idk if i will have time to post the rest


Happy Birthday 카이 // Kim Jongin [ January 14, 1994 ]
I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.” ∞ NYLON Interview


Agent Washington Stimboard/Moodboard/Aesthetics

Credits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


ereriweek, day 1: pining

i actually finished this i can’t believe it

there’s no reason for this to be this late, please forgive my lazy butt

the idea is levi having this HUGE crush on eren but he doesn’t want to break the friendship and stupidly he doesn’t know that eren feels the same way. pretty cliche but well..

hope you like it! it’s the first time i actually draw so many panels, hope it turns nice enough ; w ;

here’s a better resolution (i suppose)

MMM i m posting this with 8 minutes left of killugon day by my time i just barely made it !! have some,, restful boys i hope this is ok

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Wait so does this mean that you have a whole bunch of unfinished comics that you've never posted?

yes of course! idk why but i felt like animating during this m!a. here are some unfinished ones i worked on but abandoned:

this one they’re jumping off of a building that had an exploding bomb on it. it was gonna be part of a comic but i didn’t have enough time to make the rest of it cause yknow school.

(i got lazy with these ok) france and england just went on a really big mission together and bonded with each other. after their adventure though, france was called in by their agency to transfer back to paris, but on the docks as they were saying their goodbyes, england freaks out and confesses his feelings to france 😯

Another Pretty Piece

GoChi Week, Day 5 - Game/Energetic

A/N: Alright, so idk if this really fits with the theme but…eh. I was gonna have it also tie in with Day 3 (Butterflies/Anticipation) since I had missed that day but… yeah that didn’t exactly pan out lol. Also posted onto and ao3.

“Come on, Chi!”

Chi-Chi smiled and shook her head as she was practically dragged out of her house by her husband. Goku beamed at her as he led her towards the nimbus, a noticeable bounce to his step that she hadn’t really seen from him before. He was certainly excited to show her the “thing” he had found.

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Whenever you have a post with things under a cut, it just cuts the post as if it's over in my app. I click to show me the rest and it brings me to your blog with the same length of post. Like with YukiPri it ignores the cut and shows me the entire thing all the time. With you it just doesn't show me anything! I want to read your oneshots and drabbles and rants about YOI! Help? ;;;;;;;;;;;


That is so weird!! What the heck!! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I answer asks on XKit instead of regular Tumblr? Idk – I will investigate and if anybody knows what’s up / is having this same problem then let me know!

edit: i tried googling it but to no avail – i guess i’ll just have to write shorter things ;p ;p jk jk

Thanks @overwatchers for tagging me in this relatable character thing! I’ve been wanting to do this!!❤
That’s about as much of my face I’m brave enough to post but if ur wondering what I look like I’ve been told 1000587.99 times that I look exactly like Roary Gilmore (top middle^).
As for the rest, I tag @tome-k @royal-flames-of-empathy @synthualizer @eau-de-low-budget @promptothechocobro @isle-of-glowing-trapdoors idk who has already done this so only if u want to!

thehouseofkpop  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💜

aw thank youuuuu!!!

  1. my hair is kind of wavy but straight? idk how to explain it tbh
  2. when i eat at home i have a habit of crossing my legs on my seat or having one leg/foot resting on top of the chair
  3. i only really need glasses for seeing far away otherwise i never really wear them at home
  4. i’ve only been to 3 concerts ever (two were 1d)
  5. i have a habit of licking my lips all the time
  6. when i’m thinking really hard i stick out my tongue
  7. i’ve been playing piano since i was a little kid
  8. i can type without looking at the keyboard and it’s usually pretty accurate
  9. i’ve been obsessed with stationery lately
  10. when i listen to music i always mouth the lyrics even in public
Fic: Make Me Someone New - a Carmilla Webseries AU: Part 1.1

Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: T
Word Count: 7566

Summary: Everyone knows how soulmates go. There’s a soul out there that is indefinably and inseparably bound to you for the rest of time, meeting in new lifetimes to relearn each other, only to have Death take you up in the unending cycle once again. Sounds great for a human. Not so much for a vampire. Death forgot you. Death left you to remember her over and over and over.

Part 1: Being Human

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lance using the phrase “estoy en mi salsa” and everyone else going wtf does that even mean translate. then lance is like “yknow is like an expression? i’m having a good time” then pidge goin like “why salsa” and lance “idk…because…salsa is good” and hunk “ALL kind of salsas? i mean not an specific kind of salsa” keith going “how many type of salsas are there” and they have a Discourse, and lance regrets even saying anything and he’s just like 

11 questions tag


  1. Always repost the rules
  2. Answer 11 random questions posted for you
  3. Create 11 new ones
  4. Tag 11 people

I was tagged by @puppynamu Thank you!!

Questions for me:

1. What is the last lie you told? 
my mom: didn’t you say you’re gonna clean your closet
me: yeah?

2. Are you willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40k? They better be fried

3. Movie that you never get sick of? Any Disney movie, I love them, they’re always so sentimental. Maybe Anastasia, but I know I’m choosing that movie simply because I haven’t watched it in a long time

4. Is there anything you want to do before you go to sleep tonight? Exercise lmao i haven’t exercised in 4 days 

5. If you are taking medication, did you remember to take it on time? Please do! I don’t have medication but I should prob take my vitamins, thank you for reminding me <3

6. What makes you feel afraid? a lot of things! going down the stairs, when it’s too quiet, people yelling at each other, not knowing where my mom or siblings are

7. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset, i’ve taken so many photos, i love when the clouds turn pink

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory? 5th grade. Family Life. Looking at a diagram and not realizing what it was until my classmates pointed it out (I was staring at it for a good five minutes, totally zoned out) I was 11 years old rip

9. Favorite mythical god/goddess? ALL OF THEM minus Zeus, Dionysus and Hades lol (my brain says Athena but my heart says Aphrodite… she was literally born from seafoam, like that’s aesthetic #goals)

10. What are your favorite lyrics? uhh i can’t think of a favorite? I have a lot of lyrics I love, but I can’t think of my all time favorite. so here are just a few:

“But I can fly, past the countless stars, fly away”
“I said to leave, I said I’m okay”
“Just me, her, and the moon”
“You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting”
“If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”
“And I remember you laughing, so let’s just laugh again”
“Hands are silent, voice is numb”
“I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing” <– those lyrics were made for sungjong js

11. Can you hula hoop? Yes

My Questions:

1. Are you a chicken nugget?

2. Can you whistle with your fingers (bc I can’t and I think it’s pretty darn cool)?

3. Do you know how to read or write in another language?

4. What color is your room?

5. Favorite quote(s)? Favorite Spongebob quote(s)?

6. Do you wear makeup?

7. Can you burp the ABCs?

8. Are you an alien? Can you beam me up your spaceship? 

9. Highlighters (the makeup kind) are actually stardust. True or False?

10. Did you drink water today? Hydrate yourself and then finish this questionnaire. 

11. Someone comes from another universe and tells you about their world. From what they’re talking about, it sounds pretty awesome (despite a few aspects) and you’re thinking about visiting this cool place. The person asks you to come with them, but there’s two conditions. 1) Only you can go. 2) If you go, there’s a 50% chance you might not be able to come back to this universe. What is your decision? Why?

I’m tagging @hoyainifinite @chickenyeol @soooldout @flowrsoo @woohyun-ssi @bionic-leesungjong @ifnt-saranghae @cloudyjong @namwoonie @wonhonnie and I can’t think of one more person so if you see this and read through it and you’re not tagged…. you’re the chosen one


It’s your birthday, and you are J-Hope’s s/o! 

**Note:  Very last text is Tae! 

Hellooo!~ Just wanted to say your text scenarios are amazing and they make me cry and laugh out loud (especially Namjoon texts xD) Is it okay if I request some texts with JHope (and the rest of BTS)? (My birthday is coming up on the 26th this month, so IDK. I’m JHope trash/jagi<3/idk xD so– does that count as a scenario??) Your writing is amazing so anything is fine really ^^ (have fun/ oh my gosh I write to much *//bricked)

HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY DEAR I wanted to post this on your birthday!  But it might not be your birthday bc time zones…anyways happy birthday!

so you guys remember back when i was posting selfies on the daily? i used to get hate all the time and it was mostly the same sort of thing like people would say i was conceited or narcissistic or cocky and i don’t think i ever said anything about it but it was actually probably my favorite thing ever??

see, the thing is, one of the reasons i started posting so many selfies was to kind of validate myself and…idk….like feel better about how i looked? because i have no self confidence and, at the time, thought i wasn’t much to look at. so i was basically like, “FUCK IT the only person who has to put up with me for the rest of my life is me so i’m going to aggressively love myself if it’s the last thing i do”

and my campaign to aggressively love myself pretty much consisted of posting loads of selfies and stop putting myself or my work down. saying “thank you, i love it too” rather than “thanks but it’s not as good as what you do” THINGS LIKE THAT

so i loved it when i would get hate for basically being too confident in myself because, for me in my weird little mind, it was basically telling me “this thing you’re working really hard to do is working so well people hate you for it”

which was super flattering to me

because you don’t get hate for being confident unless you’re like really really confident


Just wrote some fanfic. Judy and Nick find out some news around the same time the rest of Zootopia does. I want to continue this and maybe make a case where Judy and Nick have to help to keep the couple safe. Paparazzi and speciesist (idk) mammals are causing more harm than good. Thoughts?

brace yourself

i was tagged by @welcometonightrain and @tateandaxlloveme to post a selfie, but since i suck at taking selfies, i thought it’d be a good opportunity to post these abominations instead

it all started with this:

so then i decided to do the rest of guns n roses. BAD. IDEA.


shit idk what happened there but

ok well steven didn’t work either

hey not bad (axl)

hnnnnnnNNNGGGG o k

you have no idea how hard it was to find pictures where slash’s face is actually visible but TIME FOR MY FAVORITE ONE:

….and there you have it. in conclusion, don’t have too much fun doing this. also, if you’re asian, good luck man rest in peace.

the end

hi! welcome to my second follow forever :)) it’s been a long time since i made my first one so i just want to shout out all my favorite mutuals and thank u guys for still following me lol. hope u all have a nice rest of the year!! 

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anonymous asked:

idk if you've already answered something like this but do you think you can gather all of your theories that ended up being right after season 3 ends and make it post or put it under one tag?

I probably not…idk. If you go through my ‘the 100 spec’ tag there are SOOOO many theories. I have started trying to tag my theories more specifically, but there are a lot of them. Additionally, sometimes only parts of the theory come true and the rest of it is wrong. I don’t have enough time to go through all of them. But, if one of you would do this for me at the end of the season, that would be beyond amazing. The ALIE theory that I wrote before the first episode aired has a lot of things in it that are coming/came true.

  • I predicted that the city of light was a mental state and not an actual place.
  • I predicted that the nuclear generator was going to be used to make a power source. 
  • That the ‘chip’ in jaha’s hand somehow would connect someone to the city of light.
  • I was right about Niylah protecting Clarke from Roan and lying to him.
  • I was right about Clarke killing the panther to trade it 
  • I predicted the Clexa reunion. My theory from December was actually pretty spot on as well as my second one. 
  • I was right that Clarke would be the ambassador of Skaikru
  • I was right that Lexa was fighting for her position as Commander
  • I was right about the ‘children’ in the trailers were ‘prodigy seconds’ that were sent to Polis to become Commanders. 
  • I was right about the Nightblood and Lexa being one of them. And that you need to be a nightblood to be a commander.  
  • I was right about Ontari being a Nightblood
  • I was right about Clarke going to Arkadia to try to talk to Bellamy to ‘reach him’ but the damage was already done. And her slipping back out of Arkadia and meets back with Lexa. 
  • I was right about Lexa deciding to not attack Arkadia and that she would be a peacemaker. 

There might be more? idk. Those are the ones that i could think of off the top of my head.