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if you hear screaming emanating from the northern virginia area, don’t worry, it’s just me watching the mash finale again (in about an hour after I make dinner so I don’t have to stop in the middle)

“They just can’t get my nose right!”

Ah I had this idea for a while now– has anyone else done this?? I hope not, but if someone already did I wanna seeee 💕

Pfft the actual drawing on my sketchpad is small, so sorry for the terrible lettering– Any constructive criticism would be appreciated!! I would love to get better ♥

Sam Drake laugh/chuckle compilation

Side Note: Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. I’ve been busy with college apps and school so I haven’t had any time to make content, let alone have enough free time to play video games :(

On Victor’s love

Okay so I was thinking about Victor’s reasons to coach Yuuri recently and I realised there is one thing I was missing while thinking about it before. You know how we are shown Victor’s eyes start to sparkle the moment Yuuri asks him to be his coach?

For me this scene was always about feeling needed - Victor was so lonely he wouldn’t even realise it until that one dead drunk skater looked at him with awe and asked for his time and attention. Of course, it was a life-changing moment. In a way, I could agree this is the moment Victor falls in love because the idea of someone wanting him, needing him, struck him so much he can’t help himself. And so I agree that Victor’s crush on Yuuri played a big part in his decision making when it came to going to Japan. However, I also believe there was a different kind of love that really determined that decision.

Because we can be sure that before he overworked himself to the point of severe depression, before being on top lost its meaning, Victor absolutely loved skating. He’s not just an athlete, he was always an artist who was able to share his passion and stories and he wanted to surprise an audience, not because of his own vanity, but because of how much he wanted to share something he loves with the world. His skating was never about winning but about sharing his love for ice skating and this is why his situation is so tragic at the beginning of the series - he probably realised at some point that it’s not only that the audience is not surprised but also that he can’t find that love in himself anymore. For me, this is why he skates a program about missing love in his life - the only story he still knows how to tell.

And then Yuuri shows up asking for a coach, for someone to help him find his love for skating again, someone who in every move shows how much more does skating means then being technically strong. Victor had always so much to give and there is finally someone who wants to and deserves to take it. 

I don’t think that Victor came to Japan only because he needed love or inspiration although he definitely found them there. But he went to Japan because all he ever wanted was to inspire and express and share and Katsuki Yuuri was the first person who could appreciate it in a way that Victor would never imagine possible. He went to coach Yuuri if only to remind himself why does he loves skating and ended up finding so much more and it makes me so happy to think that next season he’ll be able to show his love for the whole world again.

  • I'm one slip from raising hell, two slips from a padded cell: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • I'm like a sideshow in your circus, collecting coins from a wishing well: Cancer, Pisces
  • You're always jumping on my case, I got a villain, you got a chase: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • You're always speaking with a purpose, I wish you would just save face: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

America: England! Omg I just watched a super scary movie and I can’t sleep!! Please help meee!!

England: ugghh, but its 2 in the morning-

America: my fears are nocturnal, remember?? Can I sleep with you tonight, pleaseeee? Oh, and can you sing me a lullaby too~?

England: fine, fine, sleep. *sings lullaby*

-The Next Day-

France: hm? Who’s singing?

Austria: it sounds… angelic…

America: oh, haha, that’s just my new ring tone~

Hungary: I love the voice! Who’s the singer?

Japan: I would like to know too, America-San.

China: it seems like a good song to sleep to! I want to know as well!

America: haha, that’ll be my little secret~

England, from the distance: *blushing intensely*

asks for those who daydream!

❤ who/what is your current character and what do they do?

💛 what is your current daydream about?

💚 does your character have any mental/chronic/physical illnesses?

💙 what things does your character dislike?

💜 what is your favorite thing about your character/daydream?

💞 are you and your character similar or different?

💔 does your current character have a tragic backstory? and if so, what is it?

💘 is there someone your current character is in love with?

🎭 is your character happy or unhappy? why?

🌎 what type of world is your current daydream in? (futuristic, historic, good, bad, etc)

💗 are you in love with a character in your daydream?

🎥 is your daydream based on a tv show, book, cartoon, anime, etc?

🌟 are you the main character in your story? if not, is your character based off of something/someone?

🎧 what type of music do you listen to when you daydream? any specific song(s) you like?

🚶🏽what do you do when you daydream? (make facial expressions, pacing, jogging, etc?)

🎬 what triggers your daydreams? (a certain tv show, a song, etc)

It’s 6am. I’m 5,000 episodes behind on CR.

My son is a bird.