idk if i will tag selena here

Music Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @cloudjimin  Thanks for tagging me!!!!!!!!!!

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people!

1. Solo - Jay Park

2. Wings (Full Outro) - BTS

3. Change - RM x Wale

4. Found You - Ella Mai

5. Amor Prohibido - Selena

6. Long Time - X.Q

7. Laputa - DPR Live

8. The 7th Sense - NCT U

9. Borro Cassette - Maluma

10. Here & Now (Esta. Remix) - DEAN ft. Mila J

As you can see….. my music taste is all over the place lol

I tag: @savingthime @roslynperdition @beyondthesunrise @smol-coffee @sujumon-secre7s @mani-s-usdi @softhoseokk and anyone else who wants to do this idk

u don’t have to do this if u don’t want to!!