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Hey peeps, I decided to try being more active on twitter, so I’ll be posting some of my card edits there.

Anyways, this is just a post to tell people that they can reach me out there (if it’s easier) and see some of the edits that I actually think are worth somebody’s time (I’m not satisfied with half of the shit I post here. What I post here will be there too, but only the ‘highlights’). Also, I’ve never really used twitter, so I’m probably doing this wrong but meh.

so i was listening to the suffering game arc again because apparently i hate myself so i got to the part where taako has to give up his beauty and magnus goes “ill take two spins if u need to say no” and i??? theres just so much there u know??? magnus was willing to sacrifice twice more after losing his memory of kalen losing hp hell even after losing those ten years he was still willing to lose more for taako to keep his beauty???? like he knows how hard it was for taako to make that decision and he basically said ‘hey ill support u either way and i wont judge u no matter what u choose” and im just;;; compared to what they lost in the past doesnt beauty seem like the most inconsequential thing (at least for most people) but instead being like “dont be an idiot taako its not worth two more spins” magnus is like “im going to take the punishment for u if u say no because i recognize what this means to u” and i think it shows how deeply magnus understands and just trusts taako u know??? and it rly showcases the protectiveness too??? like “im gonna protect u and whats important to u even if others think its stupid or worthless  maybe i dont get it but its important to u so i will protect it even at cost to myself” and he would never judge him if he said no even if it would be incredibly selfish because thats who taako is and magnus just doesnt care idk he just rly understands him and its killing me

  • me @ my brain: y'know, there are definitely people out there who have it worse than you
  • my brain: 404 error: content not found
Underrated groups as things we can sleep on


You knows those ideas you get when you are questioning the existence of the universe while in bed at 3 am… This was one from those times.

I still find this funny af, so I couldn’t help but put this idea on here. I hope it’s original ahah, if not… Don’t sue me. plz.

Another reason why I’m posting this is to make the whole world realise how stupidly dense they are for neglecting all those underrated yet, amazingly talented beings. Enjoy!


PENTAGON  -  School desk

- You sleep partially on it (#You say you stan Pentagon but you can only differentiate Hui and E’dawn and you don’t even know the others members name you piece of dense shits)

- You deeply hate sleeping on it, but something you just can’t help it.

- Everyone is silently judging you for sleeping there.

- Stop sleeping and listen, lazyhead

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KNK - Tree house (lol)

- IDK honestly, they are so freaking tall

- Tbh, why would you sleep there?

- Everyone tells you it’s stupid sleeping there, but you just don’t listen, do you?

- Lowkey wants to sleep there.

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stan knk, stan weirdos.

ToppDogg - Tent

- Sleeping on it is considered a life pleasure for some. (Demonic people tbh)

- You don’t sleep in it all the time. (Like when a member is on produce 101 you suddenly become a ToppKlass and when a member mention wanting to harm himself you feel worried and all wow)

- You think sleeping in it is cool (#its not)

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the dualty of me watching ToppDogg and being sad for then not being love enough but still feeling extremely proud of my boys.

B.I.G - Lazy boy

- Even your grandpa slept on it.

- Sleeping on this IS NOT COOL AND TRENDY, NEVER BEEN, NEVER WILL, period.

- Comfiest shit ever, apparently

- You wish you could stop sleeping on this, but it’s just impossible

- “old but gold” (2014)

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They litteraly are so cool, cute and perfectasdlkflasdfalsdfhaljhdsf

Blanc7 - I tech bed

- You are probably googling this right now

-Sleep on it once, never waking up again

-You know that your life will be brighter if you stop sleeping on it but, you don’t even want to try


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this is 332842340y2341 times cooler than me (BTW they all have an instagram account, so go on and bless you eyes with those beautiful people)

SF9 - The flowery bed everyone has in their attic

- You are soso close to finally wake up from your neglecting sleep

- Cute on the outside, a mess inside

- You just need a bit more money or time to stop (to buy cds or watch their perfomances)

-Everyone slept on it at least once, and the moment they stopped, they never regretted it.

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The S in sf9 stands for Sexy and the F for Fucking extra

  • viktor: *holds out ring* yuuri, will you marry me?
  • yuuri: viktor we are married
  • yuuri: and that's also your ring

okay so i have some thoughts on billy…at first he was just a cocky douche right just being an ass to my precious boi steve but then he started grabbing max and lets not forget when he almost ran over the boys. okay okay maybe people can look past this shit (idk how hes clearly abusive toward max) THEN we find out hes a racist and beats up steve who is only trying to protecc his kids then this bitch has the fuckin nerve to lay his dirty af hands on lucas r u kidding

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As a sex worker, it's getting a little annoying how other sex workers seem to distance themselves from people who are in fact forced into the sex trade. It's actually really gross how other SWers will be like "Forced? Who, me?! NO" rather than acknowledging the fact that it's far more nuanced and complex than that. Idk, for someone who's been trafficked/forced it feels like an insult as in "I'm not one of THOSE people!"

yeah, there’s a huge lack of nuance in the convo that is really frustrating and stems from respectability politics, white supremacy, a poor grasp of history and economics, and idk just being stupid.

like I’m reading jacq’s book and it’s frequently funny as her cartoons often are but again she makes the white feminist sex worker mistake of drawing a thick line between “empowered” western workers" and those poor lil trafficked people and it’s so completely BEYOND not like that. it’s so MUCH more complicated than that!

idk i have a ton of posts about this but i guess i’ll say it again fast:

you can BE a willing sex worker and be trafficked also (women who go to work and don’t realise that their papers and money will be taken and the work will be removed from their control)
you can have a loved one who you think loves you and it turns into an abusive relationship where they’re coercing and exploiting you
you can want to do one kind of sex work and be forced into another
you can not want to do sex work at all and find out you were tricked

and there’s more, there are as many kinds of sexual labour exploitation as there are labour exploitation and maybe it’s the word “trafficking” that gets people confused but like, i would consider the situation I was in to be one of mild debt bondage. i could have walked away from my job but as long as i WANTED to work at the only club in town to offer a good ROI, the whole club plan was to keep ripping us off and exploiting us and taking our money in every way they could devise, including taking advantage of addicts to take even more of their money.

and when I worked for the russian club owner, he sent young girls to LA to be “porn stars” only they were raped and not paid and not given tickets back. so like elle who talks about how great portland strippers have it and trafficking happens to poor brown women and children–no. the industry is set up to exploit people and it’s not a coincidence that it’s populated mostly by marginalised people with generally low access to education who are afraid of asserting their rights: we are easy to take advantage of!

idk if this is what you were looking for or not, sorry. but you’re right, it’s nonsense and it’s damaging short sighted western saviour nonsense.

au where hal attends bruce’s birthday party just to make sure his is bigger and better than bruce’s the day after

me: the thing about people like b//x is that you shouldn’t give her attention or interact with her, because she doesn’t have the capacity to listen or the want to understand. she’s here to stir the pot and to be problematic and she’ll brush everything off as a joke, when really the biggest joke is that she’s an adult who comes on here to make the vo/tron fandom an unsafe space for minors and mlm and frankly she’s ridiculous and embarrassing so idk why ur all still giving her the time of day??

also me, watching you guys roast and call her out: antis you’re doing amazing sweeties!!!

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I don't wanna seem like a bitch or anything but black ppl have been dropping hits since Jan. 1st and the fact that the AMAs barely have any black ppl performing is pissing me off especially since BTS are gonna be there. I feel like the AMAs have played me! Idk i just think it's hella sketchy how just because BTS is there, they're displaying all the white talent they can but barely showing black ppl, Idk maybe I'm being stupid, I just thought I'd share and maybe get your opinion. Ps love you❤️❤️

A lot of people see that music award shows don’t nominate a lot of Black people / People of color nor do they invite them to perform but Rap, Hip Hop..Black music is extremley popular all year round so it’s pretty sketchy that they don’t have a lot of Black performers as much as they do White performers, there’s even performers that haven’t released an album in years but get to perform and I’m like where’s all my peoples at that released so many hits? I don’t know…

every night i think about the potential traitor in yuuei and everyone thinks its kirishima and like i totally agree but i also want to see a redemption arc-ish like bakugou going like “what the fuck i thought we were equals now ur just a shit for brains like i always knew” but crying at the same time for being so stupid that he let an enemy get that close to him and then tries to save him and idk if i’d rather have bakugoufail or succeed cuz i love me some angst boyos

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Idk if it's stupid of me, but I kinda can't imagine the Mikaelsons without Hayley, specially Klaus. I know they've been around for centuries without her, of course... it's just, shes been such a strong presence in their lifes and being Hope's mom and all, I can't just imagine them without her.

I don’t think it’s stupid of you at all. Yes, they’ve been around for centuries without her, but I believe their lifes got a lot more meaninful after she entered them. The truth is, they spent centuries and centuries just existing, which is very far from living. You can be alive, but not feel alive, and for a long time, that’s what they felt. They felt like their lifes had no purpose and meaning. Their existence was nothing more than a curse on this earth. Rebekah kinda said it to Klaus in 1x16 when she said that iconic quote: “We are the strongest creatures in the world and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of “cursed,” always and forever.” Therefore, the meaningfulness and importance of Klaus naming his daughter Hope, because for the first time in centuries they had something to hold on to, they had a porpuse on this world again, they had hope, and Hayley was the one who brought that into their lifes. Since the moment Hayley appeared, she changed their lifes completely and forever without even realizing it. I honestly don’t think she even realizes how important she is for Klaus, because even tho he doesn’t show it very often, we all know he can’t bear the thought of losing her. He told her once that he needed her for his sake, and for their daughter’s, and it’s true. At this point it’s very weird to think about Klaus without Hayley. He needs her, because deep down he knows he can’t do this alone, because he wants Hope to have some kind of normalcy in her life that only Hayley can provide. This is one of the reasons Klaus trusts Hayley 100% with their daughter. He knows that she’s strong enough to protect her, even if it requires her to be ruthless, but he also knows that at the end of the day Hayley is just a young woman who doesn’t carry with her a thousand years of paranoia and sins. Klaus needs Hayley to keep him in check. He needs her to call him out on his bullshit and way of living, like she did so many times. Klaus has always been afraid of being alone, and imagine how afraid he’ll be of being a single parent to his daughter. I feel like Klaus will always need Hayley by his side, and I can’t imagine it in any other way tbh.

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Ok but esc just started and I already see people all around Tumblr saying that Ukraine is the worst host country. Can someone explain why? What did we do wrong? I'm so tired of my country being considered the worst at everything and sometimes it's not even fair. Idk it just makes me so sad. Why people are so bitter? I almost want to cry, bc things like this make me even sometimes being ashamed of being Ukrainian, bc people think that my country is the worst, is boring, is stupid...

Please don’t be ashamed of being Ukranian. Last year ORF was also criticized and it’s just because Sweden always leave the level very high. And in tv people tend to see the errors very easily when 70% of the time everything is running smoothky :)


i actually forgot to post this two whole hours ago?? 
anyway its a late @leopikaweek2016 day seven!!!

Saturday, October 8th: Gold/Achievements [ie. overcoming past challenges, fulfilling goals, earning or gaining something, etc] 

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what if like the dc giving jason tim's backstory is really just the effect of tim being whisked away to the magic space prison or smthn by the dude thats messing with the timeline. its because theyre making it so tim never existed in the firstplace so what made tim important to the batfam in the firstplace is being given to the other members of the batfamily. idk if this makes any sense, but im hoping theres an actual justification for what they just did and not the writers being /that/ stupid.

THIS IS A REALLY GREAT THEORY!! honestly!! I mean, don’t get me wrong I love how Dick seems to be the link between the Robins, I love that, but ? they could have been more original instead of copy-pasting Tim’s origin story yknow??

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Hello, u r really sweet u know? Its just idk the fact that ppl like u who opens these kinds of blogs exist makes everything a little better so idk thank u for existing, it means a lot 2 me, im sorry tgat this is stupid (also sorry for bad english, not a native speaker) so, a reason for today: ppl who actually cares about others exist, u exist. Im sorry for being silly. Please try 2 take care, dont forget ur meds n 2 wash ur face. Hope u have a nice day<3

Thank you ❤

i think a kind of underrated coping mechanism for shaky reality is just saying “ok”

like, i used to spend so much time like obsessing over my own irrationality, constantly beating myself up over it “is that real that cant be real it doesnt make any sense but its there and its happening so it must be real youre being stupid” etc, etc, ad nauseum

and/or spending hours, days, weeks, trying to prove/disprove the delusion (which im pretty sure is impossible anyway, but idk im not a doctor)

so now when my brain presents me with a suspect conclusion, i just sort of shrug and like… go along with it.

im not saying to like, feed into dangerous shit, thats not what im getting at but more of a “ok, alright, i appreciate your feedback, brain, we’re gonna put a pin in that and come back to it when its relevant” and if its not real, it just generally… never becomes relevant.

like just taking small steps to acknowledge the freak out and then moving on. dark in the backyard, definitely some kind of shadow demon about to invade your home? lock the door, and now youve done all you can. if it gets in, future you is gonna have to fight a shadow demon, but thats future you’s problem.

realized person x probably secretly hates your guts? ok. sometimes people wont like you, and thats ok. eventually they will tell you. in the meantime, so what? you should still be nice to person x, because you like them, and being nice is nice. 

im not sure if this is a great coping mechanism, or even a remotely healthy one, but i feel like i started getting way more shit done when i stopped fighting myself on basic reality for 2/3 of my day