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Preference #35: You're Best Friends With 1 Of the Boys And Meet The Others

Will: You had known Gabe since the two of you were 10, and since then, the two of you were basically siblings. He had called you up to come to his house, saying he wanted you to meet his band mates. When you got there, you just walked right in, something the two of you always did. You walked in on a really weird scene though. Gabe was being sat on by a guy in beanie, and another one was chanting something while holding a stick high up in the air. “Oh Hi,” another guys said coming from the kitchen. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face you. “Y/N!” Gabe yelled pushing the other guy off him. “Did I come at the wrong time?” you asked, the one that said ‘hi’ to you was staring. “No, we were just, I can’t explain it,” he said getting up. “Oh, these are my friends, that’s Will, Cole, and Dana,” he said, “Dalton should be here in a while.” You smiled, “Hi, I’m Will…well he just told you that, but hi again,” Will rambled. You giggled, “Hi Will,” you said, the two of you stared at each other. “Alright, that’s enough staring,” Gabe said yanking you into the living room. You got to know everyone, and ended up getting Will’s number too.

Cole: You were hanging out in Ikea with some of your friends, you all were bored, so that’s why you were there. You had invited your friend Dana to come along, and he said he would bring a friend. You thought when he said friend, it’ll actually be a girlfriend. Your phone rang, and you picked it up, “Hello?” you said into the phone. “Y/N, where are you guys?” you heard Dana ask. “Upstairs, in my dream bedroom,” you told him. This wasn’t the first time you and your friends hung out in Ikea, so he knew what you were talking about. When he found you, you could see another guy following behind him. You ran up to him, well past him to the person. “You brought me a FRIEND!” you shouted jumping on the guy; you were really outgoing. The person grabbed you, laughing, “I like her already, I’m Cole. What’s your name cutie?” Cole asked. You lifted your head to look at him, he was really cute, “Y/N,” you said smiling at him. You were still holding onto him, Dana cleared his throat, “Steal my best friend why don’t you,” he said. Cole let you go, and you hugged him, “I missed you too Dana,” you said. You grabbed Cole’s hand, “Now, let’s have some funn!” you shouted running back to your other friends. 

Dalton: “COLLEEE!” the guy yelled before tackling your friend, you giggled at the scene. “DALTON!” Cole yelled, hugging him, they were both on the ground. And you were still laughing, “Who has the beautiful laugh?” Dalton asked getting off of Cole. He turned and saw you, “Girlfriend?” he asked Cole. You laughed harder at that, you didn’t like Cole in that way, and him the same. Cole laughed too leaving Dalton confused, “What?” he asked staring at the two of you. “Dalton, this is my very annoying best friend, Y/N,” Cole said getting up. “I’m not annoying,” you said hitting his arm. You turned to Dalton, “It’s nice to meet you,” you said holding out your hand. Dalton shook it, “So, you don’t have a boyfriend?” he asked, Cole made a gagging noise. You raised an eyebrow at him, “I never said that,” you told him, walking to the entrance of the carnival. Dalton stared after you, “She’s kidding, the girl is very single,” Cole told Dalton. Dalton nodded, “Would you mind if I asked her out?” he asked Cole. Cole shrugged, “Go for it,” he said walking after you.

Dana: You were at the studio with Will as he recorded songs, it was your first time there, and also your first time meeting his band mates. You were sitting in the recording room, as the boys sang. One of them was staring at you while they sang. You smiled a bit, he was cute, the guy then started making faces at you. And you giggled, “Dana stop with the faces,” the guy at the controls said. “Alright, take 5,” he said, Dana quickly raced out the booth and to your side. “You must be Y/N, Will’s friend,” Dana said sitting next to you. You smiled, “Yeah, and you’re Dana,” you said. He smiled, Will pushed Dana aside, “No,” Will mumbled, you giggled. “Why not?” Dana whined, you were confused, obviously they had some type of code. “She’s like my baby sister,” Will said, “And you’re not getting anywhere near her.” You caught on to what was going on, “I can talk to whoever I want,” you said crossing your arms, Dana smirked. “See she wants to talk to me, now move,” Dana said this time pushing Will off the couch.

Gabe: Dalton had invited you to his friend’s pool party. You said sure, since you didn’t have anything better to do. “I thought you didn’t like parties,” you stated to Dalton. He shrugged, “Yeah, but I haven’t seen Gabe in a while, so you know,” Dalton said back. He parked the car, the two of you got out, and Dalton knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal Gabe. Your eyes widened, and so did Gabe’s, “Y/N?” he asked, you nodded. Dalton looked between the two of you, “Am I missing something, when did you two meet?” Dalton asked. Gabe let the two of you in, “Um, I met Gabe at Six Flags three days ago,” you told him. “Wait how do you two know each other?” Gabe asked, “Are you dating?” he looked almost sad. “No, this my best friend the one I was telling you about,” Dalton said. Gabe looked relieved and nodded, “Well, it’s nice to see you again,” he said, “Everyone’s out back.” Dalton walked out the room leaving you with Gabe. “You look great,” you said awkwardly, Gabe smiled, “Come on, let me introduce you to everyone,” he said grabbing your hand and leading you to the backyard.