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I’m jos/16/Argentina
I’ve made some friends through tumblr and the internet in general but I’ve only got a special connection with 2 of them, so i’m interested in making new friends!
I’d looove to have like a cool squad, and we can tag each other in posts and like have cool skype conversations and aaaaaa can you imagine?? I’m so exited already!

So a few interests we should have in common (it’s ok if it’s not all of them, but at least a few, just to keep the conversations alive)
YouTube: like the most important thing for me tbh, I love dan and phil, Connor, kickthepj, Jenna boiiiii, doddle, Liza and david dobrik? Idk I just watch a lot of YouTube
Netflix, and series like Sherlock, orange is the new black, how to get away with murder, Brooklyn nine-nine, stranger things and Disney movies!
Music, Lana del rey, troye Sivan, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, marina and the diamonds, BEYONCÉ

I’m looking for people who text back, text me first sometimes, keeps up a good convo, like more than just a small talk. I’d love to have friends who are from the US, Canada or Europe but it’s ok if you’re from somewhere else hahah, all races, religions and sexualities are ok to me😊

To join the squad you have to have IMessage or whatsapp, be open minded, respectful and have a fun personality, easy to get along. Please don’t be self absorbed😊 between 15-20 years is ok. Personally I prefer to talk to girls but if you’re a boy it’s ok too😊
Just send me a message through tumblr and then I’ll match the people I think would get along the best.
(I receive a lot of messages when I do this, and most of them are spam or fuckboys so please tell me who you are and that you found me in penpals tumbrl when you message me)


hiatus notice!!

okay so;; i know some of you might have expected this here, given my lack of activity on this blog, but welp. i’m gonna put Nora on a hiatus, for several different reasons, really. I hope y’all aren’t too upset with me (even my mains, esp. if we’ve just recently become mains) but i feel like it’s necessary. 

I should be gone for a few weeks; i just have too much things on my plate right now to be on a blog i have little muse/desire to be on. the longest i should be gone is until april 19th (or april 24th, if not longer. i’ll extend it if i need to)
i’ve had nora as a muse for almost 3 years so i dont think she’ll let me be away from this blog for too long lol, so no worries. maybe.

i have a convention coming up in a few weeks, as well as a good friend of mine coming to visit and even work– so im sorry, i just gotta do what i gotta do. i might log on to reblog pictures from the convention that i’ll probably post on my other rp blog, but i dont plan to be on here until after the hiatus. i dont like leaving blogs inactive without an explanation, so, honestly? some of the reasons are below the read more, summarized and such.

if you’d like to keep following / interacting with me, i’ll be at timidpink (main blogo!!) and princessesque (just made! c: )

i hope you guys stick with me and if not, hopefully you all have a wonderful april!! 

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i was tagged by @annematique to list 6 movies i can watch anytime and this is super difficult? movies are such a mood thing for me, but here’s what i usually fall back on:

  • you’ve got mail
  • the proposal
  • almost famous
  • 50/50
  • about time
  • pride & prejudice (2005)

god the second i post this i’m going to think of another movie that should be on here. whatever! tagging @betchnaesheim, @tarjeitrash, @cuddlyevak, @isakiyakis, @sanaknows, and @kardamomme

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Lol idk if I should thank you for so much work xD

Rules: Write 92 truths about yourself and then tag 25 people 

[1] Drink: Earl Grey 
[2] Phone call: my dad 
[3]Text message : information of where I was sent to my dad U.U
[4] Song you listened to: Pentatonix version of Let it Go lol
[5] Time you cried: I think it was on Sunday..?  

[6] Dated someone twice: …yeah…
[7] Been cheated on: who knows..?
[8] Kissed someone and regretted it: on further consideration…. nope
[9] Lost someone special: yep
[10] Been depressed: I’m an impossibly cheerful person and it’s unlikely I’ll be depressed like ever
[11] Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

[12] Warm brown
[13] Peach
[14] Pastel Green

[16] fallen out of love: Nope. It’s still impossible
[17] laughed until you cried: I don’t think so
[18] found out someone was talking about you: pfft people are talking about me so often it doesn’t move me anymore
[19] met someone who changed you: oh I met him much earlier
[20] found out who your true friends are: hahahahahaha
[21] kissed someone on your facebook list: pffffffffft no
[22] how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: none - I don’t accept friends requests nor do I send any
[23] do you have any pets: a female rat - Ratatouille
[24] do you want to change your name: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[25] what did you do for your last birthday: sulked in a corner :’> (I had a film night with a friend)
[26] what time did you wake up: something around 6 am

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: chatting on tumblr probably
[28] name something you cannot wait for: returned love
[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: not that long ago
[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: there’s actually many many, I can’t pick one :’>
[31] what are you listening to right now: my rat’s chirping as she’s playing around on the couch
[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes
[33] something that is getting you nervous: men
[34] most visited website: eldarya, youtube, tumblr, deviantArt
[35] elementary: little rebell that gets in trouble all the time but every teacher love me bc they are so smart
[36] high school: the queen that everyone adore from afar
[37] college: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[38] hair color: brown
[39] long or short hair: half-long
[40] do you have a crush on someone: it’s more than a crush I think
[41] what do you like about yourself: I’m nearly impossible to piss off and don’t hold grudges… like at all
[42] piercings: nothing not considered absolutely normal
[43] blood type: AB+
[44] nickname: Forest, Muu, Muu-chan, Queenie, Iza, Haru - different people, different nicknames
[45] relationship status: 4 ever alone
[46] zodiac sign: leo
[47] pronouns: she, her
[48] fav tv show: do news count :’>?
[49] tattoos: nope
[50] right or left hand: right, but I lately learnt I can both if I work on my left

[51] surgery: 3 months old
[52] piercing: 17th birthday
[53] best friend: since birth? Our families known each other for such a long time…
[54] sport: swimming
[55] vacation: mountains
[56] pair of trainers: idk
[57] eating: ?
[58] drinking: if it’s about alcohol then mom got me drunk when I was 14
[59] i’m about to: do some work I need to do U.U
[60] listening to: Pentatonix
[61] waiting for: idk anymore
[62] want: a hug
[63] get married: when I get someone to love me back?
[64] career: I have sort of a job but I want to be a doctor… I guess…
[65] hugs or kisses: hugs
[66] lips or eyes: both. Especially durning real smiles <3
[67] shorter or taller: taller by at least 10cm lol
[68] older or younger: older 
[69] romantic or spontaneous: both is nice :>
[70] nice arms or nice stomach: BOTH
[71] sensitive or loud: idk what it means
[72] hook up or relationship: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[73] troublemaker or hesitant: lmao, troublemaker for sure
[74] kissed a stranger?: nope
[75] drank hard liquor?: yep :’>
[76] lost glasses/contact lenses?: aye
[77] turned someone down: shitloads of time
[78] sex on first date?: never
[79] broken someone’s heart?: as many times as turned someone down
[80] had your own heart broken?: who cares
[81] been arrested?: nope
[82] cried when someone died?: once
[83] fallen for a friend?: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[84] yourself?: I’m pretty narcissitic 
[85] miracles?: welp
86] love at first sight?: ’s not possible
[87] Santa Claus?: Who says he does not exist can fight me now
[88] kiss on the first date?: nope :’>
[89] angels?: I think they exist
[90] current best friend’s name: Marta
[91] eye color: mine: gray-green; on guys: blue/green pls
[92] favorite movie: right now… Zootopia

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so anyway my story of Insta-magic-fixes comes on the back of another story that half encompasses ‘why I hate unicorns’ but I’m going to skip that part and just get into the gritty.

So if you’re a winged creature and you’ve had one of your wings violently removed- you have some problems. First of all, muscle problems. Wings are functional items and if they aren’t cleanly, or medically, amputated (or worked on afterwords) you’re gonna have muscles and tendons that SHOULD go somewhere, but don’t. You’re going to have blood vessels that will take a while to die and until then you gotta not get blood clots. And on top of all THAT you’re gonna have SHITTY nerve pain and nerves don’t just hover around the site of the injury like ‘yeah this is where the problem is so this is where we’re gonna be In Pain’ no, nerves are little assholes and your uninjured side is gonna hurt, and your leg and your arm and sometimes your nailbeds because Fuk U that’s why. And THEN you have the long-term effects of how a body adjusts to being very uneven weight-wise for still having the OTHER wing on a bipedal form.

These are Problems. These are problems that I like a character with traumatic injury to have. They limit physical ability, they make for decent plot points, and if they’re chronically painful enough they can even disrupt magic abilities that require concentration.

Enter ‘I Heal All’ unicorn.

Now, for my due part both of these characters followed a decent stat lay-out but I mean a very well-known and recognized property of unicorns is healing. So fine. Fine. U wanna insta-heal the wing, roll for it. I should’ve just refused but the time is past now.

Nat. 20.


BUT. My loophole that I eventually used is that the WING grew back, sure, but all the ‘healing’ ability was mostly used on just getting that full entire wing back, and the muscle damage was still severe enough that it still prevented flying, the new wing- without use- shriveled a bit, and the nerve problems remained. But goddamn if I wasn’t salty about having to go through all that just to avoid an instant fix. … Still have that character today, but he’s in the witness protection program since the other player was a leeeetul bit stalker-y/terrifying. SO.

try not to insta-fix, kids. it’s boring, but also potentially character-ruining for the one you’re fixing, if you’re not careful.

can you critique this piece?? its a new style and idk if it looks ok or if its just as bad as my old one lmao

Since you’ve tagged this retina assault, I’ll start with the colors. From what I remember about Undertale, Mettaton is super out there and flamboyant which the bright colors definitely add to the work, but using richer colors would really make it pop. I don’t know what you’re using to draw, but you should be going all over the color wheel and playing around with the hue and saturation levels, since you’re sticking in the “Purest” shades.

(Red picked directly from the work.)

Next is the anatomy, and this is a pretty big one. You’ve got good flow with the body and the lower set of arms, but the top arms look like they were put in as an afterthought rather than a part of the original draft. At first glance it looks okay, but if you look closer you can see that the upper right arm isn’t even connecting to the torso

You’ve got a good start, but the colors and the anatomy needs a more work.

-Mod Medic

i want it to snow