idk if it makes sense

i wish there was more positivity for mixed race poc who don’t connect with their culture, or connect with one of their ethnicities more than another, or feel like the watered down version of one race

just because you feel detatched,don’t speak your native language or don’t practice any traditions doesn’t make you any less poc

spoiler alert but I’m writing this fic and crying bc VHOPE IS SO WONDERFUL AND SO UNDER-APPRECIATED AND I’M MAD

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12 and 13 with Kurt Wagner pls!

I’m like 65% sure that was for the OTP meme but this was so long ago that I can’t be 100%

12. Who initiates kisses?

KURT. He’ll randomly teleport next to you and kiss you. Lips, cheek, forehead, wherever.

13. Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

You do. Kurt is kind of self conscious about his hands, like how they fit with yours. When you grab his hand he’s more comfortable because he knows you’re cool with it.

im fucking dying i found old dress up pics of “anime school couple” that i took screenshots of , some of the characters include frances @ponprincess im fucking dying reading these i cant believe i was actually ever funny 

a lot f these are just inside jokes about our first dates and ppl we knew in real life like jacob who was always beat boxing and kept calling joey senpai or something and sipan who always wanted to telljoey about tf2 hat economics 

do any of my lesbian/sapphic followers doubt that theyre lesbians/sapphic a lot?? like i could never find a guy attractive THAT way but sometimes i see a guy and im like Oh he had nice eyes and then i completely doubt my entire sexuality an dim like What if im actually bi or WHAT IF IM STRAIGHT … idk does this make sense?? then that makes me nervous to come out as a lesbian because what if im wrong and i end up dating a guy (god forbid!!??!!??) and everyones like U r fake and no on beliebes me again…

the entire thing about this hobi situation makes me really sad cause like i remember when jimin posted a pic of his feet to show how cold it was outside everybody was only saying good things nd how much they “loved feet now” but as soon as hobi posts a pic of his feet to show how fucking hard hes been working everybody is suddenly disgusted by feet

i have this weird sensation of a desire for nostalgia for things that haven’t happened yet. not just a “i’m gonna miss this” but a “i want to miss this.” i want the next two weeks to go by really really fast so i can miss my parents, my city, and my job. i think i actually will and i love what i have, but i feel guilty that i miss school and my man more than i wish i could stay here, so i’m trying to convince myself that i’m going to miss it and need to make the most of it now so i’ll feel less bad about the fact that what i really and truly want is to be back in kansas

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it's p annoying when you're a girl &u say u don't want to have kids and everyone is losing their shit like everyone thinks Im joking or that I will change my mind and Im like 'u wouldn't know?? ?!!?'Im sorry this is random and idk if it makes sense

yeah i get you, i dislike kids and really don’t see myself having any in the future but whenever i tell anyone that they get offended as if it’s their choice what the fuck i decide to do w my uterus lmao?????

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not trying to discredit you or anything, but what do you mean you're attracted to different genders in different ways?

mm….like with boys i like them being tall and gruff and big hands and stuff and like…u kno grrr. but i really really like soft girls who are like…my height and smooth skin ? idk if that makes sense but like ?? and with boys in my head im like “ok this is how i wanna cuddle” and with girls its in a different way ? idk im sorry its hard to explain :(

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Hey I saw that you posted the gif of Malum's live stream with the bj innuendo but I can't seem to find the actual live stream on YouTube. Do you know when the live stream took place? Idk if that makes sense lol

I watched like 5 different live streams (talk about feels) and in all of them I made sure Michael was wearing the gray hoodie but I couldn’t find the one with innuendo. sorry lovely ;(

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Looked buy didn't see anything abt G this recently- did we ever see anything about the very top of the page, with the triangle and beams coming out of it? It looks to me like someone looking up at a space in the woods, but idk if that even makes sense, especially if we've already used that as a clue (it's hard to keep track)

this image is of iconography in the Kazan Cathedral; clue 2 was found there. Bill is so great you can find him in churches with the Big Shots. thanks tho! ∆