idk if i uploaded these yet

a teeny tiny nagito doodle!! i love him a lot……
(almost at 250 followers! thank you so much!! also if anyone has any requests… specifically nagito requests.. feel free to send them!)


Saw a sketchbook yesterday at Blick’s that was said to be 100% bleed proof, so of course I had to get it and test it out.
It works brilliantly! The colors are all very vibrant and they blend nicely, and, the paper does not bleed one bit 😏 It’s a Crescent Rendr Sketchbook! Check em’ out sometime if you enjoy working with markers!
I also managed to get these progress shots of the first drawing in it of my characters, Cal and Saizar~
*Do not use these images or characters in any way-thank you!*


falling: a dramione mix about falling in, out of, and back in love.

CH 9

i uploaded it around an hour ago so its on mangago and you can read it there!! (pg 15 i made a mistake and its supposed to say “is breaking up with me an **easier** decision than choosing a hamburger set?but i cant quality check properly running on caffeine LOL sorry about thatttttt)
but idk if it got reapproved on batoto yet since i reuploaded it lol by the time you see this if you see it a couple hours from when i posted this it’s probably on batoto and you can read it on there

but akdjgjksd one more chapter until i can request for contributor status on batoto and i dont have to wait for the moderation queue ㅠㅠㅠ its so frustrating lol i cant wait

anonymous asked:

do you have a link to the vlive + of tae?

nope, sorry! I was asleep when he came on too so I haven’t even watched it yet since it takes them ages to re-upload the lives form ch+

Why am I the only one who want laughing when he was singing along to all by myself in that Vlive?He looked sad or is it just me?

from what i’ve seen he was exaggerating his actions for the sake of the song LMAO idk he seemed fine in the rest of the video (based on what little clips and gifs i’ve seen)

I’m LMAOing at the last rude anon like ppl have the right to express their own opinions on THEIR OWN BLOG… also, you were never rude about how you felt either you just said it as it is so idk what that anon’s problem is

sigh idk tbh lmao

Oh dear, people are given proof that Taehyung doesn’t like being called an alien and still try to argue that he doesn’t care?? and wtf does pineapple on pizza have to do with anything lmao. This is YOUR blog and you can post/reblog/talk about anything you want!

ngl i was kinda very confused about that comparison too but hey i guess you do you @ that anon ashdfjk

y'all, just the fact that the time is passing and people grow up and change, is enough for tae not wanting to be called that anymore. Maybe before, when he was younger, new in the industry, he was more out there, more “alien” like y'all say, but it was his younger self. If tae is calmer now, and even mentioned that he doesn’t want to be called that anymore, then conversation over. It’s not hard to accept that people change, and a thing they were/liked before, they aren’t/don’t like anymore.

they’ve all grown, it’s natural and yeah if he himself said he doesn’t like that term then everyone should respect that

i maybe wrong or maybe i just see it that way but i noticed taehyung stopped expressing emotions THAT much bc of this nonsense and i feel so bad about it

ever since that incident back in 2015 he’s been more reserved (and before y’all ask, it’s about that time when he was lipsyncing to bb’s loser on mcountdown when they first got their 1st win, not bc he was referring to bb but bc bb was performing that right before the announcement lmao and we all know how much of a fan of bb they all are)

the ‘tae is dumb’ kinda bs (it’s not a joke if it’s not funny) still exist to this day and they annoy me so much bc how can people be so shallow in their judgments. if you pay attention to him for more than half a second you’ll see how smart he is. i mean wasnt the bon voyage bit a huge proof of his intelligence? he’s a grown up guy, a many-sided artist and some people just overlook all of that to make their very lame “jokes”

agreed, i really despise all those tweets and jokes that make him seem like he’s just dumb and weird and that’s all there is to him when he’s really not….

i hate how that anon referred to them as 'concepts’. has it not occured to anyone that maybe, just maybe, this is who they are? they aren’t 'concepts’. they didn’t imagine a personality and decide to become it. jin likes pink, taehyung is eccentric. that doesn’t mean they’re purposefully putting on a front or trying to come across in a certain way. they’re just being who they are. like damn, remember they’re real people, please, doing what they like.

exactly, they’re just people and I know that in this business it might happen that celebrities do have to act according to a concept but with them it’s just how they are?? there’s enough footage thanks to bangtan bombs and whatever twitter videos they decide to upload to say that he’s just lively and bubbly and a tad eccentric, saying they’re putting on an act is just a different way to say they’re fake imo

You might have figured it out by now, but that’s Jimin’s hand. It’s funny though, until you pointed it out I hadn’t even realized it was somebody else’s hand and not Jin’s lol

yeah haha after a while i did conclude that it’s jimin’s jkasdhjk

Why you should Subscribe to pyrocynical

- Leafy sucks
- Luna sucks
- Shorbie looks like an actual fucking murderer and he’s scary
- LtCorbis sucks
- NFKRZ…isnt that bad but he’s also in pyro’s videos and vice versa so you’re basically getting him anyways
- His girlfriend is cool and draws like a god
- He has an amazing voice
- idk he is underapprecitated and he’s amazing mmkay bye