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I checked the bungie website and saw they put a thing for the Age of Triumph, and noticed a gif of the new emblems we’re getting from the book. i got this by using the inspect element tool on the page, so its legit n everything. idk if this is all of the emblems or most of em, but theres 33 here, so theyre probably all of em.


I have this saved as well! Unfortunately, the gif is too large for Tumblr to work properly!

Each of the emblems in the gif is a reward for completing certain sections (pages) of the book

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Hey, so I'm an artist, but I don't have a tablet to draw with, so I just use pencils. I was just curious, do you know of any good scanners I can use? Preferably free? I want to post my art, but I'm not a big fan of the scratches the pencils leave behind.

I don’t think you can…. get free scanners? Unless you go to a library or someplace like that? Whenever I post my traditional art or when I base my digital drawing on a traditional sketch I just take a picture with my phone and edit it on Photoshop.

Maybe you were looking for editing software??? idk??? I use Photoshop, but I downloaded it illegally so I got it free, maybe you can do that. I know that pixlr and gimp work pretty well (not for painting, but they’re good for editing) so those are good options, too! 

There needs to be more Star Trek/TAZ crossover material.

After the latest episode I suppose Davenport would be captain, Lucretia a science officer second-in-command. 

Merle of course is the doctor–just a poor one who doesn’t heal much. NO-3113 is his nurse who is actually healing competent.

Team Sweet Flips is security and the best damn red shirts around, no deaths here (except poor Boyland).

Avi is helmsman, Johann idk maybe helmsman who instead of working plucks his lute all day long? Leon is just a crying mess in the background because Taako has broken him no matter what universe they’re in.

Barry Bluejeans is maybe also science blue? 

Magnus is engineering because duh he has vehicle proficiency, but he’d go on every away mission so he might as well be security, too. Oh, he’s multi-classing.

Taako and Lup are communications. Yes, both in Uhura’s uniform. They are a menace and should probably not be given any diplomatic assignments, and yet.

Warm Me Up part 1

College wasn’t nearly as terrifying as people made it seem. It wasn’t much of a change. At least not for Will. Being independent wasn’t that different from how it was back home. His mom worked all day and he watched his sister while she did, which meant he had to learn to cook and clean and help her with homework while managing his own.

He’d looked forward to college. To being able to be his age instead of a fatherly brother. What he hadn’t looked forward to were the awkward friendless days and lack of transportation or money. He would forget to eat sometimes, but he didn’t want to make food in bulk like he always did because he was on his own. He had no one to share with.

It wasn’t too bad. He was good at socializing, at talking to people he met in the café or on his way to class or in class. They were just never official friends. They weren’t people Will saw himself hanging out with off campus, or people he found himself taking up to his dorm to watch a movie or play a game.

His campus was relatively small. A college that was hard to get into but not very well known. He saw a lot of familiar faces, but none of them had names in his mind.

As he walked with his head bent over his phone, someone rammed into him at a corner. “Oh s-” He stopped when a pair of hands pushed him back and looked up to see a dark haired guy scowling at him through a grunt of annoyance. “S-sorry,” Will muttered.

The guy gave him half an eyeroll and walked away. Will felt his cheeks flare with embarrassment and anger. He shut his eyes and took a breath and kept walking. As he walked into class, a guy he usually sat beside turned to him excitedly.

“Dude!” he exclaimed, taking Will by surprise because he hardly ever initiated conversation if not for a partner discussion. “Listen, the café is having an open mic night and me and buddy are performing. I wanted to know if you’d come to, you know show support.”

“Oh. Sure what time?” he answered.

“Seven. It goes on until nine, but you don’t have to stay the whole time.” Will nodded and jotted it down on his hand. “Thanks, man.”

“Yeah, no problem.” He smiled and turned his attention to the professor as class started.

Will figured it’d be fun to hear people sing and play their instruments at this thing, so he was actually looking forward to it. He was looking forward to it so much, he got there half an hour early and found himself seated near the front, reading a book as he waited.

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slime protips

- simple slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + activator

- simple fluffy slime recipe: glue (white or clear) + shaving cream to cover the whole top of the glue + activator

- stir slowly, don’t put too much activator, and add in activator a little at a time for the best results

- deco/foam balls don’t stick to fluffy slime, but glitter does

- if your slime is too runny or sticky, refrigerate it and/or add more activator

- paint works just as well as food coloring!! i’ve only used acrylic though, so idk if other types work


this week was so nice!!! lectures will end in two weeks and I’m a little sad and also a little glad :DDD I’m gonna miss some of my teachers :’) I’m so tired of studying but I need to keep going :)) I’m really looking forward to the holidays because my dog is going to live in my apartment for a week while my family is on vacation and it’s gonna be so nice


Nice weather.

Although the pollen is 2 inches thick, the temperature was so perfect all day long. I decided to go on a stroll and by the time I put on the outfit above and actually looked at it in the mirror, I was a bit skeptical. It was the perfect outfit for the kind of weather we were having, but… Idk.

I thought well maybe I just need a friend, so I texted Barry. A bit later we got together, he brought his camera too! We went to east Atlanta, we didn’t realize it was going to be so busy, lol. I was already feeling pretty self conscious, but somehow being there with Barry snapped me out of it and I just went into work mode. Barry said “lets shoot at the cross walk!” I didn’t hesitate and said “lets do it!”

There were several people sitting outside on the patios, enjoying the nice weather with their drinks and meals. Then here I come, feeling half naked up to the cross walk. People on the street, in their cars, walking by… I might as well have been the paid entertainment, lets just put it that way. So many eyes, all tuned in on me.

This is when I think to myself “Oh my gosh, here we go again. I’m going to have to slay it.”

I waited for the right away to cross the street, for what felt like an hour! Perfectly poised, in some ridiculous pose of course. Finally, it was my go! I looked at Barry, he had game face on, so I TURNED IT!!!.

I walked hard across the street, caught my hat in the wind flawlessly and everything. I even gave a little giggle while trying to keep the wind from blowing my skirt up to high, and it worked! I slayed that crosswalk, and I am not mad about it.

People stared, yes they did! But I didn’t care, I worked it!
…. And that is all.

Moral of the story?
I did not get to this point over night.
I did not emerge on the other side without my scars.
I did not get to where I am today without making mistakes.
I was not always able to shut out my fears.
I was not always able to call on a friend like Barry.
I was not always able to be successful in the things I am now.

There was a time in my life when I had nothing to live for.
There was time in my life when I didn’t love myself.
There was a time in my life when I had no hope.

But somehow along the way, I discovered hope. I learned how to love myself, I am learning how to love others. The people that I needed in my life showed up, I walked with them, I learned from them. I became one of them and each day I grow more confident. Things take time and experience to learn and understand!

Give yourself credit for where you are in life. Think about any and every single accomplishment you had today! EVERYTHING, from just brushing your teeth to creating a new cure! Give yourself credit, you deserve it! Take things one day at a time, they will get better as long as you never give up!

-Elliott Alexzander

Ta da!! It’s finally done! My lovely Lance, but as a corrupted human healing pod!

Thanks to @kaxpha who came up with BOTH the human healing pod au as WELL as the CORRUPTED human healing pod au! (as well as a billion other aus that I need to see more of *cough*)

I’ll probably clean this up later, caus I’m not happy with the highlight or blood spatters, but whatevs for now

min yoongi as your boyfriend

if you guys like these, feel free to request the other members! (of any of the 3 groups i write for) 

Taehyung / Hoseok / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- waking up would be interesting because sometimes he would be too far gone in his slumber but also he may be up working still on his laptop, you never know. 

- when you two are getting ready together (which doesnt happen too often) you do it in silence but he occasionally will reach out an arm and just pat your back or something when you’re brushing your teeth idk

- sometimes you dont know what to wear and yoongi is like “i got this” and picks out a bomb outfit tbh he has a really nice fashion sense and it works so well 

- you guys dont have any of the matching couple stuff but you do have identical leather jackets and they are super cute but not cheesy

- tbh both of your diets are pretty crappy because he never is home in time for a home-cooked meal so there is a lot of nights you order takeout and eat it in front of a bad crime TV show or go out to a fast food restaurant at like 2 a.m. and order a bunch of fries. its fun tho

- he’s the type of boyfriend that’s really subtle with his love. like he knows your order at almost every restaurant and he knows all your clothing sizes and such but he tends to blush when you call him out on it

- “i was not blushing, shut up”

- “yes you were, it was cute" 

- when he’s stuck on a song, he calls you to the studio since you guys live close. you’ll come in and inspire him but you dont usually go home. instead he lets you sit on his lap and 9/10 times you end up falling asleep with his headphones in as he works. it’s v cute and warm

- you really enjoy his voice but he is quiet a lot so you purposely poke at him to get a reaction and he acts annoyed, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable af

- he was a little nervous meeting your family but he pretended like he wasnt so you told your family to give him a little of a hard time at the start for a joke and they did and he was /so/ flustered but a minute later everybody was laughing and giving him hugs but he just glared at you with a murderous look

- he is really supportive and encouraging, but he doesnt push you more than needed. like if your boss is demanding you to do something you absolutely do not want to do, he’ll just be like "yah, dont do it. screw him” but when its something you just arent sure you can do, he’s always there like “there is no reason to be like that, you can do it" like honestly he is the cutest lil motivator

- when it thunderstorms and he’s at the studio he always calls you because you get a little nervous and he will sometimes rap softly or hum or narrate his day and honestly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. 

- when you convince him to cuddle with you its really relaxing because he’s warm and cool at the same time and he always knows how to make you comfortable subconsciously and you feel really safe

- kissing yoongi is hard to describe because sometimes his lips are cold and quick against yours but other times they’re hot and slow and honestly it doesn’t stop there, its different every time

- during the holidays he acts like he’s too “swag” to participate in the corny couple things but you always convince him otherwise. on halloween you always carve pumpkins together and drink apple cider but on christmas you two wear ugly sweaters and bake (terrible) cookies that you leave out over night for “santa” just for the fun of it. he pretends to hate it but he really does enjoy ever second of it

- he’s protective but in a way you dont notice like he gives a hard glare to anybody who looks at you wrong while you arent looking or making sure to walk on the outside when you guys venture out 

- and he always makes sure to stash a granola bar or crackers in your bag because you forget to eat sometimes and people wouldnt expect him to be so thoughtful, but he is  in his head a lot so he has a lot of time to think of such things

- he didnt want to introduce you to the boys for the longest time because you were his and he was secretly a little afraid that you would like the outgoing and affectionate members more than him but you assured him that you were with him and wanted to stay with him

- he wasnt quite reassured because he’s that type of person but when he introduced you to them, you always gravitated back to him which gave him peace so he didn’t have to worry anymore

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because you had told a really bad joke but kept giggling and yoongi was just like “you’re so cute, i love you” and then you stopped giggling and stared up at him with disbelief but quickly smiled and hugged him tightly and said i love you back and tbh yoongi was so relieved because he was so in love with you and if you werent he didnt know what to do because he had to protect his “swag” and ya know, pride

- being in a relationship with yoongi would be very calm and comforting and you both were extremely content and very much in love with the other

yesterday at work my coworker was talking about how she only wore chokers to make her neck look skinnier, then stood over the vent so her shirt billowed up and said ‘this is what I feel like’ and proceeded to say she meant to go to the gym but she ate jimmy johns instead - all while I was literally eating jimmy johns. I didn’t say anything to any these comments and when she mentioned the last part I just walked away and a few moments later came back and said “so actually I am in recovery from an eating disorder and it’s really hard to me to hear this kind of stuff, could we maybe talk about something else?” and it was scary but I did it and I’m glad I did, or else she’d just keep saying things I really couldn’t hear.

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“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.” 

In which Hux helps Kylo find his feet again after a series of failed missions. 

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fic request: a young mick rory and young leonard snart being adorable at a bad/time place, but everyone's already a little too intimidated of them to say anything

They were celebrating a job well done. As they fucking should. What a haul! What a goddamn amazing haul.

Mick couldn’t stop grinning. Or drinking. The news was spreading fast. Len was a fuckin’ genius. He was. Mick was sure of it. That planning, down the freakin’ second, but it worked so well. No one had ever pulled off a job like that. Mick couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was a thing of beauty. Getting out just under the wire, the cops holding their own hats in confusion, the goods being worth a cool million. Even after the Santini cut and splitting with the crew, Mick was gonna have more money than he’d ever seen in his life!

All thanks to the punk asshole he’d saved in juvie. Sometimes the world really did reward you for good behavior. Who’d have known?

Lenny kept grinning too. He didn’t often but there it was – ear to fucking ear. Just wide. People kept handing him drinks: beer, shots, whiskey, you name it. He was king of the world for the night tonight. Mick felt a pull in his chest. That kind of genius, of power and smarts, still fucking young – he was gonna make enemies, allies, all of it. Len Snart was going places, that much he knew.

He had to go out for a smoke. It was too much, all of a sudden.

He never made it all the way there, though. Was making a beeline for the backdoor of the little dive when a hand caught his shoulder.

“Going somewhere?”

It was Len. ‘Course it was.

“Smoke time.”

“That so?”

He titled his head with a little smile like he didn’t believe Mick for a second, like he saw right through him. Motherfucker. He had that laser vision that always made Mick think he knew more’n he did. 

“Yeah. That’s so.”

“You weren’t thinking of taking off?”

“Now why would I do that on our big haul?”

Len stepped into his space, a little too close, whiskey breath. “You tell me.”

Mick wanted to punch him. God, he wanted to kiss him. “Don’t fuck with me, Snart. You run a good job but–”

Len’s lips were on his. Holy fuck, Len’s lips were on his.

Oh he could get used to this. Rounded up Snart by the shoulders and switched their spots, had him caged against the wall in heartbeat. Oh hell yeah.

Len wove his arms around Mick’s shoulders and let him ravage his mouth like a starved man. He had more finesse than this but fuck he was drunk, and horny, and it was Len. He’d been dreaming about this for months. He could show restraint later.


He pulled back and growled at the guy trying get their attention, the bartender. Mick didn’t even bother reaching for his own piece – he reached for Len’s, tucked in his belt.

“Got a problem?” he asked, not leaning back from Snart’s space, able to feel his breath against his cheek. He had his hand on the gun and the guy backpeddled fast.

“No uh– no.”


He didn’t bother waiting for more, just looked back at Len. “Now where were we?”

“Finding a room, maybe?” Lenny’s grin was crooked. It always was. Mick grinned in return.

“One more minute.”

Then he was on Len again, fused from mouth to hip, and damn if it didn’t last more than a minute before they collected themselves enough to get out of there.

So i was tryin to work on an ask but this didnt really work out so have this wip ill never finish lmao

FTM passing - what i've learned

• the goal is to make your figure look like an upside down triangle. women’s figures are more like a regular triangle.
• yes, hiding curves is important, but well fit clothes are more important. you don’t want to walk around with clothes 6 sizes too big or you’ll probably look even more like a 10 year old boy. (unless thats what ur going for idk)
• layering shirts is everything, especially if you aren’t able to get a binder.
• those “ah bra” things that you see on tv are a great binder substitute. get a size smaller than you normally would & you’re set.
• if you have decent sized hips & thin legs, men’s pants probably aren’t going to work for you. what i do is get regular women’s skinny jeans in one size larger than normal, that way it’s a fitted look but still baggy. ALSO, sagging is actually important, believe it or not. it creates the illusion of a lower waistline and smaller hips.
• small feet? get big shoes. it’s fine. trust me. wear two pairs of high socks and/or make sure the shoes have laces that go all the way up & tie those suckers tight.
• the way you carry yourself is very important. be confident, but don’t go sticking your chest out far & wide because. you know. you have chest lumps.
• when sitting, spread out. put your arms on the back of the sofa or on arm rests. no more crossing your legs. keep them spread, or if you must, cross them at the ankle.
• this is one i’ve learned by observation: MEN STAND WITH THEIR TOES TURNED OUTWARD. this also goes along with being confident & taking up space. don’t stand with your toes together, stand with them facing outward slightly and with your legs apart. unless you really gotta pee or something.
• COLOGNE IS COOL BUT PLEASE USE IT SPARINGLY. one little spray will be just dandy. trust me. no one wants to be next to a walking axe can.
• haircuts are very complicated because it all depends on your face shape, so you can look that one up in ur free time. basically, if you’re going for a shorter cut, make sure the edges are clean and fairly sharp. shaving your hairline to make it appear more masculine is an option as well.




Hey guys it feels like forever since I posted the comic (5 days really) sorry for the wait. It’s really short this time, a transition upload maybe?, it just didn’t make sense to continue further so bear with me. I really hope to get another update in this week idk I’ve just been feeling very stressed and down recently. I haven’t really been doing my work well and even drawing or watching anime has been… meh. and i guess i’ve been kinda lonely, or actually…  jeez I’m not good at words sorry for being a downer. I still promise to make an update a week no matter what (ok maybe finals will ruin that)

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