idk if it's uploaded already but here it is


i wanted to make a mock movie poster for virgil since i already kinda picture his story as a cheesy 80s movie! complete with embarrassingly uncreative tagline and title haha

tried to finish this before halloween since i created virgil one year ago today! idk if i’ve mentioned it here before but he’s basically a modern(ish) reimagining of the headless horseman, and he drives around beheading people etc etc.

i recorded most of my process on this and i’ll make a vid and upload that l8r. happy halloweenie!

Kj oc photoshoot and art

So ive been trying to upload a photoshoot for my kj oc (the oc on my kj blog @dead-glitter-kj) and also I want to put up more of my artwork here. But tumblr wont let me do that shit, obviously, bc its tumblr. So Im trying to upload one picture at a time on the website and even that isnt working - would any of you who want to see my killjoy oc/ other art be willing to follow me on another site (on Instagram and Twitter I already have accounts under gerardfuckenway)

OR should I make an account on the killjoys amino app and you can follow me there? (Just because that way its just you guys who see it. Idk can you post pics on there? Im guessing you can. Idk how many of you guys have that app or would be wiling to make an account but w/e)

Please tell me or leave a comment or something because I cant upload pictures at all and its so annoying, especially when I finally have content for you guys