idk if i'm proud of this yet

i have a download page!! thanks to @tofusaucee for helping me a lil bit!!

added some new cc that i haven’t posted yet, the links will go to my blogspot!

i moved all my clayified hairs (and some other things) to the “old custom content” category because i’m lazy and i don’t like clayified hairs anymore lol


If her heart were truly a scroll, she could burn it. It would become a tunnel of flame, a handful of ash. The secrets she had written inside herself would be gone. No one would know.
Her father would choose the water for Kestrel if he knew.
Yet she couldn’t. In the end, it wasn’t cunning that kept her from jumping, or determination. It was a glassy fear.
She didn’t want to die. Arin was right. She played a game to its end.


can you believe it the trailer’s finally out and i get to publish this masterpiece enjoy i hope it helps the little bit of waiting until the actual episode

btw i didn’t fucking know there was a five minute limit, so the shit i went through to get this is fucking insane :) i literally have no other videos on youtube bc i never had to do this?? but here we are. 

Random Thoughts:

Hmm…. if someone were to ask me which piece of art I was most proud of…. I’d say it’d have to be my Excel sheet of games I own/want

It’s sorted by console, alphabetized, and color-coded for completion.

It was also supposed to keep me from buying more games because in theory the list was a reminder of how many games I have yet to finish….orz


My moirail and I just after I came out as trans at the age of 15! Her name’s Katie and she’s one of my most precious friends in the world tbh idk what i’d do without her. She was born with vision impairment and has lived her entire life without proper sight and yet she’s the most inspiring, happy person I know and I adore her. She’s smart and funny and analytical and is the only person who knows me inside out. She also sasses me all the time.

Fun fact: the first thing she ever said to me was ‘Hello, do you like maths?’

Love you KitKat!


anonymous asked:

Can you please do this?? .... You (their girlfriend) singing "My Turn To Cry" and they heard you singing... Idk if that's making any sense ... (Sorry for my English... I'm not yet that good 😪) Can please do it????? Please I Love your blog ☺️❤️

Your English is fine! :) Hope you like it!

Xiumin: “Jagi! that was you!?” he’d start laughing surprised at how good you sounded.

Luhan: “shhhh” he’d shush the other members so he can continue hearing you sing without you knowing.

Kris: “you are amazing” he’d look at you completely proud and happy that you are his.

Suho: *completely freaks out* “SHE CAN ALSO SING!”

Lay: “did you hear how good someone was singing our song earlier?”

You: “Lay that was me”

Lay: “What? you’re amazing!”


Chen: trolling activated “Sounds like someone can’t reach my high notes”

Chanyeol: “wait wait!” he’d run to get his guitar so he can play while you sing

D.O: you couldn’t hit the right notes so he just sits back and enjoys his coffee trying to ignore you “it’s a good thing she’s pretty”

Tao: “You are amazing! please sing more of our songs”

Kai: “wow…” he’d stop whatever he’s doing and listen to you sing a huge smile on his face. “you really are perfect”

Sehun: “noooooo she’s singing again” he’d complain telling you that you are talented in many things, but singing is no one of them.