idk if it was so im posting it

“hey sherlock, love?”
“mm yea?”
“ive got, uh, a question you, could you maybe come out of the kitchen for a bit?”
“yes let me just take off my googles… okay im here now”
“so i know it hasnt been long-”
“oh my god john what are you-”
“but i really truly love you to with my whole heart and being-”
“and i wanted to ask-”
“love i havent even said it yet!!”
“okay okay yes sorry go on”
“will you, sherlock holmes, marry me?”
“oh god yes john yes yes i love you so much so much-”
“OOF okay hi i love you too but your getting snot on my good shirt!!”
“we’ll buy you another one we’re getting MARRIED”
“yes we are oh my god wow i love you”

I dont wanna get involved in any Raphael discourse after last night’s episode so this is the only post im gonna make about it (if you wanna see me rant in more detail you can follow my twitter):  

  • Raphael’s actions this episode were understandable
  • I don’t believe he would actually ever harm a hair on Elaine’s head 
  • his main concern rn is finding Camille to stop a civil war and Simon is making it harder for him to do so, which is extremely frustrating 
  • he isn’t a villain
  • he’s an antagonist at best 
  • the situation is more complicated than Raphael being a merciless bully and Simon being the innocent victim 
  • don’t demonize my son if you dont understand where he’s coming from 
  • i still love and support him with all my heart
  • i also still love and support Simon with all my heart

i’m curious about the spaces on the new wheel so i’ve decided to take a guess at some of the new spots, please add your ideas!

  • 10 second tour: describing a place within 10 seconds was my first thought but i’d love very short tours of the set 
  • take and make: i imagine it will be similar to the playing with your food ep 
  • comment takeover: randl often direct us towards videos that they watch during gmm to comment/like it but i feel like that’s a bit too similar to lonely hashtag? 
  • don’t google that: i guess we’re all going to be googling some weird words/phrases lol 
  • let’s get textual: honestly, my mind shot to this ep because it would be quite quick to do at the end of the ep
  • BYMB (Be your mythical best): something fan based but i am honestly clueless ??
  • 6 degrees of bacon: this is probably easier to read about than explain if you don’t know what it is 

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Okay but about that post how they started with the fairly local video, all i can now think about are the lines "the world around us is burning but were so cold" like now in the hds video the world around them is burning and idk hhggrhhdhfh im dying


Sorry for screaming. I’m REALLY excited!


It has been exactly one (1) month since myungjun posted these and I am still: in pain

400+ followers???

I just hit 400 followers recently? What the hecking heck guys?? I’m so happy rn??

Srsly tho. Im like sooo happy. I want to do something for you guys, but I never know what to do!

SO, idk if this will even like happen, but if you guys like/reblog this post, depending on how many people like respond (I’ll do about a 10% so if it gets ten notes, one person wins, 30 = 3 people, etc.) I will announce a few people who get to ask me to either write one thing or make an icon set or wallpaper thing.

If this post gets less than 10 notes, then I’ll just do everyone who liked/reblogged. 

But ye. Thank you so much guys. ilyasm

Dont forget, my inbox is always open! <3 <3

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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Im sorry Im like actual trash

(Im on my computer and no spell check and im too lazy to fix it sorry)

 I havent been posting lately and i feel really bad about it but ive been feeling really crappy lately and idk why and i keep saying ill post but dont, and its not that i  forget its that i dont feel like it? 

and i have so many asks and im failing at that too btw im trying i swear

and im prolly not going to do the recovery thing idk man

i am prolly gonna answer asks until i grow a pair and get over this funk

and submit recipes if you want

but thats an update congrats you all know im trash  

About me tag

Tagged by: @wavycapricorn

Rules: im not following them so im not even posting them

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5′2″

Time right now: 10:42 pm

Last thing googled:  “website to make dildos”. god why am i like this

Favorite music artist(s): BORNS, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Marian Hill, The Oh Hellos, Ingrid Michaelson, Kid Kudi idk theres more I like a little of everthing

Last TV show watched: a series of unfortunate events

What am I wearing right now: a big red tshirt

When did I create my blog: like 4 years ago jesus christ kill me

What kind of stuff do I post:  i literally post whatever comes into my god forsaken brain and it never makes sense and its usually gross, art, girls, ummm the occasional meme

Do I have any other blogs: no but i kinda wanna make an nsfw one idkk maybe, should i?

Do I get asks regularly: yeah and yall weird as fuck!!!!!!!!

Why did I choose my url: its the phonetic spelling of my name Siobhan

Gender: female

Pokemon team: no

Favorite color: lavender or deep red

Average hours of sleep: umm 6 on weeknights 9 on weekends

Lucky number: 2 and 22

Favorite characters: olivia pope from scandal, charlie from its always sunny, poussey from oitnb, ron from parks and rec, jim pam and dwight from the office, miguel from the road to el dorado

How many blankets I sleep with: 1 unless my roomates being a bitch and turns the AC on in the winter then like 6

Dream job(s): researcher, geneticist, or pediatrician

um i tag all my mutuals who see this i want to know all ur shit even if we arent close 

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Hashtag senpai, did you read the renruki/ichihime ln yet? Bc i live to see you salt and flail them across the face so bad.

i have not read it yet! I know there’s an ih on tumblr who’s translating the entire thing, but honestly for my masterpost of salt I’d rather not use translations from someone who ships ih. Like, I gotta give credits for translations n im like… it’s… kind of rude of me to use translations from someone who probably doesn’t want them used so i can tear their otp down ya feel :’/ I’d feel a little better about using translations that were, like, posted on reddit or smth, bc then i can link to reddit and there’s little chance of the original translator actually seeing all my salt? idk i have some weird notions of politeness but tldr

if i can get my hands on a decent translation, i would LOVE to tear the novel to shreds, but I only know of one person who’s doing thorough translations and they’re ih and on tumblr so i’d much rather not have to use theirs if i have a choice. So here’s an open call to all my followers, if anyone knows any wdkaly translations being done by someone who’s relatively neutral/doesnt care how it’s used, then hmu so i can roast it at 300 degrees n carve it up n serve it to u on a silver platter 

sneep snoop

 hullo,,,, i was tagged by the wonderful @interstellar-tadashi to do this ask meme!! come along w me as i try to find smthn interesting about myself to tell my followers ~

  1. my name is sarah and im 17 the dancing qween
  2. my main blog is @itszainie bc shameless self promo
  3. i live in las vegas, nevada and will fight anyone that says nev AW da
  4. i found out abt sweet elite 11 months ago according to my main blog
  5. 5″1 and full of rage
  6. am a huge weeb,,,, sorry to break it to you
  7. not going to lie rn,,, i have a list of memes i plan to make or post,,, im a fraud
  8. game of thrones is my JAM if any of yall like it msg me so we can talk and cry abt it
  9. idk whats my sexuality but i wouldnt turn down a cute girl thats 4 sure
  10. legit cried when i saw the girl sprites,,, i just have alot of emotions
  11. claire is best girl
  12. idc if its problematic i love romeo and juliet so much ive read it 4 times
  13. my favorite color is gray haha im boring
  14. today i bought a yellow sundress,,, not really interesting but its really cute and i thought you guys should know ok

thats all folks!! i am a boring human bean hahh,,aha,a ha

im going to tag @tegannot (AKA THE BAE) @savoryelite bc best name honestly and @sweetsholar-se bc that icon is goals