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I’m opening full body only commissions for a while!

To keep things simple please use this format when emailing me at

- Name:
- Type: (Full color, flat color, or “cute” aka just a more cutesy simple style)
- Subject: (character(s) you want drawn, please include as many references as you can)
- Additional info: (background specifics, specific pose, facial expressions, would you like progress updates, ect)
- Paypal email: (I will only be accepting payment through Paypal)

Once you have sent me the commission email, I will send you the invoice for the payment, and once you’ve paid, I’ll get started on your commission!

I mostly work at my own pace, but if there’s a deadline you want/need the commission done by, please do let me know!

I will not do

-porn, extreme gore/body horror, furries, mecha

-I retain the right to refuse based on my own comfort.

I will do

-couple pairings, fanart, ocs, nonsexual nudity, minor gore/ body horror, small groups, and I’ll add a single color bg if you like! anything else you’re curious about, just ask~

(Also, I can draw more than just pretty pale girls, those just seem to be my only decent examples at the moment! ;v;)

If you want further examples, just pop right here!

tacity  asked:

JK's hickey (or not?)... What's your take on it? I would like to believe if it really is a hickey then JM's involved in it. But someone mentioned what if it's by someone else and that got me scared, like really?!?!? We know JK & JM like to spend time together even when they don't need to. They even had that flirty convo during soundcheck in Santiago. It has to be JM's doing, right? What happened to me? ;_; [Save me from this ship.]

a hickey is when The negative pressure from suction causes veins to rupture and blood leaks out so it’s visible under the skin as a bruise .its color tends to be a dark shade of red or maybe even purple ,in jungkook’s case the color is not very clear so we can’t’ really tell if it’s a hickey or (idk something else?)

whatever it was , the make up artists did a horrible job trying to hide it , they used a foundation that doesn’t even match his skin tone ! they made it even more obvious ! 

and as hickies tend to last for days or even weeks , unlike simple scratches i think we’ll know for sure if it’s indeed a hickey or not as time passes..

well , wether it was given by jimin or not that’s what remains a mystery ! obviously if you do believe that they’re currently involved romantically (like me) you’d be positive that it was indeed jimin’s work my man jimin couldn’t help it do you blame him  if you don’t , well there is no way for me to prove it to you.

cough except for this cough



Slowly working on this Klance. Idk…Keith looks like Keith right? Hmmm 🤔 I’ll just have to see after its all colored. 🤓 BTW its hard to hold my phone and draw at the same time. Lol I might invest in a cam later down the road to record me doing my art. Who knows…I’ll have to see on that as well.

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Regarding Monster Souls (also Mettaton)

so like, I don’t often to posts like this, but there’s something I couldn’t help but notice about the way most of the fandom seems to be drawing monster souls like. (which is a thing that is more common for undertail reasons, but this is an informative posts for all)

So I’ve seen monster souls being drawn like this:

pretty standard typical heart

However, I’ve noticed monster souls don’t actually look like this, in fact

they are upsidedown hearts

you can see it when you kill toriel before her sould breaks

and the same happens when asgore dies (at least in the ending where Asgore commits suicide and Toriel becomes queen, can’t rmemember the others):

Though, perhaps something that wouldn’t match with this is mettaton’s soul:

since it looks like normal heart, but then remember the paper on Alphy’s lab:

and now look at mettaton NEO, who’s soul us upsidedown

Conisdeing Neo’s uselessness, it seems to be a prototype before Mettaton Ex (possibly made to impess Asgore since to make the impression of being a human killing machine as some has suggested), and since Alphys was working with determination, it seems Alphys changed Mettaton’s Soul, porbably injected it with determination, and made it resemble a human soul.

Remember how human souls can survive even outside of the body due to determination?

Well, Mettaton probably wouldn’t be able to have this little “heart-to-heart”, if it weren’t because he’s infused with determination

And given Mettaton’s interest in humans, I wouldn’t be surprised if he agreed with exprimenting with his own soul tomake him more human

But yeah, mainly I just wanted to point out that monster souls are actually upsidedown hearts rather than the normal heart some have been drawing them as.

Though, now I’m wondering about Frisk’s soul when it turns yellow, ‘cause it becomes upsidedown and can shoot pellets, which could be asosiated with magic. Could Alphy’s device have tempraly modified frisk’s soul into one resembling a monster soul so that they could use magic? idk just a thought.

emergency commissions

hey guys ! we might have our electric shut off on the 12th (as of this post being written, it’s 5/10/17) and we need to come up with at least $300. i hate making these kinds of posts and i know i have other commissions i need to do rn but i’m looking for probably around 4-5 $50-$70 commissions. 

about all i can do rn bc is the portrait type ones. i’d also prefer ones based from tv/movies/celebrities rather than like. books or comics. this is just for the sake of what i can realistically do without bogging myself down like i have with other commissions in the past. 

even if you can’t afford them, i’d appreciate maybe a reblog or smth just to spread the word.

message/ask me if you’re interested! payment is via paypal (and it’s legal bc it’s using my mom’s account who’s over 18 so dw about that)

under the cut are examples of what those would look like and the level i can do as of right now

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Colorblind or Illiterate?

the color naming rule. not the rule itself but like….why does it seem not to be followed sometimes in show? Cause didn’t Ozpin flat out say “naming their children after color”

naming them implies first name, right?

yet we have discount Neptune Henry, Jacques, Arthur (Dr. Watts) hell even when monty was around the news lady is named Lisa and then ironwood’s first name is James.

yeah their last names are a color but still??? Idk im sort of bugged by that cause again its implied that you name their first name after color? idk its bugged me since v2 with Ironwood and now with some more characters like that im bugged more

You do realize what a last name IS right? It’s basically an evolution of an occupation or a trait of a previous family member back when the human race was just getting large and interconnected enough to need last names. Whose to say people didn’t CHANGE tehir last names to match with the color rule?

Henry Marigold

Jacques Schnee

Lisa Lavander

James Ironwood

Makes sense to me.

kise doing flawless ‘get the look’ makeup tutorials for youtube but also having a+ commentary

'this eyeshadow color is really bold i love it! but be careful not to get it in your eyebrow cause its impossible to get out. if you do, just. cry or use a gazillion wipes’

'these are all the colors im gonna use! its a lot but theyre all my favorites’

'now for the eyeliner. just glue your elbow to the counter. just. do it. and accept that it will never be perfectly symmetrical. but hey even my face isnt symmetrical so fuck that literally no one cares youre still beautiful’

'now use this eyeshadow, its called sunshine! they named it after me’

'at this point some of you might say 'wow thats a lot of eyeliner’ and youd be right. do it anyway’


The good egg and the bad egg~

Tbh my body was telling to go to sleep but my mind told me to draw some mastermind!naegi >n< and of course we all know who won in the end

Might do some cleaning and coloring someday but who knows when

I might do some mastermind!au drawings too, since mm!Ishimaru sounds nice as well :D Or just do a bunch of close up drawings haha and no it’s not because i can’t draw hands

Also I tried inking an old sketch and idk if it was the right choice… 

But its inktober so all of my sins are forgiven :^)

On Hiro and Tadashi’s parents

So… betsyselanoican linked me this


Under the cut because RAMBLING.

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legendofcerberus-deactivated201  asked:

The only thing I don't agree with you in your disney-is-racist explanation in Tiana. I prefer black women (including myself) to be seen as strong, someone who can do it without help. Its a better imagine to us and younger black women than someone soft, sub servant and helpless. I think that trope needs to be applied to every woman of color since we seem to be struggling with that in the media. IDK, that is how I feel as a black woman.

and that’s totally your right!! I’m not here to tell anybody how they should feel about how their own people are represented. All I can tell you is that a lot of black women have written about how the strong, independent black woman trope is damaging and I take them at their word!

blogs like lookatthewords and jhenne-bean are both blogs ran by black women who have talked about Tiana in length before if you feel like talking about it with someone who has a foot in the door, so to speak :)


anonymous asked:

Since you're the fashionista of the petyr x sansa fandom... It looks like Petyr is wearing a new cloak this season with a different fabric. The color is lighter and there's grey maybe involved. What do you think?

the fashionista omg

truly the REAL fashionista is petyr ‘diva’ baelish himself but I’m flattered to be considered

and I had to take a closer look, I didn’t think it was differant at first, but you’re right there is a bit of light grey under the sleeves. IDK if the overall grey colour would just be wear or snow taking its toll on the black fabric. You don’t know how rough the spin cycles might be at winterfell, Petey B’s expensive hand wash only threads might suffer

  • Me: yo ugly guess what?
  • Bestfriend: you ate all my fucking pizza again?
  • Me: hahahahaha idk but that's not what we are talking about at the moment
  • Bestfriend: what did you do now?
  • Bestfriend: See you at the funeral bitch. Wear that band shirt that makes your boobs look better ok

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