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Bungou Stray Dogs Event - 02/19/2017 Night

I’m posting this for the record, and for my feelings. ^_^ My Japanese level is not that high so I admit that I didn’t fully understand everything they said. Plus I only wrote what I remember, with a bias on my beloved top 4 seiyuu. ^_^ 

This is the first-ever seiyuu event I have attended. I only came to Japan last year, but did not get to attend any last year. I love Bungou Stray Dogs in itself; with the addition of the seiyuus I really fell into this fandom hard. My top 4 seiyuus are here: Miyano Mamoru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa, and Taniyama Kishou. So when the event was announced with these 4 present, I immediately ordered the DVD (where the lottery ticket for the event was enclosed; thank God I won!!). 

文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬達ノ宴 其ノ弐

The event started with a VTR of chibi characters featuring John and the members of the Armed Detective Agency. John wants to join the event since he’s free as the Guild is already defunct. Dazai causes a ruckus and all.

Screen mode then appeared performing “Reason Living.”  I really like the lyrics of this song because it’s basically about the stray dogs T.T 

The VTR then introduced the anime cast with their respective seiyuus who were in the event. Important note: loudest fan screams for our beloved Chuuya

Uemura Yuuto - Nakajima Atsushi 

Mamo - Dazai Osamu 

Hosoyan - Kunikida Doppo 

Kamiyan - Edogawa Ranpo 

Toyonaga Toshiyuki - Tanizaki Junichiro 

Ono Kenshou - Akutagawa Ryunosuke 

Kiiyan - Nakahara Chuuya 

Kawanishi Kengo - John 

They did the usual introductory greetings with Uemura opening with, “Yokohama he youkoso” (Welcome to Yokohama). Mamo, being Dazai, joked that he’s looking for a beautiful woman who can commit suicide with him to which the crowd excitedly responded to. (Suddenly everyone wanted to commit suicide) Toyonaga, as expected of Tanizaki, was talking all about Naomi. Kenshou shouted “Yatsugare wa?” then pointed the mic to the audience, but got no response. :D He said people were supposed to reply, “Akutagawa.” And so he repeated then we gladly responded. Kiiyan, imitating Kenshou shouted, “Yogerecchimatta” which got a loud “kanashimi ni” from the audience. (Oh I can really feel how much Chuuya is loved <3) They then proceeded to their seats and the talk began with them bullying Hosoyan, esp Mamo, Kiiyan, and Kamiyan, because Hosoyan sat on the wrong seat which is Mamo’s. Mamo shouted that Hosoyan was “Ningen?” And the audience happily responded with “Shikkaku!“

Scenes, personally chosen by the anime/manga staff, were then played on the screen followed by comments from the cast. 

*Armed Detective Agency scene: Kyouka welcome party (Aw. This is really a heart-warming scene for the last episode because of everything they’ve all been through) 

The cast commented, “Aw..Kawaii.” With regards to the scene where Kunikida scolds Atsushi and Kyouka, Hosoyan shared that most of the lines were just adlib. It happens quite often during recording where for instance, there are only three lines in the script then he has to improvise by himself what follows. It was quite a task as the lines had to be interesting but it made him really do his best. (Ow Hosoyan, I’m so proud of you for being interesting

*Port Mafia scene: Mori, Chuuya, Kouyou drinking wine scene. 

“Ah so this is what happens when these 3 get together” – thought Kiiyan 

*Soukoku vs Lovecraft scene - from “Yacchimae, Chuuya” (Finish him off, Chuuya) to “Warui yatsu no teki sa” (the bad guys’ enemies) 

Ok of all the anime aired in 2016, this is my favorite anime episode of 2016. I’m just so happy that I got to watch it together with this beloved people. T.T Mamo was laughing at Dazai’s “Sono tsumori datta no da kedo omoshirokute miteta” (That was my plan but it was interesting so I watched) Kishou tells Mamo, “Chanto okuritodokero yo, aibou” (Send me off properly, partner) Omg my feelings. Mamo and Kiiyan as Dazai and Chuuya being “sweet” calling each other aibou (partner) T.T They talked about how complicated Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship is. Comparing it to how Dazai teases Kunikida just for the fun of it, but with Chuuya it’s not just like that. They really just can’t stand each other? Lol. My Soukoku feelings.

*Shin soukoku vs Fitzgerald scene

Audience and cast laughed at the sight of Atsushi being “dead” when he was thrown off Moby Dick with his eyes turned all white. 

Then ofc, everyone likes the “JINKOOOOO” scene when Akutagawa yelled and saved him. Uemura comments how this is such an intense scene plus the music scoring does well to complement the scene. Kenshou shares how he wanted to have the “JINKOOOOO” yell taken/recorded a number of times to get the best cut. Kamiyan was asked for a comment and as Ranpo, he says that he didn’t really have any battle scenes. So he could only watch how the others act on the scene and comments, “Ah, taihen sou da na” (Ah, must be tough for them”) 

*Guild scene: first appearance where they left the Mafia and Agency members “dead” in one attack. 

Again everyone laughs seeing Atsushi’s eyes all-white again. Someone (I forgot who sorry) commented that this protagonist just dies quite often. :D Mamo imitates Lovecraft’s voice, “nemui” (feeling sleepy) and other lines which he just went on doing for the rest of the night (and he did a great job ofc, I can almost believe he’s the one who voiced him lol) 

The cast leaves the stage. While the next set is being prepared, VTR plays with chosen scenes from the Kuro no Jidai (Dark Era). Ango’s seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun appears on video to comment. (I’m sorry Junjun spoke really fast; I had a tough time understanding what he was saying at all) What I remember is that he wished people should at least be kinder towards Ango. ^_^ One scene was where Odasaku, Dazai, and Ango gathered for the last time to drink in the bar, where Ango wished that sometime in the future, when their lives get better and peaceful, the 3 of them can get together once again for a drink - to which Odasaku interrupted and didn’t let him finish his sentence. 

Miki Shinichiro, seiyuu of Mimic’s leader, also gives a video comment on his scene vs Akutagawa, and vs Odasaku. 

Luck Life live came in next with “Namae wo yobu yo” and “Kaze ga fuku machi.” Oh I really, really love the last one. You know the feels you get every week when the instrumental intro of the Kaze ga fuku machi starts to play in the episode’s ending?? T.T Vocalist PON shares how he thought carefully on writing the lyrics, considering the characters’ feelings and experiences like how many things have happened, the cherishing of the important things, and the existence of important “nakama” (comrades) around you. 

The seiyuu cast went back onstage to play a game called, “Busou senta shiken” (Agency examination). Basically, they have to answer the emcee’s questions about BSD. Besides the correct answer, points will also be given to those who give answers deemed interesting aka “omoshiroi pointo.” School desks, chairs, sketchpads, and pens were prepared and set up. While everyone behaved and took their seats properly, Mamo proceeds to lie down and strike a pose on top of the desk while ofc Kiiyan also does his own. (these two!!! :D) When they took their seat, Mamo began sketching something on his pad, even without any question from the emcee yet. Kiiyan does the same thing. (someone please stop these two from being dorks!! :D) After finishing, they showed their sketches which turned out to be Toyonaga’s portrait. Mamo won what suddenly turned out to be a “contest”, as Toshi imitated his face on Mamo’s masterpiece. (Toshi then used this as his Twitter icon after!) 

Question: How many times did Akutagawa said the word “jinko” from eps 17-24 (if i remember the ep coverage right) 

Uemura and Kenshou answered more than 10 times, more than the other cast’s answers. So the VTR played and we started counting. The answer turned out to be 9 times. (Personally I thought it was more tho) No one got the right answer! Kamiyan answered 6, then quickly turned his answer upside down to make it appear as 9 lol. He got the omoshiroi points as a result. Hosoyan and Toshi got points for getting close to 9, answering 8 and 10 respectively.

Next: Draw the doll that Q carries with her. 

Hosoyan’s was shown first which turned out to be the typical Japanese girl doll. (ok I did not expect that from you Hosoyan XD) Mamo was next which showed Koitsu, you know, his beautiful character doodle. Kamiyan, as expected of him, drew a cat. Toshi drew Mamo’s portrait. Ok we’re not getting serious answers here. Kiiyan worried about the trend saying that the order of showing the answers was wrong because his would then seem boring. (Ok now I did not expect that from you Kiiyan XD) Kiiyan and Kenshou showed theirs at the same time. They did draw what the doll seems to be like getting an “Oohh” reaction from the crowd. In the end Uemura’s turned out to be the most similar. The others got omoshiroi points tho lol. 

And wait, an important shocking revelation: Mamo voiced the doll, as in that crazy laughter. He said it himself but because it’s Mamo I’m not sure whether he’s joking or not XD I was waiting for him to say, “Uso da kedo” (It’s a lie, though) as in Dazai, but he didn’t so maybe it’s true. He can do anything ok :3 

Question: Fill in the blank. One word from Chuuya’s chant in awakening “Corruption.” “Nanji, inutsunaru ____ no kyoyou yo. Aratamete ware wo mezamasukoto nakare.“ 

Ofc Kiiyan knows the answer but ofc he did not give it away. I don’t know if that’s really the case but nobody seemed to know the right answer. They just answered random words. Kiiyan answered, “バラス” (barasu). Mamo gave a long random group of words (idk if i just didn’t understand the meaning or they had no meaning at all XD) Kiiyan, as Chuuya, performed the chant, using his and Mamo’s answer lololol. Kamiyan answered Miya-no; Toshi answered O-no. Kiiyan did not want to chant with their answers lol. Meanwhile Hosoyan looked seriously troubled thinking of an answer (maybe it was hard to think of smth interesting this time lol) In the end no one got it, which is actually “oujoku” (Corruption) 

Now this is one of the best parts of the event: Kiiyan did the chant. Like OMG I’m crying I heard him voice Chuuya LIVE awakening Corruption. All my feelings T.T I just want to mention that of all the characters that Kiiyan has voiced, Chuuya is my favorite T.T And I really really love his voice as Chuuya. And I heard it live. Ok I’m not okay T.T 

Last, draw the pattern of the tail of Poe’s pet raccoon. 

Toshi drew the whole raccoon nicely (for real) but the tail was only partly shown (even tho that was the point of the question!) Kiiyan just drew a circle lol (Kiiyan it’s a raccoon, not a bunny ok). Kamiyan drew two long tails (why two Kamiyan why) Again Hosoyan was seriously drawing his, he even changed his first answer. When done, he was trying to get the emcee’s attention for him to show his answer by hesitantly raising his hand; but the emcee was busy looking at others’. So he just gave up and kept silent. (Oh precious Hosoyan baby let me protect you from this cruel world) Everyone has shown their answers except Hosoyan. The emcee (really forgetting or bullying? Hosoyan) was about to announce the correct answer, but the audience shouted “Hosoyan!” (I shouted really loud you cruel emcee), and so his answer was shown. In the end he got the correct answer!! Yey! Alongside Toshi tho. 

 The results came out: Winner - Hosoyan!! 42.5/100 Hosoyan was surprised himself, saying he had no idea how when he only got the last one right. Turns out the omoshiroi points also helped. Mamo commented on how low the highest score was lol. Hosoyan was awarded a bottle of wine and a certificate. Oh how happy Chuuya would’ve been if he had won. Anyways Hosoyan also likes wine. Kiiyan commented that it was nice that Hosoyan won the certificate which has “合格” (goukaku, success/eligibility) written on it as opposed to being called Ningen 失格 (shikkaku, ineligibility) earlier :3

The second part concludes. Then a VTR of the Kuro no Jidai was shown again. This time Suwabe Junichi, Oda Sakunosuke’s seiyuu, appears. He commented on how good the anime graphics were esp in the fight scene of Odasaku and the Mimic leader. 

He wanted Odasaku to have stayed more (like we all do) but understands that the present Dazai would not have been who he is if not for what happened to Odasaku, which we also understand (but still this hurts right :() Odasaku was a character that really left a great impression and he was happy to have been able to play the character even just for a short time. 

It’s finally GRANRODEO’s live with “Trash Candy.” The crowd went wild but my world stopped spinning as I just stood there staring at Kiiyan. I was savoring the moment as I finally heard the most beautiful singing voice in the planet live. I was thinking how blessed I am for being able to to see Kiiyan as a seiyuu, and as GR’s vocalist, in one event. And oh, it was Val-san’s last performance with GR. How ironic as it was just my first. :( 

I was not prepared for this but after GR, the emcee announced that it was already time to say goodbye. The cast and the bands appeared onstage for the last time, saying their words of farewell. Kiiyan was glad to be able to take part as a seiyuu and as GR’s vocalist in this anime. Screen mode’s vocalist, Hayashi Yuu, likewise also took part as a seiyuu (Tachihara’s). Luck life went on to promote their upcoming live :3. Hosoyan shared how acting in BSD has challenged him to do his best more. Kamiyan wanted to keep doing Ranpo. Uemura was ofc the last one to speak, and this kid really did say such heart-warming thanks and message. This is his first main protagonist role, and he’s being surrounded by such senpai-s. Mamo also shared that when the cast was announced, the director told him, “Uemura wo tanomu” (I’m leaving Uemura under your care). He felt so much of being a senpai, reflecting how far he has come right now. He has also witnessed how the two, Uemura and Kenshou (Atsushi and Akutagawa alike) has grown well throughout their experience in this anime. 

It was goodbye and all but two letters addressed to Uemura and Mamo arrived. The letters were in black-colored papers, with their names written on it. Mamo commented that he doesn’t like to receive such letters and thought that he had heard such a thing before XD (Hello Yagami Light) 

Turns out they contain special announcements. Uemura announced that a stage play adaptation has been decided, which received a great response from the crowd. 

Last is Mamo’s as the screen projected the movie poster. And there was nothing but loud cheers. IT’S A MOVIE. And it’s a new story. And most importantly, it’s SOUKOKU. Ok let me process that. Let me cry. T.T Kiiyan imitates Chuuya’s pose in the poster. They then apologized to Uemura and Kenshou for “overtaking” their kouhai-s when just a while ago they were talking all about them lol. 

Now it’s really time to go. 3 Uemura led everyone as he shouted “Bunsto” to which everyone, audience and cast, responded with an overwhelming, “DAISUKI!!” then the confetti fell from above. Whoa. Such a beautiful sight

Lastly, VTR appears with chibi Dazai asking the audience who wants to commit suicide with him on the way home. Ok everyone volunteers. Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Chuuya appear stopping Dazai from his attempt. Atsushi was ordered by Kunikida to go home with Dazai to prevent Dazai from causing harm. Akutagawa eagerly volunteers to go home with his senpai but got rejected (cruel Dazai lol) Chuuya was being tsundere but prevents Dazai from doing anything else. Ok this is Dazai’s harem. That’s how it is but then again, Dazai failed to find a beautiful woman willing to commit suicide with him. ^_^

Photos and screenshots from Official accounts (Twitter/Blog):

And in celebration of the movie project and 200k++ Twitter followers, they gave us these precious present:

This post got longer than I thought. And forgive my inconsistent grammar; I just kept on writing with a little proofreading. ;)

Anyway, this is such a happy event. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m glad that this is my first seiyuu event ever. Looking forward to more and more events in the near future!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Emo? Emo.

Prompt: Not requested but I wrote it for @tricksterfandomtrash bc ily.  Soulmate au where you have the same song stuck in your head

Word Count: 758

Pairing: Dan x Reader

A/N: idk tbh it just seemed like a good idea

Soulmates aren’t forced; in fact most people never even meet their soulmate because the only way you can find them is pretty stupid. Soulmates only share one thing; they always have the same song stuck in their head. If you’re listening to Taylor Swift nonstop then your soulmate is most likely banging their head against the wall while singing Shake It Off; sometimes you’ll go to school and start writing lyrics you’ve never heard before in your notebook. It’s weird and unhelpful, except you get to know if you even want to meet them or if their music taste is just that bad, so you rarely pay attention to what song is playing in your head or what everyone is humming in the halls. That is until your soulmate decides to be an emo motherfucker and you have Welcome to the Black Parade stuck in your head for a week.

It didn’t bother you at first, you just found yourself listening to it a little more often the usual. But after a few days you realized what was happening and you tried getting a different song stuck in your head but it didn’t work. So here you are, day six of this emo hell and you’re doodling the lyrics on your arm during math class. The bell rings and you leave the class, Gerard Way nonstop singing in your head while you go to lunch.

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anonymous asked:

Errr so geekycomtv called you out in a post saying some bad stuff about you (he? changed his username and its under the same name that I previously mentioned; it's under "About the Copyright Drama). Man, I'm sorry that these kind of people attack you and the other fanartists. You guys don't deserve this kind of treatment from them. You guys should be profiting from the art you create, not them. Once again, I'm sorry you guys have to go through this, but I admire how strong you guys are (Part 1)


yea someone pointed it out to me the other day xD i’m not really bothered by it since he’s proven time and time again he has no idea what he’s talking about 8D [he also managed to compliment me in the notes of the post by saying i was 21 hahaha…i’m glad i pass as that young :P] 

and thanks! i think one of the best things about this fandom is how we all stick together and support one another when the jerks descend lol. but it’s also the saddest thing, because so many people are leaving the fandom thanks to art theft and jerks like this… it’s worse when the thieves are entirely unapologetic about it. i’m not sure they understand the impact it has to be used and mistreated that way ._. the lack of remorse really troubling. i wouldn’t want to know those people in real life lol

weekend is over so gonna catch up on my other asks in one go here lol

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This wasn’t planned on my stuff to draw today but i couldn’t finish the stuff that i really wanted to finish out of being so frustrated with whatever i did  and kind of decided to leave that aside and do a quick doodle to calm myself or whatever and my gross anti was what came out. idk if i’m better maybe i should go to sleep.

A wip that I may or may not finish, because idk if it’s too soon.

An idea I’ve had for AI!Atem since I made the [Artificial Doll] AU.It’s set after my [fic], which I’m not even done, why am I like this.

I realized now that one of the reasons I deleted Play and The Gamer is that I kept trying to keep every chapter in a sequential, episodic kind of order. Like the next chapter should follow a strict timeline. Which worked for a while, but then it really didn’t? Like going back to my fics, most of the ones still up aren’t in a definite timeline. I skip things, I go back, I go forward, I just write in whatever time it’s in, and I guess it works? For me anyways.

I think it’s also why [Tiny and Terrifyingly Cute] will always pop up the most in my AUs, because I post so much random crap that’s set in randomer times and people get it. Like nobody questioned why I suddenly jumped to DOMA, or went back to pre-Duelist Kingdom, or even zipped forward to the YGO GX era. Most just go with it, some even pitch in their own ideas (and ahahaha sorry for the ones who have been unanswered in my ask box, I’m really bad at answering quickly). Like they’re all “yeah, yeah! how about this ???? (shows idea)” and I’m like, that’s great! Have some pain happiness as thanks!!!!

So I’m wondering if I should do that to Artificial Doll? Hopping from one time to another. Like do Artificial Doll and Pinocchio (and other possible stories that could spawn from this) at random intervals. What do you guys think?

@mooguriklaine-art also, I have made more plot for NiceAI!Atem. And more AIs. Guess the AI.

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Home - Part 2 of ???

[Okay. I know you what you’re thinking.”Wow, that was fast. But you said you would be slow???” Yeah, I will be. After this part. Cause I have to think about where to go next. Anyway, enjoy!]

Part 1


Zoey chirped gleefully, her jet boots adding an extra bounce to her step. She had twirled to face him but continued walking with her back to the landscape. Tee trotted along behind them, his new crossbow aimed and at the ready to snipe approaching enemies. It was first thing in the morning, too bright for them to face much opposition, so Rythian felt comfortable leaving his sword sheathed at his side knowing the sharp shooter dinosaur had their backs.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think happens to nations when they, like Prussia is now, lose their nation responsibilities? According to the wiki, "Himaruya states that all of Germany's siblings are "retired" and that they may die out and disappear over time." Do they disappear into thin air, or die, or what? I think it's a nice thought that they would, essentially, become mortal and get to live out the rest of their lives as if they were normal humans, but I don't know if that's too much to hope for. Thoughts?

I’m sorry you asked for my thoughts and I’ve written an essay. Before I can talk about Prussia and the German Brothers I need to look at everyone else.

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doodles - peter parker

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

request: can you do a little story where peter parker and the reader are good friends who secretly have a thing for each other and one day on one of their usual study sessions he discovers a doodle of him or his name or whatever on her notes while shes in the bathroom or something? Idk. Something cute. thanks ily <3

You were sitting at lunch with your small group of friends. They were talking about something you honestly didn’t care about enough to listen to them. You doodled in your notebook like you usually did when you were bored. Your notebook consisted of a bunch of random drawings, but on each page was a doodle relating to your crush.

Your friend nudged your side, breaking your attention away from your drawing and to the approaching boy. You quickly slammed your notebook shut so he didn’t see any of the things relating to him. “H-hey Y/N,” Peter greeted once he was at your table.

“Hey Peter! What’s up,” You asked, tucking your notebook under your arms.

“Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to come over so we can study for that test in Mr. Pruitt’s class,” He awkwardly suggested with a goofy smile on his face.

Your friends all looked at you with smirks on their faces. “Yeah, I’d love to! Just text me your address and I’ll come by after school,’’ You grinned, ignoring all your friends stares.

“Okay, yeah. Good,” He got out before rushing off.

Your friends all started to tease you about the little encounter. You rolled your eyes at their immaturity before finishing up what was left of your lunch. For the rest of the day they would come up to you and say something about your “date” with Peter. It wasn’t even a date, though.

You had texting your mom after your last class to tell her you were going to a friends house to study. You didn’t include the fact that your friend was a boy and she agreed. Despite the cold weather, you walked to Peter’s since you hated taking the bus. It was about a thirty minute walk of you avoiding middle aged men cat calling you and you were thankful once you reached his apartment.

You knocked on the door and you were greeted by a gorgeous woman. “You must be, Y/N! Come on in,” She opened the door so you could enter, “Peter is in his room.”

“Thank you,” You smiled politely at the woman before going to Peter’s room.

You accidentally opened the bathroom door first before finding his room. He was messing around with something on his desk when you walked in. He jumped a little when you let the door slam shut.

“Are you ready,” You asked, setting your stuff down on his bed.

“Yeah, yeah,” He said as he put whatever he was messing with up.

You pulled out all of your stuff, including your notebook that had the doodles in it. You both sat on his bed while you studied for the test. Peter kept scooting closer to you and you definitely didn’t mind. His aunt kept coming in his room to check on you both and kept asking if you were hungry. About forty-five minutes in, you excused yourself to the bathroom.

You had set your notebook off to the side, not noticing that you left it open on a page with Peter’s name and face all over it. He picked it up and started to look at the drawings. You came back into his room and froze when you saw him with your notebook.

“Peter, what are you doing,” You questioned with a mortified expression.

“These are really good.”

“I should go,” You rushed out. You grabbed your stuff and started to shove it all back into your bag. You snatched your notebook from the confused boy and went to leave, but Peter had gotten up quick enough to stop you by pushing the door shut with his hand.

“Please, don’t leave. I’m sorry that I did that without your permission, but I thought it was cute,” He admitted, making your cheeks redden.

“Well, now you know about my crush on you,” You mumbled as you looked at your feet, avoiding eye contact with Peter.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The feeling is mutual,” Peter stated with a huge smile on his face.

He grabbed your chin and titled up so you were looking at him. He wasted no time in planting his lips on yours. It felt like it lasted forever, but it was only a few seconds. You both had the biggest smiles on your faces when you pulled away. “We should get back to studying.”

this sucks, as usual lol - bye ily xoxo

fluorescent-cats  asked:

hi!!!! omg andrew vs romcom tropes i want andrew to obliterate all the cheesyass coffeeshop aus ok ok ok (more glaring more glaring- they bond over neil desperately trying to finish his assignments/neil being a caffeine junkie) i was thinkin like that one flowershop au?? like idk if it ever got finished but the one that was like 'fuck u in flower' that was andrew-ifying a romance trope if there ever was one for ur consideration: "just one rule- don't fall in love with me"

If Neil thought waking up at 4 am was awful, staying up til 4 am was so much worse. He had been sitting in the coffee shop just outside of Palmetto State since dinner doing nothing but draining cups of cheap coffee and trying to work on his essay, despite knowing nothing about the topic. Admittedly, he had been doodling plays in his margins more than he had been taking notes.

The only other person still inside was the lone barista manning the counter who had come in around midnight and gave Neil a bored look each time he walked over for another cup, in need of the excuse to leave his essay more than the caffeine. 

The fifth time he went back the employee, Andrew his tag said, gave an annoyed look.

“I’m cutting you off.”

“You can’t do that.”

“You look like you’re going to be sick, and I’m not cleaning it up.”

“That’s less the coffee and more the essay.”

“I’m only giving you decaf.” Andrew began making the coffee languidly. “You’ve been working on the same essay for ten hours?”

Neil frowned. “How do you know how long I’ve been here?”

Andrew leaned on the counter as the coffee brewed, his impassive face never changing. Neil thought he might be cute, if he weren’t an ass. “My cousin has the shift before me, he pointed you out to me when I came in. He said you looked like you were on the verge of a mental break and I should keep you from sharp objects.”

“You’re hilarious.”

Andrew poured Neil’s coffee, in no hurry to send him back to his essay, which Neil was thankful for. “So what’s it on?”

Neil sighed and took his coffee, not wanting to admit that he did in fact feel nauseous from all of the caffeine and that it may be a good idea to switch over.

“Comparing philosophers. I’m terrible at this sort of stuff. It’s easier when there’s a clear right and wrong answer and you don’t have to prove what you’re saying with your feelings.”

“If I help you finish it, will you leave so I can close?” His words were annoyed but he didn’t look it. He actually looked a little amused at Neil’s ineptitude.

“What do you know about it?” He tried not to sound too eager at the idea of not having to do it on his own.

“I took it last year, I remember enough.” He didn’t wait for Neil to answer, he strode past and went over to Neil’s laptop, looking over what he had so far. “This is awful. Ten hours and this is it?” He was right, Neil had barely finished two paragraphs, and they were pathetic ones at that.

“I’m not good at this.”

“Obviously.” He took Neil’s seat and began typing, occasionally shaking his head before backspacing whatever terrible thing Neil had written.

He felt awkward sitting there, especially since this guy was taking the time to help him write an essay. He looked at Andrew’s thick biceps then quickly away, reminding himself that he needed to be focusing on the issue at hand and not the baristas well toned muscles.

“I can pay you for helping me.”

“I don’t need it, I’m on the clock until you leave so I get paid either way.”

“I feel like I should do something to thank you.”

“Don’t bother, it’ll probably be as half assed as this essay.” Neil rolled his eyes and sat back, crossing his arms. If the guy wanted to be an ass that was certainly fine with him. He looked everywhere around the room except for Andrew and his stupid arms.

It took another two hours before Andrew the angry barista finished Neil’s essay.

“You can go through and dumb it down so the professor believes you were the one that wrote it.”

“Gee thanks.” He tried not to sound as grateful as he was. Knowing that it was not only done but had a chance of getting a passing grade made him want to weep with joy. But that may also have been from the lack of sleep.

“Just get them done before the literal last second next time, I don’t like spending all night on someone else’s homework.” He sounded tired and he should have sounded mad, but to Neil he still sounded slightly amused beneath the apathy.

Neil wanted to say more, to compliment him on his work, to thank him again for doing it for him, but the guy was already walking away and signing out while other employees and people in need of coffee filed in. He quietly saved then left to print the paper before getting to class.


Andrew hated to admit it, but he’d almost enjoyed his weird little adventure with the other student and his terrible philosophy paper. Usually late shifts were him alone on the off chance someone wandered in, having someone to mess with made it more interesting. Especially someone who rose to the bait every time.

He was almost willing to say he wished it would happen again when, at the beginning of his shift, the guy came back with his laptop and a sheepish grin.

“What do you know about Descartes?”

“Fuck you.” And then, “Just put it down, I’ll be over in a minute.”


WIP ladybug hug thing

I don’t know if I should finish this.. So,  I guess it’s done xD