idk if i should laugh or feel bad

Ethan trying to flirt with you would include...

-stumbling over his words

-rocking back and forth on his feet

-fidgeting with his hands

-nervous laughter

- him turning hella red

- struggling to make eye contact

-being cheesy to hear you laugh

-messing up his pick up lines

-but still doing anything to make you laugh

-smiling super big

-being blown away by your beauty

Idk I just feel like Eth would be a little awkward cutie at first.

SORRY IF THIS ONE WAS BAD. ITS MY FIRST ONE. But anyways let me know if you wanna see more things like this, also should I do more Ethan or Carl stuff??

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Help I saw this really offensive meme and I laughed and then I realised that it was really offensive and now I feel awful and idk what to do. I feel really bad and i don't agree with the meme at all. Idk why I'm even telling you this i think I just need to know if I'm a bad person for laughing at it or not. It's a really horrible meme especially cos of current events, I don't even know whether I was laughing at the text or at the weird picture (which on its own was inoffensive) help what do I do

So long as you are now aware the meme was offensive and realize it was wrong to laugh at it, you should be fine, Anon. Nobody is 100% unproblematic, honestly, and no one should be expecting you to be perfect.

taylor swift is attracted to bad drivers

“Mightnight/ You come and pick me up/ No headlights/ A long drive” — “Style” 

  • a long drive at night with no headlights?!?!? illegal and dangerous

“It’s 2 AM, in your car/ Windows down, you pass my street/ the memories start, You say it’s in the past, you drive straight ahead” — “ I Wish You Would”

  • should you be driving this late? why are the windows down?

“Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/20 stitches in a hospital room”  — Out of the Woods 

  • hitting brakes too soon

“It’s 2 AM in my room/ Headlights pass the window pane, I think of you” — I Wish You Would 

  • headlights this time, but still late

“Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street/Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly” - Red 

  • you should not do this

“He’s got a one-hand feel/ On the steering wheel/ The other on my heart”— Our Song 

  • two hands on the wheel

“He’s the song in the car I keep singing” — Teardrops on my Guitar 

  • singing in the car = distracted driving 

“Just a boy in a Chevy truck that had a tendency/ of gettin’ stuck on backroads at night”  Tim McGraw 

  • driving on backroads at night in an unreliable car. i hope it had headlights

“We’re drivin’ down the road/ I wonder if you know/ I’m tryin’ so hard not to get caught up now.” — “Fearless”

  • hopefully she is not driving. in which case she should be not be wondering if he “knows”… she should be focused on the road

“And then you’re on your very first date/ And he’s got a car/ And you’re feeling like flying“ — “Fifteen” 

  • not an example of bad driving but the fact that he has a car is very exciting

“Then I think about summer, all the beautiful times,/ I watched you laughing from the passenger side” — “Back to December” 

  • laughing while driving = distracted driving

 “You almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me” —   “All Too Well” 

  • what?!?! WHAT?!?! EYES ON THE ROAD !!!!! 

be safe taylor… get an uber

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Can you do a reaction to you (their s/o) wearing their clothes the morning after bc they ripped yours last night? (Idk if that made any sort of sense but yeah)


*surprised he was even strong enough and laughs*

“I didn’t even realize I ripped them!”


*Puts his hand on your face and smiles*

“I love you”


*Can’t help but smile at you*

“I like seeing you in my clothes, maybe I should rip yours more often”


*feels bad, but loves the sight of you in his clothes*

“You’re so beautiful”



“What’s the point in putting on more clothes if I’m just going to rip them off again?”


I just lost 2 followers in the same second

idk if i should be laughing or not because i feel like this is because of my art and inactivity, that’s bad, but i mean

that’s actually pretty funny tbh

im not saying that losing followers is funny

but it’s probably because it’s 11:12 PM and i feel like im high

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Hiya Im back already hope ya dont mind. I cAnt stop thinkin bout that pic on kathryn's twitter of tyler holding lil bloo up w his feet (do ya know what im talkin bout). hit me w some tythan hc w ty pickin up blu pls Idk what my signoff should be oops

ofc i don’t mind pal!!!

also um that image murdered me here u go 

~tyler constantly does this bc ethan laughing when he does is so lovely and fuckin gorgeous to hear okay

~it’s comforting to know fsr that tyler can pick him up so easily, and he always feels fuzzy inside when tyler does

~tyler picking ethan up just for a kiss!!!!

My Miraculous Love Square Anthems (long post)

So I’ve got these songs that are like…my love square anthems right now. I cannot I repeat CANNOT help but think of these cute kids when I hear these songs. I’ve got it bad, I know. But I stand by these they are so perfect to me ok ya’ll know me I always have a billion more feels than I should about EVERYTHING. But I can’t stop. Listen to these songs and TRY not to get feels you will fail I promise you.

1. The song Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay is like the Ladynoir anthem for me idk mannnn whenever I hear it I think of those two on patrol, running across rooftops and playing and chasing and laughing and enjoying the night and being KIDS. I always feel like over time, Chat encourages LB not to be so serious and to have a bit of harmless fun running around Paris with him, whooping and laughing as they race each other. They just feel free and at ease together. “Unstoppable.” I want to make a fanart of it so bad, or even a comic, the mental image of them in my head that I get when I hear it. It sounds like Chat Noir singing about life as a superhero by LB’s side. All the feels. I get a bit emotional sometimes when I listen to this song actually shhh don’t tell I’m such a mess for these two lol

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Did you listen to it? Did you get the visual??? RIGHT?!!! OKAY! RIGHT. 

2. The Marichat theme for me is definitely Company by Justin Bieber. But that’s going mostly off of fanon Marichat and the popular theme of Chat visiting Mari on her balcony after patrols some nights. Not even getting into the “sin” part lol, just them being goofy with each other, and Mari letting herself be charmed by Chat and laughing at his puns and playing along with his silly antics in ways she doesn’t really do as LB. I love the idea that when Chat feels insecure and a bit lonesome, he seeks out Mari’s company, because she doesn’t intimidate him as much as his beloved Lady and he enjoyed their first encounter. They find a bit of solace in each other from their unrequited loves, and become fast friends. (I need canon Marichat to be like this SO BAD UGH) 

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3. My Ladrien theme is This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna. I feel like the chorus lyrics are just enough of an explanation I meannnn “everybody’s watching her but she’s looking at you” COME ON they are handing me Ladrien on a platter with this. Ladrien is quickly becoming a soft spot for me because UGH you two just kiss i’m so tired of this you are so obviously in awe of each other jeSUS. This is actually the one part of the square that could sail right the fuck now if they just were a bit more brave. Like a teeeeeeeny bit more. Kill me. 

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(And I honestly think of BOTH Marichat and Ladrien when I hear Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman. Whooo boy. But I’m tryna keep this sin free and PG okay so lemme stop lol) 

4. And lastly Adrinette/Adrienette. Oh man, this is my ultimate OTP ever of all time.  Like the whole square all boils down to this for me so this song gives me every frikkin feel i swear to kwami. Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin is THE Adrinette jam no ifs ands or buts. I mean it’s all thanks to that AMAZING video by @brooklynnbros there is no way I can hear this song without thinking of them. That and the “In The Rain” song obviously. I just let the tears flow at this point I don’t even try to be an adult about this. 

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the lyrics “I never meant to fall for you” like ugh how on point is that and just seeing the umbrella scene in that video alongside this song I was like oh OKAY time to cry now. 

And then finally La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf is my all-around anthem. If you don’t know the lyrics, go look up the translation it’s so on point! The english version isn’t exactly the same as the French, but the essence is the same and it’s so sweetLike the entire story of these two and the concept of the love square and the whole sweet crazy loving pure goodness that these kids are wrapped up in. I just get all caught up in the feels you guysssss. *sobs* They’re fumbling through life and love and finding themselves and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy for them and I’m so excited to see how they find each other in the end. I’m seriously really excited and happy to see them grow to love each other on all fronts. I’m a goner. “It’s him for me, me for him, in this life, He told me so, swore it for life.”  EXACTLY right. 

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So now I’m curious! What are some songs you all associate with these cute kiddos?

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my boyfriend makes fun of me for cutting idk how to handle it or what to do.

really? Okay, sorry, but just leave him. a boyfriend needs to be there for you, he needs to help you whenever you feel bad, ahd he should definitely not laugh at your self-harm issues! like seriously, i think you should leave him!

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ever notice? the demand for diversity is only where white people are the majority. Anywhere else, any other race being the larger population?, they'd laugh and say 'no'. Like I get the whole diversity thing. But why don't I ever like hear black or white people complaining in like, China for 'more representation'. Sorry, but idk. Seems weird. Majority will OBVIOUSLY have more representation regionally, since they have more ppl. And I see this happening nowhere else. maybe bc whites are pushovers.

It isn’t because ‘white’ people are push overs. It is because ‘white’ people are constantly reminded by everyone else around them that they are terrible and evil and that they should feel bad because of all of the colonizing, conquering, and enslaving European nations did recently, and how much of an impact that had. Most recent and most evident, so it is possible fuel to be used to guilt people into thinking they are evil. Shit, when you are ‘white’ you are constantly told to watch what you say, you are constantly separated out from everyone else, and everyone around you is constantly teaching you that this race does this and that race does that. If a white person does something wrong to a non-white person, it is seen as them continuing the “oppression”, no matter the actual reason, but if a non-white person does something wrong to a white person, it is seen as justified because “whitie got his”, so yeah. I see racism on both sides. I see white people be racist and judgmental as hell to everyone else, and I see non-white people use the fact that they aren’t white and someone going against there wishes is white and use it to call that person a racist and shame and silence the white person until they get what they want. What the crap is up with all of this? Racism freaking everywhere, and it is being perpetuated at every turn, and I am just sitting here confused because I don’t want to see someone’s skin color first, I want to see WHO THEY ARE first. I like people. I like to see people. I don’t care what they look like.

- Mod Helga