idk if i was trying to smile

ok you know that ‘make the princess laugh and you can have her hand in marriage’ thing?

imagine so many come in.

they try, so hard, to make her laugh.

she just sits there, morose, ignoring every man who tries to coax a smile.

one day she’s sitting on the balcony. she just looks so sad.

of course that little thief tries to make her smile.

a girl who goes through the (semi public) royal gardens every day to pick flowers, even though technically only the royal family is allowed to do that. 

she sees the princess while she’s picking them up to sell on the streets, and she’s just… so sad. this princess needs someone to cheer her up.

and she tries. she’ll do silly dances when she comes in, she’ll bring up frogs from ponds and act out comedies, she’ll make flower crowns and exaggerate just how hard it is.

the first few days, the princess doesn’t even look at her.

then she starts noticing. this girl, trying so hard to cheer her up. she probably hasn’t even heard of the hand in marriage thing, she doesn’t know she’s trying so hard for nothing.

but she does it anyway.

one day, the princess starts talking to her as she does these things. “You do know that it’s useless?”

“What?” the thief says. “No way! I’m going to get you to laugh!”

“The best jesters in the kingdom have tried, don’t bother,” the princess declared pessimistically, staring down at the girl.

Then the thief puffs out her chest, “Of course I am! I’ll find the best jokes, even better than the jesters have found! I’ll… fight a fire breathing dog for them!”

There’s no laugh, but the corner of the princess’s mouth twitches. it’s sad how she thinks she can make me laugh…

the girl keeps trying, for years, making more silly stories and trading flowers for jokes rather than food or money. the princess slowly realizes the girl is getting closer and closer, asking her for responses in knock knock jokes and encouraging her to speak when she wouldn’t respond immediately.

the princess eventually had the girl hanging from her balcony, holding on tight to the rail and feet wedged between the columns, grinning and telling yet another iteration of that already old chicken joke.

the princess has been smiling, slightly, but she mostly just looks unresponsive. the girl is happy, it’s better than looking so sad, like she had been years before.

the girl moves on to puns, pointing at the exotic lunch the princess was eating. “Why do the melons have to go to get married? They cantaloupe!”

“You only know that word because of me,” the princess snarks, but there’s a small smile there, a bit of happiness. This little flower girl, this thief has grown into an amazing friend, a wonderful person who genuinely just wants to help. she doesn’t know of the deal, only nobles and jesters could know, not the commonfolk.

“Well, it makes quite the pun,” the girl says, proud of her joke. a smile! what an accomplishment!

“Say…” she continued, “What would you call a princess who got swept up in conversation a thief?” she pulled a flower out of her pocket, waving it in front of the princess’s face. the princess’s eyes crossed to see the flower before they rolled at the obvious setup.

though, it was interesting that it obviously involved them.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, sighing in preparation for another horrible pun. “What?”

the girl grinned. “A pretty theft!” she exclaimed, ticking the flower against the princess’s nose.

the princess froze for a moment, stunned. she had been complimented a million times over, called graceful by etiquette instructors, been called beautiful by many a suitor, been called wonderful by her mother before… she stopped thinking about that. 

she had never been called pretty.

she burst into laughter at the commonplace compliment, as if she was some sort of milkmaid who had somehow grown up to be good looking! it was ridiculous, the notion, yet somehow it had her blushing all the same.

then she suddenly stopped, realizing what she’d done.

the flower thief was staring at her in amazement, a blush of her own speckling her cheeks. her flower tilted out from in front of the princess’s nose, as if it had it’s own amazement.

“Wow…” the girl breathed. she’d never heard something so beautiful in her life.

The princess was silent, knowing what she had just done. She had just laughed for the first time in years.

The girl may not have been aware of the arrangement, but she was quickly swept up in it. A maid had heard the laughter and burst in, to find the thief and the princess, caught up in each other’s eyes, reveling in what had just happened.

The wedding was beautiful, a flower filled affair, a wonderful nod to how it happened. The king was so happy to see his daughter with someone who made her smile for once, tearing up as they were wed.

The princess’s laugh was still incredibly rare. She still had a hard time smiling. But a well timed joke from the girl– no, her wife– and another flower that had a hidden meaning behind it, than maybe, maybe you would hear it.

After all, the princess had finally laughed with the one she loved.


Only imagined it, some day,
but not now, some day
I think I’ll be smiling

I’ve been trying to pull out the important bits from chapter 87 and here’s what I’ve got:

1. It’s confirmed that the marley’s plan to exterminate all the eldian’s.

2. It’s confirmed that the smiling titan is dinah fritz (grisha’s ex wife did eat his new wife).

3. It’s confirmed that all the trost titans are the ex-revolutionists.

4. It’s discovered that kruger is the owl and the rogue titan (did he actually safe grisha that day his sister was killed? idk!). Also, it seemed to me that kruger didn’t want it to be known that dinah was from the royal bloodline - was this maybe to protect zeke?

5. It’s discovered that only eldian’s can be turned into titans.

6. It’s discovered that new titans are made when the spinal fluid of an existing titan is injected straight into the spine of the victim.

7. It’s discovered that mikasa and eren have actually been imprisoned for disobeying a superior officer and endangering the lives of fellow soldiers (hanji was being totally serious!).

8. It’s confirmed that eren has grisha’s memories (what this means for the future and for eren’s sanity, i do not know. poor boy! It only seems to get worse.)

9. Interestingly, armin is free to do as he pleases i.e. he isn’t behind bars despite being a new titan shifter whose previous incarnation had been an ‘enemy of the people’ (sorry bertl ily!) i wonder how that conversation went with zackley and the others. i wonder how it all went. I want to know. I really hope isayama’s going to fill us in.

10. It’s confirmed that the ocean is pretty darn close.

Newt x Short Reader Headcanons

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@panicandgetscared requested:  Idk your ask box isn’t showing as open for me, but if it is could you PLEASE do Newt with a short s/o headcanons? Danke schön!

Note: I fixed my ask box!

- NEVER being able to catch up to Newt when he is on the job cause one of his steps equals THREE of yours.

-”Can you reach that for me?” when he pulls whatever it is off that high shelf with a fond smile on his face you can’t help but kiss his cheek softly

-trying to make your and Newts bed but not being able to reach across the bed to place the sheet. 

-but Newt walking in grabbing your hand and saying “We can cuddle on the couch instead” 

-Newt calling you by many endearing names that show his love for your height.

- “Button can I please have Pickett back?  I really must get him back in the case.”

- wanting to kiss Newt spontaneously on the lips but not being able to reach

- Newt making up for that with lots of forehead kisses and top of the head kisses! 


tbh i love shipping the gryffindors with slytherins just because it’s so fun to see the slytherins roll their eyes when their gryffindor counterpart does somethimg stupidly heroic but they cant keep the fond smile of their face because theyre so fucking charmed but the others being an idiot so they have to stick with them to make sure they dont get hurt trying to save the world

or alternatively, slytherins and ravenclaws

like one of them comes up with a meticulously thought out plan and is like “idk tho it may be too much of a dick move” and the slytherin to be like “nope it’s perfect.”

or slytherins and hufflepuffs where the hufflepuff is like “but we’ll be nice about it wont we?” and slytherin’s like “yeah ofc bby” and once the hufflepuff is gone the slytherin goes “but not really.”

slytherins are so goddamn shippable

Just remember: You matter.

People will try to take that away from you, but don’t let them.

Take a moment to think: why should I let them ruin this?

It’s not easy, but the more you try, the easier it’ll be.

Do not let them turn you into your own bully.

You don’t deserve that.

You wouldn’t talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself.

Be your own bestie.


Do you think Credence would ever get like. Idk what the right word would be. I guess playful? about being an obscurial?? After he learns how to control it? Like, you know in the Avengers when Bruce is trying to lift Thor’s hammer and he pretends he’s about to turn into the hulk?? Sort of like that. 

You’re arm wrestling with him and he lets go just enough that his eyes turn white and you can feel the weight of something in the air. He’s still smiling at you and his body language is still friendly but he startled you just enough that you lost. 

You’re laying in bed with Credence at the end of a long day and he uses his obscurus to make shadow puppets on the wall across from you. He spent a lot of time practicing when he was bored

Yknow. stuff like that. 

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(Idk if you still do the BTS reaction to fan asks or whatever it's called so if you don't SORRYyyy) but if you do, Suga I could barely talk when I met you during a fansign because I'm insecure and awkward but if I could've said more to you ily and please try and smile even more than you do because you're beautiful 😊❤️

YG: Don’t worry, we will see each other again…I will smile more but promise me you won’t be shy the next time.

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Do you have any advice on how to get better/more confident when describing laughter when writing? I just find it so hard because in real life people laugh in lots of different ways, sometimes they laugh like inside and not really opening their mouth, sometimes they laugh while only slightly smiling, sometimes the laugh is like a sigh, others is a loud, contagious laugh that obviously can't be held in. I try to describe laughter but I feel like it might sound weird:/ idk tips? Advice? Thanks;D

Why give you advice when I can let Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews explain it?

But seriously, part the challenge is being able to differentiate between different ways of laughing, which you’ve already started to do beautifully. One detail to remember is that laughter doesn’t just affect our mouths. We scrunch our noses, we close our eyes, we hunch over or use our hands to hide our faces, and sometimes we even cry. Sometimes it even hurts our stomachs, or our cheeks, or our shoulders. Laughing can involve our whole bodies if the situation is funny enough.

The best thing to do is watch and listen to other people laugh and make observations. When you’re interacting with someone, and they laugh, and you notice a mannerism you’ve never noticed before - a sound they make or body language that seems different - grab a scratch of paper and jot it down. Stuff it in your pocket and then add it a more permanent notebook later. 

Being a writer starts with being a great observer, and having an excellent imagination. So you start by having lots of instances in mind to reference when it comes to describing it. 

But phrasing a description, laughter or otherwise, just takes practice. Start by just writing exactly what you see. “He covered his mouth, his shoulders shaking, and his eyes closed tightly like he was holding back tears.” <<< This isn’t necessarily great writing, but I’m describing a clear image that you as a reader can immediately picture. 

Anything that’s difficult to describe starts by just being literal. Write exactly what it is. If you keep writing, keep practicing, then maybe a few months down the road when you go back to write that same moment of laughter, you’ll have the tools to add some more oomph to it, making it a little more lyrical and vivid. 

Be patient with yourself. The ability to write clear, concise, and vivid prose takes time to improve and master. 

Good luck!


May I Have This Dance?

Manorian, fluff, #1 on my writing queue (whats next? idk yet…)

Enjoy <3

Manon couldn’t stand these parties. She was a queen now and trying to develop an alliance with the human kingdoms, but this wasn’t her. Dresses and dancing and gossip, that was Dorian’s forte. She’d only come today because it was his coronation.

But now she stood in a corner, in a dress she’d chosen because Aelin has hinted about Dorian loving girls in white, watching the King dance with a courtier that was all smiles and flirting. Manon felt her grip tighten on her wine glass, could almost hear it cracking.

Though her mood was lightened when she noticed Asterin and Petrah dancing together, full of smiles. She found herself smiling, especially when she noticed how scandalized the courtiers were. Asterin caught her eye during a twirl and sent a wink Manon’s way.

Manon took one more look at the King as the dance swept him by, then she handed her glass to nearby servant and walked to the balcony. A cool wind kissed her skin, ruffled her hair, as she leaned against the railing. The stars were out in their full glory tonight. Manon found herself staring up at them, watching as a single shooting star traveled across the sky.

“The stars are rather beautiful tonight.” Manon turned to find Dorian behind her, hands in his pockets. But he wasn’t looking at the stars. He was smiling at her.

“Are you sure you should be out here?” Manon leaned against the railing, raising a single brow at the King. “I’m sure the courtier is missing her dancing partner.”

“I’m sure she is.” He tilted his head, daring a few more steps. “But, I happened to notice that the most beautiful woman at the ball has yet to dance.”

“I’m fairly certain Aelin has dragged Rowan to the dance floor at least five times.” He was in front of her now, Manon had to crane her neck to look him in the eye.

“Aelin is not the most beautiful woman at the ball, no matter how much she insists.” Dorian ran his eyes over her, smirking when he saw the white beaded bodice and flowing skirts. “You know, white is my favorite.”

“Really? I had no idea.”

“Of course, you didn’t.” He smiled as he met her eyes again, starlight sparkling in the sapphire. “You are truly stunning, Your Majesty.”

“You shouldn’t be surprised.” Manon tilted her head, maintaining eye contact. “After all, there are an unusual number of attractive people in this castle.”

Instead of answering, Dorian took a step back. He bowed with one hand extended. “May I have this dance?”

Manon could hear the music from the ballroom, faint but present. A faint breeze pushed at her back, as if urging her toward the King. She took his hand, the familiar warmth and feel of callouses calmed her. Her breath hitched as Dorian pulled her towards him, one hand coming to rest on her waist.

The feel of her hand in his felt natural. Manon rested her other on his shoulder. Then they moved. Manon found she didn’t mind allowing Dorian to take the lead. Their steps were completely in sync. When the music reached it peak, the King lifted her in the air and twirled. Her feet had barely touched the ground when they moved again. They didn’t break eye contact as they danced and spun around the balcony. At the end of the song, Manon spun away. When Dorian pulled her back she was wrapped in his arms.

Before she could speak, Dorian leaned down to kiss her. It was soft, gentle, so unlike the kisses they’d shared during the war. He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers. She saw his lips move, like he wanted to say something, but then they heard someone approach.

They separated just in time for a guard to come out onto the balcony.

“Your majesty, the diplomat from Melisande would like to speak to you.”

“Of course, thank you for telling me Oliver.” Dorian nodded in thanks, and the guard took his leave.

Dorian turned back to her, giving one last smile.

“Until next time, witchling.” He bowed, a bit over dramatically, and took his leave.

Manon watched him leave. Then, she turned back to the stars. The cool breeze once again blew over her. She wondered if, perhaps, the stars had finally answered her. If it was possibly she would find happiness.

Manon wondered if, maybe, her happiness lay with a sapphire eyed mortal who dreams of a better world.

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Idk if you'll like this request cause it's not really appealing to Jerome but why not to try?😂 Imagine reader had a miscarriage and because of that she kinda put a distance between her and Jerome which made him worry. But then one day he comes home where she greets him with a pregnancy test and a smile, hehe

//I think this is a cute idea. I’ll try my hand at this, I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I think pregnancy tests show a – when negative and + when positive, right? That’s what common sense tells me at least. Correct me if I am wrong, please.


Warnings: Mentions of a miscarriage.

Rating: Fluff.

Title: Test //



    Jerome’s arms hang at his side as he stands at the door to their bedroom, his heart aching as he stares forward at y/n. She is curled up on the bed, her body shaking as she sobs, her face buried in the pillows. He moves forward quietly.

    “I’m sorry, doll.” He whispers, reaching out to put his hand on her shoulder. Her hand shoots out automatically, knocking his hand away.

    “Go away!” She mumbles, pulling her arm back to her side and hugging herself tightly. Jerome reaches out for her once again. She knocks his hand away once again, and, stubborn as Jerome is, he stops.

    “I’m trying to help. What can I do?” He whispers, sitting down next to her. “I hate to see you like this, y/n. You’re in pain.” He places his hand on her arm gently. “Please, tell me how to help you.”

    “No, no. I don’t want to bother you-” Jerome forces her to sit up suddenly.

    “You think you’re bothering me by not talking to me? I love you y/n! You won’t talk to me, you won’t let me help you! Our child was miscarried, y/n. Now I’m losing you too? That’s fine with me, you can walk away, but let me help you! Let me help you smile again, I can’t stand seeing you like this.” Jerome stares at her, his breathing intense by the time he is done. Y/n stares at him, her gaze meeting his.

    “Jerome, I’m sorry…” She whispers, moving forward suddenly and knocking him backwards, burying her face in the crook of his neck. “I love you too Jerome, I’m so sorry…I just, I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do.” She cries. Jerome hugs her tightly, and shakes his head.

    “Don’t apologize…just, please don’t push me away.” He says softly, closing his eyes.

(Time Skip: A month)


    Y/n dances around the house, letting out small yelps of excitement. “Jerome! Jerome!” She calls out, looking through every room, ending up standing right in front of the door when she doesn’t find him. She taps her foot anxiously, waiting for the door to open and for Jerome to walk through. Y/n walks over to the couch and sits down, her legs bouncing.

    Letting out another squeal, she does a small, shaky dance when the sound of the door handle turning startles her from her position on the couch. Despite her excitement to see him, she waits for the door to open, and for Jerome to walk in and shut it before she jumps up and runs over.

    “Jerome!” He looks over just in time to catch her as she jumps into his arms, and he stumbles backwards a bit.

    “Whoa, doll.” Jerome smiles widely, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Why are you so excited to see me today?” He asks, throwing his arm over her shoulder and pulling her to his side, walking over to the living room. She beams up at him, and holds up the small stick.

    “Would you believe it? Look, look!” Y/n says happily. Jerome’s eyes widen when he sees the small plus sign, and he looks up at her quickly.

    “You’re pregnant?” Jerome asks, his lips curling into a smile. “You’re pregnant! We’re gonna have a kid! I’m gonna be a father!” His eyes narrow teasingly. “I am the father, right?” Y/n pushes him away and laughs with him. 

I can’t stop thinking about Yoongi playing the piano in the back of Jin’s cover of I Love You and I really really need a “piano player Yoongi gets hired to help idol Jin compose songs for his next comeback because Jin wanted to try out a new style and Yoongi’s one of the best in the business” au.

Getting through composing the songs is a difficult process and Yoongi wants to rip his hair out most of the time because he and Jin don’t see eye to eye on anything. The elder is really earnest and sincere though, and that’s something Yoongi can appreciate and as he spends more time in Jin’s company he becomes utterly fond of the elder’s childlike antics and personality in general (it’s really damn hard not to find the elder endearing even though Yoongi tries his best).

Yoongi knows he’s a lost cause the first time he hears Jin sing live. (He’ll always dismiss telling Hoseok that he felt like angels were descending from the heavens on the basis that it was drunk rambling)

 And just imagine Yoongi smiling so so so widely after the recording is done because literally Every Single Thing about Seokjin is gorgeous (except his jokes, but no one can be perfect)(then again, Seokjin comes pretty damn close in Yoongi’s opinion)

I blame this