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I heard you had some 'good au's™' and wanted to hear about them. You don't tag them so it's kinda hard to find info on. Also who is Sadie?

the only legitimate “au’s” that i have is my “cursed” au (which im still writing, i apologize; i promise the post would be out soon i just have a buncha schoolwork rn), the “cold blooded killer zane” au (which is more of a concept tbh), and my “middle school” au (which ive drawn twice and am probably not gonna touch ever again unless you guys want me to)

i have a buncha things on queue with cursed designs (since its the only one i really plan on doing more of) so theres that too.. u’d be seeing those soon and hopefully i have the first wave of cursed au info post out by then

sadie, on the other hand, is not my own creation. its from @welcometotheart‘s 200 years au, and they have some stuff on the characters on their blog. its a really neat au you should check it out. 

for all my au tags that ive drawn (even if its only 1 art):
#cursed au (everyones dying in this one)
#200y au ( @welcometotheart​‘s 200y au)
#cbk zane (murder ohhoho)
#middle school au (dorks)
#rr au (this is from @deja-lu​‘s reverse realm au)
#mafia kai (this is the only tag for @askthemafianinja​‘s au but if i ever do more in the future, i’d be sure to make a general tag for that as well)
#glitched zane (from @spinning-ninjas​‘ glitched zane au)
#zombie jay (from @garmadork​ and @welcometotheauthor​‘s au)
#breakdancer au (from @askkaiflame​‘s au)
#colour gang au (from @ookamihanta​‘s au)

and i think that’s it (really really sorry if i forgot one of the tags, i draw quite a bit of other people’s stuff)

imagine if planets could fucking grow

like, due to plate tectonics and such, the surface is constantly moving and being destroyed and created, continuously recycled. but imagine if there was a mechanism that created more mantel material during it’s convection within the earth

imagine if that content pushed against the crust and crated more surface area, leading to plate tectonics to spread out like a balloon of rock and material around the planet, stretching and creating more and more

imagine if planets could grow

(yes hello i’m studying for a test and was hit with inspiration for a fantasy setting)


Sorry for inactivity! Been trying to catch up on the commissions since my tablet was out for a month, but I managed to finish the rough gem designs for the gem au! It works a little differently tho, so if you’re curious, check out the lore/info under Read More! <3 Will try to work on Cable/Kathy/Fusion/Gem weapons next time! 

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Gotta take advantage of this whole “Laz running away from the barn because she doesn’t wanna be in a war again” thing :3c even if yall know that these request are old af