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•Percy Jackson
•Any other book series by Rick Riordan
•Taylor Swift
•Classic Doctor Who
•Classic Doctor Who memes
•Doctor Who
•Eurovision memes

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step 1: name your 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms:
(in no particular order)

1. castiel - supernatural
2. bucky barnes - marvel
3. joan watson - elementary
4. ben wyatt - parks and rec
5. merlin - bbc merlin
6. ray holt - brooklyn nine nine
7. toph - avatar the last airbender
8. sun bak - sense8
9. donna noble - doctor who
10. mickey milkovich - shameless

step 2: name your top 5 ships that you’ll go down with no matter what:

1. dean/cas 
2. cockles (they’re 2 different things okay)
3. steve/bucky
4. ben/leslie
5. doctor/rose 

step 3: tag 10 people

idk who’s been tagged and done this already so i’m tagging everyone who wants to do it!!

WELCOME!~ If you could please like/reblog this if you’re interested in rping with a Doctor Ichiro Irabu from the anime Kuuchuu Buranko? Irabu is a psychiatrist who transforms back and forth between a child, a young adult, and a bear. Each form has a distinct personality based on Freud’s psychoanalytic personality theory of the id, ego, and super ego.
*trigger warnings: injections and syringes*

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Nickname: On Tumblr, idk but on deviantART; Sooty/Soots/Shivu

Sign: *offers stop sign* OH WAIT Virgo

Height: 5′6 or 7 I think

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Current time: 19:55

Average hours of sleep: It varies from like 8 to about 10 XD

Favorite number: Idk 7?? 2??

Favorite fictional character from mainstream media: Pretty much any villainous Pokemon character XD But other than that Guilmon and Gabumon? I also like Stiles from the 2011 Teen Wolf series 

Captain Jack from Doctor Who isn’t bad either? c: 

My OCs: Ahhhhh so many- my main one is Shivu, there’s also Kutya, Blaze, Water, Silver and many more from that universe… There’s also Düster, Candy, Zach, Tamir, Sebastian, Scarlett, Mel, 24… From yet another universe Flamestar, Firetail, Fireclaw, Silverflank, Liontail, Ashear… THE LIST GOES ON PEOPLE

Dream Trip: I would love to travel the world c: I don’t really have the money too though XD Something a bit closer to reality would be to go on a hiking trip :D

Dream Job: Something in the animal industry, but I would also like to be an author/illustrator on the side

When did I make this blog: September 2013 (I joined purely for Team Plasma!)

Posts: Mostly Pokemon, but some other things like sciencey or creepy facts- I also occasionally go on a rant about dogs and their behaviors and some people’s lack of knowledge on it XD

But really, mostly Pokemon villains 

Why did I choose my url: it actually used to be “ShivuTheWolf” (one of my OCs) but then I changed it when I realised the blog had nothing to do with him, and much more to do with Team Plasma. Hence “Plasma” then “Chaos” I think just cos I am pretty crazy :P
For some reason I also thought “Plasma Chaos” was the name of a TCG deck? But after some searching there it seems I was wrong XD

When did my blog hit its peak: It seems to have died down now, but I got quite a few followers after posting this then again after this (mostly because everyone took that so seriously -.-) but really when I started posting things like that things go interesting XD
But the peak has died down- that last link was really my last popular post made solely by myself :P

Follower count: 195

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Also anyone else who wishes to join feel free! :D

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1. Nicknames: Ziggy, Madi

2. Gender: Girl 

3. Star sign: Virgo

4. Height: I’m 5'4"

5. Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw! 💙💛

6. Favorite color: Either blue or green

7. Time right now: 12:05 am

8. Average hours of sleep: what is sleep

9. Lucky number: Don’t have one. Oops

10. Last thing i googled: “Steven Universe pearl dress” wow I’m cool

11. Favorite fictional character: Idk probably Pidge from Voltron 

12. Blankets you sleep with: My comforter and my Doctor Who blanket 

13. Favorite band/artist: Catfish and the Bottlemen!!

14. Dream trip: I really wanna go to Disneyworld

15. What im wearing right now: Running shorts and an Einstein shirt

16. What i made this blog: 2 or 3 years ago

17. How many blogs i follow: 419

18: When did your blog reach its peak: It hasn’t really idk

19. Do you get asks on a daily basis: I freaking wish oml

20. Why did you chose your url: I’m a music nerd and a lowkey weeb






not 20 but who cares

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Relationship status: Super Single
Favourite colours: Red and Blue
Pets: three dogs
Cats or dogs: Both, but more of dog person. I don’t trust cats… They’re gonna rule the world, I know it
Chapstick or lipstick: Neither.
Last song listened to: Sono Chi No Sadame - Hiroaki Tominaga
Favourite TV show: Doctor Who
First fandom: IDK… I think it was the DC fandom in Facebook, then slowly I made my way through books, various tv series and anime and I ended up here xD
Hobbies: Writing, reading, archery, martial arts and kendo (yeah, I do kendo in my free time xD)

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relationship status: single
favorite color:dark blue
pets: an absolute shithead of a dog
cats or dogs: I used to be dogs, but ever since we got the aforementioned shithead it has been cats
coke or pepsi: eh? coke i guess
chapstick or lipstick: lmao i dont use either
last song i listened to: idk but probably something by Florence + the Machine
favorite TV show(s): I have no clue TV hasn’t been that good at catching my interests lately. Gravity Falls, maybe, or Archer.
first fandom: in terms of internet fandom, I think doctor who, but more as an observer. I really got into fandom with The Mortal Instruments.
hobbies: reading, running, shitposting, and I want to say writing but that’s a dirty lie.

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relationship status: single
favorite colors: purple, blue, green, occasionally pink.
pets: none
chapstick or lipstick: lipstick all the way, baby.
last song I listened to: I was listening to FS playlists on 8tracks, so probably the Scientist by Coldplay.
favorite tv show: AOS, of course.
first fandom: Star Wars or Doctor Who.
hobbies: writing, giffing…does listening to music count as a hobby??

I tag: atjoatjoata idk? anyone who wants to do this? Brain isn’t functioning rn.

10 characters tag

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10 fav characters from 10 fandoms:
1. Papyrus - Undertale
2. Lapis Lazuli - Steven Universe
3. Clara Oswald - Doctor Who
4. John Watson - Sherlock Holmes
5. Maki Nishikino - Love Live!
6. Ene - Kagerou Project
7. Kyle Broflovski - South Park
8. Dory - Finding Nemo/Dory
9. Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls
10. Sentarō Kawabuchi - Sakamichi no Apollon

I tag: idk, anybody who wants to do this!