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Woobin talks about friendship with Jongsuk

김우빈은 “요즘 이준호, 강하늘과 자주 만난다고 해서 이종석이 질투하거나 하진 않는다"며 "이준호와 강하늘과는 계속 만날 수밖에 없는 상황이고, 이종석과는 자주 만나진 못해도 연락은 자주 한다"고 말했다.

이종석과의 관계에 대해 "서로 많은 대화를 하진 않지만, 툭툭 건드리면서 서로를 챙긴다"며 "종석이가 바쁘고, 밥 먹자고 하면 피곤한 걸아니까 여유가 있을 때 만난다. 그 친구도 저를 그렇게 배려해준다"고 소개했다.

Kim Woobin said, “Recently, I meet Lee Junho and Kang Haneul a lot but Lee Jongsuk isn’t jealous.” and “With Lee Junho and Kang Haneul, we are in the situation where we have to meet continuously. With Lee Jongsuk, we can’t meet often but we still keep in touch with each other often.”

Regarding his relationship with Lee Jongsuk, he said “We don’t talk to each other a lot but we bother and check on each other” and “Jongsukkie is busy, but when he says to meet for a meal, even if I’m tired, I’ll go meet him if I have the time. This friend cares for me in this way too.”


(Translations via JessyYang @weibo)

I Have To Keep You Safe - Peter Parker

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This is my first piece of writing in months, so i apologize for mistakes. hope you like !

Title : I’ll Keep You Safe - Peter Parker x Reader!

Warnings : Angst? Cursing?

Prompt :Tony, still grieving about his relationship with Pepper, lectures Peter about the danger of relationships as a superhero, forcing him to rethink his relationship w/ the Reader! ( i just made this up lol)

Word Count : 1.7k (yikes so much)

Part 2

Peter tapped his foot impatiently against the cool metal floor, waiting for Tony. It wasn’t like him to be late, well at least to be this late. Peter and Tony had a ritual of tinkering on some of Tony’s old suits together. Tony said that if the kid was going to be pretending to be working on a grant, he should at least get something done.  

About 30 minutes late, Tony staggered in, looking like straight hell. His eyes were bloodshot, possibly from a loss of sleep and a few shots too many from the previous night.

Nat had mentioned before that Tony wasn’t at his best ever since Pepper left, and he was definitely showing signs of it. 

“Morning, Mr. Stark.” Peter chirped to the exhausted superhero. He grunted a hello back, placing his hand of his forehead, his eyes closed, stress obviously consuming him.

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