idk if i'm gonna make this a thing or not yet

tbh I had this rly cool idea for an outfit for meri and then got cool ideas for outfits for the other characters but the problem is I’ve already started drawing the comic lol

solution idea tho: I make refs for the new outfits. go back and redo the panels that I’ve already drawn but just like. adding the new details like I won’t go overboard with redesigns. I haven’t even drawn meri in the comic yet so he’s fine I can go overboard on him which I probably will lol

also the first 10 or so panels were actually drawn like a year ago and I’m legit cringing looking at them sometimes so I think I’ll just. change the things in them that I’ve changed in my drawing style like face shapes and stuff. idk I just kinda want a blank slate but at the same time I put a lot of effort into what I have already… also I want to redo the colors cause I can’t for the life of me find the HSB numbers for the colors I was using in the background oops haha