idk if i will tag selena here

The Name Tag

I was tagged by my love @kimjongdaely! (BTW, I read the most recent chapter of Taken and felt this warm ass feeling in my chest. Idk what to do with my Suho stan heart). (Hey come befriend me)

Rules: Spell out your username using only kpop songs and then tag ten people.

(I’ve already done this with kpop songs here. But i’m gonna break the rules and do it with regular songs)

K- Kill Em With Kindness (Selena Gomez)

P- Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

O- Over My Head (The Fray)

P- Paradise (Lynn)

S- Sirens (Cher Lloyd)


O- One of Many (Will Jay) this song @donhyuk

L- La Rompa Corazones (Daddy Yankee)

E- Ex-Men (David Scarzone)

M- March of the Black Queen (Queen)

Y- Yeah! (Usher)

L- Long Night (Hoodie Allen)

Y- Yesterday (Imagine Dragons)

F- Fourth of July (Fall Out Boy)

E- Everybody Talks (Neon Trees)

Girrrrrlllll you thought your name was long.

I tag: @yoongisanxietyprincess, @beaverpotato, @marimbist, @goomfrugluh, (plus all the people i previously tagged).