jay Park has already denied that it’s for her, check his Instagram/Twitter~

tbh we don’t know if she broke up with her husband or not and we have nothing to do with her life and what she does with it, but she’s racist, koreaboo and she culturally appropriates things… She doesn’t even know Beenzino’s name like LOL have you seen that instagram printscreen on Tumblr where she got Zino’s name wrong? omg

Hello & welcome to my very first ‘masterpost’! Well, this is not the usual super helpful masterpost, this one was written for your entertainment, so I hope you’ll find it funny. Also disclaimer: None of this crap is ment in a mean way, I’m just trying to be funny lol I’m not.

Anyways, here are the 10 types of people you’ll meet in university:

1. The Overachiever
- Is always ahead of you, read the books for the next 3 semesters already and kinda lives through that?
- Is a typical know-it-all
- Might be good to have as a friend in order to remind you of things you could forget - but don’t annoy them! Literally, the most important thing in the world to them is school and getting A’s; they didn’t sign up for your drama.

2. The Mother
- In most, but not all cases, a literal mother. With a child. Yep.
- Knows exactly which friends of yours are fake and you should stay away from
- Cares for you and will help you if you ever get in trouble

3. The fun “Friends”
- They’re totally fun, obviously.
- You can party, go shopping and share funny stories with them.
- Can be bad influences, so be careful! Some of them will keep you from studying, won’t stop talking during classes or might even make you skip classes. You don’t need that in your life, honey.

4. The organzied One
- Knows every important date by heart, writes down a to do list every single day and keeps groups together
- Is often seen with a planner in their hand. Seriously, their planner is holy!
- Magically sees through people and doesn’t have any time for unnecessary bullshit. But they’re great in group projects because they actually get shit done and are nice, even under stress

5. The Careless
- Asks you if it’s allowed to eat in lectures (that literally happened to me!!!)
- Already looks kinda strange; either because of their clothes, or they have crazy eyes or wear green lipstick, idk…
- Doesn’t ever get anything, even though they come to most classes. This poor soul is probably gonna change their major at some point in their life. At least you hope so for them.

6. The busy One
- School / uni is just a hobby for them
- Is always busy, probably also plays sports, has 3 jobs and basically no life at all (or all life at once, depends on how you see it)
- Is kinda nice and friendly, but it’s super frustrating when they’re never able to make plans…

7. The Nerd
- LOVES video games, often carries a 3DS around and even seem to have their own jargon
- For someone who isn’t a nerd, it’s kinda tough to get in their group of friends, but once you’re in, they’re the nicest people ever!
- Can be a little shy / quiet, but is an awesome and true friend :)

8. The Mooch
- Usually doesn’t borther to go to class and when they do, they’re only on their phone
- Suddenly becomes your best friend right before that hard paper is due
- Only wants your notes and never talks to you again as soon as they get them

9. The oldschool “Popular”
- (Most of the time) a group of girls who think college / university is still highschool
- Talks trash about others, is loud and giggles in class with their friends
- I know, I know, sometimes it’s tempting to play the popular girl and start talking to them, but don’t!!! They’re fake, so stay away from them, gurl.

10. The Ghost
- Is never in classes, nor around campus
- You don’t know them but somehow they always know your name o.o
- ???

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I also hope I didn’t fuck up too bad, since English is not my mother tongue. Which one of these types are you? We can make this a “tag yourself” thingy, or if you’re none of those types, send me an ask telling me which one you are. :D

I’d be soooo happy if you guys could reblog this post since it’s my first one and I don’t have a lot of followers yet, but I want many studyblrs to see this. :)
Thanks a lot and have a nice day! ♥

time for yall to add sk to ur pray for lists… idk if news has spread to tumblr yet but south korean citizens started a peaceful protest to get the current president to resign, and the government started firing water cannons laced with capsaicin and tear gas at them.
theyre also beating people who arent even part of the protest. idk if this is true but ive seen tweets that say one man has already been killed?
the south korean government is blocking the twitter hashtags #prayforkorea and #fucking_korean_government and #fucking_korea and is forcing the media to portray whats happening as trying to calm down a violent protest.
i dont have all the information so please check the hashtags on twitter!!!
please add south korea to your prayers

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hey do u know roughly when the boys leave modest / syco bc some people say the end of 2016 and others say the start of 2016 / spring 2016 ???? and idk what to think bc so many ppl r saying different things and i just fucking want them so be free and im so annoyed :(

  • The Sun implied that One Direction would be done with Syco and Sony at the end of February.  
  • Sony’s fiscal year in the UK is believed to run from April to March, so that timing also matches up.  
  • We’ve already seen changes happening in companies that 1D is jointly involved in with Modest.
  • Syco and Modest seem to have been trying to trash the 1D brand all year which they would only be doing leading up to losing 1D as their client.

Management transitions don’t always happen all at once.  There seems to be a transition period to help transfer over the numerous duties from one team to another without dropping the ball on anything.  It’s likely the transition period for 1D has already started.  Modest could be out by December, but I think the safest bet is to assume end of February for both Modest and Syco.

Keep in mind that we won’t immediately know when the last day of the contract is.  Considering how badly 1DHQ have been trying to trash the brand, they probably want to wait as late as possible to let people know that 1D has ditched them.  It’s likely 1D has negotiated with 1DHQ to allow them to delay the announcement in return for some other concession.

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I don't know about you, but I'm actually very hapy we got the final scene f today's ep. It's about time Barry lets his anger out. Idk, Ive just been wanting to see a scene like that where Barry just yells adn yells and gets angry because any other person would have already at this point adn at certain points in the episode you could see his face just get very frustrated and just idk Im glad we had the scene. its about time

Barry is dealing with so so so much?

And in many ways, he has relatively healthy coping mechanisms? He gets out frustration and anger by running, working things out by exertion, by pushing himself? He also concedes to taking breaks? He cries and is honest about his emotions? And though we’ve seen him push people away, pile the guilt on himself, push himself too hard and be too hard on himself, we can easily understand why he’s doing it, the depth of his struggle. We know he’s trying.

But it just hurts so much whenever we get a visceral reminder of just how much he’s struggling and just how much he’s dealing with. Between the nightmares of Zoom, between pushing Patty away, between people in his life dying (for which he blames himself), and with this, with putting his trust over and over in people who betray him. He must hurt so much.

And god, at the end of this episode? When he just screams? And screams? And screams? His anger and frustration that he’s tried to sublimate but couldn’t, it’s still there and it’s bursting at the seams and has to go somewhere. So is goes here, to the void, where it can’t hurt anyone. 

Barry holds the weight of the world, of two worlds, on his shoulders. Barry has loved, lost, hurt, grieved, and suffered enough for multiple lifetimes. And he keeps going, keeps trying. So it is really and truly cathartic to see him just break enough to let it out like this.