idk if i should laugh or cry tbh

Yurio’s exhibition

Okay, but why is no one talking about the fact, that Yurio’s exhibition is called WELCOME TO MADNESS. Like, it’s obvious that Yuuri (in duet with Victor) will probably skate a program to show their love to the world because that’s what defined his season and it’s the most important thing for him right now. And then we have Yurio and guess what? He’s just mad. That’s what describes his season and the point in which he is with his life. This season was madness. Trying to perform programs so difficult was a madness. Having to watch Victor going to Japan and training Yuuri was making him mad. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh bc tbh it is hilarious that our angry small ice tiger will perform to the program about being mad, which he is like 99% of this anime but on the other hand, poor boy. I hope he won’t be devasted by the results.

dippedinchocolatehotsauce submitted :

So, I was looking for squishy cheek art of Genoside and my tumblr glitched.

I don’t know if I should laugh or not, but I’m definitely amused and felt a strong need to share.

Ah and btw, you’re so talented?? Tbh it was your art that even got me to watch OPM, so I’m kinda like aggressively thanking you? Crying tears of happiness while choking you in a headlock? Idk thank you, tho, it was definitely worth it.

Keep doin what you do, m8.

ASDFGHJKL OMGGGGG Should I be laughing :’^D this reminds me of this picture lol

Anyway, thank you very much! I’m so glad I can drag you to watch OPM, it’s kinda sad because we won’t get the S2, but the OVAs are also totally worth watching..!