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Challenge #8
from @thewoychallenge: In a fit of boredom, Lord Hater demands entertainment and the loyal Watchdogs are there to provide it!

“Sir, half of this stuff doesn’t even apply to you”
“Yeah but he’s got a flashlight, Peepers.”

‘Tis the season and all that.


transattorneys gift exchange | junithena for kantilen

merry christmas and happy holidays! (๑´⌣`๑)

anonymous asked:

Have any xNTPs here ever felt really stupid because of your lack of Se? Like you have a hundred clever thoughts running through your head but you cannot remember for the life of you what your coworker told you to do 2sec before and now he/she's looking at you as if you were the dumbest thing ever? Or has it ever happened to you to feel like you have zero sense of logic just because you are not bothered by concrete stuff? Idk if I'm clear enough, it's hard to explain with the word restriction

Hi! I’m sure we pretty much all know what you’re talking about! Many ENTPs have both low Si and Se. Regardless, don’t pay any attention to other people’s expressions, because sure, even though you may forget that immediate stuff and mix up the simplest stuff, it doesn’t make you any less clever, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t be totally brilliant!

One great example I have of this is Sherlock Holmes. He didn’t know that the earth revolves around the sun. Does this make him dumb? No, he’s Sherlock Holmes! He’s brill. The earth revolving around the sun is totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. Just like the daily tiny details may be irrelevant to what you need to do. 

Ignore other people! :)

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Duude, that doujin was rad, but I'm personally more curious about the technology and powers in it??? Care to go into detail?

THANKS!!! I would love to, I want to draw more (plus Al’s profile) but I’m quite busy this week so. Anyways, buckle your belt, it’s a bit hard for me to explain but I will do my best!

Basically, this AU is an ESP AU, where they had an organization that control ESP agents to subdue other ESP criminals as keeping the world’s peace.

But that’s not all the Organization do, they also circle around the Foretelling ability, which Gilbert is the main centre. 

His codename based on the Butterfly Effect, which also the system that boosted Gil’s ability, allowed him to see millions future paths, Gilbert himself became a filter of the system. Gil came to organization by scouted like most of ESPers, using his power for good. 

However, things started to go against his will as the foretold path got decided to gain benefit from the organization itself rather than saving lives. Eventually, he decided to leave the organization.

Before things went wrong against Gilbert to the edge, Arthur got transferred from UK agency to Headquarter. “I want him!”said Gilbert. Frankly, Gilbert was the one foretold and decided this transferring personally, became overjoyed toward the news. Despite Arthur didn’t know of Gilbert before and protested, he got placed to cooperate with Gilbert as a team, also unwillingly have to babysit this albino agent. 

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Hello dear, I love your writing so much whdkajdk ;//; can I have a Prompto fluff where reader tries her best to hide her feelings she has for him but he finds out like for error when she is confessing this with Noctis or someone else? Like he eavesdrop them and blushes like crazy and then does something idk lmao hope it's clear enough, thank you!!


I tried to figure out the rest but I really hope it doesn’t seem out of character or like contrived sounding? It’s such an awkward situation, lmaoo.

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things i am glad about chapter 822

  • they’re finally leaving to get sanji
  • “sanji is a savior of this country”
  • usopp and nami interacting
  • three full pages explaining nami’s new weapon which means that if i get anything less than a nami epic fight and grand rescue i’m going to sue oda
  • VIVI

alright just
clara and missy
some juicy audible pieces of dialogue
i’d gif it but just
just watch

Murdering Mr. Darcy (7/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 6  AO3

“So,” Geoff said. “You and Gavin.”

Ryan stiffened where he stood before Geoff’s desk. When he’d been summoned into the man’s office he hadn’t thought much of it - assumed he was being given a job - but now with Geoff staring at him scrutinisingly, almost suspiciously, he felt suddenly wary.

First Michael, now Geoff. Just great.

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