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Idk if I ever told you but you're easily my favorite artist on tumblr? Your mccree art is the greatest thing to have happened to the overwatch fandom, he's such a good big hairy gay man and I love him. Your art lights up my day and I always get super pumped when I see that you've posted something. Tl;dr: im gay for your jesse and ily

omg thank-you so much i’m flattered!!


so, here’s the video I said i’d make to show a speedpaint of my main two styles for digital drawing!

boys and glowing alien bubble tea (ft lineart with keith and ‘lineless’ with lance)

look im happy that tracer is canonically into girls and all but if u thought that her having a gf would make me stop shipping these two…..boi


Listen, these two fucking destroyed me, now they’re a tree and I’m sobbing.

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hi :) i really love your supergirl art. ita with your comments about season 2 its...unfortunate. idk if you ever take drawing prompts but im so tired of kara being 'rescued' by dudes (haha remember s1 when she saved herself or alex saved her? good times) any chance you could draw kara and alex after a fight with some big bad? kinda beat up but happy bc they won and just leaning on each other? because they don't need saving. thank u! <3

hello! sorry for the super late reply;;; thank you for liking my work!! and yes, i do take prompts, its just a matter of whether or not i get to it aha :’D thank you for sending one in!!

Danvers sibs 4ever.jpg


Tsk. Just how are you planning to represent our liege if you can’t even dress yourself properly?”


just before i was about to fall asleep i was thinkin about 5.0.5.
figured if he was an experiment made by villains he was meant to be villainous (cough), so heres what i imagined he was supposed to look like. added a lil blueprint version too cause why not

instead of having the flower that grows out of his head in the current form, he was maybe supposed to have a different plant? something deadly??
i didnt spend too much time researching plants to grow from his back so i just went with some good ol’-fashin thorns :P

ill be honest, a lot of this is super messy so i might come back to it again if it gets popular enough or whatev
anyhoo, enjoy!

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do you guys know any fics where its (very) angsty through almost the whole thing but has a happy ending? thank you so much !!

yes we do my friend!!! we live for these tho :’) 

  • Loud as Lions - IM NOT CRYING THERES JUST 10KFRP IN MY EYES// historical, fighter!soo and general!jongin deal with their lives and the feelings they have for each other :o (tw: internalized homophobia)
  • If My Yesterday is a Disgrace - kd are bestfriends but jongin’s feelings aren’t reciprocated therefore he wishes to stop loving soo but ksoo wakes up in a different universe where jongin isn’t his bestriend :(
  • The Woes of the Heart - pining af!! ksoo is a wedding planner and while he carries on and helps organizing jongin’s wedding, he’s suffering inside and he pours his feelings he has for jongin into the diary
  • You Are My Heart - bestfriends to lovers au, soo loves his bff but jongin is in a relationship…until one day he shows up at their house broken and sick :( this is a roller coaster of feels likeee????
  • Warm Me Better - family au, ksoo is insecure thinking he’s not enough for jongin ;;; but together they overcome all obstacles!
  • Convoluted Desires - post-war au, jongin lost his bff seungsoo and when he comes back alive but broken, he meets ss’ brother ksoo who is forced to work in a brothel and feels protective towards him
  • Whisper the words, “I love you” - they’re married but have been fighting a lot lately and unhappy with each other to the verge of divorcing which makes jongin sad so he takes ksoo on vacation in hopes to save their marriage ;;
  • Running Up That Hill - chaptered, rich!soo prostitute!nini the angst aged me 35yrs before they got their happy end boi don’t test me ever again like this 
  • Déjà Vécu - bish this reincarnation/soulmate/non au didn’t win The Best Fic for nothing you’ll be teared apart like 5x throughout the story before you deserve dat happy end>:O 
  • Straight on ‘til Morning - idk how to explain this masterpiece tbh but basically jongin is being abused by his ‘bf’ and ksoo cant do nothing but wait for him
  • Siren Song - pirates!au, this isnt /super/ angsty but jongin gets captured by captain!ksoo
  • Spring, Summer and Autumn - jongin wants ksoo to stay ;u;
  • Second Chances - jongin and ksoo are married but they go through some issues until an accident happens and one of them doesnt rmb anything :(
  • baby, please come to me - angsty drunken smut + mentions of anxiety
  • Somedays I’m Made of Metal - im!!! so ksoo sleeps around but he’s actually lonely (go figure!) and he slowly changes for jongin who doesnt make it easy for him ;)
  • Apricity and the Moon Above You - kadi’s relationship in this can be described as the sun and the moon where the moon is always waiting for the sun
  • Set Me Free - architect!jongin gets depressed when ksoo leaves him 
  • We’ll Cast Some Light - what’s angst without a hanahaki au :’) aka where someone will throw up flower petals if their love isnt reciprocated (dw it ends well hehe)
  • Yesteryear - 49k of reincarnation au where jongin tries to bond with his soulmate everytime he is reborn :’)
  • Complications; and how they arise - this is an old fic but ahh i rly do love the writing, best friends to lovers au with side!chansoo

more happy end angst fics here! happy reading c:

 - Admins H + J

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I am so confused right now what's all this about the notes? Do you know where I could read more about it or like where they came from or what I don't know what's going on

bighit tweeted something that looks kinda like a diary entry/a memoir, which is the note thing you’re talking about, written by jin (in pink). it contains a lot of info and ties some of the videos together (correct me if im wrong but some are from the japanese bst mv, the prologue video, i need u, run, their individual short films, the love yourself posters, etc). the sea is mentioned frequently because they keep coming back there bc of the happy memories they made there together, despite all the things that have gone wrong. the date is their debut date and jin was 22 when they debuted. idk im not super clear about this either nor do i fully understand this LOL this is just like a little jist. i hope the translation helps u understand a little more. 

if anyone has more info/questions on this let me know!!!


(im srry im a writer not graphic designer :3)

anyways, i meant to do this for reaching 1k but then more ppl followed me nd here i am at 1.2k almost half of what it was after my first ff, and it’s almost my nine month anniversary of this blog so i wanted to do this now !! i wanted to say thank you all for following me, and sticking with me even after i decided reader fics werent what i wanted to write anymore and to the people that always support me !!

i lov all of you sosososo much, and im so greatful to everyone!! i never thought id get this far nd it still baffles me what people read my fics and actually like them ?? anyways, i’ll get on with it now. since tumblr sucks, if we are mutuals from a side blog then im srry it doesnt show up :/// also sometimes it doesnt show some mutuals ?? just know i lov u !!! ((nd if any of u wanna talk pls come message me !! chances are if were mutuals i wanna talk 2 u but im too shy :’)))

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Someone you knew for your whole life, but also someone you always craved for

Soulmates/reader x Lucifer

Word count:1.5k

Pairing:Lucifer x reader

Warnings:Mostly fluff, a tiny bit of angst i guess

IMPORTANT: The bolded text is pretty much conversations in the past if that makes any sense

A/N: I wanted this to be short but it somehow got super long idk what happened but im actually happy with how it turned out. Feedback is always appriciated:))) *And im really bad at naming my fics

Originally posted by sapphire-n-emerald

You were sleeping curled up to a man who seemed to not need sleep. He was running his fingers trough your hair as he was listening to your calm breathing. He could never get enough of the sight of you and almost every night he would let you cuddle up to him and fall asleep in his arms.

A thought that he would develop such deep feelings towards a human was something he never believed would happen, but then again here he was, laying next to a woman he was deeply in love with.

He was an Archangel, which meant he couldn’t sleep, but he loved being next to you at night, and sometimes even visiting you in your dreams. He loved making your dreams more enjoyable and he loved spending time with you, in reality and in the dream world.

Ever since he first saw you he knew there was something different about you. Something that he never felt around other humans. He felt like your soul was more vibrant and he felt strongly attracted to it. It was a weird sensation he couldn’t explain.

You on the other hand felt something completely different when you first saw Lucifer. You were able to see his wings, so when you first saw them you were scared and confused. You’ve met other angels before, being a hunter and all, but you have never seen wings of one and the sight of angels wings took you by surprise.

Even though he felt different about you, that didn’t keep him from trying to kill you. He took his time though, making sure you could feel every moment of agony. He would throw you against a solid wall and laugh at you when you were spiting out your own blood. And you fought as much as you could, or as much as he would let you, but at the end you couldn’t fight anymore, hell you couldn’t even move a muscle at this point.

“Last words darling?“ Lucifer asked standing right in front of you as you were curled up against a wall

“Why can i see your wings?“ You whispered out

“What?” he seemed to be taken back by your question but you didn’t seem to notice that

“I have met many angels before, and i have never seen their wings. Why are you different?” you looked up at him, but he just stood there looking back at you, and quickly after, he disappeared.

You can still clearly remember the way he looked at you when you told him you could see his wings. The look of confusion on his face, and the way he didn’t know what to say was something that you will never forget.

When your friends Sam and Dean found you, you were unconcious and they took you to the nearest hospital. When you woke up you told them everything about what happened to you and about a very strong angel that attacked you. The only detail you left out was the fact you could see his wings, but you didn’t really think it mattered so that’s why you decided to keep it to yourself.

When the Winchesters told you that there was a chance that angel was Lucifer himself you were shocked. And even when you healed completely, you couldn’t stop wondering why did Lucifer spare your life.

One day as you were talking to Sam Winchester you brought up the whole humans being able to see angel’s wings question. That was the first time you heard about the old story about angels and their soulmates.

“Well, apperently, there is a belief that angels sometimes have human soulmates,their souls are conected in some way, like two pieces of one whole soul. And when that happens the human can see the wings of that angel.Angels and their soulmates feel this emptyness of some sort that goes away, the moment the souls get together.” Sam said

“But there is no proof that these stories are real right?“ You asked, trying not to show that you were a bit worried.

“No, there’s really no proof, and if you ask me, i don’t think it’s real” He answered smiling at you “Why are you asking anyway?”

Ever since you found out about the old stories you researched it more and more, but you never found any proof about it being real so you gave up after a while.

You stopped thinking about it. Months have passed and you continued with your life, with hunting and saving people, until a disturbing chain of dreams brought it all back.

The dreams weren’t always the same, sometimes you were just walking in a dark alley, sometimes you were at the cinema watching a horror movie and sometimes you were in your room hiding from someone or something. The only thing that these dreams had in common was a blonde man with flaming red eyes that seemed to be in every single one of these dreams.


You knew it was him but you didn’t know why. In every dream he was getting closer and closer to you and everytime, just when he was about to speak up, you would wake up covered in cold sweat and crying.

These dreams were driving you crazy to a point where you weren’t leaving your house and where you tried your best not to fall asleep.

After three days without any sleep you couldn’t handle it anymore and you finally drifted away. This time your dream wasn’t intense and scary like the other ones were, this one was even peaceful.

You were sitting on a bench in some sort of park, surrounded by nature. The weather was beautiful, sunny but also windy and the sounds of nature around you were relaxing, and you were finally happy.

As you were sitting there calm and peaceful, you heard wings flapping behind you. You turned around, and he was standing there, right behind you, but this time he didn’t seem intimidating and you didn’t feel scared.

“Lucifer” you smiled at him and by your surprise he smiled back

“(Y/N)” he sat next to you, one of his wings brushed against your skin, making the hairs on your neck stand up “I’m glad you are not running away this time”

“Why are you showing up in my dreams?” You asked looking up at him. His eyes weren’t red anymore, they were blue like the sea, and you could feel your heart race faster just by looking at them

Lucifer sighed heavily before answering “I wanted to talk to you”

“Right. But you could have showed up in the real world, why did you chose the dream world instead?” You asked

“I knew your first instinct would be to attack me (Y/N), i mean you are a hunter after all” he smiled at you but this time you weren’t smiling.

“So you were scared i would hurt you? That makes no sense, you are the devil i would have no chance against you”

“Its not about me being scared you will hurt me, its more about me being scared i will hurt you again.” he confessed avoiding looking at you.

You still remember him trying to explain to you that you are his soulmate, and you could clearly remember the look on his face when he told you that he wouldn’t blame you if you hated him and if you didn’t wanted to have anything to do with him.

And the expresion on his face when you told him that you don’t hate him, and that you would be happy if he visited you in your dreams again.

For a while you were conflicted with yourself, he was the devil after all, but when he was with you, he was different, and you couldn’t help but to slowly fall in love with him.

For months he was visiting you in your dreams, taking you to places you always wished to see, and just spending time with you

After about a year,for the first time you asked him to show up in the real world to you. He was a bit unsure if he should finally meet you properly, but he decided to do it just because you wanted to see him so much.

When you hugged him for the first time, you felt like you just hugged someone you knew for your whole life, but also someone you always craved for.A feeling of the other half of your soul, vibrant and beautiful filled you with joy. And you knew Lucifer felt the same way.

Now 4 years after that moment you are sleeping in his arms, both of you still deeply in love with each other and happy together.

Your relationship with Lucifer was definitely hard to handle sometimes, but you knew it was all worth it at the end of the day, when you would cuddle up next to him and drift away in his arms.

hey can i just say: i think its amazing & lovely how popular faranda is on here like…. 90% of ppl i follow here ship it + im super glad about that….. 

in general as a gay dude, i feel pretty catered to in fandom spaces (m/m ships are usually popular in like. every fandom) and i always feel super sad for my wlw friends cus the ships w girls get overlooked so muchhh in sooo many fandom spaces but ?? in my corner of the dghda fandom at least, faranda really seems to be taking off in a big way and i’m so happy for all of you girls who like girls out there!

we should really, as a fandom, do like a faranda week next month or something w art and fics and whatnot because?? good ship?? the goodest ship, even??