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Vanoss: *tries to open locked door*

Delirious: No, no, no you can’t come in here. Uhhmm… Cartoonz is naked.

Vanoss: What?

Cartoonz, fully clothed: What?!

Delirious: Well, I couldn’t say I was naked. He’s allowed to see me naked.

Cartoonz: Why does everyone have to be naked? Just tell him not to come in, Jesus Christ Del.

Safeguard | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

I’ve been wanting to do a non-chibi version of Thrawn and a ysalamir for a while now.  I’m glad I finally got around to it!  :)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

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sterek number 5 please and thank you

send me a # for a sterek drabble!

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Derek watches the pair sitting at the next lunch table, the scowl on his face growing more and more deeper with each passing second.

Erica looks back and forth between Derek and the lunch table for several moments before she utters. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Derek whips his head towards Erica, his scowl shifting as he glares at his best friend.

“You are jealous.” Erica repeats, this time as a statement.

Shaking his head, he turns his eyes back to the couple briefly, before turning back to his lunch. He knew that denying it was useless, Erica had always been able to tell when he was lying.

“I heard he doesn’t even like her like that anymore.” Erica says a few moments later. “Isaac heard from Scott that Stiles had given up on her. Maybe they are friends now.”

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smile with me (you make me begin)

Originally posted by berry852

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Reader
Genre: Smut, Comedy, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 30,587
Warnings: cursing/cussing, sexual content, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, past bullying, past abusive relationship, mentions of drug usage, mentions of depression, anxiety attacks, self-harm

First, there were hot tongues and meaningless moans, anger and grudges hidden behind sex. Then, there were laughter and inside jokes, fleeting kisses and warm gazes trapped in time.
Jungkook has never known love before, but if he has to define it, he’s sure that love is everything he feels for her.

for the sake of the story, BTS’s ages are ambiguous. however, 95 line are still the same age, and jungkook/reader are the same age as well. jimin and taehyung will be in their third year of college, while jungkook and the reader in their first. hoseok and namjoon are also in their last year.
the reader/female character will always just be referred to as she/her/the girl. any other female character (the reader’s roommate) will be referred to using their name (or in this case, “her roommate”).
P.P.S. if you’ve ever read the overwhelming light surrounding us, see if you can catch my little reference ;)
P.P.P.S. thanks @sydist for reading the whole thing and sorting out the plot with me, @thules for making sure the smut’s okay, and @trbld-writer for encouraging me to write this!

The winter air is colder today; Jungkook shoves his fingers into the pocket of his jeans. He quickly strides forward, breathing ragged as white mist dances before his lips; his camera slams against his chest as he breaks into a run.

He has always enjoyed winter. There’s something about the serenity of the season—a time littered with sprinkles of hope, joy, and laughter—that somehow always manages to warm his heart. His fondest memories are born during this time of year, images of a chocolate fondue, his smiling older brother, and giant Christmas presents tucked neatly into the corner of his mind.

His camera bounces as he halts abruptly, and he pushes through the doors of the coffee shop.

“Jungkookie! You’re back!”

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RWBY Volume 4 OST - Bmblb [ music box ]
RWBY Volume 4 OST - Bmblb [ music box ]

“ Now the flowers are in bloom,
and you’ve chased away my darkness and gloom. ”

I JUST REALISED IT WAS YIO’S (@rwbyballpointpen) BIRTHDAY AND THIS WAS A BLIND PANIC so it may not be the best but 
happy birthing day yio 

Original: Youtube
Download: Soundcloud

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omg i just love, love, LOVE your writing like i love how you capture the members of the groups and how the way you make them seems to really be them (does that make sense idk) but I'm begging you please, if you have time, can you make a single dad au for NCT because I trust your writing more than others (no offense to other amazing blogs out there) thank you ♡♡

this is something i never thought of before i got this message,,,but single dad moon taeil just seems like a really cute concept,,, and i ,,,,had to write it ahh

  • has twins,,,,,,a boy and a girl who he loves more than anything in this world. like really 
  • but unlike their calm, quiet father they’re rowdy and mischievous and taeil keeps having to running around with one in his arms,,,,chasing down the other one,,,,bumping into furniture,,,spilling toys everywhere
  • and it’s no damn surprise they love uncles johnny and ten so much,,,,,because those two can keep up 
  • while taeil can only fall face first onto the sofa and mumble that fatherhood should be considered an olympic sport at this point
  • texts taeyong at least 42 times a day about what he should and shouldn’t let the twins do,,,,,do you think horseback riding is safe,,,,,they’re only four,,,,,,,one of them just tried to steal someones keys i gtg taeyong -
  • but at the end of the day,,,having two angelic kids makes taeil so ,,,, content because they’re his world,,,,he wants to make sure they get everything 
  • (unless of course it’s dangerous, and unless it’s candy because johnny always brings some and then taeil has two hyper kids with sugar rushes on his hands)
  • you own a little bakery squished between two big buildings in the neighborhood where taeil works and whenever he’s coming back from work,,,he picks up something for the kids and you can tell he has kids
  • because his jacket has stains on it from paint and his backpack has keychains of disney characters and the not so obvious tired,,,but really excited look in his eyes gives it away
  • also he buys pastries in the shape of puppies and stuff so,,,,,,
  • one afternoon taeil has the babysitter bring the kids to meet him at work and when he stops by your little bakery you see two little kids,,,,,running back and forth pointing at all the food and jumping up and down, pulling on taeil’s pants to get them this cake or that treat 
  • taeil,,,,knows they’re being noisy and he’s dealt with people shushing him and telling him to “control his children”
  • but when he murmurs out a soft apology you just laugh and you’re like ,,,,,what are you talking about?? it’s nice to have so much cheerfulness in the store !!!
  • and you go out from behind the counter and crouch down next to the twins who eagerly as if they can try this or that 
  • and taeil has never seen someone ,,,,, so effortlessly bond with his kids but in a matter of minutes his daughter is leading you around by the hand and his son is asking you if he can draw on the chalkboard menu 
  • all the while you’re smiling,,,,,the kids having full trust in you as you pick them up to both scribble little lines and happy faces on the menu and then 
  • when you turn around taeil notices they’ve gotten chalk all over your apron and shirt and face but,,,,,,,you’re still grinning
  • you end up giving taeil an huge bag full of pastries and snacks and taeil tries to take out his wallet but you’re like it’s fine!!! seeing the kids is enough to cover for it!!
  • taeil,,,,,stares at you wide eyed for a moment before flushing red like he’s back in high school and stuttering out a goodbye
  • on the way home the kids eat some of the pastries and his son climbs into his lap and is like “dad,,,,when can we see them again??” and taeil is like who,,,,and they say your name
  • ,,,,,,which leaves taeil once again in shock because did u put some spell on his kids??? why do they like you so much??? i mean,,,,,you’re cute he’ll admit that- wait what
  • and the next day as taeil is going back home from work he passes by your shop only to stop down the block, turn around, and walk back to you
  • when you see him you brighten up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi,,,,,,and you’re like “are the kids not here?” and he’s like they’re home,,,but,,,,,,i,,,,i was wondering do - do you have dinner plans??
  • and you’re like hmm no i usually close up late and eat from the grocery store
  • taeil swallows,,,playing with his tie until he’s like,,,,,,,would you like to come have dinner with me,,,,,,the kids want to see you again and all so-
  • you practically jump for joy and taeil,,,,,,well his heart does a little pull when you take off your apron and explain that you’d love that!! you’ll close up early today
  • watching you get ready,,,taeil wonders for a moment if you’re going along just because you like his kids,,,,,,,or maybe because you like him too??? maybe?????? who knows?????
  • but it’s apparent when you two are walking toward the subway and you’re like “i can’t wait to see the kids, but also,,,,,,”
  • he looks at you,,,and you shyly look away and mumble that you’re happy you get to see him too,,,,,,,,
  • taeil feels the heat rise up into his face and he’s like aH,,, m,,,,me,,,too- oh tHE TRAin is COMING LETS GO
  • and without thinking he grabs your hand to run through the turnstile and you squeeze it a little tighter,,,,,,,,because you know somehow it feels right

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Headcannon: So, let's imagine that Dany and jon consented on a wedding alliance, to keep jon as a king. And then they are on a council of the north, and Dany makes a impulsive decision (nothing mad) that low jon's authority. And then, later, they argue and make a savagesexpeace. How it would be? If you're up for smut asks ;p

Ahhh I couldn’t resist writing more Jonerys smut. Most of it is beneath the cut :) 

“Obstinate woman,” he hisses, close at her ear so she can feel the wet heat of his breath against her face. “Must you always get your way?”

Dany bites her lip between her teeth, turning in Jon’s arms to face him. “You should know the answer to that by now.

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memo420  asked:

I may sound like an idiot but I can't watch the show, and I'm real confused about Maia / Jace ? Could you explain maybe? Thank you :)

i’m gonna be so extra and make this LONG AS HELL, with clips because there’s so many on freeform and why not?! also gifs because i’m extra???? and i love them?????

okay so jace and maia’s story starts in 203 (maia’s first episode) and it starts off well, maia let jace use the phone at the bar she works at and gave him a free beer so it was like :D 

but then maia found out that jace was the one who killed her friend gretel but it wasn’t him but he was there when it happened, so by default she had to avenge her friend’s death and kill him. then jace had to plead for his life, and it clearly affected maia’s decision because she was willing to let him go but the other members of the pack weren’t. 

anyway jace gets rescued by the shadowhunters and then yeah. SO ONTO 207, so simon and maia are feeling each other at this point, and jace happened to be at the bar and of course is a complete little shit towards maia, but she hits him back lmaooo. later on jace gives simon terrible advice which cost him his date w/ maia, because he’s a thot and was plottin’ 

then simon’s like “i guess some girls are immune to your charms” BOOOOOOOOOY. then next episode, 208!!! maia’s working at magnus’ party and of course, jace arrives and the banter & flirting is off the charts, and maia said she was happy she didn’t kill jace :’) at this point, if you didn’t see it then idk what was wrong with you.

their next appearance is in 210, when jace is out with luke and maia’s angry at luke who locked her up for no reason and then maia ends up punching jace LMAO, ass beating #2 (its what he deserved)

OKAYYYY lets jump to 213, where shit really went down. so basically jace is hung up on clary, and maia’s hung up on simon so they form the salty lovers club™ at the bar and end up talking a little about a few things, its rly cute. and it has the first appearance of jace’s maia smile!!!

okay then there’s this plot w/ wanting to put a tracking chip into every downworlder and jace is head of the institute so he went to the bar to tell maia that and then ASS KICKING #3 OCCURS, but at the beginning they were so cute and we saw the second appearance of jace’s maia smile

oKAY THEN, maia’s accused of killing a shadowhunters and there’s iconic scene where she calls out the clave’s racism. and in that scene, maia asks jace to believe her ;-;

THENNNN jace apologises to maia and everyone is truly shook, it was a great scene :’)

HOOOO BOY THEN THE MOST HAPPENED, I’M NOT OKAY!!!! so jace goes to the hunter’s moon (the bar) to take out maia’s tracking chip and it’s so *eyes emoji* at this point

then jace apologises once again and maia’s like your dumb ass almost ruined the whole downworld because you’re still in love with clary. and jace’s like clary? IDK HA!!! then maia’s like prove it… AND THEN BITCH OH MY GOD HE KISSED HER AND WE ALL SCREAMED. then maia pushed him away and i was like wow how could they play me like this. THEN SHE SLAMS HIM ON THE WALL AND THEY HAVE SEX JKDFJKGJKGHJKFJKDJKS IM STILL SO SHOOK THEY DID THAT

maia says it doesn’t mean anything, and next episode jace said the same thing but they’re fucking liars and i’m a hot mess

WOW IT WASNT MEANT TO BE THIS LONG BUT :)))))))))) as you can say, their love is legendary, and we deserve for them to be endgame


I’m sorry, i’m dying because of this friendship.

also, too ooc? probably.

welp i guess there’s not going back. @skidspace tagging you because you made me ship this and i don’t know if I hate you or love you for it probably the second one

So…I have this headcanon that Yandere when not stalking senpai or killing people, he likes to draw. It’s usually about him and senpai together and being happy and things like that but  sometimes he draws the other ilplier egos and the stuff he thinks happens in their meetings and theories about the egos he doesn’t know well and thats how this stupid comic happend and instead of drawing specific things about that headcanon i go for the gay stuff. yay me

Note: I like to think that even if he can’t see with his eyes, the host is aware of the things happening around him(visuals and stuff like that) because of his “narrating everything that is happening” powers(at least most of the times)

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I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED your recent drabbles!! Also... I absolutely do not want to make it seem like I'm telling you to write something, but I saw your tags on the Victuuri Superhero AU one talking about the idea you'd come up with involving Yuri as "Shadowkat," and I am DYING to know more about that idea of yours, it sounds so good!

omg ok so @farashasilver​ and i were talking about a superhero au and basically

  • yurio is shadowkat, a superhero with cat-like abilities 
    • super agile and flexible
    • the ability to blend in with shadows
    • can jump off tall buildings and land on his feet no problem
  • these powers begin manifesting when he’s going through puberty 
    • ”mila. mila i’m DYING” 
    • “that’s puberty, yura” 
  • turns out the reason yurio got these powers was because of medical experiments done on him as a kid
  • he was dying of a mysterious childhood sickness and his grandpa nikolai once worked for nikiforov tech and he begged viktor (or rather, at the time, viktor’s guardian yakov – who later is just viktor’s alfred pennyworth i guess) to save him
  • viktor did ofc and yurio recovered well but then puberty and BAM superpowers as delayed-action side effects lol
    • “wait you mean to say not everyone suddenly gets the ability to bend their arm backwards during puberty?”
  • nikiforov tech keeps tabs on yurio medically through sending doctors to check on him once in a while but once the powers start manifesting viktor swoops in personally and is like how about you learn some responsibility for those powers yura
    • “excuse me i am SHADOWKAT,” says yurio
    • “uhhuh,” says viktor, giving him a super high tech suit with training wheels ala tony stark in spiderman: homecoming
  • yurio doesn’t hate viktor so much as be perpetually exasperated by him like you are perpetually exasperated by an eccentric rich “uncle” whose idea of being a good guardian essentially amounts to giving small children high tech weapons to teach them responsibility 
  • oh and also he’s engaged to local goody-two-shoes superhero yuuri katsuki who once stopped a speeding train with his bare hands and then said (and yurio is just so Done about this) that anyone could have done that
  • and viktor is completely gaga for the fact that yuuri is super strong and has seemingly endless stamina 😏😏😏
    • also, like, viktor used to come from the tony stark school of “throw money at your depression in the hopes of making it go away” so having someone like yuuri in his life is making things a loooot more bearable
    • also also yuuri is pretty much bottled sunshine with a great ass so
  • yurio will never admit he’s actually kinda happy about how happy yuuri makes viktor because he is shadowkat, goddammit
    • “you’re not allowed to tell the world you’re shadowkat until at least your eighteenth birthday,” says viktor
    • yurio flips him the bird. “can i at least tell my friends”
    • viktor rolls his eyes. “you already told them haven’t you”
  • yurio also has a crush on this seemingly dark broody senior at his school, otabek altin, who lowkey looks like he doesn’t give anyone the time of day
  • (especially not loudmouth jj leroy who is asb president, of course, and his cute band geek girlfriend isabella yang)
  • (that’s at least 80% of the reason why he likes otabek)
  • turns out otabek altin just is trying to work up the nerve to ask edgy sophomore yuri plisetsky to homecoming but that’s no one’s business
  • also yurio might have saved his life as shadowkat once or twice
  • they probably have a spiderman/mary jane thing going on 
  • anyway yurio and yuuri (and viktor with his high tech superhero gadgets ala batman and iron man i guess) gotta save new york from a new terrible threat
    • which may or may not be originating from another Edgy Teen who had gotten exposed to the same medical treatments as yurio but… fell through the cracks
  • also stan lee cameos as a uhhhhh idk figure skating commentator

jeonkookiex  asked:

hello !! i'm here to confess my love for you and also request a ravi au !! i need inspiration for something and i've been thinking of using ravi for it bc he is a beautiful man so if you could write me a little something w him being idk a werewolf or a vampire or a warlock or idk anything mystical ?? i love you ???

hi yes i can please take this werewolf!ravi au

  • if there’s one thing that is really great about being a werewolf, it’s body temperature 
  • ravi literally nEVER gets cold, and the people who hug him or stand next to him can feel the heat radiating off of him. he’s like a big warm blanket
  • this is incredibly useful in the winter,,,,,,but when summer comes around - it,,,,it’s dreadful
  • because ravi, at any given moment, feels like he’s wearing too much in his human form and when he transforms all his fur is just like a big big winter coat
  • so what he usually does is finds some big supermarket with the ac on blast to loiter in to cool off and you,,,,,,,you work the freezer aisle so you see ravi like everyday
  • like,,,,,,,, of the summer 
  • and you’re not sure if he really just keeps buying those microwavable dinners or something,,,but you don’t mind because he’s tall, cute, and his tank top is cut in all the right places that even in the cold store - you still can’t help but blush
  • and one day,,,ravi notices you,,,stacking boxes onto the top shelf of one of the freezers
  • and he sees you struggling just a bit to reach so he goes over,,,,and asks if you need help
  • shocked,,,,,because customers almost never offer to help workers,,,,you stammer out that it’s fine it’s nothing
  • and as you reach for the next box, so does ravi, and upon touching him ravi realizes - your hands,,,,,,,,they’re cold
  • “sorry! they’re always kind of cold, even when im outside !! it’s just ,,, it’s just something my body does”
  • you laugh it off awkwardly, hoping he doesn’t think you’re a vampire or something
  • but ravi,,,,,,ravi just looks at you and reaches out again,,,taking your hand in his and bringing it up to his face
  • and you’re like ?@?@??? is???? is everything ok
  • and he’s like “your cold hands,,,,they feel nice,,,,,,”
  • you feel your cheeks heat up and you don’t notice that ravi’s own skin is unusually warm for someone who stands in the freezer aisle for an hour but you’re like ah,,,,,i ,,, mean,,,,thank you?!?!
  • ravi keeps your hand there for a bit till he lets you go and gives you an embarrassed apology but you tell him it’s fine - you just - people usually don’t like you touching them because you’re cold
  • but ravi shakes his head and he’s like “believe me, i like it.”
  • this continues throughout the summer,,,,when ravi sees you he keeps asking if you can touch his face or hold his hand and he always seems to be so embarrassed by asking 
  • but at the same time,,,,,,,he’s so sweet you can’t say no?????
  • but also like what does this mean- are you his human icepack??? what is going on
  • and only when the season change back into chilly fall and the heating still hasn’t kicked in at the store ravi shows up and for the first time you’re the one needing him
  • “you’re always so warm,,,,can you just,,,,hold my face for a second”
  • ravi blushes but reaches out and ,,,,,,, as expected his hands are a perfect toasty temperature
  • and you’re like “ah,,,thank you - how are you always so warm?”
  • “im a werewolf”
  • your eyes widen and you’re like “wh-what”
  • ravi laughs and he’s like “im not joking,,,,,im a werewolf.”
  • he smiles again and you notice the sharp teeth, the way his brown eyes flicker into yellow around the pupils
  • and you’re like holy shit- no way
  • ravi shrugs and is like “wait let me just-” he shakes his head a bit and when he stops two large ears poke out from his hair, his sideburns getting a little longer and nails on his hand growing
  • you stand there in the freezer aisle - shocked - and he shrugs a little and is like “werewolves all have high body temperature which is why i came here so much in the summer.”
  • you blink  and then go “oh, here i thought you were coming for me,,,,,,”
  • you giggle and say it’s just a joke but ravi scratches behind his neck and goes “well,,,,,,,that was part of it too,,,,,,,”
  • but then he shakes his head again, returning to his human form completely and going “but who’d like a werewolf - right?”
  • you look back and forth and you’re like “uh, me. i like a werewolf. especially since you’re so warm and winter is coming up.”
  • ravi perks up,,,,mouth opening in happiness like a puppy and he’s like “r-really?”
  • and you’re like “yeah!! you can be my werewolf heat pack and ill be your,,,,,,human ice pack in the summer :-)”
  • ravi grins,,,,reaching out to take your hand again, the warm feeling rising from your fingers to your chest
  • “id like that,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna see my full form sometime?”
  • “is it cuddly”
  • “well,,,im basically a big dog so-”
  • “id love to.” 

anonymous asked:

hi, ive been trying to think of the 2 sweetest + famous quotes that mimo said to each other (momo to mina & mina to momo) can you help me out on this?

oh gosh, where do I even begin…?

Momo to Mina:

  • “Mitang, Mitang daisuki!” (Mina’s more intimate nickname + ‘I really like you’ in Japanese)
  • “I understand her feelings. Her mind is more mature than mine, so she’s been invaluable to me.”
  • “Thanks to Mina, I gained a lot of confidence. I think I can do well now!”
  • “We actually kissed! It was a real kiss!”
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Our skinship is the best!
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Isn’t she pretty?”
  • “I’m dancing with a special person.”
  • “It’s waaay more fun to perform with Mina!”
  • Momo picking Mina as the most beautiful member while dancing and being super shy about it
  • Momo talking about how she used to be scared of Mina but realized she wasn’t scary at all after talking to her
  • Momo talking about how she’s nail buddies with Mina and they share nail polish, but Mina’s nail art comes out better because she’s more patient 
  • etc. etc. I may add on more later

Mina to Momo: 

  • “Momo unnie, I think you always work really hard even when you pretend to not be doing so. When it’s really difficult, I hope that you’ll lean on the members. I’m really happy and thankful to be in Twice with you. Unnie, I love you.”
  • “Because I know Momo unnie has been having a rough time (competing in Sixteen), I almost cried.”
  • “Momo unnie practices the hardest out of all of us. I feel like I really can’t accept the situation (that she was eliminated from Sixteen).” - while crying very badly
  • Mina talking non-stop about how she (and her mom XD) thought Momo looked gorgeous and the members not paying attention because they’ve literally heard her say it a million times already
  • Mina saying during an interview that she may get Momo a certain gift just so she could use it too aka so they could share
  • “Momoring, hearteu!” <3 
  • “Momo unnie is so good looking!”
  • Mina talking about how she made the pasta just for Momo

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anonymous asked:

Implausible problem #16372920: Tenten's weapon shop is failing because the Shinobi system is supposedly like "haha we don't need ninja" BUT literally people buy stuff like that all the time as weird collectors. Walk into any Asian themed curio shop and you're going to be confronted with a huge ass weapons market so literally now I'm just angry realizing Kishi just wants to screw over female characters and... idk I don't know where I was going with this. Have some salt to share.

When you think about how issue 700 is a “where are they now” issue, with characters getting 1-3 panels each, how they appear in that small space matters even more.

Let’s rate all the female character appearance in 700 based on how much they uplift or downcast the character.

Anko: one of the only characters whose face is bright and cheerful in 700… but, she’s fat… and while I would really like to believe that making her fat isn’t meant to be making her a joke… well. We’ll give this portrayal 8 points out of 10, since at least she’s happy.
Hinata: genuinely looks happy, visiting cousin’s grave, being a good mom, 10/10
Tenten: miserable, failing business, all alone, 0/10
Temari: lecturing her son but gets ignored by him, is serving her brothers drinks but is uninvolved in actual ninja business, pinched face, 2/10
Ino: enraged, instantly blows up into bitch fest with Karui whom she addresses with utter loathing, the men trying impotently to calm the women down 1/10
Karui: tbh it is kinda fucking horrible that Karui treats the InoShikaCho formation so lightly. even if there is peace, there may not always be peace, and traditions like that are important to pass down. fight me, Karui. fight me right now. 1/10
Kurenai: hanging out at home in her kimono looking older than she should (does Kishimoto have any idea how 40-50 year old women actually look? Tsunade un-henged has the same issue in the original series, Jiraiya looks fantastic but Tsunade looks like the crypt keeper), looking confused as her daughter dashes off to Actually Ninja, 6/10
Tsunade: let the bitch fest commence! actually Tsunade is probably fine with this as long as there is an open bar. 10/10
Terumi Mei: one-dimensional character is one-dimensional. oh boo hoo hoo I’m a drop dead gorgeous kunoichi with two kekkei genkai but no body wants to date me boo hoo hoo WTF. in what possible universe would this woman have trouble finding a man. 0/10

Ga-chk indeed. At least she’s basically doing some kind of ninja thing here though. 8/10
Sakura: Woo boy. She’s shown dusting, complete with kerchief and apron.

Ok. let me get this straight. I’m a housewife, ok? Far be it from me to say that housewives are stupid, lame, useless, whatever. They/we are not. And housework and “low skill” cleaning is unfairly devalued, especially coded feminine tasks. But even I, who is comfortable in my identification as a feminist housewife, would not want to be depicted in a “where are they now” montage fucking dusting.

And Sakura is, at least supposedly, not just a housewife. She has really specific, important, rare skills regarding healing. It would make more sense for her to hire someone to do household chores (at a living wage!) so that she could spend more time keeping people from fucking dying. And then spend her well-earned off-time kicking back with a drink with an umbrella in it.

But it really comes down to this.

Did Kishimoto draw Naruto mowing the lawn? Did he draw Sasuke washing his clothes in a stream? No, he didn’t, did he?



Kurotsuchi: literally the only female in the room during the kage conference. She gets a 10/10 but we’ve gone from two female kages and three female bodyguards as of the fourth war, to one female kage and no female bodyguards. so that’s 10/50.

Final score: BOO YOU FAIL

thatwallfloweroverthere00  asked:

Hi, I really love ur fics and just wanted to ask if you had any favorite Zutara headcanons?

My ultimate Zutara head canon is that Zuko doesn’t give Katara a new betrothal necklace. Idk, it just seems too important to her for her husband to expect her to wear something else, and I think Zuko would understand that. 

Instead, I often write Zuko taking her existing necklace and refurbishing it to incorporate pieces of him. For example, the ribbon. This would be the easiest thing to replace and considering that it’s been worn for decades by different women, it probably needs to be replaced. 

I see Zuko changing the ribbon to a silver band that’s the same width as the ribbon, and very delicate… like a choker band, I guess. The silver goes well with the blue stone and it flows with the purples, whites, and other blues of the Water Tribe seamlessly. The silver, being ‘a refined metal,’ represents the Fire Nation’s tact with precious metals, etc, as well as Katara’s (and Zuko’s) status.

To give the silver a more personal touch, Zuko carves it with delicate engravings of dragons and other Fire Nation symbols. He seems like the type who’d have a natural talent for artsy things, but I imagine he’d take lessons for a long time with the local palace engraver before creating a new band that is worthy of Katara. Basically, her refurbished necklace is like years in the making. He probably starts making it the moment she agrees to be his girlfriend, honestly. He’s that extra. 

Either way, he’s got his new band ready, and he somehow maneuvers the existing necklace away from Katara and transfers the stone and original clasp over. When it’s done, he holds onto it for an extra week because he’s not sure how to propose or how extravagant to be. He tells Katara he’s having the ribbon cleaned because he noticed it was stained with sweat or something else totally bullshitty but also believable enough that she doesn’t push it, she’s kind of just like ‘oh, okay…. thank you.’ 

I really think she’d have no clue what he’s up to. Zuko is the King of Stealth, so I think he’s savvy enough to keep her in the dark, and he’s probably threatened any third party who knows with banishment if they let it slip. 

In the end, he wakes up one morning at sunrise and she’d still dead asleep, all curled up under the sheets and facing away from him. Zuko sits up and reaches over to brush some of her hair from her face. Katara stirs enough to roll to her back, and he kisses her forehead and down to her neck while he fumbles for the necklace (it’s hidden under his pillow because he’s also that extra). 

Once his kisses pull her out of sleep, Zuko very softly, says, ‘I want you to marry me,’ and Katara smiles lazily while she’s stretching awake and says ‘I know, dork,’  in that sassy tone that she has. It makes Zuko laugh, which just confirms for him that right now is the right time and he holds up the necklace before laying it gently against her skin, right above her collarbones, and repeats himself, ‘Katara, I want you to marry me.’ 

Her mood immediately shifts from mischief to surprise to excitement and happy tears. All Katara can manage to do is smile and nod and croak out ‘Yes, okay. Yes.’ while she fights the ugly sobs. She grabs for him and pulls him down for long, long kiss that ends up being practice for the wedding night. 

When they finish and they’re laying there all smiley and satiated, Zuko collects the necklace from where it lays forgotten on Katara’s side of the bed. He sits up and helps Katara up, too, motioning for her to turn her back to him. Then, Zuko fastens the new necklace around her neck, pecks across her shoulders, and they spend the rest of the day in bed, making wedding plans between kisses and excited laughs. 

The Bet- A Cassian/Azriel/Mor Fic

….Listen my dudes, idk what to tell you, I’ve never written this pairing before, never really felt that inclined to either… But they wanted to bang…so I let them. Bless my dearest, @pterodactylichexameter for betaing!! 

Title: The Bet

Summary: Modern AU, established relationship. Cassian, Az and Mor have somewhere to be and while the boys are up their sleeping beauty is nowhere to be found. Az comes with a novel way of getting her out of bed….NSFW. Sin. Much sin ahead. You’ve been warned. 

Teaser: Az’s dejected form isn’t what leaves their bedroom however. Instead, Cassian freezes in the act of raising his mug to his lips for a drink when he hears a soft, feminine moan escape. He waits for all of a second before the mug and half-eaten breakfast are abandoned and he wanders down the corridor to investigate.

Link: AO3 

Azriel doesn’t look up from the piece of toast he’s slowly, precisely, buttering as he hears the unmistakeable sounds of Cassian sloping into the room behind him. His boyfriend doesn’t stop walking until he crashes, albeit gently, into Az’s back, jolting him against the counter. His thick, muscled arms slide easily around his waist and he nuzzles softly at his neck, still slightly damp from the shower.

“Mm, you smell like Mor,” is Cassian’s dreamy idea of a mumbled morning greeting.  

Az comes as close to grimacing that he ever does at that. “I think I used her shampoo this morning,” he confesses drily, now tipping coffee into the mug in front of him. Cassian lets out a gasp of mock horror at this and withdraws from him as though tainted. He claps him playfully on the shoulder, “Good luck,” is all he says before he heaves himself up onto the worktop, his heels knocking gently against the cupboard door.  

A soft smile traces Az’s lips as he slides the coffee towards Cassian who raises the mug in a grateful salute after grabbing it before taking a long draught. “I don’t think I have to worry about it,” he says evenly, melting out of the way to let Cassian at the toaster and hob, “She won’t be coherent enough to notice for a while yet.

Cassian glances over Azriel’s head towards the door of their bedroom, slightly ajar, revealing the darkness within, then he snorts. “It looks like the lair of some fell beast,” he observes, casually swiping a piece of Az’s buttered toast and transferring it to his mouth. Az huffs but doesn’t protest, considering it a fair trade for the half a pack of bacon Cassian has just slapped into a pan.  

Az makes a business of checking his watch, “At this time of the morning you’re not far wrong,” he murmurs, ambling to the fridge and pulling out eggs which he lays on the counter within easy reach of Cassian’s broad, deft hands.

Cass snorts at that assessment, barely even looking at what he’s doing as he cracks the eggs and transfers them to a bowl to whisk them up, “How long do we have before we need to leave?” he asks, eyebrow raised.

“A few hours yet,” Az replies mildly, taking a small sip of his own coffee, “But she should get up now.”

Cassian snorts again, “You expect her to manage that without some sort of encouragement?” he demands, “Waking Mor up at this time is like waking the dead, we’d have an easier time finding a new girlfriend at the graveyard.”  

Az just smiles at that, watching his boyfriend work, “Mm, I’m quite fond of this one, as it happens,” he murmurs quietly.

He’s fully aware that he already has a plan to deal with their…situation. Cassian never eats his eggs scrambled this way, and his bacon is always half raw. Sure enough, a few moments later, tipping the eggs into a frying pan, Cass grins, “Don’t you worry, sweetheart,” he says affectionately, leaning over and kissing Az on the cheek even as he rolls his eyes at the petname, ”I have just the thing. She’ll be up in a minute, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.”

 It’s Az’s turn to snort at that. Of the three of them, Cass is the one most likely to tend towards optimism but even by his standards that’s stretching the bounds of belief. “Okay fine, she’ll be conscious,” he amends irritably before waggling a spatula threateningly in Az’s direction, “you get to take over from there.”

“If you actually manage to get her up I’ll take over from there,” he promises faithfully, taking another idle sip of his coffee.  

“Ha,” Cass grins, “Just you wait, Az, she can never resist my cooking. Ever.” He reaches past him and swipes the large ‘princess’ mug out of the cupboard, filling it with coffee from the pot before dumping in a small mountain of sugar and half of their milk reserves into it with his customary grimace that anyone would dare besmirch the good name of coffee the way that Mor does.

Azriel just hums as Cassian starts to load Mor’s breakfast onto a tray, leaning against the worktop, saying nothing. As he starts to leave the room however, Mor’s breakfast arranged in the shape of a smiley face with tomato eyes, a bacon mouth, scrambled egg hair and a spikey toast hat however, Az dips down and presses a soft kiss to his lips, “Good luck,” he murmurs.

Cassian waves an airy hand, “Oh ye of little faith!” he huffs irritably as he sets off in the direction of their bedroom.  

Azriel waits patiently and he and his lack of faith are rewarded by a Cassian stomping out of the room five minutes later, caught somewhere between astonishment and dejection, resolutely munching a piece of Mor’s toast. “Unbelievable,” he grumbles, looking sincerely crestfallen. “She’s made of stone, Az, we’re dating a statute, I hope you know that.”

Az just smiles as Cassian helps himself to some of Mor’s eggs, clearly lamenting their wasteful scrambling. “That was never going to work,” he says smoothly.

Cassian lets out a good natured growl, now eating a piece of Mor’s bacon with his fingers. He brandishes it at Az, “I bet you a tenner you can’t get her out of bed before I can.”

Cass watches as Azriel considers this, can practically hear the cogs turning in that mysterious, shadowed brain of his. Finally, with a decisive little nod, he sets down his piece of toast and says, “Deal,” before padding towards their bedroom.  

Blinking, slightly startled by this sudden turn of events he calls after him, “On this try mind you!” Az just vaguely nods his agreement, gently pushing open the door at the end of the corridor. What a well meaning idiot, Cassian muses with a shake of the head, happily stuffing one of Mor’s tomatoes into his mouth. She doesn’t know what she’s missing, this breakfast was up to his finest high standards, but Az is taking part in a truly hopeless mission. Fire-breathing dragons would have been easier and safer to approach than their Morrigan this morning.

Cassian waits, shovelling down more of Mor’s bacon with what Az would probably consider indecent enthusiasm. Mor would understand though, he has to give this breakfast a proper funeral, worthy of her approval. He expects to see Az slinking back to him, defeated, rummaging irritably in his jeans for his wallet to offer him the spoils of his victory. He freezes, another piece of toast halfway to his mouth, loaded with scrambled eggs and dread – if Azriel fails in this task it’ll be his turn to rouse Mor again…He contemplates this for a few seconds then shovels the toast and egg into his mouth, deciding it’ll be worth it. His boyfriend had been so achingly sure of himself and while Cass doesn’t think that Az’s ego needs to be deflated any more than it already is, on the other hand he really does like the idea of him coughing up the bet money.  

Cassian waits some more, still devouring Mor’s breakfast, feeling a slight pang of worry for Az. In her current state, well aimed pillows might just be lethal, and he’s quite fond of Az’s pretty face…He decides to give it a few more minutes before launching an emergency rescue operation. Any second now he’s going to have to kiss that small frown from his beautiful face, console him even as he delightedly accepts his winnings.  

Az’s dejected form isn’t what leaves their bedroom however. Instead, Cassian freezes in the act of raising his mug to his lips for a drink when he hears a soft, feminine moan escape. He waits for all of a second before the mug and half-eaten breakfast are abandoned and he wanders down the corridor to investigate.

Gently pushing open the door, decorated with Az’s careful, neat lettering of their names (Cassian’s idea) and the small stick figures in the top left corner, (a drunken Mor’s contribution) he pauses to properly drink in the scene. Azriel is kneeling on the floor at the side of their bed, Mor’s long, golden legs hooked over his shoulders, his head buried between them. Mor is arching in pleasure, another faint moan spilling from her open lips as her body bows from the bed. Her hands fist the crisp white sheets, clutching at them as Az teases her with his tongue.  

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