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for ages I've been operating under the impression that the tumblr DC fandom is just... a very specific flavor of fun and creative I guess, but it turns out that at least, I would say, 70% of the excellent DC fanfics/posts I have seen & liked ever on tumblr have been you. you're the Bruce Wayne in walmart guy. the farm memes Clark Kent guy. the person with the strangely & yet perfectly naturally sexy alfred?? I somehow never noticed the same url on all of them. Idk how I feel? I'm an Unpretty Fan

this is the first time i have received a message like this that cited ‘sexy alfred’ as one of my trademarks and i am delighted

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THE 100 II Season one - Graphic Book

“Survival isn’t who you are. It’s who you become.”


d e s t r o y e r of worlds.

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one of my favourite things about jason rothenberg is that whenever he gets called out on his shit he’ll always reply with “how can you hate the people who created something you love???” 

but then the moment people show any genuine enthusiasm toward bellarke, he’s the first to tell them that it isn’t real, to go read the books or imply that they shouldn’t be watching the show if they enjoy romance. or the moment people tweet him fan art that someone has spent hours making he debunks it by saying it didn’t happen in the canon text so he’s going to assume it’s another couple. 

to recap; on one hand he created it so we should be thankful but then on the other hand it’s not real bellamy and clarke dont even know each other also you can’t draw anything about them that hasnt happened in the canon text 

but apparently we should still be thankful to him for creating something that doesn’t exist lmao 


So I got a request on my sideblog @dailyhenrycavill​ for some lockscreen photos of Henry as Clark Kent. I’m not too proud of these which is why I’m posting them here instead of there. They should fit properly if you have the six plus and any size under. There was only one good HD still that I could work with so I’m hoping just one pic in different colors will please some people. Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use. 

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'its 3 am and im trying to sleep in my apartment but youre my neighbor and youre singing so loud and godamn thats my favorite song but you keep singing the wrong lyrics and idk if im angry or amused' bellarke au please!!

I struggled with whether or not I should force my musical taste onto Clarke, and eventually decided just to go for it. If you can’t make your fave characters like your fave band in fanfiction then when can you?

This ended up being way longer than it was supposed to be. It’s tropey and full of fluff (what else is new) and I hope it’s enjoyable. :)

(Tagging wanderinglilly because she gets me and my Paramore obsession.)

It’s 3 am and her neighbor is singing Paramore. Or at least, she thinks he is. Whatever it is, he’s singing it loudly.

It almost sounds like Ain’t It Fun, except he keeps slurring the lines, so “you can ring anybody’s bell to get what you want” turns into “you can ring my bell…me anytime you want” and “ain’t it good being on your own?” becomes “ain’t it good hmm hmm mmm.”

She briefly wonders if he’s drunk or just really bad at remembering lyrics.

Clarke’s never actually met her neighbor; she’s only been living there a month, and trying to get her feet up underneath her didn’t leave much time for socializing. As far as she had been concerned, he was an excellent neighbor, seeing as he didn’t make an excessive amount of noise. Until tonight.

She used to live in university apartments, before dropping out and vowing to make it on her own—aka, without her parents’ money—so she knows what it’s like to have constantly drunk, loud neighbors. He’s not nearly as bad as they ever were, luckily, and it’s more than a little amusing, hearing his deep voice crooning out one of her favorite songs.

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When people say Bellarke is healthier than Clexa I’m really confused because they make the point that Lexa left Clarke and everyone to die okay but remember Clarke did the same thing to her people because she’s a leader and she needs to protect her people first… oh and remember the time Bellamy was contemplating letting Clarke die when she was dangling right on top of a pit? We didn’t actually get to see his decision because a couple of the other boys quickly lifted her before she could drop. I’m not necessarily saying Bellarke is unhealthy because truly it isn’t, there have been some unhealthy moments but in all its not unhealthy just like Clexa isn’t unhealthy. Before you actually understand what an unhealthy relationship is, don’t spew things you aren’t educated enough about.