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@yinwa actually suggested this ages ago, but i never got around to doing it. BUT LOOK MOM I DID IT

P2 mean that you’re trying to validate your existence. Do you perceive Namjin, Yoonseok, Vkook as weak/dependent just cause they’re together? No, cause each one of them are bad ass and have made a name for themselves. P3 anyways, my point is: if Jimin is happy with himself and is enjoying sleeping around and is confident AF then thats amazing!but IF jimin does fall in love or gets a partner that does NOT make him weak nor seen like hes submitting himself into the social norms of a person needing
P3 someone in order to be happy. If u fall in love u just DO! And doing that wont take away how jimin has accomplished to overcome his struggles/ how badass he is. Sorry i just needed to say this cause its ok to want jm to be with someone or not to be with someone. It just i felt that other anon was shading the other anon who commented that they wanted jm to have someone. with or without a partner Jimin will still be our sassy snakeu 💚

Oh yeah of course, I wholeheartedly agree with this as well! Jimin isn’t less of who he is if he was in a romantic relationship, or if he wanted one for that matter. He would still be the same sassy, independent snek that he is.

But rather than Jimin’s identity lessening if he was in a romantic relationship, I think the other anon intended on addressing the pervasive notion that for a lot of people, one would need romance specifically in order to be whole and happy as a person, if they do end up wanting or needing someone. But I can’t speak for them and maybe I’m just projecting :’)

I wanted to talk about this topic anyway though, although mine is a digression from identity and more on people wanting romance from him which is unrelated to this ask but since we’re talking about Jimin I’m going to rAMBLE anyway.

It’s ok to want or not want Jimin in a romantic relationship!! But I just wanted people to understand why I want him to be how he is now. When people leave me asks about wanting Jimin to be in a relationship, there’s an implication that Jimin is missing an experience from his life that’s leaving him unfulfilled. And to me, that pales the importance of platonic love and the equal fulfillment one can deride from it.

In this au, I wanted Jimin to be content and happy and whole from the affection and love he gets from himself and the platonic relationships he has right now. He needs people to share his life with as we all do, but just because he’s not experiencing romantic love doesn’t mean he’s any less happy, or that he has any less smooches and cuddles that he receives that means something to him.

And I’m really not trying to shame anyone who want romance for him! I would want it to if the writing opportunity ever rose from it. But as it stands, I wanted to shed the light that Jimin is who he is and as whole as he can be without a romantic partner.

BUT YEAH I just wanted to get that out of the way as well this aNSWER IS A MESS im sorry OP

TLDR; Having jimin in a romantic relationship doesnt erase his identity for part 1; for the last half of the ask, the message i want people to take away from jimins journey is that he doesn’t need one and won’t be needing one for this AU and I hope you’re not disappointed by that :’)



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when i first saw this ask i was rly confused because i thought it was for the holding meme and i was like “hmm i dont remember this ship but ok” and was all prepared to sit down and work my way through it (george holds the umbrella, the penguins hold the door) before i realised what you actually meant sO ANYWAYS ENOUGH DIGRESSING I HOPE THIS IS ALL YOU DREAMED IT WOULD BE MY FRIEND <3

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Warren wasn’t used to this city. He was out of his own territory, he was in a whole new state. Though he wasn’t staying in Miami long so soon he could get back to his normal life. The reason he traveled cross country was for a negotiation with another crew. To extend his gang’s range to this Florida city. The man wasn’t a fan of the muggy humidity of the state, he much rather preferred the dry heat he had become accustomed to from growing up in Australia and living in L.A.

One thing he needed to get while visiting was drugs. He needed a fix of narcotics to keep him going. Having heard of a dealer in the area he was quick to contact her about a deal. The sun was high in the sky when the Australian arrived at their designated meeting place. It wasn’t a place out in the open, yet it wasn’t hidden either. A park near the center of the city perhaps wasn’t the smartest meeting place as it was most likely patrolled by the police, yet for now the coast was clear.

Taking a drag from his cigarette, he glanced up from his phone. Warren went from resting his back against a bench to leaning forward, arms resting on his knees. As he peered around the park he noticed a woman heading in his direction. Getting up from his spot he casually walked towards her, figuring her to be the dealer. Just as they were about to pass he spoke up with the thought that his accent would let her know who he was.

“ This arvo is a nice one, ain’t it? ”


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Yes, the human soul is a bundle of conflicting desires. You want peace but you love excitement. You hate math but you want to graduate. You love your parents but they drive you crazy. Even our hopes are at odds with each other. The rent? The relationship? The career? The vacation? Our dreams rarely line up. It’s messy stuff, but these are the raw materials that life has given you. You had no choice as to where your journey begins, but the choice is available to you now. You could argue that you didn’t choose to be born, that there are factors of your existence over which you have little or no control. It’s true, these are the contingencies we were born into. Your heart, your bones, your soul, your sexuality – these were given to you. Given to you as a painter is given a canvas and a brush. Given to you as a sculptor is given a block of marble. St Francis of Assisi said that “He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” Your artistry? Your craft? You are making a living.
—  Jon Foreman