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So I heard some really bad news today, that there’s a second Dadvid Week happening, but at the hands of M//axv//id shippers

@directium was the host of the first one, the good one (that I didn’t have time to participate in, unfortunately), and so I drew her designs of Max’s good twin daughters, plus my own design of Nerris’ daughter.

Hope you enjoy!!

(Also if it isn’t clear, M//axvi////d shippers don’t interact, please and thanks)

i have a download page!! thanks to @tofusaucee for helping me a lil bit!!

added some new cc that i haven’t posted yet, the links will go to my blogspot!

i moved all my clayified hairs (and some other things) to the “old custom content” category because i’m lazy and i don’t like clayified hairs anymore lol

– For Emma ( ˘ ³˘) ♥

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I love your Fairy tale AU stuff but do you think we could ever get something similar for Mcsombra? I love AUs and they are my favorite pairing 💕

idk if this is a ‘fairytale AU’ as much as a ‘Sarah has been reading a lot of Pretty Deadly AU.’ 

   Once upon a time there was a highwayman, tall and broad of shoulder, grizzled yet handsome in countenance, though one could not exactly tell by virtue of his hat, kerchief and mask. He was a gentleman thief and smuggler, only robbing from those who deserved it, the powerful and the corrupt, and delivering goods to those in need. He was all but a folk hero of his region, songs were sung of him, and drinks were toasted to him, the swiftest rider in the land.

     Now in secret, this highwayman loved a tavern maid, herself dark of hair and sharp of wit. He loved her in secret because he knew if anyone knew of their love, they would threaten her to try and bring him in. She was clever, far cleverer than him, the Highwayman would say, but she was indentured to an innkeep who all but worked her to the bone. The highwayman was her comfort, her friend, and her one true love. She knew some of the old magic, and she bound their hearts together with a violet thread. Now, she had the sight, and she had kissed both of his eyelids so only they could see the thread, but as long as her Highwayman’s heart beat, they would always be able to find each other.

     In the wee hours of the morning the highwayman would show up at the doorway of her inn, and she would meet him happily, and he would give her the spoils of his efforts, which she would hide away under the floorboards of the inn in the hopes of one day buying out her own contract. They snarked and teased and bantered and bickered in their way, but none could mistake the warmth with which they did so. One day, they promised each other, one day they would flee far far away, and live in comfort together–never again would the tavern maid have to suffer another night of inn-patron’s leers and wandering hands, never again, would the highwayman find himself fleeing hound and musket. One day, they promised. One day.

    But one day the highwayman didn’t come. 

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You’re looking great tonight, Angie!

How many times have I told you not to call me ‘Angie’, Monsieur Jones?

I’m appalled by the lack of America/Monaco content, honestly- Looks like I gotta do everything around here ♥

AmeMona works the best in the 1950s as a for-the-cameras PR-made relationship around the same time Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco got married (which slowly melts into something genuine? who knows?)
so they’re basically this glamorous power couple for a few years until tabloids move on to the next big thing idk

hey. listen up. you may not think you’re beautiful, but you’re just like a dandelion. some people (boring people) might say you’re ugly; you’re just a weed meant to be pulled out of the ground. but other people, the best sort of people- the ones with kind smiles and happy voices- they see how amazing you are. they go to anyone who will listen. they lean down to the little kid next to them, to their best friend beside them, and they go out of their way to pick you up. they smile gently and ignore the people who say you’re useless. they look at you with wonder and say “look at this. it’s a flower just waiting to grow. let’s make a wish and send it on it’s way.” make sure you remember, that you’re a dandelion. you’re special, you’re a wonder, and you’re going to matter to someone. someone will see your beauty, even if you don’t see it yet.

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Guys I feel like I'm broken. And not sad broken but like… I don't find people attractive and it's frustrating because I can see how people think they are bc of the science behind it and everything but I don't feel it and even when I have a crush I don't see it because I'm demiromantic and graysexual so I just feel kinda broken. Because what's the point of relationships if the people are just going to break up. Ya know? Idk I'm sorry for clogging the ask. I'm just insecure right now… what do I do

Pidge: Hey, I feel you, and you are not broken at all. You are built differently, like everyone else is, and that is something to be proud of. Differences, whether you think they’re good or bad, are just part of being a human and they should be celebrated. Science is constantly changing and evolving every single day, what’s true today might not be true tomorrow, so if you don’t fit any current molds it’s not because you’re wrong or broken it’s because we just haven’t discovered everything yet. 

Shiro: We’re all raised to fit certain expectations no matter where we come from, some people meet those expectations, and that’s okay, but some people don’t and that’s just as okay. The expectations you were raised to fill might not be what you are or will become, but that doesn’t matter because the only expectations you need to fill are the ones you set for yourself to make yourself happy. Who you love or not, who you’re attracted to or not, those don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, what matters is that you love yourself and love being yourself every day that you can. It may take a really long time to get there, and it may even seem impossible to even hold it for a day, but it’s not. 

Lance: This life is yours, and whatever you make of it, so instead of thinking you’re off and need repair, try your hardest to think that this is the way you are and that you’re proud of it. Because this is the way you were meant to be and this is who you are right here, and right now, and that’s what matters. 

Keith: Relationships are to make you happy and develop you as a person, even if it ends, in a good way or bad way, you still learned from those experiences and know what to do to going forward. Everything you go through develops you and makes you stronger and more capable of handling what’s next to come. 

Hunk: Whatever comes your way you can handle it, because you’re already infinitely strong and brave for just being able to say that, yes, you are demiromantic and graysexual, and you may feel broken now but it’s not always going to be that way, because nothing lasts forever. 

Allura: We are all here to support you and help you in anyway you need it. It’s okay to need to lean on someone when things get tough, and you’re not weak because of it at all. No one is broken for being who they are and no one deserves to feel that way either. We all deserve love and compassion and to be happy. Especially you. 

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There's so many, I wanna ask all of them:( lol, ok umm 24.favorite scene you’ve ever written 25.favorite line you’ve ever written

(i mean you’re totally welcome to ask more lol)

24. um idk if this counts because i don’t have a final draft yet but chapter 24 of awal is going to be real good and real feelings-y and i’m really excited about it; it’s going very well

25. truly i don’t know if i have a good answer for this because i don’t really have one? at least none that i can post right now. i’m horrible because the second you ask me these things i can’t think of any lol. but the dialogue ‘all right, geralt of rivia. i accept your suspicious offer’ from the most recent chapter of awal had been in my head since this arc took shape so i’m really excited the time has finally come for me to use it


I can’t help but think back to when Con tweeted this. I actually gasped in front of people who had no idea of my infatuation with these two. I had to play it down. Back then their friendship seemed to be growing still and they had really just been spotted a few times hanging out alone. Then this happened. We knew Connor was traveling somewhere and the (very small) fandom joked about him going to Australia to visit Troye. When Con tweeted this the whole fandom broke down. It was actually pretty funny. But we knew not to press our luck. We still tried to remain open-minded that maybe they were just friends. Connor wasn’t even out on YouTube yet. My point of this rambling post is that if you were to tell me back in October of 2014 when this happened that Connor would be joining Troye as he toured Europe I would have laughed. And yet here they are…