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in response to the "why you know so much about everything" post, i would like to inquire about the aforementioned banana famine

Ah, yes, the great Banana Famine. Dark, dark days indeed. Gather round my children, I am going to tell you a story of great tragedy.

Eons back, in a strange far away land, in a world now long gone (circa 1950), the Gros Michel reigned supreme. It was the one Banana to rule All bananas. Gros Michel (literally Fat Michael in French, also known as “Big Mike”) was the main banana cultivar grown in Central America and sold around the globe. A noble specimen, it’s thick peel and dense bunches made it resilient, easy to ship, and yes also fat. Look. Look at it. This banana is thiiiiiiiicc

hard to find good photos. it would have also resembled the goldfinger banana. looooook et it, it so thicc

so thicc. 


And all was well and good and peaceful.

Everything changed when the Panama disease attacked.

Ah, the Panama disease. The great banana plague. The Banana Blight, if you will. Songs were written in elegy to the terrible destruction it wrought. Like, actually. Here’s the “Yes we have no bananas” song:

It was Chaos.

Vast tracts of plantation banana trees, noble warriors, slaughtered, cut down in their prime. Ah! the grief. Ah! the loss.

But, amid the havoc of what wikipedia and I refer to as the Gros Michel Devastation Era, an unlikely hero arose. You know it as simply a humble banana. But our hero has a name:

cavendish, it’s named cavendish. 

The Cavendish banana, a cultivar that had been mass produced since the turn of the century, but only just then got it’s Time to Shine. For whatever reason, Cavendish bananas grew just fine in the same Panama disease-ridden soil that destroyed Gros Michel trees. So yeah, we planted them, fought the blight, won the war, got bananas back. 

But every war has casualties. 

Never again were bananas so tasty. Never again, were bananas so thicc.

I warned you this was the story of a tragedy. A moment of silence for our fallen comrade, please. Raise your wands to our late, great hero, Gros Michel.

(You can still get em in some places tho. Or like hybrids? idk. ) 

And kiddies, that’s the story of the banana famine as i know it.

Other deets:



bananas were cultivated over time to be seedless. 

Bananas were deboned. dwell on that.

unnfff yeah

feels so wrong but so good


misc stuff 

  • cavendish bananas may or may not be dying. We may or may not see the dark days of plague descend again. idk, look it up.
  • There’s a story (not proven) that the reason artificial banana flavor tastes weird is b/c it was based on the flavor of the Gros Michel. If so, it might be cause Fat Mike had a stronger taste (due to higher levels of isoamyl acetate). idk.
  • the “Yes we have no bananas” song was written in 1922 during an earlier outbreak. src.  like any good plague, panama disease has a history of hovering over it’s fearful victims, sometimes for years, before striking the final blow.
  • sources are in the links above, also see the links on these wiki pages
  • i swear if i get hate mail on a banana post i don’t even know what i’ll do, probably stab a wall with a fork and eat it.

I want to share one more thing with you.

I saw this with my own two eyeballs. now you have too. we never speak of this again. we take this to our graves

shhit I’m tired. 

you guys owe me a reblog on this one. Honor system, don’t mooch.

-BGP signing off

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do you have any drunk headcanons for black hat?


  • what’s fun about this is that there’s so many different types of drunk to consider here. we got angry drunk, which means one BH minus the self control which = bad idea. might be safer for everyone to not think about the shitfest that would be this one.
  • Then there’s the philosophical drunk, which means BH just goes kinda quiet for a while after drinking before suddenly saying “d’you think there’s life on other planets?” “Boss you literally told us you came from another plane of existence” “I KNOW BUT. ALIENS. DON’T BE RACIST FLUG THEY’RE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS”
  • Or the sad emotional drunk, possibly the most OOC one: “Flug. Flug have i ever told ya. [hic] how much i appreciate. all the shit you do. like, you just sit in that lab, all day?? making shit?? like first it was just a pile of scraps, and then you- you just make it into a thing?? How the fuck does that even [hic] work?? And 5.0.5, fuck. Y’clean, so much. Dementia could break the entire house and you’d STILL have it back together by the end of the fucking day. Even Dme. Demen. Demenshia. YEAh. You’re jsut , so—” Cue Black Hat noisily throwing up because he’d have to be REALLY FUCKING HAMMERED to be nice to people
  • Even more extreme, the party animal. “FLUG. FLUG I’LL TELL YOU WHAT WE GOTTA DO. WE GOTTA. GOTTA ROB A BANK. RIGHT NOW FLUG LETS GO CHOP CHOP. TIME TO TEST OUT THAT FUCKING PORTAL GUN.” (the worst part is that in this scenario Flug and Dementia are also drunk. [5.0.5 does NOT drink he is a CHILD.]) they all head out and the bank isn’t left standing by the time they left. BH hurls up some kind of black goo at one point and leaves liquid void stains all over the vault. He also trips multiple times. it’s fucking hilarious. The ice-cream store they “rob” next isn’t left standing either by the time they’re done, mostly bc Black Hat lost his shit when the employee told him they didn’t sell “A CONE OF ESPRESSO THAT’S DARKER THAN MY SOUL”
  • Personally, the one that i think would fit the most is the actually happy drunk!Black Hat. He doesn’t really look drunk, only a little buzzed, but he has a slightly softer expression, maybe a tiny smile if he thinks people aren’t looking. Just kinda staring off at the wall nodding as he listens to Dementia and Flug having a loud drunk argument. He just kinda lets himself relax and stop giving shits about every tiny thing that would normally set him off. it’s actually quite nice.
  • Of course then again the amount of alcohol it would take to even get him drunk in the first place is probably the equivalent of doing a keg stand over a fucking kiddie pool. eldritch beings and their freaky alcohol tolerances…

This was so fun omg you anons send fantastic shit, please keep it up

had some folks asking how Milotic!Reigen is doing and since I’m hatching a billion Porygons to send out on wondertrade for xmas guess who’s on dad duty


Thought I could leave you
‘Cause I felt my heart numbing
It hit so deep I closed my eyes and I just took off running
I turned around and saw the look on your face
So I stay

But I don’t need you
And you should know that baby
It’d take a miracle for you to really try and change me
Then I felt sorry for the look on your face
So I stay

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I love that story, and (if you don't mind) I was wondering if you could be so kind as to accept another request from me? I was wondering if you could write a story where the Heathers, JD, and Martha all go out to find things for Veronica's birthday? (Ram and Kurt could tag along too, because reasons.) Thank you!

HEck yeah I can write that! It sound so cute! Sorry this took so long, I had a bit of a depression episode but I’m feeling much better. Sorry and thanks for being patient with me. Enjoy the story!
Also I’ve seen the idea of Kurt, Ram and Martha being in a healthy poly relationship floating around. Idk who started it but credit goes to them! Send an ask if you find out so I can properly tag them! But I liked the idea and I saw a bunch of people using it so I thought I’d jump on the train hahaha
I saw it first on @we-killed-the-dinosaurs, IDK if they came up with it or somebody else did. I don’t want to take credit for anyone’s idea I just think it’s a really cute ship! Ahh I’m really nervous I’m ripping somebody off! Ignore me all the time and for always jajaja

“I think we should split up.” Mac broke in. “Me and Heather can go find a gift for Ronnie while Heather and JD go find a gift for Ronnie too. We can get it done fast.” She explained.

“As much as I don’t want to do anything with JD ever, Heather’s right.” Chandler put her hands on her hips and JD rolled his eyes. A fight ensued and Martha rolled her eyes, putting her purse over her shoulder. But she turned around when she heard voices behind her.

“Ask her!”

“No dude you ask her!” Martha turned around and saw Kurt and Ram fighting, over JD and Heather fighting.

“Hey guys, you good?” She asked, approaching the boys. Kurt and Ram scrambled to their feet and both tried blabbering something at the same time. “Woah, slow down.” Martha laughed and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“Uh well we were just wonder…” Kurt started.

“Well Veronica’s birthday is coming up and Heather invited us to the party…” Ram continued. “She said it was gonna be wild but… we don’t really know what to get her…” He added, rubbing the back of his head.

“But you’ve been her best friend since diapers! So we thought maybe you’d wanna go shopping with us!” Kurt pushed his buddy out of the way and Ram rolled his eyes, yanking him back. They continued to bicker like an old married couple and Martha laughed.

“Sure, we were just all gonna go out shopping for her anyway, I’ll ditch the Heathers and take you guys around.” Martha joked. Kurt and Ram smiled big and high-fived each other.

When the group made it to the mall JD groaned and put his head in his hands. “I hate this place! What are you all shopping for!?” He shouted at the people. “Nobody even buys anything! You all just come here and walk around like zombies then go home!”

“JD shut up!” Chandler hissed at him. “We need to go find Ronnie the best present.” She grabbed the boy’s trench coat and pulled him along as the groups split up. Heather dragged him into a clothing store and began looking at all the dresses. “It has to be blue.” Heather began to go on and on. She continued to look and then saw JD just sort of was standing there. “Are you gonna find a gift for your girlfriend?” She demanded.

“Well… maybe I don’t…” JD looked confused. “I’m not really good at this. I mean… I know what she likes but I don’t know… you know?” He asked.

“No I don’t.” Heather crossed her arms.

“I mean I feel like no matter what I get her she’ll hate it, but she’ll pretend to like it so she doesn’t hurt my feelings and… she deserves something really great.” He sighed. “And I feel bad because I’m her boyfriend… I should know what she likes and stuff but I just feel lost with everything.” He continued. Heather bit her lip and took his hand.

“Come on.” She told him. JD let himself get pulled across the mall by the girl in red until they came to a little shop. “It’s okay that you don’t know what to get Ronnie as a gift. Boyfriends never do. That’s what girlfriends are for.” Heather smiled to herself and flipped her hair. She took JD into the small shop. “No matter what you get her, she’ll love it, but I think she’ll really like something like this.” Heather showed JD a shelf in the jewelry store. They were little necklaces with one small gem hanging from it.

“They look so simple.” JD smiled a bit, he liked simple.

“Ronnie really likes this stuff. They’re birthstones. And her birthstone is blue so that works for both of our standards.” Heather grinned.

“You really think she’ll like this?” He asked, unsure. Heather nodded.

“Yeah I do. She’s pointed it out for a while now. And see, you would have never known that if you didn’t ask for my help. You don’t need to know everything about Ronnie… you love her… and I guess you being a stupid boyfriend and a dumb nice person is enough… idiot.” Heather grumbled, deciding she was being too nice.

JD smiled a bit and asked for the store owner to get him the September birthstone necklace of Sapphire. He handed it to him in a little box and he paid. “She’s gonna look nice in this.” He grinned. “Th-thanks Heather…” He trailed off.

“No problem… Now enough about your dumb gift, I still need to find something better.”


“Oh look at this cute little box!” Martha exclaimed. Kurt and Ram looked over her shoulders. “You guys don’t get it, me and Ronnie shared a box just like this when we were kids! We put our barbie doll dresses in it.” Martha smiled at the memory.

“Hey! Let’s each get something to put in the box.” Kurt suggested.

“That’s a cute idea.” Martha smiled. Kurt blushed deeply and rubbed the back of his head.

“R-really… you think? It just sort of like… you know… came to me…” He blabbered. Martha giggled and went to another table in the East Meets West store, where they kept bracelets.

“I think I’m gonna get her this, because if I know JD, he’s getting her a blue necklace. So this will match.” Martha guessed perfectly. The boys were scrambling all over the store, trying to find something they could get her, but they were both having a hard time. “Hey guys, follow me. I think I have an idea.” Martha assured them. They paid for the box and bracelet and Martha took them to the store across the mall.

She walked in and handed the boys a mini-football. “A football? Does Ronia like football?” Kurt asked.

“No. But she LOVES her friends. I think you guys should both sign it like you do with the game ball, and give it to her. Even if she doesn’t like football, she’ll think that’s really sweet and love it. Because it’ll remind her of two of her friends.” Martha explained. “Like… Ronnie never liked princesses when we were little, but I loved them! And one year I gave her a princess doll… and she still has it…” Martha smiled to herself.

The boys nodded at each other and got the ball. “You got a marker?
Ram asked the man behind the counter. He nodded and handed them a marker with the Philadelphia Phillies logo on it. Kurt and Ram both signed it, then Ram tossed the marker and ball to Martha. She dropped them both and scrambled to pick them up. “W0why are you giving this to me? I-I don’t play.” She reminded.

“Yeah but you’re part if the team.” Kurt assured.

“No I’m not.” Martha reminded again.

“Not the football team, silly!” Ram corrected. “You’re part of OUR team, now sign the ball.” He told her. Martha smiled and signed the balled with hearts, Kurt signed it with a lewd picture, and Ram tried to draw a lightning strike, but it came out like a scribbly line.

“It’s perfect.”

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Who is horny ALL OF THE TIME?

lmao Helga. It’s definitely Helga. And when she is, Arnold’s probably not gonna be far behind b/c if she’s gonna be horny she's bringing him with her, which leads to some hilariously hot stuff I'm sure. He’ll try his best to be the reasonable one and hold himself back, especially if they’re in public, but once they’re somewhere where they can do it they’re both gonna be so sexually frustrated b/c Helga needs to get off now, and horny eager Helga is hot af  Arnold can’t take it, and so they’ll basically jump each other. 


i hurt my pinky finger on my drawing hand pretty badly earlier today and now its wrapped in like 3 layers of gauze and its got a metal brace on it and i was wondering if i could even draw with all this attached to my finger so i decided to give that comic a shot

this was way harder than it shouldve been and i even simplified it as much as i possibly could from the initial idea. but tbh i was expecting this to come out a lot worse than it did haha

oh well the brace should come off probably in a couple of days and that will make drawing a lot easier but i have to go take that nap so i can be ready to drive all night to get home for the winter break

By My Side, a Hogwarts AU (5/?)

hallowe’en - “Minho darted ahead, taking Kibum’s outstretched hand as he took them off the path and into the grass. He let go once they were almost to the Forbidden Forest, both coming to a stop in the shadows of the trees. Minho bent, holding his knees, and breathed through his nose and out his mouth like his dad taught him. Kibum leaned against him, his arm draped across Minho’s back, as he tried to catch his breath.

‘You’re too fast,’ Kibum said, and Minho laughed.


read on AO3 / master list // first year - muggle-born, sorted, first day, homesick

@lockandminkey @minhosbowties @sapphicshawol @petitshinee @spoo-key @minhos (if anyone else wants to be tagged in this just let me know!!)

An excited buzz hung in the air of the Great Hall on Halloween morning. Kibum yawned, which spurred his dormmates to do the same. They had gotten maybe two hours of sleep last night – what with all the decorating they did in their room.

Callum and Travis grabbed as many decorations as they could grab from the common room while everyone else was busy. Aaron pulled strings of Muggle twinkle lights that his dad bought for him out of his trunk. Once Charlie came by to make sure they were all asleep, they jumped out of their beds and decorated their room with as much orange and black as they could manage.

Kibum had spent most of the time sitting cross-legged on the floor and untangling the twinkle lights in the dark. He grabbed his Standard Book of Spells from beneath his bed to search for a spell to light them without electricity. Lumos worked, and once the lights were strung around the room, they all sat back to look at their handiwork.

The lights flickered softly on and off, illuminating the spaces between their beds. A Jack-o-lantern sat on the dresser, a warm flame lighting the inside, with a cluster of smaller pumpkins surrounding it. It was too dark to make out the other stolen decorations they had put up, so they went to bed, leaving the twinkle lights on through the night.

Kibum yawned again, covering it with the back of his hand before he finished spreading jam on his toast. A half day for Halloween! McGonagall had announced it before breakfast appeared before them, and everyone couldn’t wait for classes to be over.

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doodle from my twitter but if mystic messenger aint gonna let me whisper sweet nothings to yoosung im taking matters in 2 my own hands

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Shiro!kaneki, tsukiyama, yomo, uta + ayato fainting after a battle and waking up finding themselves in a human's house and them taking care of their wounds.

This took an era and a half to write but behold! I have completed this quest

SHIRO!KANEKI is at first alarmed for being in an unfamiliar place and despite his injuries is on high alert. He hears footsteps approaching and prepares himself, but what he doesn’t expect is the person—who seems to be a human—to drop what they had been carrying in surprise. “Oh! You’re awake…are you feeling okay?” They ask carefully, gathering what they had dropped which Kaneki now identifies as bandages. He realizes then that his injuries have been tended to and connects the dots to realize that this human had taken a risk in caring for someone who could potentially hurt them. He admires them for their courage, no matter how foolish it may be, and gives them a nod in acknowledgement. They shyly point out that his wounds have bled through and say that they have to change the bandages. Kaneki insists that they’ve already done more than enough; he couldn’t really allow them to go to such lengths without him being able to properly thank them. “No, this is something I want to do, so…let me be a little selfish, okay?” They smile brightly at him and he decides he likes their smile. In the end, the kind human had their way and looked after him for a little bit. He’d definitely find a way to repay them. Definitely.

TSUKIYAMA wonders how he came to be in the care of a human after he had gone unconscious. Most people, human or otherwise, would just leave a stranger alone and hope that they don’t come to regret it later. He watches as the human, whose pleasant aroma didn’t escape his notice, meticulously tend to his wounds. “Be more careful next time, someone might decide to finish the job instead of helping you.” With a light snap, the latex gloves red with his blood are removed and disposed of. He questions them on whether or not it had been wise of them to take a stranger in; after all he could be a ghoul. He finds himself fascinated by humans yet again when they deadpan and say that that sort of thing doesn’t matter when it comes to helping someone who clearly needs it. The conversation then turns on to more mundane, but still pleasant, conversation. Tsukiyama learns quite a bit about this peculiar person and finds that he wouldn’t mind spending time in their company again. When he leaves, he commits their address to his memory so he can send them flowers as thanks later.

YOMO finds himself patched up in an unfamiliar place that smelled of humans. The situation sets him on edge, but then he spots a small figure sleeping by the bed. The ghoul puts two and two together and concludes that the sleeping human is the one responsible for helping him. With a sigh, he gets out of the bed despite his body’s muted protests, and picks up the unconscious figure and places them where he had been moments before. He considers leaving without a word, but figures he should at least leave a note thanking them. A small sound passes through their lips, indicating that they are slowly becoming awake. Well, if they are going to be awake soon he might as well stick around and thank them properly face to face.

UTA finds it curious that he found an opponent strong enough to render him out cold. Curious still are his current circumstances; he decides to pretend to be unconscious until he can get a better picture of what’s happened. The person in the same room is definitely a human and he smells something like antiseptic as well. He notices them approach and feels their hands work on taking care of his injuries. How would they react when they found out he’s a ghoul? He is curious to find out. So he sits upright and stares right at them. “Uwaah!” they let out a scream and fall backwards onto their backside. They look up at him and their eyes lock. “Your eyes…are pretty.” Uta’s eyebrow quirks upward, that certainly isn’t an answer he had been expecting, but he figured any minute now they would realize he is a ghoul and turn them in. They leap to their feet. “W-wait a minute! You shouldn’t be moving around! Your cuts will open up again.” Uta just laughs it off and gets up with the excuse of troubling them enough already. Instead of using the door (like any other person would) he opens the window and leaps, hearing their voice yell after him to be careful and take care of himself. He’d have to remember this human, they are quite…intriguing.

AYATO wakes up in an unfamiliar place and his first instinct is to act aggressively. He grabs the other presence in the room from his position on the bed. The small sound of surprise that erupts from their throat takes him by surprise. Why would someone pick up some random person—a ghoul no less—for any other reason than to bring harm? It’s in that moment of surprise that the person—oh, they’re a human—aims for his pressure point forcing him to let go and he’s impressed by how reflexively they perform the action. They look annoyed, annoyed enough to kill a man. “I carry your sorry ass from the street, bandage you up, and you decide you want to kill me? I should have kicked your unconscious body into the gutter instead.” Oh. OH. That’s why he’s here, in this stranger’s living room. Now that he knows they helped him, he felt a little guilty for suspecting them. “Sorry.” And even he cringes at how unapologetic he sounds, but Ayato is at least a little sincere and he wonders why he’s unable to convey that much. Had joining Aogiri changed him that much? Or is this a change that would have happened regardless. Ayato decides he needs to leave; this human is at least a half-decent person and he doesn’t want the CCG or Aogiri to harass them. “Leaving already? With those injuries? Well, as long as you’re careful that’s fine. Take care of yourself.” He notices the kindness in their eyes as they say this, contrasting with their earlier expression. In typical Ayato fashion, he just scoffs. Before taking off he turns around. “If you need anything just let me know.”

He had to at least return the favor—not everything his father had leaked out of his head and maybe he’s being softer than he should. It doesn’t help him from smiling a little though as he hears the mysterious human shout after him about how he doesn’t need to repay them.

Golden Morning

Word count: 2200

Summary: the morning after Dan and Phil win the Golden Headphones they wake up on Nick Grimshaw’s couch, and find themselves lacking both the restraint and motivation to hide their relationship.

A/N: so idk this happened? I like Dan and Phil, I like Nick, I like sleepy morning boys, I like anything that even vaguely resembles a coming out fic, and I love procrastination. Hope you enjoy the product of these things!

now also on AO3!

Dan’s not sure how long he’s been dozing on Nick’s couch for when his bladder wakes him, but judging by the amount his head is still swimming he doubts it’s been more than an hour. He lets out a soft groan as his position registers, tangled up in Phil, trapped between him and the back of the couch. He lies there for a second, half appreciating Phil’s arm around his waist, his head tucked under Dan’s chin, and half trying to fathom some method of escaping Phil’s octopus limbs without waking him. He’s not sure when they got like this, as he has a vague idea that they’d tried to keep their limbs to themselves when settling in the night before, but he isn’t really surprised.

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Can I just say, I am so overjoyed at how many people have signed up for the Secret Santa, who are spreading the word, tagging their friends, and sharing how excited they are to participate. I was so unsure this would take off but it has, and just…thank you so much for making this event happen everyone. I can’t wait for you to give and receive all your gifts!!! So much love for this fandom.

(On a side-note, do y'all think it’d be inappropriate if I signed myself up? :/ I really want to make something for someone but idk if that’s what an organiser should do. Maybe I could make a big artwork for everyone at the end of the event…)

          blog update!

        playlist change!

  1. starboy/stranger things remix 
  2. crying on bathroom floor by muna
  3. blue cyn! remix

          rules update!

  1. further introduction on me!
  2. my portrayal of karamatsu has histrionic personality disorder and not narcissistic personality disorder, like the fandom usually tries to slap onto him.
  3. casual reminder that nothing about karamatsu is ‘daddy’ so take off your fandom goggles and lower your expectations if you wanna ship with this man child.
  4. another reminder to blacklist blmatsu cw (which is i.ncest) cause i don’t want no creepo blogs following me so i only use that tag.
  5. me begging people not to steal my shit (aesthetics, head canons, mannerisms, etc).

          aaaand i think thats it! im gonna shower and then i’ll do those starters i owe/asks. after that idk if i should do another starter call for some aus or if i should type up my mafia au before allowing you guys to interact with that version of kara because he’s kind of an unstable hot mess and also a sniper.

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tango and whiskey get the attic their senior year and tango kind of fell asleep and woke up to really weird noises and? turns out whiskey was just taking off his binder but that's really not what it sounded like and tango is a little turned on

I didn’t ask for twango (new hesitant ship name work with me) but i honestly should have this is so fucking cute omg… idk how the hell tango and whiskey would feasibly get the attic in their senior year but they DO so just WORK WITH IT handwaving is my speciality :) This is just a TINY bit nsfw because you know… tango gets turned on. Also @bubblegumbeachbabe i hope you don’t mind me tagging you in this but we were LITERALLY just discussing their ship name so…. im dragging you down with me.

Tango likes the attic. Sure it’s small, always too hot or too cold, and smells even more of frat boy than the rest of the Haus, but it’s cozy. And he gets to share it with his best friend. What more could he ask for, honestly?

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do you have any advice to new writers who want to start sharing their writing here on tumblr? idk if i should start and i need some help

first off i would say absolutely do it! 

second off, it doesn’t need to be the best thing you’ve ever written right from the get go, writing is a process and it takes time and practice to find your style and your voice, so just keep at it.

i would also suggest simultaneously posting on ao3 because i feel like that is where people find fics easier, especially if you’re new to it. as well as maybe tagging some fic tumblrs/archives specific to the fandom/ship you’re writing about or just tagging other people you think might enjoy it. in my experience, it’s very rare that someone minds being tagged in original work.

just work on it for you, keep going and write what you love, i wish you the best of luck!

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Hi! I'm really sorry for taking ur time when ur in so much pain, and I wish you all the best and I hope you'll feel better! I just wanted to ask, since I'm wirting an aroace character for a webcomic, is there something I should avoid - or the other way around, is there anything I should include? Not being aroace myself, I am afraid I would unintentionally make many mistakes on that part. I hope it doesn't come off as ignorant or disrespectful!

idk I feel like I’ve answered this before so try checking out my aro tag “hopeless aromantic”