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—Name: Elymercy

—Gender: I am 98% girl, 2% milk

—Sexuality: straight

—Star Sign: aquarius

—Height: idrk how tall I am? but I have measured myself with other people and I can say I’m pretty Tall, man. unless they were all short people. In which case idk lol


—Favorite Color: sometimes it’s silver, other times it yellow, but a lot of times it’s all of the shades of blue

—Favorite Animal: Elephants

—Current time: 12:21pm

—Cats or Dogs: doggos

—Favourite fictional character: uhm… Glenn Rhee

—Favorite Fictional Characters: Raven Reyes, Glenn Rhee, Edmund Pevensie, Cisco Ramon, Bellamy Blake, Poppet from The Night Circus, JUGHEAD JONES, Betty from Riverdale, Veronica from Riverdale and so many others

—Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 sometimes 2

—Favorite Singer/Band: currently, like right now? Børns

—Dream Trip: China

—Dream Job: singer/songwriter, or writer

—When has this blog hit its peak: I? Don’t know? hmm

—Why did you decide to get Tumblr: one of my friends convinced me to do it I think

—When was this blog created: apparently March 2013, I am an elder

—Why did I pick my URL: because Star Wars

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Five things you’ll find in my bag: wallet, burts bees lipbalm, serotonin drops, orange tictacs, 100 bobby pins probably.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom: fake plants its super green and jungle-like lmao, crystals/gemstones, books, ikea shark, 500 candles probably 

Five things I want to do with my life: go back to hong kong, study in sweden, adopt or foster greyhounds, become a research ecologist/ astrobiologist, blast my ass to the new planets and chill w/ the bugs there. 

Five things I’m into right now: snk but just annie leonhardt tbh, kingdom hearts, throne of glass by sarah j mass, kpop, petting dogs people leave tied up at the front of my store.

Five things on my to-do-list:

  1. finish my gula cosplay before the convention 
  2. actually write reviews for the books won on goodreads
  3. actually pass my animal behaviour course
  4. go to a bangtan concert ;_;
  5. survive until kingdom hearts 3 comes out

Five things people may not know about me:

  1. I was supposed to live in Germany but they said no and now I live in Australia lmao.
  2. I’ve had holy water sprayed in my eye by the priest blessing my house. it was deliberate in my direction but probably accidental on me. could be a devil child could just be gay. who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  3. I got robbed by a pensioner at a bus stop in croatia wassup.  
  4. apple blackcurrant juice is the best juice imo
  5. I can’t swim and don’t understand the science behind its ridiculous shenanigans. how does it work? i will never know. 

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♡ Relationship status: single for 2 decades and then some :D

☆ Pets: I have the most beautiful cat in the world, Jolyne.

☆ Last song I listened to: IDK the name of the song, it was on the radio at the hairdresser’s, but it was a pop balad.

☆ Favorite TV show: i don’t have a favorite show, I never make rankings like that

☆ First Fandom: I think I was in Naruto fandom first, or Shaman King.

☆ Hobbies!: drawing, playing tetris, drinking coffee, reading, reading random posts and fanfiction in a dramatic voice (You should hear me reading My Immortal, it’s a treat.)

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Name: darby

Nicknames: darbs, darb, looking to go by a different name atm though and i like frankie!!

Zodiac Sign: virgo

Height: 5′4 (1.65)

Orientation: probably bi??

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: probably bananas,, they taste bomb in smoothies

Favorite Season: autumn

Favorite Book: things the grandchildren should know by mark oliver everett

Favorite Flower: sunflowers and those rly big daisies

Favorite Scent: that rain smell??? like when ur in the forest right after it’s rained!!

Favorite Colour: forest kinda green!

Favorite Animal: uhh idk maybe dogs?? but i also have this weird love for tasmanian tigers??

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea or hot chocolate i guess

Average Sleep Hours: what’s sleep i don’t know her (3-7???)

Cat or dog person?: mm probably dog?

Favorite Fictional Character: keiiiith!!! jAKE peralta! buffy summers, mulder n scully..,,, wirt from otgw

Number of blankets you sleep with: kjdkjk between 1 and 3 usually

Dream Trip: england, but to the peak district!!

Blog Created: june 2015

Number of Followers: 273

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Please don’t think that you deserve to be misgendered because your pronouns are “too hard.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to be dead-named because your real name is “too different.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to have your gender invalidated because it’s “too new.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to suffer exorsexism because others can’t find it in themselves to learn or respect you.

You can be understood, and you have every right to live the way you wish.

You deserve to have a place in this world.

soul mate au where the most important thing your soul mate will ever say to you is written on your wrist

Yeah sure we can go for the obvious like “I love you” or “I will miss you” but what about real weird stuff like “Please accept the change, sir” or “Please play on, your music is lovely”. Then there is the straight up nasty stuff like “I promise I won’t kill you”

Feel free to add on

had some folks asking how Milotic!Reigen is doing and since I’m hatching a billion Porygons to send out on wondertrade for xmas guess who’s on dad duty

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.