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i feel really horrible bc i feel like it's turning into 2012 again. i feel like we're making them uncomfortable :( like i saw something saying that phil deleted a comment thread where people were talking about the room sharing theory. i feel bad and i think they're not ready to be open about their relationship. idk i'm just sad now

Hey anon, don’t feel too bad. If they’re ready to share, they will share. They just need to take a step back for a bit. They are so much more than Phan, so when the phandom decides everything revolves around phan, they have to divert attention, that is all.  -Taylor

We understand your concern and some of us in the PFBI feel that way too. Try not to get too down about it, I’m sure dnp will gradually become more open and comfortable with the public in time. -Lucy
It’s Okay

Summary: At best, Phil just ignores him. At worst, Phil is tempted to be an axe murderer just for his special bow-down-before-your-mighty-lord-you-lowly-peasants mannered neighbor, but Phil is a nice person so he’s never acted out on it. One day, though, he’s proven that there’s more to his neighbor than meets the ice-cold and totally not dazzling honey-colored eyes.

For quite some time, the boy doesn’t look up so Phil thinks he’s going to be ignored. That’s fine. He’s used to it. He stands up and turns around to go to his own apartment.

“I don’t know what to do.”

Phil stops walking and turns around again. The boy has looked up, though not at him, and is wiping the tears away from his cheeks.

“It’s just, I think… I think the world hates me or something.”

(From this prompt.)

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All about me!

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name: Hannah

nickname: —–

gender: female

height: around 5′’4, idk though

star sign: sagittarius

sexuality: biromatic asexual

hogwarts house: hufflepuff!

favourite animal: wolf probably

average hours of sleep: 4-9

dog or cat: both! it changes every now and then

blankets I sleep with: one

dream trip: probably California or Toronto

dream job: uhh idk really, something either musical or engineering-based

when I created my blog: i think it was September this year (2017)

follower count: 42

why I decided to have a tumblr: I wanted to talk to other people in my fandom

reason for my url; I don’t really know why this particular one, but it involved my favourite album and one of my favourite songs? mostly because I was tired and not making much sense 

A letter to Dan

Summary thing: Phil is leaving the London apartment for good but doesn’t quite know what to say
word count: 1,091
a/n: i found this kinda sad to write so it might be sad i’m sorry if it is but i don’t think it is but it might be

Looking down at the blank piece of paper before him, Phil thought hard about how to start this letter. He was by no means a professional, or even good, writer but he had always enjoyed writing - until now. Of course, he’d written plenty of serious letters, mostly in the form of emails, but none would ever compare to this one. No letter he’d ever sent would make his heart race as this one did.

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