idk if i was trying to smile

Another unpopular (or maybe popular I'm not sure) opinion

All the love interests in Home for the Holidays suck. Wyatt looks uncomfortable when he smiles (also, getting back together with an ex? Nah bro bye), nick is an asshole (please just shut up for once), and holly is just boring (also ur book sucks). The book just sucks in general. It has no plot, but unlike Lovehacks, which was actually a really fun book to read, it’s just super boring. Also, I hate that it makes me feel wrong about not liking the holidays as much as the main characters do. Idk I just kinda agree with Nicks view on the holidays yet the book is all just about trying to change Nick’s opinion on the holidays and that just really annoys me. Also, does pb actually expect me to still read a holiday themed book in mid january?? Like why couldn’t they just release the whole book in December like they did with hss?

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What's a skill you've always wanted to learn? If you could pick a color to describe your personality, what would it be? Who would you choose as a lover: Rhys, Azriel, or Cassian? (The ladies aren't in the picture lol)

A skill I’ve always wanted to learn is photography! I love looking at pictures, and this will sound extremely cheesy but I like to look at pictures because I feel like they all have a story. I’m like Feyre when she sees a painting in her mind, only it’s with photography for me!

I feel like an olive purple color would describe my personality (I know that’s super specific) because I’m quiet and shy, and I try to stay alone as much as possible because I’m scared of being hurt, but at the same time I have a fun side (thus the purple) and I love to make people smile and feel happy, so idk I may have gotten too deep with that but I’m SO bored right now😂

I’d choose Rhys because he always makes sure his lover is cared for and feels loved, and always puts them first, and that’s something I want when I’m in a relationship!❤︎

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so please don’t take my seunshine away


Hi! This is Not Mystic Messenger ^_^;

{{Lowkey screaming cause highkey I wanna give all those who gave support and encouragement about the AU -> Original Reboot a really big hug}} ♥♥♥

So here are some small doodles I did for the new series :D Nothing is really final yet in terms of designs but all I’m sure of is that I want it to be a slice-of-life series (no plans for a serious plot yet - just your usual crack/angst scenarios in chapters - kind of like how I randomly updated with MM crack/angst comics + mini comics – & I hope to draw mini comic sets about them too; but mainly these will be about the day-to-day adventures of these college losers etc :D)

Also I’m going to add new characters because I want to practice drawing different people too :D I will be definitely open for HC’s & suggestions from everyone (i kinda of want to build this series with the help of the community) but more info on that later ^o^ Thanks for all the kind words everyone ;;o;;

Sorry to those who are confused, I know I haven’t really made a proper announcement about this (been super busy with stuff) but yes I am rebooting Taemin’s AU into an Original Series (No Mystic Messenger Characters/Elements anymore - which means the AU kids get new names, slight/new redesigns/personalities and new families) :D I’ve been really attached to my AU fancharacters and I want to make them grow ;v; And also, I don’t want to be forever known as ‘that one girl who only drew MM for life’ - I also see this as a chance to be more creative and free and be able to grow as an artist as well ;;v;; TBH I feel super inspired when I draw them because I know they’re mine - and it’s good motivation so I will be able to make new content that will make more people happy (which is the main reason why i started making funny comics - because i want to make people smile) :D

I will still draw MM fanart from time to time, please don’t worry about it! But I do hope you still support me in this project - because it’s something important to me ;v; If not, that’s okay too! Thank you so much for having supported my MM content in the past ♥ I’m glad I was able to make some of you smile with my comics and stuff :D

A lot of people on here say that their ask is open just for the sake of it, and sometimes they sadly don’t mean it. I want my followers to know that my ask is ALWAYS open, because to me, you guys aren’t just “my followers”. You are real people with real problems and your happiness and health is important to me. Just because I don’t know you in person, that doesn’t mean I don’t care. So if you’re ever having a bad day, please reach out, or if you’re ever feeling a bit lonely please know that I am here, to be a friend and someone who will listen :)

Imagine watching your boyfriend Tom talking about you in an interview (Tom Holland x Fem!Reader)

warning: fluffy!! fluff fluff fluff, language

word count: 869

a/n: here’s a cute little imagine I wrote for u guys, i hope u guys like it xx Also, I’m trying something new with this so I’m so excited for u guys to read it!!

You opened your laptop, hoping to find some type of cure for your boredom. Tom’s only been gone for a week and you already missed him terribly. I mean, it’s kind of natural for you to want your boyfriend with you at all times. Or most of the time. Right?

You sighed, opening up YouTube and immediately letting out a little laugh as one of Tom’s interviews popped up in your recommendations. It was titled ‘Tom Holland talks relationships, romance, and more!’ Your eyebrows quirked up as you read it, curiosity getting the better of you as you clicked on it. As the video loaded, you briefly read the description and saw that it was pretty recent, only uploaded two days ago. A thirty-second ad popped up, causing you to roll your eyes in impatience.

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now I'm eagerly awaiting the day Hanzo and McCree can be loudly heard from anywhere in the watchpoint snarking back and forth, Hanzo projecting from the diaphragm about idk all the cool shit he did last mission and McCree is just cackling about how they outsmarted their foes or w/e

A running joke among the other agents will be how quiet and timid Hanzo is, based on how he was when he first arrived. They take aside newbies and whisper, “When you meet Hanzo, keep your voice down and try not to smile. He hates loud noises and happiness.”

Then he strides into the room and bellows, 


S  K  E  W  E  R 


And then he proceeds to outdrink and outfight even the rowdiest newbie until McCree claps a hand on his shoulder and reminds him that Angela made him promise not to send more than five to the infirmary. He takes Hanzo away somewhere to spend the rest of the evening, but it’s hard to tell exactly where because you can hear their bellowing laughter literally EVERYWHERE.

Masculine Poses for Inquiring Trans Guys

Having spent my whole life posing to be “pretty” (from family portraits to Porn shoots), I found myself wanting to look more masculine in my personal photos. But how? I looked through Tumblr and all I really found were a bunch of man-butts – which wasn’t terrible, but also wasn’t what I was looking for. So I did my own research and made this post for anyone else who was wondering! 

Just an important note: this is not meant in any way to uphold gender roles. I just want to help people out who want to express themselves more masculinely in visual media or who are self-conscious of photos because they don’t want to look like a girl (i.e. me, and probably most pre T boys). Regardless of your sex, gender, race, orientation, origin, or class, you should be allowed to be yourself! I just wanted to point out some rules of conventional photography and posing that allow a person to present in a more “masculine” way :)

So, some things to remember when taking photos that will accentuate your masculinity:

  • Your eyes should follow the line of your nose.
  • A lot of photography has men squinting. Not sure why, but maybe they’re on to something?
  • Closed hands (a.k.a. fists or loose fists) are considered more masculine than open hands in photography. If your hands are open, keep your palms pointed down and try to shoot the tops of your hands. The sides of the hands are considered dainty and womanly.
  • When posing, try not to raise the shoulder you have pointed at the camera or tilt your head toward a raised shoulder. If you do a head tilt, tilt your shoulders in the same direction as your head. It sounds complicated, but there’s a picture of it below!
  • IT IS OKAY TO SMILE! If you feel like smiling makes you look too feminine or makes you look silly, try a smirk or a lustful look. Or just look serious I guess. IDK, I’m new to this too so :P In porn there’s this look they have us do called “fashion face.” You literally make no expression, you just stare at the camera like you have resting bitch face. If you’re not one for smiles, try it, you might like it! (I personally make an effort not to look angry or depressed in my photos, and I have always sucked at faces so that’s why I rambled here. Don’t hate me lol).
  • Try to accentuate your jawline – find a facial pose that makes the jawline look strong and present. Always keep your chin tilted up and toward the camera!

Here are some photos of different poses considered masculine in conventional art and photography (there is one that has more anime-style poses for those of you who like to cosplay or just like to be really cool!):

In the end, it’s important to remember that it will take time to grow into your body, and it will take time to learn how to command it, too. If you’re like me and have to wait a few more years before you can start T, but you still want the world to see you as you are, I’m sure this will help. I’ll be trying out some of these poses and uploading them here, and I’d love to see yours. I know my blog is small, and I’m no expert, but I really hope this reaches anyone who needs it.

~College!au Pen Pal Yoongi~ PART FOUR

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Yoongi trailed after his friends entering the club. Warning off the younger ones to not end up wasted by the end of the night, he headed for the bar. Sitting down on one of the bar stools, he greeted the bartender.

“Just a beer.” The bartender nodded in response before turning around. 

Taking a look at his surroundings, Yoongi noticed someone sitting a few stools beside him. She was young, as young as he was probably, sat at the bar, eyes trained on her tall glass of water. 

“You look out of place,” Yoongi called over the music. Snapping her head up, she gave a polite smile. “My friends are here. I’m their driver.”

“Ah. That must suck,” Yoongi took a swig from the beer bottle given to him by the bartender.

“Eh, we take turns,” She shrugged in response, taking a sip of the water. “You have a ride?”

“That would be me,” A voice cut in. Yoongi turned to Namjoon with a raised brow. “I’m heading out for a minute. Make sure the boys don’t…do anything crazy, okay?”

Simply nodding his head, Yoongi returned his attention to the girl beside him. “You look like you’re in a mood?” She cocked her head to the side and squinted her eyes, as if analyzing him. 

“That’s just my resting face,” Yoongi shrugged it off. 

“Man, you need to smile more,” She shook her head, scooting over so she was in the stool just left of his. 

“Hm, not the first time I’ve heard someone say that,” Yoongi looked up as in thought.

“Well, you should listen to them. Life’s too short to be living it so gloomily,” She placed her elbow on the counter and rested her head against her hand. 

Yoongi could only shrug. “I like staying inside my own room. I’m happy in there.”

“I can relate. My friends had to practically drag me out of mine,” She sighed.

“They did?”

“Yeah, and usually I’m one for going out and having a blast. Just wasn’t feeling it tonight, though.” Yoongi knew there was a reason but he didn’t pry. 

“Don’t mind me asking but what’s your name?”

Smiling brightly, she stuck her hand out, “Y/N!”

You waited for the man beside you to shake your hand but he only eyed it curiously.

“Uh, you’re supposed to shake it, you know that, right?” You asked warily. The man hesitantly shook your hand. “Yoongi.”

“Nice to meet you!” Instead of receiving an answer, he went back to drinking his beer. Pouting, you stared at him. 

Gazing at you in the corner of his eye, he turned to you, “Can I help you with something?”

“No, probably not. You just remind me of someone I know.”

“Must be a joy to be around,” Yoongi muttered, sarcastically.

“Oh, he’s nice. I like him,” you shrugged referring to your pen pal. You didn’t know that much about him, besides that he’s quite the opposite of you. “Total opposites.”

“I know someone like that, too. Total opposites,” Yoongi rolled his eyes, a chuckle escaping his lips. It wasn’t a full smile, but it was a smile.

“Look! You smiled! See? You just need someone to bring you that smile,” You grinned, cheekily. Why were you talking to this stranger you hardly knew? You were off campus at the moment, so he most likely didn’t go to your college. 

“Right…Well, Namjoon came back in and I’m gonna out. Want one?” He offered the rolled up piece of paper with thousands of deadly chemicals trapped inside waiting to be inhaled. Gulping, you turned away. “Nope. No thanks.”

“Don’t smoke?” He guessed, placing the cigarette between his lips, not bothering to light it yet. 

“No. And I don’t think you should, either. It’s not good for you.”

Yoongi scoffed, “I’m aware of the dangers and I don’t smoke often. Not that kind of guy. What’s the real reason you’re so against it?” He stood up to leave.

“My sister used to smoke. It was bad,” Your eyes stayed glued to the water in front of you. 

“Used to? She stopped?” Yoongi asked, and you knew he wanted your answer to be positive. But deep down he knew it wasn’t.

“Wasn’t able to. Lung cancer,” You mumbled. Sitting back down, he took the cigarette out of his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

Shaking your head, you offered a smile, “It was an eye opener for me. Without her death, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Spreading positivity and trying to make others make the best out of life.”

“That’s why you told me not to be so depressed,” Yoongi guessed in a monotone, as if understanding.

“I didn’t say depressed! Just not enthusiastic.”

“What’s there to be enthusiastic about?”

“Uh, friends, family, anything that caused you any spark of happiness?”

“Like a soft spot?”

“Exactly!” You snapped your fingers. “Learn to have a soft spot. Most times it’s a person. And please, make some sort of effort.” You offered one final smile before going to find your friends.

Even after you left, Yoongi pondered over what you had said. He did say he was going to try to be less…like himself for his pen pal. But how? 


Part 5?👀

ok but the way some of u perceive yoongi is so ??? idk even know from where u get that he has a ‘cold’ personality, like full offence but have u seen him??? did u hear about the holding hands thing?? he literally calls himself a honey boy!!! listen!! a honey boy!!!….have u seen his smile….how cute he is… funny…. what are u guys trying to do here stop making him like someone who doesnt care or who cant be cute or soft, enough,,…hes the softest

under the covers

set at some vague point after robert moves into the woolpack. 

Sometimes Robert feels sixteen again, hiding under the covers so Jack and Diane don’t put two and two together and figure out what’s going on. He remembered so many times where he and Katie, or Donna would be hidden under his quilt, trying to keep quiet and not let on that Robert had anyone over, laughing and sshing each other.

He feels sixteen again, as he straddles Aaron’s hips, his boyfriend telling him to keep his voice down, a bright smile on his face and nothing but love in his eyes. They’re in bed, the duvet pulled up over their heads, creating this purple cocoon, this bubble that only exists for the two of them.

(”Please just keep it down a little bit,” Chas had pleaded to a red-faced Aaron, “There’s other people living in the pub too, love.”) 

Aaron’s laughing. He’s tangled up in his t-shirt, and he’d laughing, the sound like music to Robert’s ears. He’ll never get tired of this, never get tired of getting to see Aaron like this, with his heart on his sleeve and his soul on display, open, and honest, and sharing every part of himself.

He didn’t know what he’d ever done in his life to deserve to be this happy, tangled up in bedsheets and listening to the love of his life laugh, the two of them wanting, at ease, happy.

Robert felt his heart swell with love as Aaron managed to discard his t-shirt, his dark hair a contrast to the grey bedsheet he was lying on, his fingers tracing patterns on the bare skin of Robert’s thighs as he waited for Robert to move, to do something other than sit, straddling Aaron’s waist.

A part of him didn’t want to move, didn’t want to chance breaking the magic of the moment. It did genuinely feel like they’d managed to block the rest of the world, whatever problems they had out, the duvet up over their heads, their little bubble safe, free from exes and jealously and whatever other mistakes they might be making. 

Robert leaned down, the duvet soft on his back as it fell down around them, the air heated, practically sizzling between them. It was going to get too hot, Robert knew that much.

It would get too hot, and they’d have to kick off the duvet and muffle their moans and cries with kisses and gritted teeth (Aaron had left teeth-marks in a pillow once, Robert entirely too self satisfied as he inspected the new dents in one of their pillowcases.)

But for now, Robert was happy, tucked away in a blanket cocoon with only Aaron for company.

(It was better than when he was sixteen, discovering sex for the first time, discovering how much he loved it -

it was better because of the man in his arms, his gorgeous, brilliant Aaron, the person who’d made it all fun and carefree again, laughing as they undressed, as they kissed, as they melted together.)

It was better now, it was definitely better. 


so there’s this part in chapter 62 where simon and baz are lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace holding hands, and when baz asks simon if he was on the List Of Things to Not Think About, simon says ‘trying not to think about you is like trying not to think about an elephant thats standing on ur chest’ and baz just has a good few moments of fond reflection before he starts smiling and says 'i dont know if that’s a compliment or…’ and they’re giggling and idk the idea that baz is a teenaged boy still baffles me sometimes, but its scenes like that one where the casualness of it is so lovely? its easy to relate to and thats what makes reading carry on so nice