idk if it's just me being stupid

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As a sex worker, it's getting a little annoying how other sex workers seem to distance themselves from people who are in fact forced into the sex trade. It's actually really gross how other SWers will be like "Forced? Who, me?! NO" rather than acknowledging the fact that it's far more nuanced and complex than that. Idk, for someone who's been trafficked/forced it feels like an insult as in "I'm not one of THOSE people!"

yeah, there’s a huge lack of nuance in the convo that is really frustrating and stems from respectability politics, white supremacy, a poor grasp of history and economics, and idk just being stupid.

like I’m reading jacq’s book and it’s frequently funny as her cartoons often are but again she makes the white feminist sex worker mistake of drawing a thick line between “empowered” western workers" and those poor lil trafficked people and it’s so completely BEYOND not like that. it’s so MUCH more complicated than that!

idk i have a ton of posts about this but i guess i’ll say it again fast:

you can BE a willing sex worker and be trafficked also (women who go to work and don’t realise that their papers and money will be taken and the work will be removed from their control)
you can have a loved one who you think loves you and it turns into an abusive relationship where they’re coercing and exploiting you
you can want to do one kind of sex work and be forced into another
you can not want to do sex work at all and find out you were tricked

and there’s more, there are as many kinds of sexual labour exploitation as there are labour exploitation and maybe it’s the word “trafficking” that gets people confused but like, i would consider the situation I was in to be one of mild debt bondage. i could have walked away from my job but as long as i WANTED to work at the only club in town to offer a good ROI, the whole club plan was to keep ripping us off and exploiting us and taking our money in every way they could devise, including taking advantage of addicts to take even more of their money.

and when I worked for the russian club owner, he sent young girls to LA to be “porn stars” only they were raped and not paid and not given tickets back. so like elle who talks about how great portland strippers have it and trafficking happens to poor brown women and children–no. the industry is set up to exploit people and it’s not a coincidence that it’s populated mostly by marginalised people with generally low access to education who are afraid of asserting their rights: we are easy to take advantage of!

idk if this is what you were looking for or not, sorry. but you’re right, it’s nonsense and it’s damaging short sighted western saviour nonsense.

every night i think about the potential traitor in yuuei and everyone thinks its kirishima and like i totally agree but i also want to see a redemption arc-ish like bakugou going like “what the fuck i thought we were equals now ur just a shit for brains like i always knew” but crying at the same time for being so stupid that he let an enemy get that close to him and then tries to save him and idk if i’d rather have bakugoufail or succeed cuz i love me some angst boyos

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Ok but esc just started and I already see people all around Tumblr saying that Ukraine is the worst host country. Can someone explain why? What did we do wrong? I'm so tired of my country being considered the worst at everything and sometimes it's not even fair. Idk it just makes me so sad. Why people are so bitter? I almost want to cry, bc things like this make me even sometimes being ashamed of being Ukrainian, bc people think that my country is the worst, is boring, is stupid...

Please don’t be ashamed of being Ukranian. Last year ORF was also criticized and it’s just because Sweden always leave the level very high. And in tv people tend to see the errors very easily when 70% of the time everything is running smoothky :)

idk I might just go to bed early tonight hhh

au where hal attends bruce’s birthday party just to make sure his is bigger and better than bruce’s the day after

Dickheads: waaah idk y ppl are so upset over this?? Its only fiction! Tumbrrlblr wasnt like this 5 years ago :((((


Just admit you’re a jackass already and don’t care how your actions effect people and shut up already.

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This might sound weird but rereading aftg always distracts me from remembering I live in a homophobic country and I have men issues and don't ever want to be with men because of it and I am bi ,, I just lobe them so much and actually get into reading them that I get distracted and at peace ? Idk this is probably stupid

it’s not stupid at all!! i’m sorry you live in a homophobic country, and i can only hope things get better for you ❤ also it does make sense tbh what i like about aftg is that its not afraid to address the fact that being gay is still not something that’s fully accepted in society but at the same time, it shows us gay characters being successful in life and settling into healthy and loving relationships, so while homophobia isn’t ignored it’s not used as a cheap plot device to create drama either. for the most part, the characters who are gay in this series are free to be who they are without judgement and that’s what i rly love about this series

Personal gender issues and shit and I'm on mobile so no read more

Aaaaaaand once again its me freaking out because idk how to gender.

For the longest time I was fine with being a girl and then I wasn’t so I was genderq***r and then I was a trans guy and now idk!!!! I’m thinking I’m just a stupid girl who wanted to be lgbt but didn’t like girls enough to “qualify”.

Everyone at school knows me as Ian now but now I’m not feeling it and idk what to do because I don’t want my friends to think I’m a faker and I already told my parents I was trans and I don’t want them to think its “just a phase” for everyone else. I know that gender is fluid but like everyone went wayyyyy out of their way to help me plan a back up plan for the summer in case my parents disowned me for being trans.

I hate gender its too fucking annoying and hard to figure out

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Can I just say I love the name "NAH SON ITS GONNA BE ME" cause I legit cackled when I read it, just cause I requested it so I knew what it was gonna be about. Idk man you're just so funny and I love it, thanks for always making my day!! ❤️❤️❤️

So not gonna lie, being told I’m funny is something that always makes me really really happy. I try hard every day to make sure everyone laughs at something, even if it’s stupid. So hearing that I made you laugh is such a wonderful validation. I love you and I’m so happy you liked your request.


Half Asleep Doodle…

*I don’t know anymore…
*I just really hate this….
*I want it to end…
*Well I need to try to sleep…
*Or not…
*I don’t care if I get sick or something from not sleeping…
*It’s my fault for being stupid…
*I hope I get sick or something….
*then I’d die with a smile…
*because I’d end early hehe


Hey guys, do you know when people say I feel like a boy/girl/other…

Like I understand what people mean by that, and if you asked younger me what it’s like to feel said gender I’d probably shrug and say

“I don’t know it just feels *Insert gender here*,” To you.

But that just sounds stupid.. I get the experiences you have with others while being said gender, but I don’t think that’s how it feels. Maybe it has a little bit to do with it…I don’t know guys….  I just….. there’s obviously more to it than that, which brings me to question…

What does gender feel like?

though i guess its more like, i need to tilt the balance. i spend way too much time getting upset at stupid shit on the internet and not enough time confronting people who have hurt me in real life. i think ive taken a good step towards being actually angry at people who are shitheads to me instead of just going “oh well idk i mean its not actually their fault…” but in terms of getting them to stop doing it!

goals; less irritation on the internet, more calm confrontation of people i actually know

Alajade// the best for last lol.. I know way more than you think I do & idk how you haven’t caught on to that yet the way I put pressure on a problem especially if its old.. I was waiting for the truth & I still didnt get it from you lol. but its okay bc I already know & so did everyone else .. you told me it was my fault you did what you did last month , im not taking that I refuse bc thats what you said about the first timw bc you were hurt.. but when you hurt me I always kept it between us maybe fb post sometimes & tumblr but I never involved another person bc I was hurt lol.. you told me so many stories that you forget you tell me the truth amd then lie again lol I always catch that. you said “ I lie to you bc I love you & I tell these niggas the truth bc I dont care about them” .. all I asked for this whole relationship was honesty bc I trusted you with my life before everything turned sour.. & I think thats what fucks with me the most that someone could literally tell me its raining outside but if you said it wasn’t then im strolling out the house with no umbrella without a second thought.. I kept craving the gf I had in November-December 15’ . & I was never really mad about the parties it was just that 1. I hate alcohol & I hate when you drink bc you said it yourself you do stupid shit..& idk how you still want to drink so heavily anyway. 2. I was never invited & I guess the reason was bc you were “free” at parties lol but if shaking your ass is being free then so be it bc that’s the only problem I had and on top of that you’re drunk grinding on other drunk boys lol .. & then you talked about how you wanted to dance with one slowly or whatever you said you know what post im talking about .. I hate it I hate it.. watching people’s snaps of you grinding on dykes and niggas and bitches lol.. when you told me you only danced with your friends lol .. you broke my heart multiple times little do you know & you always say I make you feel bad about it.. you keep saying im ungrateful lol you keep saying you gave me a arm and leg to repay me for what happend when all I truly wanted was for you not to drink so much thats all & sometimes miss a party or two.. thats all I wanted from that bc it all revolves around you being intoxicated .. I thought you helped me with being homeless and shit bc I was your gf & you loved me not bc you felt bad for what you did. im so sorry for the things that happened after and me calling you out your name for it. you were my whole world , you were all I had & then you told me you couldn’t be that anymore bc it wasn’t healthy but who was I supposed to find ? Myself ? how ? Too much was going through my head and I NEEDED someone. you got tired jada let’s face it you didn’t wanna deal with my problems no more because they started to become problems for you . I noticed & I offered for you to leave before they got worse but you said you would stay but you slowly started to slip from my finget tips.. there was no more light in your eyes when you seen me . I was so angry jada I was so fucking angry. You make me seem like I used to beat you you make me look terrible now like a monster & im not lol I fucking not , I just didn’t want you to leave.. “I’ve been abusing you” lol it was ALWAYS mutual , you hit me , I hit you .. I curse you out , you curse me out. I always play innocent lol I know im a angry girl who wont stop talking to her ex bc I’ve been wanting to die and I crave someone like myself to help me through it.. so im sorry if that pisses you off but its the truth. It didn’t mean I thought she was prettier than you , funnier, cooler NOOOOO it meant maybe I could save a life and I wouldn’t feel so worthless . I fucking loved you with ever inch of my body after my gma passed all I wanted was you but you didn’t talk to me much lol.. the week I didnt talk to you I was homeless I was sleeping in project building staircases & I craved your bedsheets so bad.. but that was my fault bc I let my anger drive you away . I stood in train staions begging for money but this society is cruel to the homeless we’re disgusting and we only done it to ourselves in their eyes. but I knew you didn’t see me like that but i was so angry bc I thought you would leave I had nothing I couldn’t & still barely can get you something to eat. I was feeding of you and I drained you.. & you had your own mental problems to handle at the same time & never asked if you were okay so you seeked help in others. I didnt do my part I disnt speak up & I should have . I wanted to marry you I wanted to wake up next you every morning I wanted to see your face everyday. theres so much more I have to say but there isnt enough time in the world .. so much more to explain but this is it .. hopefully the truth comes out somehow.. just know I love you & take care of yourself bc ill be watching.

-taty the tough guy

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Hey, idk if im stupid or if it is because english isnt my first language, but i dont understand that tax thing. Could you please explain it to me? Like what it means and why its important? All the love - xxx

Love back atcha, nonnie! Hey, don’t put yourself down.

Well, the gist of it for me was that 1D are stand up guys who pay their fair share in terms of taxes. They’re honest and ethical businessmen. That’s just good PR. Also, I think someone wanted to make the point of 1D (including Zayn) being Directors of their own company.

The band’s members Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson  all became directors of their own UK business in 2010, 1D Media.

The fivesome – including now-departed member Malik – continue to own equal shares in 1D Media, which pulls in revenue from recording, touring and merchandising for the band.

There’s a line in the 1D Media filing that will bring cheer to anyone who considers themselves pro ‘artist power’: “The directors consider the shareholders of the company to be the ultimate controlling parties.”

So in that respect, it makes them look pretty sharp and mature. This was published on a music trade industry website, so it’s read by people who’d take note of that kinda thing. It helps set them up for potential future business dealings. And it also gently shades the Zayn leaving narrative by making it clear he’s still very much a part of 1D’s business dealings despite having had months to at least begin unraveling all the financial entanglements.

And this gave me such sugar daddy Liam feels.

Liam Payne signs the financial documents for the band.

Yaaaaass, sugar daddy Liam making sure sugar baby Zayn gets a check just for being pretty. I know that isn’t how it works, but let me have this. :P