idk if its see thru or not

hi im not the biggest taylor swift fan BUT jake is so it gave me feelings and then this happened pls cry with me also shoutout to @mermaeids bc she’s the only taylor stan i follow and i got 99% of my info seeing her on my dash oops

  • okay so taylor dropped “look what you made me do” while jake was in prison and obvs amy plays it for him thru the phone and its rly quiet and awful quality but jakes LIVING for it and amy tries to relay all the media drama that came with the release bc she knows jake would want to keep up with everything
  • lets be real its probably one of the first things jake does when he gets home like obviously he has higher priorities first but,,, he definitely plays the single like 10 times in a row at like 1am and he’s definitely NOT CRYING okay
  • he cried
  • jake freaking out when the other singles dropped though and the “ready for it” MUSIC VIDEO listen he’s got this playing at the precinct he’s showing it to everyone even the perps like !!!!!!! its on mute oc because holt wasnt having it but its okay its fine jake already knows all of the lyrics and sound effects and he’s mumbling them under his breath
  • but okay here’s the kicker when the ALBUM drops you know our boi is gonna stay up to buy it immediately he’s pretty chill about it for most of the day but in the last hour he’s HYPED is incapable of thinking bout ANYTHING ELSE
  • amy just goes to sleep like listen her fiance (FIANCE!!) is adorable and she loves him but she cannot keep up with his enthusiasm
  • she wakes up like 2 seconds later when jake starts yelling and dancing around the apartment as soon as he hears the first note and like she knows sleeping was futile she’s prepared to now spend the next two hours dancing in the living room with him and its maybe a LITTLE cute okay but she trudges out of the bedroom very gloomily
  • “oh babe youre up!!! listen to this!!”
  • okay im not even kidding listen to me “dress” is jake’s favorite song i will FIGHT EVERYONE bc listen it has highkey peraltiago vibes but also a super hella vibe (and maybe it’s just my favorite song too but u cant prove anythin)
  • but LISTEN TO ME the peraltiago vibes bc most of taylor’s songs are badass don’t fuck with me songs and jake is YELLIN but my baby’s got a soft heart for the more romantic songs don’t even deny it and then to be dancing around goofily to lyrics that?? remind you of ur cute sleepy fiancee who’s sitting on the couch and laughing at you but looking at you with so much love okay bye
  • but the bEST PART ABOUT DRESS is that the line is,,, literally,,, “i only bought this dress so you could take it off” and listen jake’s just telling amy why he likes this song cuz it reminds him of her a little and then her teasing him about thAT LINE and listen im not saying jake literally buys himself a dress so amy can take it off but he definitely does that
  • and okay but AMY my precious this isnt her type of music yknow and she can appreciate jake loving the music and having fun with him but when the last song comes on,,,, “new years day” THIS SONG its cute and slow and lovey dovey and amy is digging it
  • like jake is suddenly not sure what to do because he can’t excitedly dance to this one but its okay amy is Overwhelmed bc this song ignites FEELINGS in you trust me and she’s jus thinking about how?? lucky she is?? to be listening to music at 2am in the morning and singing along and dancing (or at least watching jake do most of the latter)?? and she just?? loves him so much??
  • so she gets up from where she was curled up on the couch to kiss him and he’s like !!! bc unexpected and then they start slow dancing around their living room but like a giggly, sleep deprived slow dance with lots of stolen kisses
  • im not saying they dance to that song at their wedding but they dance to that song at their wedding okay bye

ahh so im opening up commissions ´v` after the longest time lmao

tho incase the examples are too tiny to see well i recommend going thru my side blog @crybabytime ‘s art tag (its tagged as #my art !) because i post there all the time and they can be seen in their true resolution!

If interested or have any questions please contact the email above thank you!


hey please watch this its the single shining star in the abyss that is my life

everyone meet kioxxe!! they were/are gunner’s krewemate (probably?) and Pal.. they’re a bit of a wild child!! they’re a necromancer and were born blind but get around just fine by sensing magic. they have a fierce independent streak and their own sort of agenda and will go about it regardless of whether you’re in the way or not, although they’re actually pretty amicable– pushing on overenthusiastic, in fact,,

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I see what you don't like about it but some people just read it because they like horror?

that’s fine and peachy as long as they’re aware that at its core, KS is founded on homophobic, transphobic and ableistic beliefs, and look into if that’s really why they read it, because….

well, KS is mediocre horror at best, it’s a plot that has been done to death, it’s not in the least suspenseful since you know every turn the story’s going to take, and on top the writing is so bad. like, “the killer calls his captive homophobic slurs for shock value in every sentence because i don’t know how to write dialogue”-bad. 

it’s badly paced and it doesn’t succeed in even being gorey scary since it cuts off from most of the gore, and the attempts to create suspense are like, melanie martinez-esque. they try their best to hammer in the point that “an innocent song can be frightening if in the right scenario” BUT IT’S SO HILARIOUSLY BAD CUZ THE SONG IS “KILLING ME SOFTLY” like how blatant can you get!??? i laughed out loud there.

to give you a concrete example of how bad the horror is, they attempt to “set up” a “frightening mood” by taking a blank page and just write “BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER” on it, like, wow? this person suffers from a mental illness…? how is that scary again? 

the ambiance is horrible. it tries to be a closed “one-room” horror BUT IT DOESN’T WORK CUZ WE’RE CONSTANTLY GIVEN FLASHBACKS…. it doesn’t at ALL feel like there’s a world outside and a world inside. it’s just. bad.? it’s bad horror so why anyone would read it for that is beyond me- i don’t read horror often at all but i see it, so. 

ergo: if you want good horror comics, go to junji ito and the like. this just makes you feel like you’re skimming thru my immortal while listening to melanie martinez’s mad hatter. 

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The opening and closing mouth thing noodle does, os that breathing? (Im sorry idk how eel works. Its a very good thing i dont have one.)

Yep! They open their mouths to let water pass over their gills! It’s a lot like the way we breathe! Only we breathe in two directions (you breathe in thru your nose/mouth and then you breathe out the same way)

Noodle kinda looks like she’s also doing that because you usually only see her face

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Noodle breathes in through her mouth and breathes out through her gill holes which are farther down her neck! it’s hard to show on noodle because her spots kinda camouflage the gill holes but you can see it really well on this green moray!

she can also breathe without opening her mouth. she does this when she’s super focused on something or when she’s digging. she kinda inflates her neck and i guess that sucks in water through the gill holes or something

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what are some of your favorite taz fanfics that are more centered around taako (and/or lup)? im looking for more fanfics to read and idk where to start (ive also uhhh read all of anonymousalchemists fanfics)

i love that u added that last bit bc you KNOW i was about to suggest reading all of her fics lmfao (she has the best taako characterization ok)

lemme look thru ao3 and see if i remember any choice ones 
this one is taakitz but its…. Very good, very Emotional and i love it more than anything
this is lup and taako-y from lup’s perspective in the umbra staff and its so good
twin centric really fking good and kinda long which is choice

ok im bad at descriptions im just gonna list some more


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kinda depressing to see that the OP that posted that IIM panel, seems to think (or have seen) that people are hating on pepper b/c of it. it's depressing because I think it's about time we talk about this brand of "feminism" that permeates thru current marvel comics, that can downright destroy characters because it's so shallow and allows writers an out from actually having to write female characters with any depth. but it's hard to have that discussion. idk, I'm not explaining this too well. :/

I agree, and I realize that my own tags might have read that way, but I don’t really have any problems with Pepper (occasionally shady writing aside). There’s this push to write ‘strong female characters’ but sloppy writers can only do so by A) making them punch things, B) making them an absolute ‘ball-buster’ with no vulnerabilities and C) tearing down both other male and female characters alike around them.

C is what’s happening here, and its entirely unnecessary because Tony Stark himself would sing the praises of Pepper ad nauseam if given half the chance, and he would do it by telling us all the things that Pepper actually has done, not saying 'everything worthwhile Tony ever did was because of Pepper’ because that’s simply not true and makes Riri look foolish. Because Pepper is strong, and brave, and a kickass business lady, and she did that both on her own and with Tony’s help, not by piggy-backing off Tony’s success, which is what that whole spiel actually makes it seem like.

It’s not giving Pepper her own space, and this type of writing isn’t giving women their own spaces, it’s shoving them into another character’s, a place where THEY DON’T FIT because it isn’t theirs and its harmful to every character involved.

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Babbbbeee , this is random but i just wanna say i love the art you made. I know nothing of art im sorry but i always admire artist's work. Correct me about this heh i like the soft watercolour ish or markers (idk how to explain it 😅) in your recent arts ❤️ I see how your art evolves and how it becomes neater everytime. The expressions, the anatomy and the feels that comes thru it. And oh how u like to tease us with ur sexy arts wuhuhuhu. Pls continue drawing i love seeing them ❤️❤️❤️💓💓

Babe!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! The reason I love watercolor is also the same, the feels it gives are always pleasant and humble, which is so very lovely to me. Its the only type of color I have enough patience to work with and I love it. Thank you so much babe here a hug to you!

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hey i know u get like a m i l l i o n asks but i just wanted to say thanks?? Like idk im a trans guy and dysphoric and tbh gerard's hair and franks short hieght give me so much self confidence which i know is cheesy and lame but even looking thru ur art and seeing the guys u draw being masculine and expressive 👌👌.

aaaAAA ??!?!??!? hi anon im glad my stuff can help u out a lil!!! pls continue 2 be gr8 and NO even if u think its cheesy/lame if it gives u that confidence then i think thats Very Good n isnt smthing u should feel weird about u feel me???? dont let ur doubt or other ppl try 2 make u feel bad abt urself and how u r and if they try PUNCH THEM but that might get u in trouble so uh hm ignore that ANYWAYS take care of urself anon!! i hope u have good days with less dysphoria soon >:-0000 💛💛

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Sorry if this is weird lol, but I wanted to just say thank you. Im a trans man and even though I'm gay, it means a lot to me to know and look up to lesbians like you. I'd been getting really defensive and in turn pretty misogynistic and lesbophobic because I was seeing nothing but the transphobic sides of radfems so I've been trying to work through that and deconstruct my gender so I know it's not due to that misogyny. So just thank you for being so nice and smart. I look up to you a lot!

Aw hey this is really sweet. I’m glad that you’re working thru stuff and getting comfortable with yourself. I think that it’s easy to like… idk, lash out at/hate people who are on a similar level as you because you can reach them, and you can’t reach the actual people hurting you. Especially if people are always confusing you with that group, lol, cuz we’re all kind of Those People to some. I think a lot of the supposed hostility between (butch) lesbians and trans men is like. Literally both of us just being pretty marginalized and often powerless people and not knowing what to even do with that, and not knowing how else to react to the extreme levels of vitriol towards us from various other sects of the LGBT community. It’s rewarded by people who hate the other group. It feels easier to say, ugh oh my god I hate THEM I’m not like THEM than it is to be like, hey, wait, let’s talk to each other, because the same larger structures are hurting us both.

edit: And, honestly, outside of some insecure people on both ends and those tainted with discourse, I’ve found that we mostly get along when left to our own devices. There’s way too much commonality, history, community, and back and forth between us for that to not come naturally.

Anyways I hope you’re doing well tonight 💗

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Where's King George?

GEORGE: I know many of you have just been dying to see me…. Feel free to ask me anything you wish!

HAM: No. No, no - oh God -

seriously um. how could people ship ethan/sarah or any of the girls x the boys SOLELY because like.,,. benny & ethan are freshman, while the girls are 17 which makes them at least juniors. idk about yall but i cannot see two beautiful (gay) junior girls dating two dorky (gay) freshman boys

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honestly i am atleast passively interested in criminology and junk but from what ive seen its probably not a good idea for me to explore that interest thru tumblr which is sad seeing as for brain reasons its difficult to switch to a different place sometimes idk

man it’s not like it’s just criminology either. like if you try looking up shit about childcare you’re gonna get stuff from blogs with names like sadistic-atheist-daddy about how you need to punish your little girl’s pussy and tie her up in the attic and then people with urls like daddys-little-pink-kitten-princess putting heart eyes on it

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You always bring a smile to my heart man. Its so nice to see a very strong gay woman who is also a goof at times idk just your whole energy is something I vibe with thru the internet, keep doing you ❤️

:’))) ahhh youre so kind my heart is full <33 thank you!! 

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YEEEE THE ANIMATION IS SOOOO GOOOOD HOLY SHIT, ok so my friend who Knows Things just informed me that apparently it’s like….a rll old anime from like 1969, not 1999. So that might help in finding it??

idk i rlly wanna watch it but i’m afraid if i watch the whole thing thru its gonna be more “rape is hot” and less just cool monsters but I’LL GIVE IT A TRY