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Anonymous asked:  omg can u pls pls pls do a part two to the luke ceo smut pls pls pls AND  You should make a part two to ceo!luke cause that shit was AMAZING! AND  ok i’m a calum girl but pLEASE PART TWO LUKE CEO AND  Luke CEO chapter?

Rating: NC-17

Featuring: Luke + reader

Author’s note: Let’s all take our minds off nAsty people and flash back on how hot Luke looked in the Hey Everybody! music video and read a second part to the CEO!Luke smut from like 27 weeks ago, huh? I like the sound of that. Sounds good, feels good. (Again, it’s basically Beautiful Bastard but with different characters and like three changes because I’m unoriginal and those books are bomb af) I didn’t proofread so please excuse any mistakes!

Part One

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doodle from my twitter but if mystic messenger aint gonna let me whisper sweet nothings to yoosung im taking matters in 2 my own hands

since i’m about to stick to mobile for the rest of the night for my nerves’ sake now that i should be all set up everywhere, pls let this vodka aunt get some uncharacteristic sentimentalities (i’m the ‘there, there’ *broom pats on back* type tbh) off her chest as well: OBVIOUSLY the best of luck to ALL OF YOU!!! so many of you have filled this tag with so many lovely things while i kept most of mine to myself bc i’m shady idk & moreover, the ones of you who have shared your visions of your desired characters with me had such unique & marvellous takes on them & so do a variety of edits in here & I just really hope you all get recognised & come out of this successful because you’re all babes & you deserve it!!! all of you do!! ♡

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oh wow dude D: I…kinda feel like I should apologize? idk if my reblog is the sole reason it got spread far enough for this shit but I shoulda thought of this

Nah it’s okay! Honest! It already started gaining steam beforehand and it’s not like you can avoid reblogging anything that might attract disagreement. That’s a road that leads to a lot of paranoia about something we have no control over, friend. 

I should also point out that at least 70% of the tags were along the lines of “Okay I’ll go see it” so I’m glad that people are at least open to the idea instead of boycotting it over something that’s just not true.

I should be doing a million other things but I saw @purgatoryandme‘s tags on this post and this happened.

Ui pauses, giving himself a brief moment to prepare for whatever lies beyond this door.

First Class Sasaki hasn’t answered any radio hails since he arrived on the roof, what seems like ages ago. And contact with Special Class Matsuri cut off abruptly not long afterwards. There’s no way of knowing who – or what – is waiting for him when he steps onto the roof.

Ui grimaces, takes a breath, and pushes open the door.

A quick, practiced scan tells him what he already knew: he’s walked into the scene of a brutal fight. 

Twisted metal structures have been broken and torn apart, damaged by inhuman strength in a battle between creatures that are anything but. The ground is littered with debris, and scarred with the tell-tale signs of multiple, powerful kagune.

But among the wreckage, a figure stands alone, looking out across the city. 

Ui squints. That seems like Sasaki’s build, Sasaki’s clothing, but the hair is wrong. It looks black –

The moonlight shifts, cutting through clouds. Realization comes in an instant, twisting sharp in his gut. His hair isn’t black.

Sasaki turns his head slowly to fix his eyes on Ui, face expressionless and cold. The clouds shift again, and Ui can see him clearly. 

His clothes are torn, stuck to his skin, hanging heavy and wet. His right arm ends too soon, and where his hand should be is a small, twisted mass of new flesh. His face is still empty, but his familiar, tired eyes are sharp, and his single kakugan is blazing in a way that sends a chill rushing down Ui’s neck.

In the light, the red is visible. Trailing down his face, dripping from his tattered clothes. And in his hair.

Sasaki turns to fully face him, and Ui fights back a wave of nausea.

His hair isn’t black. It’s stained with blood. 

The monster’s appearance finally suits him.

Ui tightens his grip on his quinque.