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“Don’t look at me like that; I’m not the enemy.”


Starsky’s shirt is 100% on point. Mr. I-don’t-like-plaids. Starsky, when did you EVER not like plaids.

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Is this townes girl Harrys ex???

I was just going to post a gif of Harry laughing, BUT I decided to go this way instead:

The line in “Carolina” where he says 

Town(e)s, better swim before you drown 

(because on the lyrics I’ve seen in Harry’s handwriting, there is no E, it’s written Towns) is an obvious tribute to Townes Van Zandt and the line “You got to swim before you fly” from his song “Two Girls” which is oddly enough, a song that a friend once burned onto a mixed CD for me.

If you follow the wiki link up there, you’ll see in the related artists section the name Blaze Foley. He was one of the artists on Harry’s mixed tape in Another Man. 

So, to answer your question another way, no.

To answer your question another way, Harry is gay.

I speak on behalf of both Carolinas as a native of SC.

Got7 as police officers:

Jaebum: usually an undercover because he’s got the looks/takes the police car on a cruise when on duty/the first to fall asleep in case meetings

Mark: the single, women officers all have a thing for him, but he never notices and counts them as extremely friendly coworkers who love their job/everyday at work is a good day for him

Jackson: asks too much questions about each case/wants to help catch bad guys but is always given paperwork to do/constantly begs chief to put him in an active unit “please please please please”

Jinyoung: right hand man of the chief/tries to save Jackson from trouble most of the time/has the best stories of catching bad guys

Youngjae: the happiest officer on the job/whenever he pulls a car over for speeding, he never forgets to talk about his dog with pure excitement for a few seconds

Bambam: the officer who adds additional accessories to his uniform to display his pride in serving the community/checks himself out at every glass door before entering

Yugyeom: a newbie on the job/gets pranked too many times at the station that he pulled his gun on accident a couple of times

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Why are people saying that onew's station flopped? I just checked and his song is charting in the 80s. Jonghyun's song is charting too. Both are doing well so idk why ppl insist that shinee is flop.

i don’t know lol, like you said they’re both doing ok. i checked too… i guess anon considers a flop being bellow 50? really, anything before 100 is good on melon. 


AoS Winter (Re)Watch: One FitzSimmons scene per episode
            1x13 “T.R.A.C.K.S.”

lavenderek replied to your post: “phantasticmrphox replied to your post “This has been weighing on me…”:

like fruit pie falls apart no matter how you slice it (HA) so it’s all identical to me

Sure but there’s a little falling apart and then there’s “most of it is still liquid.” IDK cobbler is so much easier lol why not just make cobbler if you’re gonna let it fall apart anyway??

Dating Luke Would Include:
  • his hands constantly around your waist
  • accidentally tickling you with his beard whenever he kisses you
  • extremely corny jokes
  • loads and loads of cuddling
  • always looking at you with so much affection
  • trying to convince him not to shave his beard
  • “but love, it gets annoying and itchy”
  • “but luuuke, i like it”
  • him eventually caving in and keeping it as it is
  • telling you how beautiful you are 16937254 times a day
  • not being able to shut up about you in interviews
  • being protective of you when you’re both in large crowds
  • really cute texts
  • constant hand holding
  • cuddling with his head against your chest and your chin resting on top of his hair as do things like poke his dimple and ruffle his beard while he talks
  • always touching you in some way without even realizing it, whether it’d be holding your hand or his hands around your waist
  • watching science documentaries together even though you dislike them, because you love seeing how fascinating he finds them
  • waking you up at three in the morning because he remembered a “cool” fact about space
  • booping his nose
  • resting your head in his lap while he plays fifa
  • waking up to the sound of him singing in the shower on those rare days he’s up before you are
  • honestly so much singing, that boy just won’t stop
  • constant serenading
  • “i wrote a song about you today, i think it may be the best song i’ve ever written”

ashton // michael

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