idk if i will ever use it but maybe

do you ever think that maybe when you pull out your cell phone ghosts from other eras get real interested and just stare at you as you text people, or watch you use your laptop

or sighs wistfully as you shower like ‘frick I wish we’d had THOSE dang’

gets jealous as you make your coffee, awkwardly tries to figure out your video games when you’ve left the house

turns on your sink and just watches the taps run and drives your water bill through the freakin roof

idk man ghosts

the ONLY way 

I’m going to forgive MARVEL

if steve rogers dies in infinity war

is if they make it SUPER GAY



I want the slow motion when he takes the shot for someone

I want the overdramatic “NOOOO” while he topples over and hits the ground as everyone forgets that the world is literally ending in favor of running towards him

I want fucking Bucky to cradle his face and look deeply into his eyes and say  shit like “no it’s too soon” and “ we were supposed to make it together” as sentimental music swells

I want Tony and Steve to finally forgive each other. Tony apologizes for everything, Steve responds with an apology of his own. They both admit to have fucking up, it’s beautiful.


steve is holding on to bucky, he looks at him and tells him he’ll be ok, he’ll really be ok now

Bucky is stroking his hair and holding him tight and he’s like “steve i’m not going anywhere i’m right here i’m right here “ and when he realizes he’s really just NOT gonna make it, he gives him this little wry smile and says “it’s ok, you can go. it’s ok..”

steve turns to tony, he tells him he’s one of the best men he’s ever known and to look after the others to which tony pledges “i will”


steve gives his final breath in bucky’s arms in the climax of the musical score called “The End Of The Line” or some shit like that. (wasn’t that a track in CATWS?? IDK maybe it’s the same track but a more Epic arrangement). bucky sobs. natasha sobs. EVERYONE SOBBING. and then they use steve’s memory to defeat thanos.

The post-credit scene is sam wilson coming home from steve’s memorial service to his apartment. he is surprised to find a shield right there, sitting in his living room. there’s a note from tony  saying some shit like “found this in (insert convenient place here), I think he meant for you to have it”. there’s a letter attached to the note, from steve, basically giving him his blessing to be Capn’ Murica. Sam finishes reading the letter with a watery smile and looks on at the shield.

…this is the only. way…. i’m saying goodbye.

lesbian travel packing list

All these ‘pack light for women!’ packing lists say things like, “Bring a couple of skirts or dresses! Matching your lipstick with your skirt immediately makes everything look dressier, and lipstick takes no room! Add some sparkle to your night with ballet flats instead of heels!!” and I’m like

okay I need a lesbian packing list, for non-femme lesbians like

  • 4 x different coloured flannels (you’ll only end up wearing Your Favourite, though)
  • 1 x pair enormous super cool boots that you will wear everywhere
  • 1 x pair converse sneakers because your cool boots will give you fucking blisters
  • 1 x that old pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for 3 years and your mum hates
  • a leather jacket
  • 3 x varied t-shirts to wear under the flannels
  • 4 x pairs the comfiest fucking socks in the world
  • 5 x androgynous-looking underwear
  • 2 x pretty cotton underwear with a cutesy print that you really like even though it doesn’t fit your aesthetic
  • 1 x ugly greying sports bra that is really comfy
  • 1 x nice bra just in case you ever get laid (it’s never been used, because on the odd occasion you get laid, it’s while you’re wearing your embarrassingly old sports bra)
  • a guitar. this is imperative. real lesbians play fire-side guitar. the lesbian in you will give you natural accoustic guitar aptitude. learn some tegan and sara, this is important,
  • 1 x skateboard. idk man, all the cool lesbians seem to always have these, I guess just carry one around for a bit, maybe one of the lesbians will teach you how to use it and you’ll finally get some use out of your Nice Bra
  • congratulations, you’re ready to Europe

catsandr0ckmusic  asked:

Hello! Would you ever consider streaming? Games or maybe just chatting with us? Sorry if you have already answered this question. I'm new on Tumblr.

I have considered it quite a bit but it’s absolutely terrifying to me for some reason? Idk, i would like to sit down and draw and chat sometime but i don’t think it’ll be in the near future. 

But hey, never say never!!

sweetbruiser  asked:

I saw you described the picture you edited of Pavel Baranov as your real-life Draco, are there any other people you see as the real-life version of the other characters?

Well, no real person is a perfect representation of any of the characters, but I suppose there are some closely-resembling people that, if you change a few details about them, WOULD then become some HP character in my head. And I usually use such people as references, so I guess I can give you my list of those? :)

(and I hope you don’t mind me sharing your ask with everyone! <3)

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deanwinchestar  asked:

hey i was wondering if you take either requests or general prompts? because i was talking to a friend of mine about witch!dean with a cat/familiar castiel and since neither of us can draw we immediately thought of you and your lovely art - its all warm and soft and perfect (and halloween's coming up and all that jazz) so anyway if you ever maybe feel like a doodle of this would be cool? idk we would die probably? love your art btw!

I can never promise if I will be able to draw something or not, but you are more than welcome to send me ideas <3 
And this is such an amazing AU! The dynamics between them would be awesome! :D 


Anonymous - Zach

Request: I’ve seen a few fics where the reader gives Zach Dempsey compliment notes but I can’t get enough of them! So could you maybe write one where instead of notes maybe she sends him anonymous cute texts? I know that you can find out with the phone number but maybe the reader uses something to hide it Idk lol you don’t have to

This is trash and I’m so sorry

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Anonymous - Zach

“Are you ever going to tell him?” Jessica asked quietly before glancing across the room at Zach who had just received another text from you, well from anonymous you. He was watching his phone and you saw his smile grow before glancing around the cafeteria seeming to be trying to find who sent the text.

“No. Jess he doesn’t even know who I am. I am perfectly content with how things are now.” You responded even though both of you knew that was far from true. You had had a crush on him for years but you were terrified that he would never feel the same way. So instead you resorted to your anonymous text messages. It had started off as compliments, the way he looked that day, or some cheesy compliment but it quickly evolved to stupid jokes. This way you could carry on a conversation with him without him knowing who you were and without the awkwardness of speaking face to face.

“But he does know you. Look he obviously like you for who you are otherwise he wouldn’t keep texting you back.” She responded snatching your phone from your hand to read the texts right as it buzzed, “he’s asking who you are! Just tell him!”

You tried to pull the phone back into the safety of your own hands to no avail, “Jess no. Just let it be.”

She started furiously typing on your phone before handing it back to you, “You’ll be thanking me for this.”

She had texted him your name. You were hoping he wouldn’t know who it was but his eyes went straight to you and he smiled before heading your way. You glared at Jess and held in your breath when he finally arrived at your table.

“So you’re my secret admirer?” He asked with a smile.

you know what doesn’t get talked about enough?

that time they did that interview for the ‘this is us’ promo tour where liam was talking about singing in the shower and how he’d been doing it that same morning and was worried he was gonna wake zayn up with his singing and i feel like hardly anyone ever brings this up/talks about it but like??? why would he be worried about his shower singing waking zayn up unless they were…idk…maybe sharing a hotel room????? like boyfriends do?????

(((((and yet we were told at the time that when they stayed in hotels they all had their own rooms but like if they really all had their own separate hotel rooms like we were made to believe they did at that point why would liam be up showering early in the morning in a room he didn’t sleep in???? or why would zayn be still asleep in a room where liam’s presumably staying and showering in???? unless they…possibly…i don’t know…SHARED said room [*pretends to be shocked*] but why would two men in a band be sharing a room at a point in their career when they could clearly afford their own [and also both had “steady gf’s” lol] and at a time where we got repeated reports that they did all in fact have their own separate rooms??? why would there be a need to lie and cover up that they still shared rooms unless there was a reason for them sharing that their team felt warranted it being covered up, i.e. something going on [something not-so-innocent and very non-platonic maybe wink wink] that they didn’t want getting out [otherwise why not just say they shared rooms but that it was just a friendly thing?]?????)))))

basically, if there was really nothing there, there’d be nothing to cover up.

and yet.

Harry clenched his teeth. It wasn’t even past afternoon, yet he was already buzzed and angry.

“Who cares?! Weren’t you the one who told me that it was alright since you were making money anyway?!”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Potter! You are the worst patron that this bar has ever had!”

“You’re the worst bartender that this bar’s ever had!”

“Shut up!”

“No, you!”

“No, you!”

“Why do you always need to have the last word?!”

Draco was wiping the bottom of a bottle of liquor but stopped abruptly to shoot a rather unkind look in Harry’s direction. “Why, does that bother you?”, he snapped as he slammed the bottle down. The clear liquid inside sloshed angrily within its confines, much like Draco’s blood, which seemed to be boiling under his skin as he rounded the barrier between him and the prat that just wouldn’t leave.

They were nearly nose-to-nose, with Harry smelling like alcohol and Draco feeling hot with tension that could all but withhold itself, until Harry smirked.

And it was at that moment that the stretchy tension that connected Draco’s mind to his heart lost its elasticity and snapped like a rubber band.

“Yes,” he said lowly. Harry was not going to win. “I do need to have the last word. Would you like another word from me? Leave.

“Fucking hell, Draco! Can you stop being so infuriating for at least one solid minute?” Harry grabbed a fist of Draco’s collar and pinned him against the wall. He never intended to fight, but that ferrety git was so bloody enraging that it boiled his blood. Harry was ready to throw a punch – but suddenly, all Harry could focus on was Draco’s jaw. That perfectly sharp, defined jaw. And his neck. It took every bit of Harry’s rationality to not lick his jaw nor his neck, both of which made his knees feel weak. The things Draco did to him, that git.

“Scared, Potter? Draco’s voice was a bit shaky, betraying his smug look.

“You wish, Malfoy. You wish.

so this is a snippet from my wip collab with @somnumdraconi. do tell me what you think? and tell us if you wanna be tagged when we finally finish this and post it? idk idk feedback maybe? pls?

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you’re always going to see me advocating for compassion, accessibility, and communication when trying to educate other people. what’s the point of trying to share information with people who are unaware, uneducated, or even part of the opposition, if you can’t do it without alienating those people?

this is of course not to say that we can never get angry, can never lash out, can never express frustation when trying to explain things to the people who oppress us and who refuse to listen to us. i’m not saying that sea-lioning must be met with kindness, nor am i saying that people owe a goddamn thing to their oppressors – nobody is entitled to your work, your labor, your time, or your energy, and it’s absolutely your prerogative to let them know as much.

but at the same time, nobody is born with all of the information we know. and even though people should be going through the slow, painstaking process of self-education selflessly, doing all of their own research and not getting easy answers, that’s just not how people work. i’m thinking about the opposition to redneck revolt, about offering sociopolitical discourse on social media but then consistently and angrily spitting “google is free” when someone so much as asks for clarification, about immediately demonizing anyone who commits a microaggression without factoring in the possibility that they truly, genuinely didn’t know better, about refusing to make academic language easier for working class people to follow (which is the whole point, no? empowering and liberating the working class?)

so again i’m not saying anyone MUST kindly explain anything to anyone ever, especially to people who have power over them. but i believe that an approach of compassion and accessibility will allow people who don’t currently know, understand, or agree with our beliefs to become more open-minded and eventually agree with that we’re saying. if we try to approach them with constant aggression (even if it’s 100% justified!) it’s only going to alienate them further from our cause, which doesn’t help them and certainly doesn’t help us.

  • First impression- I actually can’t remember having much of a first impression on Cass actually, I didn’t think about him that much, which isn’t surprising because he’s not what I’d typically describe as my ‘type’ of character. 

  • Impression now- Cassian is a character that I shouldn’t be this deeply in love with but I am. He’s got that typical hulking, muscular, greatest warrior ever blah blah blah exterior but the interior is all heart and emotion. He’s incredible compassionate, emotionally sensitive, self-aware, supportive, loyal and committed.

    Also, fandom talks a lot about Rhys’ feminism but I actually think Cassian would make a more interesting argument on that front. Cassian doesn’t give the women around him titles and empty gestures and the illusion of power that he ultimately still controls. Cassian trains them, teaches them how to defend themselves and fight for themselves and doesn’t make them reliant on him but shows them how they can rely on themselves.

    One of the first things Cassian does for Feyre is to tell her that she’s found herself a teacher if she wants one. No mess, no fuss, just, I see what you’ve been through, I see how you’ve suffered, I see why, I’m going to give you the ability to make sure that never happens to you again

    Same with Nesta - he gives her a blade and gives her basic self-defence tips to take care of herself. He affirms her agency and her power and how she is in control and how she chooses, and not through a middle-man. If she doesn’t want a man to touch her, she dictates that. He doesn’t offer to be her shield, he puts a blade in her hand and tells her she can damn well look after herself) He supports and empowers without smothering or directing, he’s a pillar, not a pedestal and that’s important. 

  • Favourite moment-  He studied Nesta for a long moment. She was still glaring at the queens, her eyes lined with tears—tears of rage and despair, from that fire that burned her so violently from within. When she finally noticed Cassian, she looked up at him.
    His voice was rough as he said, “Five hundred years ago, I fought on battlefields not far from this house. I fought beside human and faerie alike, bled beside them. I will stand on that battlefield again, Nesta Archeron, to protect this house—your people. I can think of no better way to end my existence than to defend those who need it most.” 

    The nessian content is good but from a Cassian point of view I think this just embodies who he is. Because this actually is not about Nesta in the sense that Cassian is not standing there saying he will protect her, at no point does he ever say that to her, he promises to protect her house, her people, people who cannot protect themselves. This is for Nesta in the sense that it mirrors her ideals and it mirrors what she wanted and argued for a few moments before but it’s bigger than her. 

    This is the heart of Cassian - protecting those who cannot protect themselves - is what his character embodies. The warrior who fights without expectation of glory or riches or power but because there is a frightened child behind him that he will give his life to defend.

    Same kind of idea in the “I know” scene with Feyre and the scene where he supports Mor in ACOWAR after the CoN travesty. 

  • Idea for a story- I might actually want to take Cassian’s wings from him and see how he copes and what he does, how it changes him and how he stays the same in spite of that. Cassian has, I think, a deeper connection to his Illyrian heritage than either Azriel or Rhys. I don’t think it’s blind, I think there’s condemnation and awareness in there, but there’s a bit of pride as well.

    I also think this could have made an interesting and powerful statement with regards to the female Illyrians. Hundreds, probably thousands of those women have had their wings clipped and mutilated to prevent them ever flying again. Where’s the outcry for them? People lost their minds when Cassian’s wings were threatened, when he might not be able to fly again, but all of those women have their wings clipped and are not allowed to fly, are forced to breed.

    I want a narrative where Cassian loses his wings and can’t fly anymore and he returns to the camps and gets a very serious reality shock from the thousands of women who still have their wings, who were not allowed to sacrifice them to shield a loved one, who there was no outrage and agony over and so he forms a new legion - the Illyrians who cannot fly but who can still fight. The females with clipped wings, the Illyrians born with deformities, the Illyrians who lost their wings to battle scars or infection. Cassian trains them and rallies them and rediscovers purpose in himself.

    The female Illyrians who can fly stand with their clipped sisters and join this legion too. Cassian appoints a young daemati female soldier to his command and uses her and the other females who are more fierce and loyal than any others he’s ever worked with, to command and direct his aerial troops. 

  • Unpopular opinion- Erm…I don’t think I have one?? Maybe ‘Cassian is a more interesting feminist study than Rhys’ but idk. 

  • Favourite relationship- Nessian intrigues me and delights me a hell of a lot. But I think his relationship with Az is something that should get more attention - there’s a definite ‘two sides of the same coin’ kind of yin and yang between them and comparing and contrasting them is really interesting tbh. Also Cassian/Mor (even though I have some minor regards with how this was handled in regards to ACOWAR and Moriel) it is Good and Pure and there’s a lot of supportive unconditional love there that I’m here for. 

  • Favourite headcanon- Cassian designs and personally gives his soldiers their Illyrian tattoos. The Inner Circle all have a variation of the Night Court insignia specific to the Court of Dreams somewhere on their bodies. After the war he adds it to Feyre’s spinal tattoo. He and Nesta have matching tattoo designs inked onto their bodies to mark their mating bond acceptance. Nesta saw the designs doodled at the side of one of his reports and announced that she wanted them. Cassian was shocked but didn’t argue. He gave her hers; she gave him his. 

Actually I’ve waited for the boys’ appearance (that’s what they called) after the news. Espcially, Jongin and Kyungsoo. So, Jongin is really really happier than ever if you’ve paid attention to him lately. So, I won’t be talking about him now bcuz Kyungsoo got my attention today.

So I’ve noticed that Kyungsoo is really glowing today. Idk why but he seems really happy. Don’t tell me that you guys didn’t notice that :3 Because I think somehow Kyungsoo’s voice is a little softer than before and Idk his voice seems a little less “manly voice” he used to talk in before. :33 And he usually did not smile like this a lot before, I mean in festivals like this. :33

I know maybe I’m being delusional but Idk he seems somehow a lot happier and carefree than ever. He smiles a lot too and not a formal smile but a lot happy grins. :33 ok, so Idk how to explain how I feel anymore but yes, I’ve made a point so.

See? Any of you guys, I mean my fellow shippers, felt anything about this baby or is it just me, again? :33

plus, Jongin be always staring at his Soo :33

long ass rant about the whole host/dark situation

so i hoped i didnt need to make this post but we’re here now i guess.
for those of you who aren’t aware yet there’s been a recent trend of “shipping” darkiplier and the host. idk how it excactly happened but i think it was because people theorized that maybe dark “saved” the host and has been keeping him under control ever since. 

originally this idea was really cool! it would explain a lot and also gave some interesting new angles from which we could look at these two characters. 
i was all game for this at first but seen that i’m talking in past tense you can kinda guess what happened after that…

people went from “hey this adds a lot to their lore and gives us character development” to “the way dark manipulates and beats the host is so hot!!” so fucking fast and i am DISGUSTED. (i’m not blowing this up btw i’ve literally seen several different people tag things about this as “hot” and “something they want”)

let me tell you something.
i’ve been emotionally abused for a long time and in kind of a similar situation. it was someone who presented themself as help and turned really toxic really fast. So to see people take this very serious situation and turn it into this weird “fetish” is so god awful that words fail me.
like would you go up to someone who’s been abused and go “wow u and ur abuser are so cute together!” no, you wouldn’t

i could go on about this forever but point is: stop doing this. you are glorifying abuse and it’s disgusting. you can theorize about these scenario’s but treat them as what they are and not some sort of weird fetish.

that’s all

half blood jimin

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

  • me: wants to die. has no will to live.
  • also me: gotta update that blog because i feel shitty for not doing it constantly
  • jimin as a half blood is my aesthetic because guess what i can write whatever hell the i want amazing right
  • jimin grew up with his mom only. no siblings. no dad. no grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and cousins.
  • it had always been him and his mom
  • they never needed anyone else??
  • his mom had come over from korea for a student visa originally and then she permanently stayed over in manhattan!!
  • her english wasn’t the best but she was intelligent and hardworking and she got a job after school at a local diner while she took the time to improve her english
  • and that’s where she met him
  • ares has a bad habit of meddling in the human world
  • a real bad habit
  • he likes to go down to earth and play pretend and form some joker gang where he can wear the weirdo helmets and boots and leather and the like?? he just likes to ride around and cause chaos constantly
  • that one guy™ that gets in bar fights constantly and zeus usually has to intervene because ares gets so out of hand
  • so out of hand
  • but one day he’s tired of smashing beer bottles over people’s heads and he’s like why not stop at a diner?? intimidate some elderly folk with my cool bike gang
  • they rudely stomp in and it’s obvious people are a little on edge because this is a family restaurant and these guys look slightly horrifying
  • they don’t even wait to be seated, they just plop down at one of those huge round tables in the back
  • their original server is an older woman, like elderly, and she’s really scared to serve them
  • scratch that, everyone is
  • except jimin’s mom
  • she storms over and she’s like “excuse me, no feet on the table”
  • ares is amused, startled, and a little intrigued by this tiny lady who has the audacity to tell him what to do
  • all the other bikers look to see what he’ll do and ares just slowly obeys her orders, but refuses to break eye contact with her
  • “whatever you say darling”
  • usually women swoon and blush over him because he’s attractive, ripped, oozing confidence
  • but she just rolls her eyes then introduces herself, and then asks for drinks
  • ares is blown away to say the least and now he’s even more interested in the young woman
  • he acts like a total douche the entire night (in true ares fashion)
  • like the guys are loud and obnoxious and order like everything off the menu and constantly call jimin’s mom over for help
  • and the diner is running past closing now and all the other customers have left and a lot of the wait staff are as well
  • but the kitchen help is still there and they’re like when can we just leave??
  • and jimin’s mom is still there, demanding they at least use proper etiquette while eating
  • and finally she just kinda snaps “i understand you’re paying customers, but it’s an hour past closing and the remaining staff have children they need to see. so if you don’t mind-”
  • ares just raises his eyebrows “but what about you?”
  • and that’s the first time the entire night she gets flustered and she just kinda stammers “just me against the world”
  • ares has been a lil !! the whole night but now he’s like heart eyes
  • he just slams a crap ton of money on the table like more than jimin’s mom has ever seen in her life and he gets the others to get up and leave
  • “i’ll see you soon darling”
  • and sure enough, he does come back, and he comes back with the whole gang
  • asks to be sat in jimin’s mom section
  • she does smile a bit when she sees them but then she has to scold them and remind them they better behave or she’s kicking them out
  • soon he becomes a regular and soon less and less of the gang is around and it’s only him showing up
  • eventually he does ask jimin’s mom out and she says yes and soon they actually start dating!!
  • except ares doesn’t explain he’s the actual greek god yikes
  • but one day it kinda slips out because he gets in a fight and someone actually sounds him and he’s bleeding gold and he forgets to clean himself up because “i’m a warrior who doesn’t cry over a stupid cut!!”
  • except jimin’s mom is totally horrified he’s bleeding gold when he shows up to their date and now the secret comes spilling out
  • she doesn’t mind
  • not really
  • thinks it’s kind of cool actually
  • and ares thinks she’s kind of cool too
  • not your usual warrior, a strong buff military queen with years of combat training and was experience
  • but a strong, determined fighter who’s been through a lot so far in her life, yet refused to back down or give up even when the world is crashing in around her
  • ares really does love her and he leaves olympus to live with her like full time
  • but zeus is all oh no you don’t hoe and when he discovers the plan he’s like banning ares from the mortal world
  • and like the entire island of manhattan is ravished with thunderstorms and ares has to explain the situation
  • and jimin’s mom has to explain that she’s pregnant
  • ares doesn’t even have time to react because zeus himself is coming down from olympus and ares kisses her softly before promising he’ll do everything he can to help
  • behold
  • baby jimin is born
  • and baby jimin grows up without his father around
  • his mom never talks about it and jimin doesn’t push it, but he’s walked in on her crying into this old biker jacket before
  • and his mom can never explain the play swords and little army men that always find their way into the house
  • jimin doesn’t really care though!! he’s always just had his mom and they make things work between the two of them
  • as a child he spends afternoons in the diner, spinning on the bar stools after school
  • he’s a really shy kid, really reserved
  • he doesn’t like talking to new people and he’s constantly hiding behind his moms legs when he’s introduced to someone
  • he’s sweet and pleasant and polite and ares always looks down from olympus like… this is my son
  • how
  • but he loves jimin despite never having the opportunity to meet him in person and he’s constantly trying to find ways to help his baby boy out
  • except jimin shows like zero in anything ares gets eris to drop off and ares is like my son why must you hurt me like this
  • ally, queen of putting pointless details nobody cares about
  • so
  • jimin is about seven when he deals with his first monster attack which is way super young but hey-
  • he’s outside playing on the community playground, by himself, just going down the slide and cheering for himself…
  • okay well it’s been like a week since i wrote this so i have no idea what i was going for here
  • okay so jimin
  • on the slide
  • having a good time
  • and out of nowhere this giant wildebeest thing comes prancing out into the open and first jimin is like cute kitty!! cause it has a lion body but like some weird dragon wings thing
  • and jimin is like momma i wanna go play with the kitty and his mom was reading and she didn’t notice at first but she looks up and her eyes go wide and she screams “jimin, run!!”
  • and jimin doesn’t understand what the big deal is but then the thing takes a massive hit at the swingset and it crumbles to the ground, and it starts lurking towards jimin
  • he hurries off and races toward his mom and hugs onto her legs and she’s begging him, pleading that he would run and let her handle it but jimin says he won’t leave her, not ever ever
  • and she’s crying because “jimin, you have to go!!”
  • “i’m not leaving you alone momma!!”
  • the manticore spots them and it gives this nasty smirk like thing and jimin is sobbing because he’s scared and confused and the thing has already destroyed allf of the playground with the intent on getting him next
  • jimin’s mom scoops him up in his arms and she starts sprinting as fast as her legs can carry her and ares had mentioned camp half blood when the time was right and she’s like well damn there can’t be a better time than now
  • except the issue is she doesn’t exactly know where it is and she doesn’t have a car of her own to drive
  • and there’s a monster chasing them
  • this thing can fly and jimin and his mom stand no chance against outrunning him
  • it lunges down at them and jimin’s mom falls, a serious injury to her back
  • jimin rolls to the ground, scratching up his hands and knees and face in the process
  • but he sees the thing circling his mom and she isn’t moving and she’s going to be killed if he doesn’t stop it
  • and so he grabs a large branch (larger than him) that the manticore snapped off in its landing process and he charge the monster
  • and he swings down the branch on it’s big ugly face
  • it looks more confused than anything
  • and jimin stands there because he realizes he’s a goner
  • he gulps and holds the stick out in front of him for defense because if this is how he’s gonna go out, then he’s gonna die fighting
  • but suddenly the manticore yelps and stumbles to it’s side and jimin looks around to see what’s happening
  • “hey there kiddo, what’s shaking?”
  • and behold, there’s ares, in his biker gang get up, but a giant spear in hand
  • jimin is too astounded to even process what’s going on, but in a matter of seconds, the manticore is on the ground, howling in pain, before it vanishes into black ash
  • ares runs over to jimin’s mom and kneels beside her, before cursing loudly and pulling something from his jacket
  • jimin hurries over too and throws himself on top of her
  • “momma, momma, are you okay?!”
  • and he starts crying again but she’s stirring because ares gave her nectar and ambrosia and the injury wasn’t too deep to begin with
  • and she sits up and hugs jimin close to her chest and starts stroking his hair and crying because she almost lost her baby
  • and ares pulls them both into his arms because his family was nearly destroyed and this is only the beginning of what’s to come if jimin stays in the mortal world
  • and so ares is like that’s it, we’re taking him to camp, i’m not allowing this kind of thing to happen ever again
  • and so he uses his godly powers to whisk the three of them to the border of camp half blood
  • jimin is so so so confused to what’s going on and he clings to his mom and eyes up ares suspiciously and his nose is running and he’s still teary-eyed
  • and he will not let go of his mother like he has the death grip on her
  • and she’s like “my baby, you need to go… it’s not safe for you anymore…”
  • and jimin shakes his head stubbornly “no momma, i won’t go without you!!”
  • she starts to tear up again “baby, i can’t go with you, you need to trust me on this one.”
  • and jimin shakes his head and starts to cry harder and his mom is crying now and ares is kinda… because he is not a sentimental guy but he hates seeing his family so upset
  • his mom kisses his head “baby, i promise you can come back this winter okay, but you need to to go so you can be safe.”
  • and after a lot of tears and sobbing and kisses and hugs they finally get jimin to cross the border into camp
  • fast forward a few years
  • jimin is in the ares cabin where he belongs
  • at first the ares kids are kinda haha you’re kidding right, this runt is our half-sibling
  • but then they see jimin fight they’re like oh–
  • jimin isn’t the most technical and skilled fighter out there and he definitely could improve his technique, but he’s a heavy hitter and he deals a lot of damage when he hits someone and it doesn’t take him much time to knock someone on out, especially because he has one of those huge double-handed swords
  • like ike from fire emblem rip
  • he’s super popular around camp, along with his best friends, a certain son of nike and a certain son of demeter
  • but see my dear readers, you are pretty popular around camp too
  • you’re the head of your cabin, which makes you known by well, everyone
  • and jimin, being the favorite son of ares, has a lot of power in his cabin as well
  • you two aren’t really enemies
  • but there is a rivalry when it comes to cabin competitions like capture the flag and chariot racing
  • jimin and you are super competitive with each other, and every time you talk, it’s challenging each other or playful smack talk
  • you insist your cabin is better and he’s determined to prove the superiority of the ares cabin
  • and yes, the chariot race is gonna be his chance to prove that
  • as soon as the contest is announced, jimin runs over to your cabin and he’s like hey guess who it is
  • you’re currently reading something on your bunk and you just kind of sit up and glare “excuse me, it’s against camp rules to go barging into someone else’s cabin. need me to report that to chiron for you?”
  • he just smirks and leans against the door frame “oh come on, you know you don’t actually mind me being here”
  • you roll your eyes and push yourself off the bed, brushing past jimin as you make your way outside
  • with an indignant scoff, he follows at your heel, more than upset that you would ignore him like that
  • “aren’t you gonna ask why i’m here?”
  • and you shrug and keep on walking and now jimin is extra upset because despite his big bad son of ares attitude, he needs constant attention and validation to make it through the day
  • just like me, what a coincidence, no wonder i get jimin on every single which bts member is your soulmate quiz
  • rip holy
  • anyway jimin tugs on your sleeve “aren’t you excited about the big news??”
  • and you just turn and bat your eyelashes dramatically “you mean the big camp chariot race that i’m totally gonna whip your butt in??”
  • and he nods really excitedly then shakes his head “wait no, the big camp chariot race that me, the one and only jimin, is totally gonna cream everyone, especially you in?”
  • and you laugh and shrug again “i dunno buddy, me and my partner have already started our design… “
  • and jimin pouts because what partner, who is this, who does he need to throw down with
  • oh wait it a half-sibling he’s good, he’s fine
  • not jealous or anything nope nope nope
  • you tell jimin you’re heading down to the blacksmith area to actually get to work anyhow
  • and jimin is like ooh lemme come but the you’re like sorry you might steal my design then…
  • and jimin gets even more pouty
  • “fine, i challenge you to a sparring duel then!! we can do tag-team even!! me and gukkie, and you and… and-”
  • “how about hoseok?” you tease and jimin’s face gets all red and he kinda
  • “no no no!! i’ll give you taehyung!! you’re allowed to have him because i know he’s in love with na-”
  • and he covers his mouth and your eyebrows quirk but you let it be because part of the whole rivalry thing is not falling in love with jimin nope nope nope
  • but your heart soars knowing that he gets a little jealous over you
  • just a little
  • you agree to his duel and jimin is like awesome lemme go get the boys-
  • and you’re like no, one on one is okay
  • and you wink and jimin is like wow my heart… my heart is melting…
  • so you two head on down to the sparring fields but guess what, guess who’s there, it’s our favorite wingmen jeongguk and taehyung
  • #jungkookhickeyscandal2k17 anyone
  • and you’re kind of suspsicious but then you also see hoseok and yoongi there too and you’re like oh maybe everyone is just having a good time today
  • but then taehyung screams tag team and you’re like wow i was set up
  • then comes the issue of deciding teams and you assume that like… you know, you and jimin would be on opposing sides but nah fam
  • hoseok is like “FOUR VERSUS TWO COME AT ME”
  • and yoongi is all “do you need to scream”
  • and jeongguk is all “COME AT ME JIMIN”
  • and yoongi is like “wow, what a many yell you have”
  • and he nudges hoseok playfully
  • but guess what, everyone votes that it be you and jimin versus everyone else and you’re like…
  • this was 728% set up
  • you and jimin start to disagree but hoseok is already loading an arrow into his bow and yoongi has his scythe out and y’all are like
  • well yikes
  • jimin is immediately in warrior mode and he’s like time to attack but you put a hand on his shoulder “honey child, it’s four against two, don’t you think we should take a defense stan and wear them out”
  • and jimin gives you this look “children of ares don’t wait for the enemy to attack first my dear”
  • you roll your eyes and watch him charge at taehyung with everything he has
  • you follow behind, skillfully dodging hoseok’s arrows
  • jimin and taehyung are locked away in their own battle, while you try to take on jeongguk and his double daggers
  • but he’s good, he’s really good, what did you expect from a son of victory itself
  • you feel yourself being worn out already but you won’t lose that easily, oh no you will not
  • you lunge at him, and he falls back, only for yoongi to come and take his place
  • and you groan because your defense strategy would have been so much better than whatever is happening now
  • before you can process it anymore, yoongi lunges at you and you’re kind of taken by surprise but before his blade can come into contact with your raised weapon, jimin steps in front of, successfully blocking the attack and launching one of his own on yoongi
  • you catch your breath than go after jeongguk again, who is more tired than hoseok and taehyung and easier to take out
  • except hoseok and his arrows are a mess to deal with and you constantly have to dodge his attacks, along with jeongguk’s
  • you and jimin are exhausted, and only yoongi has been sitting out thus far
  • you hurry over to jimin and the two of you stand back to back, working together to dodge the barrage of attacks coming your way
  • it feels so natural to be there with jimin like you two are working together without having to say a single word
  • it’s like your adrenalin and his have combined somehow and you suddenly feel more alive, rejuvenated, ready to take on the world
  • his fierce passion and drive are coursing through your veins
  • and he can only hear your words of wisdom and strategy echoing in his head, despite the two of you remaining silent save your pants and occasional curses
  • you guys end up losing, but only because yoongi played a dirty and came back in despite having been defeated previously
  • “to protect my boyfriends” he laughed as he slugged his arms around hoseok and jeongguk’s shoulders
  • jeongguk would gag and shove him off and hoseok turned his nose upward “hoe i didn’t need you to save me”
  • you and jimin are lying on the grassy floor, your head on his stomach
  • and he’s breathing real heavy so your head moves every five seconds but he’s laughing too and you’re laughing
  • and you’re both in hysterics even after the others leave for the showers and even though you’re both sweaty and gross, you two stay there together, enjoying each other's’ presences
  • okay but guess what everyone this is page eight already and we haven’t even gotten to the drama
  • so it’s the day of the race my dudes
  • you and a small girl named elise from your cabin are the ones racing for your cabin
  • wow is that a fire emblem name i slipped into there
  • amazing
  • and jimin and one of his half brothers are racing for the ares cabin
  • hoseok is racing and so are jeongguk and taehyung
  • jin made some posters for all the boys racing and he makes yoongi and namjoon hold some of them up
  • everyone at camp is betting drachmas on who’s gonna win and most of the bets come down to you and jimin for the tie breaker
  • except athena cabin has a sharp looking chariot there armed with god only knows what kind of booby traps
  • and hecate cabin is looking wild too and you’re a little nervous but elise is like “we can do it!!”
  • also your need to defeat jimin keeps you going
  • now i read these books in fourth grade which was a very very long time ago so i can’t remember all the details so bare with me please
  • but i think there’s not many rules and all
  • anyone the signal starts and it’s off to the races my dudes
  • it’s already a heated competition and everyone is using all the tricks off their sleeves right off the bat
  • like apollo cabin done rigged their chariot to blare the most god awful country music while they have earbuds in so everyone can suffer
  • and demeter cabin has vines that can shoot out from their chariot and tangle up some wheels
  • you and jimin are far in the lead though due to a crash between the aphrodite and nemesis cabins
  • ares cabin has spikes on the middle of the wheel so if you’re close enough to them it could totally destroy your chariot
  • but you guys have elise with her little staff to fight people the heck away if they get too close while you steer
  • and it’s like you two are neck and neck and you and jimin are shouting curses at each other meanwhile trying to avoid obstacles
  • you can hear other chariots coming closer but you just push harder
  • soon you start pulling ahead of jimin
  • and you hear him shouting in ancient greek
  • but you keep pushing
  • but suddenly, the chariot starts to shake beneath your feet and you and elise exchanged horrified looks  
  • it’s like your chariot starts to disappear into thin air or something
  • like the spokes of the wheels are breaking and the boards are snapping
  • the horses pull away from the chariot and you and elise go tumbling to the side of the course
  • jimin passes by and he’s like oh come on get your head in the game
  • but he flashes back to when he was a child and his mom was lying in the grass, completely helpless and hurt
  • and he pulls his chariot to a stop and everyone is complete and utter shock but he races over to you regardless
  • elise is sitting up and rubbing her elbows but you’re still lying face down in the grass
  • jimin tells elise to go get an apollo kid while he tries to get you up
  • he lifts your head up and it looks like you’re out cold
  • he curses and moves your head to his lap, gently trying to shake you away but it doesn’t seem to be doing much
  • and he thinks about how helpless he was back when his mom was injured and he won’t have that happen again oh no
  • so he tries harder to wake you up
  • you do stir, because you were hardly injured, just needed some time to recover
  • you blink and stare up at him “jimin you moron, you’re supposed to win the race.”
  • he gapes then closes his mouth, then pulls you into his arms and hugs you super tight “i was making sure the love of my life wasn’t seriously injured, and you’re gonna sit here and call me a moron!?”
  • and you two are staring at each other all dramatic and you’re like aw to hell with it and you pull his collar and bring him in for a curse
  • que jin shrieking from the sidelines
  • tae passes by on his chariot and screams “get a room”
  • and jimin gets all embarrassed and pulls away from you all blushy and shy
  • you laugh and rub your nose up to his
  • guess who wins
  • it’s hoseok because i love him and he’s allowed to do whatever he wants in my mind
  • but you and jimin don’t care because you’re too busy staring into each other’s yes and holding hands and being absolutely gross and cheesy the end

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Brooklyn is the third most watched comedy in the UK !! it does super well here and e4 (the channel it shows on) is constantly advertising it and using it for other things like they use audio of Boyle sooo much to promote other stuff and b99 is on buses a lot here when new seasons come out as well idk if fox or anyone high up like that ever knows about this but they should since its super loved over here n I'm not sure if e4 pays good to air the show or not sooo maybe an incentive

that’s amazing

answering asks

chap 4 screamin, cheating??, wagner twins!, mmy insta, hen hc, pokemon, gender au, mitch is ugly, my day job, aaaaand “long exposure” title!

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Do u love taekai as much as I do bc I love them a lot

um???? who am I if I’m not the biggest lover of taekai I am taekai trash and will have that engraved on my tombstone in the near future

no words will ever express my love so I’m gonna make you regret ever sending in this small ask,,,,,,

remember that one time taemin recorded jongin crying after exo’s first win 4 wolf

or that one time @ the 2016 MAMA when he ignored all of exo and walked straight into jongin’s arms when accepting his award

taemin n jongin messing around during SM concerts pt 1

pt 2

mama jongin having enough of baby taemin’s antics 

just………being proud of each other like only besties can be pt 1

pt 2

BONUS: jealous satansoo giving taemin the stank look 

so to answer ur question….idk i mean maybe not as much as u

yuam’s gouache brands review

hey guys, i really like working with gouache and i think it’s due time for me to make a review of the art supplies i use in my paintings and stuff because 1) this can be a good resource for me to look back on in the future, but also 2) i want to encourage anyone who wants to get into painting to maybe try this medium out!

also, i think gouache is really versatile and can be really efficient and quick when one needs it to be, like it’s the perfect balance between acrylic and watercolors, and also it dries matte and is pretty opaque. it’s an efficient and easy medium to use, transportable too, and i can’t really think of any technical downsides in using it. the only negative aspect of it is that it’s kinda expensive, but we’ll get to that in a second.

as for my canvas paintings, i personally use a mixture of acrylic paint, liquitex matte liquid, and acrylic gouache. (i like matte over glossy.)

(also, last note but sorry for the crappy lighting….oh well.)

1. Royal & Langnickel 

Royal and Langnickel was the first brand of gouache that i’ve ever used, and i think it’s pretty good if you’re looking for a cheap, student quality gouache that works similarly if not just as well as professional paints. I honestly have no complaints about this brand, and it’s probably my go-to painting medium when i do studies from life, quick paintings in my sketchbook for school, or photo studies. i guess the only kinda-downside is it’s lack of color ranges, but overall, i think R&L gets a 10/10 from me. (it’s also really cheap on amazon, like i think you can get 24 12mL paints for like $13. yeah.)

2. Reeves

Reeves isn’t that bad for student quality art supplies, i think. I mean, it isn’t great, and i would probably prefer it the least out of all the other gouache brands i’ve used, but it does just as well as one would expect it to. compared to R&L, another student-quality paint, Reeves tends to dry a little grimier and isn’t as opaque, and leaves a kind of rough finish. the smell is also a little strange, and maybe it’s only me but i can only describe it as chemically unpleasant. overall, reeves is definitely not my first choice, and i think imma give it a 6/10. (compared to R&L, i think it’s around the same price, but i’ve only ever bought it from michaels so idk the price of it online)

3. Holbein Artists’ Gouache (NOT to be confused with Holbein Acryla gouache b/c i still haven’t used that yet)

ok, first of all, these are really expensive, even on websites like Jerry’s Artarama and amazon. Holbein produces really expensive, artist quality paints, so i can’t say i expected anything different. anyway, in terms of technical performance, i think they work really well and they’re just as easy to use as the student-quality paints listed above. also, it doesn’t really have much of a smell, which is pretty great if you’re sensitive to smells. umm, in all honesty, they’re just ok, and i dont think that artist-quality supplies make too big of a difference when you’re painting….i guess the only reason you’d buy Holbein is because you’ve worked with their watercolors and you’re familiar with the brand, or because it’s readily accessible (easy to buy), but otherwise….it’s ok. overall, a 9/10, just because it’s very expensive.

4. Turner Design Gouache

Turner, on the other hand, is a little cheaper than Holbein, and i think it works just as well as the other paints above. also, it’s artist quality except it doesn’t use heavy metal pigments, which i prefer actually. Some complaints: 1) the color on the tube sometimes doesn’t really match the color of the paint 2) the color when wet may be different from the color when dry 3) the tubes are kinda hard to control when squeezing, and sometimes it can get really messy, and 4) the smell is pretty chemically, but it’s not as bad as Reeves if you ask me. It’s ok, but i actually think i prefer Turner’s acrylic gouache over their design gouache because it dries water-resistant and it’s even a little cheaper. overall, 8/10 from me I think.

5. Turner Acryl Gouache 

finally, Turner Acryl gouache! I think that i kind of agree with everything i said above for their designer gouache, except it’s a little cheaper on Jerry’s Artarama and they have a really good/wide range of colors. idk, i think i buy the most of this brand compared to any other gouaches i’ve used, and it’s the easiest to access for me so I tend to use it the most. overall, 10/10! I like it lots.

ok, that concludes my gouache review! please take my words with a grain of salt and to not immediately conclude that just because i buy this stuff this might work the best for you! tbh i think it really comes down to what you have available/accessible to you, and everything else comes later. happy painting everyone!!