idk if it's actually my overall favorite

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Now that Ex-Aid is nearing it's end, what are your thoughts on it? And how excited are you for Bob the Kamen Builder?

(spoilers for Ex-Aid and Gaim, maybe Build if you’re trying to avoid absolutely anything on it?)

answering this like…a week late, sorry anon. D: anyway overall I’ve actually enjoyed Ex-Aid a lot! like yeah it’s got plenty of problems – for one it keeps killing off all my favorites, uggggggh – but idk, there’s just something about it that’s really clicked with me in a way the past few riders haven’t. it’s been a lot of fun to watch and that’s all I ask for from a show!

not sure how I feel about the finale yet, a lot is going to depend on the last episode…but honestly Ghost and Drive had such unsatisfying endings and Gaim’s was so cray-cray that as long as 1) something actually happens, and 2) that something is not a character literally becoming God and then flying away into space with their girlfriend to go start a new civilization on Mars, then…y’know. I’m good. also pls save poppy she didn’t deserve this

GET HYPE FOR FIZZICS MAN! …okay if I’m being honest, I’m not feeling Build’s premise, buuuuut that’s probably more because it’s deliberately vague (mysteries!!) and I’ll probably get way more into it once the show actually starts. I’ve really liked what we’ve seen of Sento so far so I’m looking forward to him at least! :D give me that carbonation sensation, I’m ready.

(also I cannot get the theme song out of my head, it’s just a constant chorus of 🎵 BE THE ONE BE THE ONE ALL RIGHT 🎵  up in here 24/7. save me.)