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so i decided to make my own Redbubble !! i’ve uploaded some old stuff and some new stuff (mostly stickers, phone cases, and a couple of prints), and will continue to add more as i continue to make art! maybe ill even design some shirts or stickers??! WHO KNOWS! 

feel free to check it out >> HERE << if you’re interested! or, if theres an art you’d love to have on something that isn’t up there, let me know! 

thanks so much for ALL your support, it really, really means the world to me. and now back to our regularly scheduled arting LOL

I love how close Alex and Nicolas became over the course of the series because it starts off with Nicolas keeping his distance from Alex and it was pretty obvious in Alex’s perspective. I also want to remind everyone that Nicolas was the one who suggested that he should kill Alex so they wouldn’t get in trouble? I’m not sure how to define how they think of each other but their views of each other have certainly developed.

She thought she was just “there” and it was pretty awkward, especially since she couldn’t communicate with him very well.

Poor nicolas is running up the stairs and(WHOOPS small mistake, thank you @raimagnolia who pointed out that’s worick running up the stairs, not nic..) theres even a translators note saying how “nicolas doesnt like being in the same place with a girl”

even if you don’t ship nicolex, this post focuses on their character development

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pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs


Sometimes you get run down. Sometimes life throws dirt in your eyes and it stings and you can’t see for a few minutes. Even after you get it out, your eyes are all red and your vision is shitty, but eventually, whether through tears or maybe just time, you start to see even clearer than before. Life is not always good. Which is why music exists. Why I believe God exists. And why there’s always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.

This photo was released earlier and i just noticed 2 things:

Circled in yellow: Is that The Tube from that instagram video with Elijah Wood? If it is, then it’s big enough for a person to crawl through, which means I seriously misjudged the scale of this picture

Circled in green: I’m pretty sure that’s a scythe. A big one - there was another instagram video of an extra holding a big scythe on his shoulder, looking at a big fire or something? I can’t remember but it seems Ominous. Also why is the blade wrapped up like that and why has it just been left next to the pool??

Clexa Aesthetics - MMA!Lexa

Inspired by @clexa-portland-boxing-au’s fic Shadow Boxer

Lexa is a semi-professional MMA fighter and works at a gym with her friend Lincoln as personal trainer. She lives with her former foster sister Anya who is as teasing and as annoying as any normal older sister.

Clarke has just started her third year pre-med and is busy with her studies. Her roommates and friends Octavia and Raven try to get her to have a little more fun every now and then.

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Overwatch - Everybody Wants To Rule The World

was typography practice but became a full blown edit lmao

reupload bc the other’s quality sucked

She’s a horrible mom

Sorry for being so inactive, I’ve tried but all my ideas have been crap and it took all my motivation so I just gave up, but I’m finally back baby (still no ideas thought). So yeah, If u have drawing ideas/suggestions feel free to tell them!!

How I think the Small Giant hears about Hinata
  • Karasuno gets to Nationals.
  • That morning, an alumnus of the volleyball team turns on the nationals over breakfast.
  • We’ll call him Seta. He was a year senior to the Small Giant.
  • Seta drops his spoon into his cereal. 
  • That’s their uniforms. His school.
  • He forgets about breakfast, he’s too busy watching the game.
  • The team on the court doesn’t seem too outstanding at first glance.
  •  They’ve got a shorty as a middle blocker, and he’s not the only first year playing either. 
  • But Seta learned long ago that appearances (and height) can be deceiving. 
  • There’s something about the shorty…
  • And then it happens. 
  • Quick little #10 runs, and takes flight, and before Seta can even register what happened, the ball has smacked into the floor on the other side of the court.
  • Seta’s jaw drops. 
  • #10 lands, and the entire team does a mini celebration.
  • The scene is so familiar that Seta can hardly stand it. 
  • He picks up his phone, and dials the Small Giant.
  • “Hey, ace, get a load of this!”

                                                   I’m forever chasing after time
                                                       But everybody dies, dies