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  • <p> <b>gay person:</b> “this fiction is harmful to lbgt folk. if u read it ur homophobic”<p/><b>another gay person:</b> “i love this fiction!! u should read it!! highly recommend!!"<p/><b>me:</b> *madly sweating* w-which gay is the right way...<p/></p>

pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs

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um hi no offense but I just woke up in a cold sweat realizing that the regent doesn't have a name and I don't know what to do with my life

he does actually have a name most people don’t realize this but he does it’s “Please Punch Me In The Fucking Face”. 

On a serious note though, I do think about this from time to time too. I wonder why Pacat didn’t name The Regent, but a part of me think she did it to further dehumanize him (??? if that makes sense?? i’m typing this out at like 3 am so there’s a chance this is all intelligible garbage) like to make him seem even more cold and unapproachable as a character. 

There was a post going around a while back about Laurent being named after/having a similar name to The Regent which I had mixed feelings about, but overall I thought was interesting?? Pacat is very interesting when it comes to names because (from what I understand, which isn’t a lot) because sometimes her characters have names that represent them very well (see: Erasmus) and other times they don’t appear to at all?? of course I could just not be looking in the right place  

Though, personally speaking, I’ve been mentally calling him Loghain in my head. Partly bc it starts with an L (since Auguste and Aleron both start with As?? so maybe The Regent’s name would also start with an L to parallel Laurent’s name in a twisted way) and partly bc I’m a huge dragon age nerd (in Origins Loghain betrays The King, his son in law, and leaves him to die in battle. After which declaring the group of people he also betrayed– the grey wardens– as traitors as well as lying to his daughter about the truth of what happened and proceeds to declare himself Regent)

Housekeeping stuff/announcements idk

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➛ bLACK HAIRED HOSEOK. BLACK. HAIR. HOSEOK. That’s not really an announcement but I feel like it’s important to say

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How does one lifu?

Well.. That’s a difficult question to answer. One of the easy explanations are “No Waifu, No Lifu” but it’s more complicated than that. To Lifu you must first go through a tough trail of blood sweat and tears. If you succeed you then proceed by making an oath of giving up your ‘Life’ and live like a hermit for at least a year. If you succeed with that, one might get bestowed with a Lifu. To keep your Lifu you must follow strict rules, which are classified and i can’t discuss. And that my friend is how you Lifu

apollo justice: precious cinnamon roll (1440px x 1968px)

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eyyyy I just noticed you too enjoy the miraculourrrss ;; v ;;' have you seen ladybeetle from yaushie? bC WHOO that's good stuff and you should try makin some if you want //sweats

asdfghjkl hoOOO BOY ILU ANON

((Show yourself to me and let’s be friends pleeaassee))

Also, I don’t really know the name of adrien’s girl ver is it adrienne? adrienette?

can someone tell me please ;;v;;

Also um, the original designs belong to @yaushie ((which is awesome and so good and im cry))

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1. what does your muse smell like?
The stench of war clings to him most of the time. Iron and dry blood, leather and sweat. Smoke and the saltiness of the sea. On better days, earthy smells, mead, grease from roasted meat.

2. how often does your muse bath/shower? any habits?
Like most Vikings, usually once a week, so more often than most. While appearances and self care usually matters with his people, he tends to overlook the oils and any luxury, as it would all go to waste on the battlefield, but he does care about his hair and beard, always tidied up in solid braids. 

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?
No piercings, but tattoos, absolutely, hard to miss them. from small weaved crosses
( and a trinity knot ) on his knuckles, to a bigger valknut on his shoulder to mjolnir and blessed runes, he’s covered in tattoos. Most of them gotten after victorious battles, they serve as both trophies and display of pride of his people. 

4. any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?
Not anything that would be described as a quirk, only the usual fidgeting anyone might have.

5. what do they sleep in?
Just cotton breeches it’s w/e, even during winter he rarely gets cold.

6. what’s their favourite piece of clothing?
Does a helmet count… because that’s absolutely it. After the Great Raid and even after Apollyon’s fall, he has gotten lots, more luxurious helmets, that would fit his new statue better, but he will rarely be seen in battle wearing one beside the infamous broken horn one.

7. what do they do when they wake up?
deal with ursula and whatever caused her to screech like a demon probably :/ Also eat, train, feed horses, kill a man, who knows

8. how do they sleep? position?
sprawled lmao

9. what do their hands feel like?
battle hardened, rough and calloused, with blunt nails, dirt -or is it dried blood?- caked under them. The leather of his axe’s hilt has not been kind to them. They are always warm, even during the winter, and if he has no intent to kill, they are capable of being incredibly caring.

10. if you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?
listen I don’t know these things you want an answer you’re gonna have to do it yourself

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idk if we're allowed to like request this but I saw something similar so yeah do you think you could write a newmas like fanfic paragraph thing? I don't really have a plot. I saw one where Tommy and Newt kissed thanks to truth or dare, but I'm not sold on this so if you have a good idea write that instead. oh and like fluffy but can be smutty. I'm sorry if I sound weird or desperate or bossy but I'm having this major newmas thing and no one wants to roleplay it and there aren't enough fanfics.

aw you’re so cute ily 

also i’m sure there must be some people who would roleplay it in the fandom? you should try making a post in the tags or something if you haven’t already, maybe someone new will see it? idk it just seems odd that no one at all would be up for that so i encourage you to keep searching! 

Okay so here 1.2K of high school party!au newmas for you anon

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